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Our Company Charity, Nema

Imagine seeing the glow on your child’s face as they enjoy the feeling of a full belly. Imagine the joy you would feel knowing your family would feel the pang of hunger no more and that their futures are secure. That feeling of joy, the same joy you experience at the birth of a child, the joy of seeing clean water flow in your village for the first time; the word for that joy and happiness in Mozambique is “Nema”.

JoJo works with Nema helping with the day to day running of the charity using our internal resources to help where we can; finance, marketing, fundraising and HR. We cover these areas so that others wishing to support the amazing work we do know that 100% of their donations are spent on those who need them and not on charity overheads or fundraising. We also currently fund most of the projects.

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Why Nema?

At JoJo we were concerned about how our charitable donations were spent, so we decided to get involved in our own project. We decided we wanted to work directly with the end recipients rather than losing control of our donations.

We love the ethos at Nema; a sustainable approach to charity which encourages those less fortunate than us to help themselves. Nema is unlike other charities in so many ways. We do not believe in simply providing hand-outs but rather we are dedicated to providing locals with the opportunities to break the shackles of poverty; we provide education, healthcare support, fresh water and enable better farming and environmental training via the assistance of agricultural technicians.

We guarantee that 100% of donations go directly to our projects. We also ensure that every penny donated to Nema stretches as far as it possibly can to realize our objective.

Where we work

  • 16 Number of communities Nema currently works with
  • 15,000 Local population
  • 37.8 Average life expectancy
  • 125 Number of Mozambican children killed by malaria each day
  • 21% Infant mortality
  • 20% Percentage of children who finish primary school



Before Nema started work in the area, less than 1% of children went on to study at secondary school and less than 20% completed all 7 years at primary school, the underlying reason being the prohibitive cost.

Nema has attempted to counter this problem by funding projects like our School Feeding Project which is seeing fantastic results and a growth in attendance rates. Children are allowed to come to school instead of fishing for their supper or fetching water if they are given a meal.

We also offer scholarships to as many secondary school children as we can afford to support, sending them to boarding schools in the area since there are no schools close enough to commute to on a daily basis. To see a video from one of our scholars please click here.

Nema, funded by JoJo with other contributions has also completed the building of the new primary school in Guludo and a second school in Ningaia.


Nema is encouraging existing and budding entrepreneurs to develop their ideas...

By far the majority of the population are subsistence farmers or fishermen. In addition, many villages have small shops, tailors and blacksmiths.

Over the last couple of years we have helped to establish various craft groups in the region. Together with other donations, JoJo has funded the building of a craft centre in Guludo Village as well as a kiln and workshops. Guests at Guludo Beach Lodge are able to buy some of these products when visiting the groups in Guludo Village. However, each year the rains are harsh and many of the buildings are washed away in freak floods. Keeping the buildings repaired or renewed is an ongoing challenge – nothing stands for long in Mozambique.


The average life expectancy in Mozambique is just 40 years old, and 21% of children do not survive past their 5th birthday. Malaria, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and diarrhoea are still a problem and Nema aims to combat these diseases by raising awareness in the communities and improving access to essential health services and improving sanitation facilities.

Our Christmas 2014 Ambulance Appeal raised the funds needed to buy two motorcycle ambulances, providing people with emergency medical attention. So often the only other option is a 20 mile walk to the nearest hospital.

Through our work we are slowly reducing the levels of infant mortality, but there is still much more we could do if we had the funds.


Five years ago, around the area where Nema works, less than 50% of the population had access to safe water and the majority of pumps were in disrepair.

Nema has completed 28 new or rehabilitated water points and pumps in 12 villages, resulting in the provision of clean water to over 12,000 people.

Each village that benefits from a new or rehabilitated pump sets up a water committee via the village leaders. The water committees receive training focusing on managing their water points, Mozambican water policy and diminishing the spread of water borne diseases.

However, the water pumps often fall into disrepair and are expensive to mend. This year JoJo has sourced the spare parts to mend 12 pumps which are still not working and two volunteers are travelling out in an attempt to get them working again with the help of the local Nema team.

How you can help

At JoJo we are doing what we can to help and we continue to cover the costs of several large projects each year plus the manager’s salary. If you would like to help, there are many ways to do so and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that 100% of your donation will go straight to Nema projects on the ground.

Set up a direct debit or send a cheque

You can set up a direct debit or send a cheque simply by downloading our form.

  • A £50 donation would feed a primary student for a year
  • A £180 donation would support a one year secondary school scholarship
  • A £150 donation will fund vocational training for 3 months
  • A £10 donation would build a household latrine
  • A £30 donation would train a group of villagers, giving them skill which will allow them to make some extra income through something as simple as making soap

Buy JoJo gift vouchers

Buy JoJo Gift Vouchers, knowing that 5% (or 10% at some times of the year) of the value will go straight to the charity. Click here to buy gift vouchers for friends and family.

