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2-Pack Suction Bowls

review score 3.3
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  • review score 5 Natalie on 30 September 2015
    These sound like a great idea but my 11 month old easily lifts the bowl up. Unfortunately a waste of money for us
  • review score 5 Rachael Cockrill on 08 September 2015
    These bowls are fantastic to help a little one be able to learn to eat by themselves. My son can use a spoon independently now as the suction provides some resistance for him to scoop against. Of course if he were in an impish/tantrum mood he could grab the bowl and unstick it, but I feel this would be possible with almost any suction bowl. You get two bowls and one suction pad. I highly recommend.
  • review score 1 Katie on 19 April 2015
    Good idea but does not work. Took my seven month old grandson just three seconds to eject from highchair on first use. Also unfortunate that lid is not to be used in microwave. Would return to shop if hadn't torn box. Very disappointed!
  • review score 5 Lucy on 02 April 2015
    Good little bowls, suction pad works a treat...much to the little ones annoyance :)
  • review score 3 Rachel on 28 February 2015
    Useful little bowls, the suction worked well enough for us. The lid warps if put in the microwave, I'm sure it says this on the packaging which I failed to read!
  • review score 2 Lizzie Walker on 15 January 2015
    Only one suction pad per pack of two bowls, and my 6 month old boy can pull them off the high chair tray so the suction really is not that strong. I cannot see them stopping an older baby or toddler at all. As a simple bowl they are fine and a good size, but the suction functionality is not as expected.
  • review score 2 Sarah on 01 January 2015
    A clever idea, a good size and easy to wash as the sucker is detachable. However, the sucker does not stick well to the table and my six month old is able to pick up the bowl (and throw it on the floor!) in under 3 seconds.
  • review score 1 Sharon on 10 December 2014
    Not impressed at all my 1 year old little boy manage to pull the bowl off within seconds.
    So no good for us
  • review score 4 Alison on 06 November 2014
    This bowl does move from side to side as other reviewers have found, but this is not too much of a problem. Only comes with one lid - it does say this but I hadn't read the description properly and was expecting 2. Overall good value for money though.
  • review score 5 mother of three on 09 September 2014
    the suction is excellent so far my day one .... it works but u have to put it at a table with high edges that most high chairs come with because it does slide side ways if ur toddler is so fidgety like mine but he can not move it up and turn it up side down which is exactly what I wanted.
    down side the lid does not stay in place ...not a problem for me I didnt get it for that reason
    down side the lid does not stay in place u can not reallyput
  • review score 0 Louise on 22 April 2014
    So I bought some of these suction bowls from the 99p store down the road from where we live. One day later, my 6 month old had the strength to grab the sucked-bowl and lob it across the kitchen. Nice! I then ordered these ones from JoJo M and have so far had no problems from my Hulk baby. The suction works and mealtimes are saved of flying bowls. I'm sure there may be cheaper versions out there, but I trust the JoJo catalogue a lot.
  • review score 0 Lynn on 20 April 2014
    Very happy with what I ordered, they were exactly what it said on the tin! The only downfall is that the lid is not completely airtight
  • review score 0 Anna Pilch on 26 February 2014
    Not impressed. Sadly.
    The suction on the bowl is great but the lid is rubbish.
    It doesn't stay on so no good for taking the bowl out as the contents will be all over your bag.

    Also it's quite disappointing that it's only one suction pad for two bowls. Especially for that price I was expecting a suction pad on each bowl.

