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JoJo Wellie Boot Bag

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  • review score 4 Catherine on 31 July 2016
    I really like the design and concept of the boot bag I just wish I had read the description more as I expected it to have a zip or velcro to keep the wellies inside in case it fell over in the boot. Unfortunately it does not, but it would be a good improvement.
  • review score 5 Dean on 29 July 2016
    Bigger than I expected - we'll be using this for years to come!
  • review score 5 Fern on 26 July 2016
    Excellent Boot bag with plenty of room for growing welly boots! My son loves the pattern and I will be looking to get another one when our next little one arrives!
  • review score 5 MrsT on 17 July 2016
    Great product - cheerier and sturdier than a plastic carrier bag. Fits two pairs of children's wellies.
  • review score 5 twiggy on 05 July 2016
    Boot bag, quite flimsy...not sure how long zip will last
  • review score 5 Amy Worley on 29 April 2016
    LOVE this bag as does my 18 month old. Found her carrying it around the house last week. Durable, great value and large enough to put her boots in as she grows! Great product!
  • review score 5 Helen on 29 April 2016
    Excellent product, fast delivery too
  • review score 5 Angie Wade on 20 April 2016
    Really useful bag, keeps the muddy boots tidy.
  • review score 5 Jocelyn Cole on 19 April 2016
    Great Idea, we use this to take wellies with us when we go on days out, and we keep the wellies in the at home too, as they're generally muddy! The bag is quite big, we find there's room for two (pairs, not wellies!)
  • review score 5 Natalie on 13 April 2016
    Great idea. Easily fits a couple of pairs of wellies and look far nicer than carrier bags. Lovely design, wipe clean, sturdy handles.
  • review score 5 Helen Trott on 13 April 2016
    Excellent product, great for keeping the car clean with muddy wellies and loved them so much have bought them for the whole family, can just about fit my husbands wellies in but he does have small feet!
  • review score 5 Nichola on 23 March 2016
    Great product and good value for money. Love the designs on the bags.
  • review score 5 Amy on 23 March 2016
    I love these wellie bags. They are well made and spacious meaning I can fit in wellies and other easentials like hat, cloves and puddle suits. Neat and tidy they have been a great success.
  • review score 5 Charlie smith on 21 March 2016
    Fab bag! We now have 4 as they save the car getting muddy boots all over and they are great to carry wellies up to school and your child knows which wellies are theirs!!! Both my children love the design too!
  • review score 5 Karen green on 29 February 2016
    Great bags for wellies even brought one for mine too, I now put wellies in the car without mess....great ......I personally would prefer a velcro patch to close the bag up .something I'm going to add myself.
  • review score 5 Cassandra on 25 February 2016
    Love it. Handy for carrying wellies to nursery and you don't get muddy hands. We bought an extra one for keeping my work shoes in so they can keep our home clean. Wish I knew about these years ago.
  • review score 5 Jill on 09 February 2016
    Fantastic bags my little girl had one and I soon realised mummy and daddy's boots were leaving a mess - they are perfect and so easy to grab when you're in a rush.
  • review score 5 Angie Wade on 05 February 2016
    This is great for muddy wellies, good quality and my son loves the dinosaurs.
  • review score 5 Monika on 29 January 2016
    I Use it for nursery stuffs. This bag has enough room to take wellies and onsie so very helphull to keep the muddy part separated!
  • review score 5 Nigel Burgham on 27 January 2016
    Great welly bag! Perfect size for my girls wellies and her waterproofs. Still a good size as she gets bigger.
  • review score 5 Helen on 22 January 2016
    Great product and price. Ideal for muddy boots and clothes
  • review score 5 Nisha on 19 January 2016
    Perfect for putting dirty boots in!
  • review score 4 Gina on 19 January 2016
    Good size so will fit in larger wellies when needed.
    Wish the top would close though as the bag will not be much good to transport the wellies to school pick up if it's raining!
  • review score 5 Catherine on 14 January 2016
    Excellent product, such a simple, quality solution to the endless muddy boots/carrier bag fails in the boot.
  • review score 5 Kerry on 13 January 2016
    Good value for money. The bags are also big enough to fit in my adult size 5 wellies so I will be purchasing one for myself. I ordered the dinosaur pattern for my boys and they love it!
  • review score 5 Becky on 28 December 2015
    Good value for money, great choice of designs.
  • review score 5 Chris Bathurst on 23 December 2015
    What a brilliant idea! The shape is just right and easy for little ones to put their own wellies away. There is a good choice of patterns to choose from and the bag see,s durable.
  • review score 4 Chris Price on 12 December 2015
