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When JoJo Maman Bb was launched, the idea was to offer French style nautical Children's Clothes but to confirm the business plan a low key market research survey was carried out. Talking to hundreds of pregnant women and new parents across the country established what the British felt was missing from the baby market and the resounding demand was for a company offering some decent Maternity Wear ! So the first plan to offer Breton Baby Clothes suddenly changed to a business offering Maternity Fashion too.

Our aim is to bring you a Maternity Collection of clothes which are on trend with the season's fashion or just great everyday basics, but still supremely comfortable and even more importantly, really affordable. Whether pregnant or not we all want to look good, but you don't necessarily want to spend a huge amount of money on clothes which you will wear to death, then probably never want to see again. Once your baby arrives, we aim to offer all of the essential products and childrens clothes you will need over the next few years.

Maternity Clothing
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Some basic principles for choosing your clothes during pregnancy:

Dont buy too much at the start of your pregnancy

For the early months get a Bump Bandeau. Designed to button to your regular trousers and allow you to continue wearing them for the first few weeks. Come into one of our stores when youre about 3 or 4 months pregnant and running out of pre-pregnant clothing that fits over your new bump. Then shop again at about 6 or 7 months and finally come in for last minute advice in the last few weeks before the birth to get ready for hospital or breastfeeding.

Get comfortable

Avoid any fabric which could be an irritant, in particular polyesters and acrylic. By sticking with natural fibres or extra soft material, you are less likely to have a reaction. We do include some man-made fabrics in our collections but they are always tested to ensure they are soft and non-irritant.

Layer your clothes

Some women find that their body temperature will vary dramatically during the day, with hot flushes appearing without warning. So it makes sense to layer your clothes, ensuring you are able to strip off outer layers when you feel the need. Long Sleeve Breton Stripe Tops work well as a bottom layer underneath a cardi. However, dont forget that you will still get cold in the winter months and very few maternity companies offer coats and knits. We always include several styles of maternity coats and jackets and they are generally designed to be worn after pregnancy as well to ensure they are worth the investment.

Keep your pre-pregnant style and size

Buy shapes and colours that you are used to wearing; if you are a jeans and t-shirts person, stick with that look. Wearing a maxi dress may look comfortable, but you will feel frumpy if you are used to wearing fitted styles. Also, when you shop for maternity wear at JoJo, make sure you order your pre-pregnant size, as we allow for your growing bump and changing shape. Our designs also feature a variety of ways to let the clothes out during your pregnancy, including stretchy panels and elasticated waistbands.

Maternity No-nos

Our maternity tops are cut long enough to cover the bump which a regular top might not. So unless you are lost in the time warp of the fashion faux-pas (which permitted exposing your bump to public view), we strongly recommend you opt for longer length tops and tunics. Equally disturbing, in our opinion, is the G-string-on-display-look. Showing a builders bum, no matter how sexy, when 9 months pregnant, is not elegant. Our bestselling jeans are designed with a stretchy and soft waistband panel which not only offers support but also lets you bend over with modesty!

Dont be put off wearing stripes or bright colours

Ignore fashion advice that suggests you stick to dark colours and plain fabrics. Beauty and confidence come from within and if you feel great you will look good too. Our Blue Stripe Dress & Roll Neck Top are on trend and add a bit of fun to a plain wardrobe.

Glam party style

Dont hold back on the party season just because you are pregnant. We make huge efforts to keep our special occasion dresses affordable so that you feel it is worth buying a special dress even if you do only wear it a couple of times. With a variety of colours, lengths, sleeves and detailing, theres a style to suit everyones figure.

Work it baby!

If you are working in a role where you need to be smartly dressed during your pregnancy, think about outfits you can mix and match to create different looks without having to buy too much. Black Shift Dresses are amazingly versatile and are great for colder months layered over tops and shirts. Choose from Wide Leg or Straight Leg Trousers in black or grey and team with a jewel coloured JoJo Wrap Top for a smart work outfit that can also be accessorised for evening.