    Had to return it as really bad value for money.
  • review score 0 Caroline Skydemore on 24 November 2013
    Good item for babies who want to feed themselves but have not yet the co-ordination to do so without knocking the bowl onto the floor! Please note: the pack contains two bowls but only one suction ring - don't make my mistake in expecting two of these (my twins take turns to self-feed!)
  • review score 0 Agnes Maher on 30 May 2013
    A bit dissappointing am afraid. They don't stick at all. Baby had bowl of porridge on floor in seconds. Tried wooden and plastic surfaces but no joy. Still on the hunt for a good one!
  • review score 0 Joanne Johnson on 21 May 2013
    Good sized practical bowls for my 14 month old with a handy lid.
  • review score 0 Sally bones on 16 April 2013
    I bought these the first time round and used them a lot so was glad to get another set for my second son who delights in throwing food, cutlery, bowls on the floor. They have the best suction out there and he tries to pull them free before giving up ad eating what's in the bowl-result! I tried many others and think these are the best by far, the other useful product is Baby BJorn but they are pricey.
  • review score 0 Vicky Radwell on 31 December 2012
    Really disappointed. Two bowls come with one lid and my son had the bowl off straight away. Food flew everywhere! Actual bowl nice but pricey for just a bowl!
  • review score 0 Clair Carter on 05 December 2012
    Good size bowl, suction good unless you have a strong baby. My son managed to pull it off after second go.
  • review score 0 Zoe on 06 November 2012
    As others have said, the suction isn't great as the bowl slides round the high chair tray, but it's definitely better than just a bowl with no suction! Good size, although as only one bowl has the suction, I tend to just use one of the bowls at the moment.
  • review score 0 Emma Lund on 23 October 2012
    I think these are great - I needed something to stick to the high chair table and these do the job perfectly. The best ones I could find on the market in terms of value for money and the service from JoJo was great too - no postage to pay and very quickly received.
  • review score 0 Holly B on 28 September 2012
    Disappointing, the suction does not last so the bowl can still be throw around the room. I am still trying to find a bowl that will stick down for a whole meal!
  • review score 0 newdad11 on 25 September 2012
    We bought these because our son likes to move and tip his bowls and dump their contents. I like that there is a lid for the bowls, however they don't suction to our table. I would NOT recommend these.
  • review score 0 SBT on 14 June 2012
    This is the second pack of these I have bought and am very happy with them. I needed the second pack as we have twins and only one base in each pack but actually find the second bowl quite useful so that you are not constantly washing up. Good depth so that our girls can easily see what is in them & stick well.

  • review score 0 Julia on 22 May 2012
    These are great! Took on board advice from previous reviewers about not heating food in them. Instead I heat in another container and transplant to these bowls for serving. Do exactly what I need them to do and stick to the high chair trays brilliantly. Would definitely buy again!
  • review score 0 MumofOscar on 02 April 2012
    I think these bowls are great but if your baby/toddler is determined enough they will still manage to get them off the table. Saying that, they are the better than any other we've tried so I'd still give them a go.
  • review score 0 erika on 13 February 2012
    Overpriced waste of money. This comes with two bowls but only one base and one lid, rendering the second bowl rather useless. And when the baby pulls the bowl towards him, even with the base on, the bowl just slides right towards and off the table if he gets that far.
  • review score 0 J Burton on 27 November 2010
    I bought these and ruined them within a couple of weeks by heating up a cheesey pasta dish in one. and a tomato based dish in the other. They never got cleanone stayed orange and the others bottom looked like there was still melted cheese congealed to it no matter how often I washed it. So they have gone in the bin - however, I have kept the lid and the base and will be buying another set that I will just decant warm food into, and use for finger food. They are the only bowls I've found that stick to my Svan high chair plastic tray, and I think the lid is a great idea. So I do recommend them - Just don't cook anything with tomato or cheese in them!
Product Info

2-Pack Suction Bowls

review score 3.3
B3147 6.00 WAS: 8.00

Does your toddler think throwing his dinner on the floor is the funniest thing in the world ? Not so funny for you? Time for a suction bowl.

Practical set including two bowls, a lid and a removable strong suction base. Ideal to use at home or out and about.
  • Bowls suitable for microwave (lids are not)
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe
  • Lids not suitable for steam sterilising
  • BPA free
  • 12 x 5cm

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