    Great value, keeps boots tidy. Would be nice to have a zip or popper fastening option too, to completely close the bag around the boots.
  • review score 5 Amy on 10 December 2015
    Excellent, was just what I was looking for! Fits my sons muddy wellies in perfectly! Great price and speedy delivery.
  • review score 4 Hannah on 09 December 2015
    Great product, bigger than expected but it will last for a while!
  • review score 5 Susan Wood on 03 December 2015
    Great bag to keep wet wellies from getting everything else wet. Perfect size, good value.
  • review score 5 Jemma on 03 December 2015
    Absolutely fabulous idea! Lovely design and my little boy loves putting his boots back in here. So happy with them I've gone and purchased many more as Xmas gifts
  • review score 5 Shelaine Martin on 30 November 2015
    This is perfect for a pair of wellies... little large for a 2yr old wellies but thats better cos i can fit his rain gear on top. Also seems very well made.
  • review score 5 J van Weede on 25 November 2015
    Great idea and good value too.
  • review score 5 Kerry Hart on 20 November 2015
    So practical! And such a reasonable price! My little girl loves hers.
  • review score 5 Jo on 20 November 2015
    Perfect for my sons muddy wellies!
  • review score 5 Maria Hughes on 19 November 2015
    I know my grand-daughter will be delighted with this, such a lovely idea!
  • review score 5 Jae Kupka on 18 November 2015
    Lovely little bag for wellies to take to Nursery in. Well made and so much nicer than taking them in a carrier bag. Looks great on my sons peg and makes them easy to find and keeps all the mud in one place!
    Only downfall it could have done with a little zip or popper along the top to make it more secure and keep the rain off them when carrying home rather than just being open.
    Good value for £5!
  • review score 5 Sarah on 07 November 2015
    These have been bought for Xmas presents, but they look a decent size to be able to put a pair of wellies in as well as waterproofs. They look decent quality.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 05 November 2015
    Really pleased with the boot bag. Lots of room to store the little ones waterproof clothes too.
  • review score 5 Rosalyn Stephen on 02 November 2015
    Such a sensible and useful idea. My daughter has just visited me and this was a great way to bring the wellies and keep them together and keep mess off the car!!
  • review score 5 Clare Fergusson on 21 October 2015
    Lovely boot bag but definitely only worth the £5, would have preferred to have paid a little extra and benefited from a zip to keep the boots/shoes dry when walking to and from school in the rain with a change of footwear.
  • review score 5 Jen on 15 October 2015
    A fun and practical accessory for wellies!
  • review score 5 Marta on 06 October 2015
    Nice bag, very handy when boots get dirty.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 05 October 2015
  • review score 5 Helen Jewell on 29 September 2015
    Love this bag. Great value and fits more than willies in.
  • review score 5 Roofle on 28 September 2015
    Lovely little bag just the right size for little boots! Sturdy but flexible to squeeze into little spaces in the car. Good job!
  • review score 5 Libby on 11 September 2015
    Very handy, and big enough to fit grown up wellies too!
  • review score 5 Kristy White on 08 September 2015
    Great bag to store wet or muddy wellies in. Loads of room as well for waterproof clothing as well so am able to leave it all in the car at the ready for rainy days! Really pleased with the quality and speed of the delivery.
  • review score 5 Soraya Erskine on 04 September 2015
    What an excellent idea! Great to store wellies and great to coordinate my son's dinosaur wellies with the matching bag!!
  • review score 5 Nicola D on 07 August 2015
    I bought this for my child in time for starting school in September. The variety of patterns means there is something for everyone and the chosen design means it is easy for my child to spot.
  • review score 5 Gina on 27 July 2015
    Excellent, good value for money and keeps car clean of muddy boots
  • review score 5 Candy Pops on 24 July 2015
    I just love these boot bags! I have ordered three different prints for my three daughters. They are so bright and cheerful. Really sturdy and stay upright with or without anything in them. I wish I could buy one for myself!
  • review score 5 Lisa preston on 27 April 2015
    A great product & fantastic value for money!
  • review score 5 FWood on 30 March 2015
    Great quality and perfect for keeping mud out of the car!
  • review score 5 Kate on 26 March 2015
    Great distinctive bags to hold wellies. Between our boggy garden, walks and the school run, it's nice for kids to have their own different themed welly bag for when they are in and out of the car! I need to find some in adults size!
  • review score 5 Emma Little on 26 March 2015
    Love these bags! I have no more mud under my shoe rack and it makes it so easy to take wellies on school runs,and in and out of the car with no mud trail. Just wish they did adult ones!
