25 Years of JoJo: Baby name ideas inspired by 90s TV & Film

Just like JoJo, many of our customers grew up in the 1990s. If you find yourself reminiscing about a time of jelly shoes, Goosebumps books and Funfax organisers, and have a little one on the way, these names inspired by 90s pop culture might just be right up your street! Belle (Beauty and the Beast) […]

Baby Essentials You’ll Love

When you’re getting ready to start life with a newborn, the preparations can become overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a whole new Baby Essentials category over on our website that will help you ensure you have everything you need in plenty of time for the arrival of your new baby – all it takes is […]

National Siblings Day: Worried Your Child Will be Jealous of Their New Sibling?

Newborns will no doubt be subject to endless kisses and cuddles from their older brother or sister, but some will also suffer the occasional prod and poke as your firstborn pleads with you to “take the baby back to the hospital”. Young firstborns may take a step back in their development, demanding help with things […]

Guest Post: The Truth About Motherhood (that the parenting books don’t tell you)

Blogger and stylist Lauren Silvester from SassyInTheCity.com and LittleInTheCity.com lives in London with her husband and 6-month old baby girl. A big fan of JoJo Maman Bébé, Lauren has been a customer since discovering she was pregnant and continues to shop for her daughter. Here she shares her experiences of motherhood and what the books […]