This Week You’re Loving: SS18

“We’ve taken spring garden themes and featured them in many of our pieces for a timeless style. Delicate bluebird appliqués ensure basic pieces look and feel extra special”     “Our summer dresses are all about animal prints this season, with bluebirds being revealed as the favourite. Soft cotton jersey keeps the look relaxed, while […]

How to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

You may not realise it, but your baby will be aware of things going on outside of the womb as soon as their senses develop. This means talking to them and building that connection before they are born can be a very important task. It might seem difficult to start building your life-long connection during […]

Are You Struggling to Embrace Your Pregnancy Body?

Concerns about stomach size and shape, general weight gain worries, annoying hair growth, and feeling a loss of control over your whole body are all very normal during pregnancy, and although many women can carry on with their lives enjoying every moment of having their baby growing inside them, for others it can take a […]

You Know You’re Pregnant When…

Wishing you had those jars of delicious gherkins at your fingertips right now? Our guess is, you’re pregnant! Here’s a list of what most of us women go through during pregnancy, just in case you’re planning on starting a brood and needed advice on what to stock up on… Comment below if there’s anything you […]