See our Maternity Wardrobe Essentials for some great mix & match ideas.

Maternity Underwea
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Some helpful advice for choosing the right underwear during your pregnancy...

People often complain that maternity and nursing bras are ugly and not sexy enough.

However, the reality is that no matter how much non-pregnant designers may suggest you should stay sexy during your pregnancy, unless you are a real glutton for punishment your underwear decisions will be based on comfort at least in your third trimester.

So do invest in comfortable underwear. Your bust will generally increase by 2 back sizes and 2 cup sizes. Dont just go up a size, get a proper bra fitting. You may find out you have been wearing the wrong size all your life. Our customer advisors in store are very happy to give you the time needed to find out exactly the right size and style which will be comfortable and supportive. Then when you have checked it out should your size not be available in store you can re-order online with free P&P for a quick delivery.

Opt for bras with wide straps to support your new cup size, numerous back adjustors, since your rib cage may expand up to 4, and extra soft cotton. If you have sensitive nipples choose seamless styles such as the Bravado and Emma Jane seamless bras. If you would like to keep wearing your own bras in the early stages of pregnancy, our bra extenders are great; just clip them on to allow for your expanding rib cage. Our maternity support day and night bra is completely seamless and ideal for extra support under your nightwear, as a sleep bra, during and after pregnancy.

When choosing your knickers you may just feel more comfortable in Bridget Jones style pants rather than a sexy little thong, but that is life. Our maternity support knickers are a life saver to many women who suffer from back ache and our maternity support band is a best-seller, providing relief from lower tummy pain as well as back ache. If you do wish to stick with briefs or shorts style knickers, we suggest you go up a size and wear them loose.

Tights designed for pregnancy really are a good investment. Of course you can get a bumper pack of supermarket basics in a larger size, but believe me, you will be forever hoiking them up which will drive you mad! Unless you wish to have wrinkled stockings around the ankles, you need some proper maternity tights which are cut with a wide gusset at the front to accommodate your growing bump.

Actually the same applies to leggings - whilst it is not essential to buy a specially designed maternity pair, they will fit and last for the nine months of your pregnancy, where as a pair from your local chain store will almost certainly get pulled out of shape or dig in uncomfortably. Thankfully leggings offer acceptably fashionable attire for the time being and long may it last since they are brilliant in the later stages of pregnancy. Ours are cut with an extra wide comfy bump panel with no elastic to irritate and cut off your circulation. Worn with a cute print shirt dress or a smart knitted dress you will look fresh and on trend.

No matter how large you get (and the reality is that only a few very lucky people stay a perfect size 10 with a bump), it is possible to avoid looking like Vicky Pollard during your pregnancy!

What about shoes?

Dont forget to think about shoes. Flat comfortable boots with a squishy heal are ideal but if the temperature is likely to warm up during the day, put a pair of flat pumps in your bag. Thankfully you can get away with a bright pair of All Stars or moccasins for most occasions these days and since these will never date they might be a good investment in case you are ever tempted to go through it all again!

Pumps might look a bit quirky with your business suit, but who is going to have the nerve to comment when you are 6 months pregnant? You could opt for ballet shoes but they dont really offer as much support as you might need and could lead to added back ache. The high heels shown in our photo shoots look great but be realistic, life is not a photo shoot so take some flatties in your bag to change into once you have made your grand entrance to work or the party.

Sleepwear & Nursing
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Make life easier for yourself when breastfeeding your baby...

You might be using an old Frankie Goes to Hollywood T-shirt to sleep in - but will you feel comfortable wandering up and down the hospital ward with 'Relax, don't do it' printed on your front? It could be time to update your Nightwear, so choose a Nightdress style which works in the last few weeks of pregnancy but has openings or clips for easy Breastfeeding.

Pyjamas are also a great idea even if you are not used to wearing them. They offer modesty and warmth without the need to put on a dressing gown and as long as they are button fronted they are perfect for nursing.

