Laura Tenison: 10 Steps to Potty Training

…Or, Easy Peasy Potty Training; How it all went wrong   Hmmm, I hear you say? Well of course it depends on the child, but it also depends on the parent. Potty training my first son took ages and he continued to wear night time pull-ups for years. With the little one it seemed much […]

5 Star Sleepsuits to Come Home In

There’s a reason why our baby sleepsuits have been bestsellers for so many years, with lots of our customers choosing to dress their gorgeous new babies in a JoJo sleepsuit to leave the hospital in. Lovingly made from the softest cotton in countless beautiful designs, they are packed with practical features to make those first […]

New mum survival tips

All first time mothers find the early weeks the hardest to get through. We have gathered some advice from our own JoJo mums to help you prepare for your new arrival. Hopefully you will find some nuggets of advice to help you enjoy this precious time. “Prepare batches of pre-cooked meals to freeze before your […]

8 Products for Getting Out with a Baby Whatever the Weather

Whatever the weather may bring, getting some fresh air is good for you and your baby, as long as you’re well prepared. We’ve rounded up the best tips for getting out with your little one, come rain or shine.   Invest in a cellular blanket – the loose knit design encourages airflow, helping to keep […]