A Definitive List of Things We REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

To all the brand new mamas celebrating their first ever Mother’s Day, and to the seasoned parents juggling a large brood, we’re wishing you all a wonderful day full of love and happiness. You might be lucky enough to have received a bunch of flowers or a posh brunch out, but sometimes there are things […]

6 Snacks That Are Just as Good as Chocolate

This month, the British Heart Foundation has challenged the nation to give up chocolate for one month by joining the DECHOX campaign. All you have to do is give up chocolate for a month – easy, right? Well for many of us at JoJo it’s definitely a task that’s easier said than done! We love […]

Rainbow Series Part 4: Colourblindness Question Time

We hope you’ve learned something new about the colours that brighten our world in this month’s Rainbow Series. To end this brilliant campaign, we’ve decided to team up with a colourblind friend Leo, to learn first-hand what it’s like to live without seeing scarlet red sunsets in all their glory, and worrying about mouldy bread. […]

Home Veg Growing Part 3: How to Make a Scarecrow & Recycle JoJo Wellies

In the third and final installment of our Grow Your Own Veg campaign, we’ve created a fun infographic to show you how you can make your own scarecrow using old clothes and wellies to help scare off any unwanted visitors who might want a piece of your veg patch. We’ve also included a video to […]