Spring Style Ideas For Customers Who Are Looking For Something Other Than Pink

Here at JoJo we’re proud to offer plenty of gender-fluid pieces to satisfy every little personality. Although (for technical reasons) they may be under certain headings on our website, the items are by no means only suitable for one specific gender, unless stated that for design purposes (usually underwear) it would fit a girl or […]

Rainbow Series Part 3: Fun Kids’ Experiments With Colours

Rain or shine, sometimes it’s just too much hassle getting the family out of the house. When cabin fever sets in, we’ve listed our favourite colourful experiments to keep your day bright and cheerful. Older kids will love the scientific revelations, while younger ones will delight in seeing beautiful colours blending together to form a […]

Is Your Child a Fussy Eater? Try our Fun Food Tricks

When you were a child, did you enjoy a handful of olives and a side dish of Stilton? Probably not. But now it’s considered a treat! That’s because our tastes are always changing – try to remember that when you find yourself on the edge after your little one refuses to eat their carrots for […]

Tips for a Smooth Transition into a ‘Big Kid’ Bed

When it comes to moving your little one from your bedside to their own bedroom, and then from a crib to a ‘big kid’ bed, there really are no rules. Each child will adapt to these changes differently. Location (or proximity) of the bedrooms, and whether or not your child has siblings can play a […]

Colouring in Fun

This Week You’re Loving: SS18