Maybe it's time for a cosy, new dressing gown and slippers too - especially if your baby is due in the winter months when you will be getting up in the cold several times a night.

And please, please buy yourself a Nursing Pillow. You may well spend several hours a day feeding your new baby and being comfortable is so important. Another option is to consider a Nursing Chair - they are amazingly comfortable and support you in all the right places.

When we first launched our Nursing Shirts the idea of clothing designed for breastfeeding was so alien that when I sent the factory my design (with the detail of the opening only showing on one side), I received a whole delivery of stock with openings for one breast only! Thankfully things have moved on and we have for many years offered more Nursing Styles than anyone else in the UK. Our Nursing Dresses are brilliant. You can wear them when pregnant but also during nursing and whilst it is possible to lift up a T-shirt to feed, it is really tricky to breastfeed your baby in a dress!

Our Nursing Shirts and T-Shirts offer a variety of clever designs for easy access which allow discreet nursing in public or on the go.

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The brand inspiration for our Children's Clothing came from French nautical styles and started with our Breton Basics collection. This has evolved to offer a mix of quirky and original fashion which remains distinctly JoJo branded. Our Girl's Styles are fun and sweet, traditional Children's Clothes without all the pink sparkles and mini adult designs. We believe that Boys Clothing should offer just as much choice as the girls and our designers work hard to ensure our Boy's Collection has lots of choice of colour and fabrics not just the standard blues and browns.

Many JoJo designs include innovative features to improve fit and quality. Adjustable elastic waists in toddler styles ensure a good fit regardless of the size of a child's tummy. Using a high tech fabric to allows 100% waterproof Rainwear to be breathable and simply sewing a dressing gown belt down at the centre back prevents it coming loose.

Our labels are designed not to itch little necks and we go to great lengths to ensure our baby sizes are well designed for easy nappy changing and dressing. Cotton is used wherever possible (in some cases Organic cotton) and other man made fabrics are generally made from recycled fibres.

JoJo offers a simple style, which allows babies and toddlers to look adorable yet funky and quirky, all at reasonable price points.

Each season we add hundreds of new and inspiring designs to our ranges. We are constantly on the look out for ideas and designs which make life as a parent a little easier. If you have any brilliant ideas you feel we should add please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Product Ranges
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Our product buyers spend an enormous amount of time sourcing Products that ensure our Collection includes a sensible mix of Practical Gadgets and Every Day Essentials, as well as original and exclusive designer pieces. We aim to help you through the important childhood stages; Feeding, Weaning, Potty Training, and Playing, by providing all the essentials you will need.

Even your first trip with a new baby or toddler may seem a little bit daunting, especially when your adorable little darling has accumulated so much stuff! There are a couple of options; take the whole kit and caboodle to keep up the routine or take the plunge and try travelling light with a few carefully chosen essentials such as our Pocket Baby Highchair - perfect for spontaneous restaurant visits - Travel Sleeping Bags in regular and summer weight, Bath Products and a Travel Potty.

In our collection you will find bestselling branded products from Babybjorn and Silver Cross, along with quirky items which are simply not available from mass-market retailers such as the Magic Blackout Blinds and Dream Tubes.

We are tremendously proud of our own designs, in particular our co-ordinating Nursery and Bedroom ranges. These include matching Duvets, Lampshades, Quilts and Sleeping Bags as well as Nursery Curtains, Pictures and Wall Stickers.

The Nursery Room sets offer a choice of bright, striking designs and the ever popular neutral colour schemes. There is also plenty of pink and blue if you are looking for something more traditional. Our Bedroom Ranges are based on children's favourites - castles, princesses, fairies and butterflies for girls and cars, diggers, trains and planes for boys. Our safari and animal themes are designed for both boys and girls.

We love to hear suggestions for new designs or products you feel we should add to the collection so if you have any ideas please email us at [email protected]

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