Adopt Nema as your company charity

Encourage your nursery or company to adopt Nema as the company charity, knowing that 100% of the donations will go to helping those on the ground. Please contact Laura Tenison on [email protected] if you would like to discuss. We can supply you with posters and fundraising material.

Support our fundraising events

Support our other fund raising ideas or events, such as the Cardiff Velothon, which are advertised from time to time on our e-newsletters. To subscribe to our e-newsletters, please click here.

The Velothon Wales

We’re aiming to get 50 enthusiastic JoJo employees to take part in the 2015 Velothon Wales on 14th June, each raising £250. For every £250 raised, 5 children will get a nutritious meal every day for an entire year – surely that’s worth a bit of puff? And to make sure that even more children get fed, JoJo will match all the money raised, up to a maximum of £10,000.

Click here to find out more about the Velothon Wales and how you can get involved.

A letter from Anfai

My name is Anfai Antumane, son of Antumane Anfai and Dia Anli, I am a 20 year old native from Guludo Village, Macomia district. I was one of the Nema students at Escola Secundaria Padre Paulo de Macomia during the year 2008 to 2012. The present letter was written to thank Nema Foundation for all support given during my years as astudent, an unforgettable opportunity I was given to pursue my studies which I embraced.

Previously it was really difficult for a student from Mucujo to conclude the 12th grade, most of my colleagues did not complete secondary school, some couldn’t afford to pursue their studies, and others didn’t have anywhere to live. Facing all these difficulties, most of my colleague dropped school after 7th grade.

Illiteracy in Mozambique is a reality that keeps growing but initiatives like the Nema scholarship make it easier for Mucujo students to attend secondary school, nowadays there are a few more students who conclude 12th grade.

After starting secondary school I learnt countless new things: living with other people, a sense of responsibility, team work and availability to work with colleagues among other things. Nema was always there supporting me with matriculation fees, accommodation fees, transportation (even to come back on holiday), study materials such as notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.

With Nema’s support I felt safe and eager to study hard but it wasn’t always easy. So much had changed, boarding school was sometimes challenging: many new rules, conduct norms, some of them difficult to understand, nevertheless I managed to triumph and finish my studies! After completing 12th grade I applied for a General Medicine Technician course (TMG). When I did the exam I managed to get 16.1 points out of 20 and was number twelve on the list, I had been approved to get into medical school, yet it didn’t happen that year and I couldn’t attend the course. Other colleagues who did understand the system better managed to get their name up on the list. This wasn’t at all possible for me as I couldn’t afford to pay and my name was already on the list. Even so, I desperately wanted to get in and even asked my father if we could pay, here is what he said: “You need to pass and make it to that list with your knowledge, be patient, one day doors will open for you, there is always hope…”. I went to that institution again and again but they kept saying “come back tomorrow”, “maybe next week”. I didn’t make it into medical school as planned, that was all I wanted and my plan for the future. My father recommend for me to come back home and wait, maybe one of the students would drop off and then I would have my opportunity, it was too difficult to wait, to deal with all frustrations, colleagues, neighbours, the disappointment… Listening to my father was difficult at the time but following his ideals seemed the right thing to do, he would just say “Fear not, you are a natural”.

While I was in secondary school I always dreamt of becoming a doctor, still fighting to make my dream real. Giving up wasn’t an option so I studied harder and applied this year again and made it into medical school with 73%. At that school some of the workers were no longer the same, some had left, some rules had changed, and corruption was minimized. Finally I have my opportunity and want to inform Nema that in January I will be attending medical school in Pemba, at Centro de Formacao de Saude. We are gathering all documentation needed at the moment, it’s real.

Words are not enough to express how thankful I am and there isn’t anything in the world I can think of that could pay back what you have done for me. Many times I found myself thinking of Nema and wanted to share these words, not even for a moment do I forgot all support received during secondary school and I will proudly say to everyone that I am Nema student, I will always be. This is my opportunity; I will embrace it and if it is God’s will this is just the beginning.

Accept my most sincere apologies for not delivering this letter in person, there is a lot I need to prepare but I couldn’t move forward without thanking you all for your support, specially to the Nema workers for always inspiring to keep going. My very best regards to all of you, my readers included, and a glorious hug. Thank you all.

p.s. – My goal in sharing all this delightful information is to let Nema know how I was, how I have been, and how my future will look like.

Kind Regards,

Anfai Antumane

Pemba, November 2014


Click here to download a PDF of our latest newsletter.

Thank You

Although we have a lot more work to do in Mozambique, we have achieved so much over the past several years. We’d like to thank the companies who have helped make all our work at Nema possible:

  • Maninga UK
  • Guludo Beach Lodge
  • Fonseca & Partners Solicitors
  • Kilsby Williams Accountants
  • Jones & Andrews Shopfitters
  • Amcomm Electricians
  • Micro
  • Maguari
  • 1 two Kids

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