  • review score 3 Mariasole on 26 March 2015
    Nice and bright bag, a bit smaller than I though and material is quite flimsy. Ok for the price
  • review score 5 Natalie on 24 March 2015
    Brilliant idea! These really are great - look so much nicer in my porch than carrier bags full of wellies. They're a good size, would easily fit two pairs of children's boots - although my two boys wanted one each. So useful I might even my myself one for work shoes which kick around in the foot well if my car!
  • review score 5 klaw on 15 March 2015
    Great idea, and really useful. Father Christmas brought these to our kids, who are 4 and 2, and for now, they are big enough to fit two pairs of wellies in the one bag - so the bags will last a good while - even as their feet and their wellies get bigger. I just wish you could get them in more than 2 designs, so I could buy them as gifts for friends. I don't think I'd be able to explain how we've managed to buy the same wellie boot bags as Father Christmas!
  • review score 5 Vicky on 29 January 2015
    Great for storing boots and waterproofs in to keep them together!
  • review score 4 B Adey on 27 January 2015
    Lovely design and good quality material. Nice and roomy for wellies and over trousers. Would be even better if it had a zip to stop the mud falling out! But otherwise great and good value for money.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 26 January 2015
    A great little boot bag and a good size. keeps the boot of the car looking tidy and clean.
  • review score 5 rosemary jarvis on 25 January 2015
    Efficient service for a high end company. Will definitely usr again
  • review score 5 Emma Matthews on 11 December 2014
    This is a great bag and perfect for putting muddy/wet wellies in to keep the car clean. I couldn't get it for a while as it was out of stock but managed to get it in the end which I was very pleased about. I love the dinosaur design.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 03 December 2014
    A BRILLIANT little bag - does exactly what it should. Well sized so can easily fit two small pairs of wellies in. I love mine so much I take it swimming with us to put wet costumes and towels in to stop them soaking the rest of the bag.
  • review score 5 Suzi on 02 December 2014
    Excellent product big enough for waterproofs and boots
  • review score 5 B.gregroy on 02 December 2014
    I have recently bough both the dinosaur and girls version of the wellie boot bags for my grand children. They will be great when we go off for weekends away to store muddy Wellington boots in the car when travelling and in our holiday apartment.
  • review score 5 nicolette on 30 November 2014
    What a brilliant item. Just so easy to use.
  • review score 5 Cheri Lowe on 24 October 2014
    Good little mucky bag!
  • review score 5 kirsty edwards on 02 October 2014
    Fantastic, my little boy loves it and so do I!! He feet are still small so feel this bag will last for years to come!
  • review score 5 Gem on 01 October 2014
    Handy and durable boot bag, ideal for taking off muddy boots at the park before loading kids back into the car etc! Plenty big enough for two pairs of young children's boots.
  • review score 5 Laura on 29 September 2014
    Love this welly bag for my son. It's a great size (he is 3 and a size 7 boots) and has plenty of space for bigger boots. Very handy for when they are wet and muddy and we are out and about in the car, or just for keeping his boots in at home.
  • review score 2 Cheryl on 17 September 2014
    I was a bit gutted that these were given out free with order's but only instore. I bought 3.
  • review score 5 Sara Keaveney on 16 September 2014
    Great bag to keep those mucky wellies out of the way, as expected they are generous in size and at the moment I can fit both kids wellies in the one bag. Good price too.
  • review score 5 Jennifer Charter on 08 September 2014
    I am very impressed with the bag. It's generous in size and with my daughter being under 2 I currently use it to hold all her shoes, sandals in the house. Will have to buy another for the boots!
  • review score 5 Mrs Kelly on 29 August 2014
    I bought this straight away when I got the catalogue. So handy it stores my size three wellies and my daughters infant size three wellies too! Would like to see more girly patterns.
  • review score 5 Sarah Walker on 26 August 2014
    I recently bought a wellie bag for each of my daughters (even though one doesn't even walk yet!) They are lovely, in the same material as the enormous storage bags. I'm not sure how big he wellies in the photo are but my toddlers size 6 can lie down at the bottom of the bag - pleasingly bigger than expected. I've put her puddlesuit in there too
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JoJo Wellie Boot Bag

review score 4.873
D3014 5.00 GBP

Stop muddy wellies from ruining car upholstery and hallways.

  • Carry handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • H26 x W20 x D30cm

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