Milli Hill: Top Tips for a Positive Birth

I can still remember the moments that followed my first positive pregnancy test. Alone in the house, I stood in front of the long bathroom mirror, and contemplating my reflection, I had two clear thoughts.   Thought 1: Oh. My. God. There’s a BABY in there.   Thought 2: Oh. My. GOD!! It’s got to […]

11 style emergencies and how to fix them

Picture the scene. You’ve turned up to your best friend’s wedding – you’ve got a fabulous new dress on that makes you feel a million dollars and you’ve just treated yourself to a pedicure – you’re feeling good. So, just imagine the horror when you visit the lady’s room, go to fasten said fabulous dress […]

Let’s go to…Wimbledon

There’s much more to Wimbledon than the eponymous world-famous tennis tournament, making it a fabulous place to spend a day out. Whether you’re treating the kids, meeting friends for lunch or indulging in a spot of retail therapy, this leafy part of South West London has it all – not to mention its very own […]

10 Places to spot a flamingo in the UK

Did you know that despite being 4-5 feet tall, flamingos weigh only 4-8 pounds? And that without a regular supply of seafood (which gives them their pink hue) they will turn white? Here at JoJo, we’re in a bit of a flamingo frenzy! This beautiful blush bird, although originating from the lush plains of Africa, […]