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2-Pack Girls' Leggings

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  • review score 5 customer service team on 23 August 2016
    Hi Adele, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo W, CS Team.
  • review score 1 Adele Hodgson on 21 August 2016
    I am becoming a little disappointed in the Jojo quality!!! Second time this has happened. My little girl (10 months) had on a pair of 12-18 months pink leggings and after 1 day they have a hole in the crotch area and one in the seam at the back. At £15 per pair I shouldn't have to be seeing them up after one wear. Disappointed in this product I'm afraid.
  • review score 3 Rachel on 07 August 2016
    Bought these in the sale so reasonable value, however I continue to find Jojo sizing quite tight and on the small side. My daughter is fairly tall but slim, and at 20 months has already outgrown the 18-24month size because they are far too tight around her legs. I've bought age 2-3 hoping they'd be a better fit but although the length looks good with room for her to grow they are still very tight around the legs. The fabric doesn't have that much give in it so they don't really stretch to fit.
  • review score 5 customer service team on 03 August 2016
    Hi Alison, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo W, CS Team.
  • review score 2 Alison Johns on 30 July 2016
    I have bought leggings from Jojo before and love them - really thick and good quality. Unfortunately this time one of the pairs ripped up the gusset on the first wear which was very disappointing.
  • review score 5 Amie Tuck on 28 July 2016
    Versatile and excellent quality.
  • review score 5 C Hubbard on 28 July 2016
    Excellent quality and versatile pattern. Perfect for Autumn/winter with a top & cardigan.
  • review score 5 Anna on 28 July 2016
    The leggings are so cute and they are very good quality. Love the colours and the little details (eg little flower buttons on the bottoms).
  • review score 5 Jane on 27 July 2016
    Good leggings. I got them for a good price in the sale, the size seems right and they are good quality.
  • review score 4 Sarah on 27 July 2016
    Bought these in age 3-4 but with little use the seams started going into holes (one on lower inner leg and it split 4 ways where the seams meet at the top of the inner legs. I have bought Jojo items for years and had very very very few issues but as before Jojo went above and beyond to rectify the situation. Due to stock issues we now have these in 5-6 so they have been put away for a few years, hopefully they will be fine. Otherwise the material I s gorgeous, soft, thick (so no see through pants or nappies) and they keep their shape, plus the detail on the ankle is cute. I've bought these before and I'll buy them again, I just got unlucky with a pair.
  • review score 5 Rachel Soysa on 27 July 2016
    These are lovely quality and fit my little girl really well. Love the design and colours! I've ordered more in the next size up.
  • review score 5 Alexis on 27 July 2016
    I love Jojo leggings, although they may seem more expensive in comparison to others the quality and durability actually make them great value for money. True sizing with a bit of grow room. Not only practical but they look great too!
  • review score 5 Mel on 28 June 2016
    Great quality leggings in nice colours with cute button detail.
  • review score 5 A Shepherd on 20 June 2016
    Lovely item, nice and soft, good leg length. I have many pairs of jojo leggings for my daughter as they are lovely colours and wash so well
  • review score 5 Customer Service Team on 17 June 2016
    Hi Hayley, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo Pembridge, CS Team.
  • review score 1 Hayley on 16 June 2016
    I would buy 10 pairs of these if i could as the patterns, colours and quality is fab! Hard to find that else where BUT they are so tight fitting that i had to return. My daughter is a real skinny mini too! Such a shame. Seems to be a common problem with other reviewers too.
  • review score 5 Customer Service Team on 13 June 2016
    Hi Laura, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo Pembridge, CS Team.
  • review score 1 Laura on 12 June 2016
    I bought these for my 8 month old twins in 6-12 months. My twins were 4 weeks prem and are only just in to size 6-9 months clothes. They are like string beans (long but skinny) so I didn't envisage having any issues with fit. However, these leggings are ridiculously tight on the leg (makes getting them on pretty tricky!) and quite long so I returned them. Such a shame as they are lovely quality.
  • review score 5 Customer Service Team on 12 May 2016
    Hi Anne, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo Pembridge, CS Team.
  • review score 2 Anne on 12 May 2016
    I ordered 3-6 months for my average sized 3 months old and they are really tight sadly, they just fit and certainly won't last until 6 months. A disappointment as the quality is nice.
  • review score 4 Suzanne Lovelle on 11 May 2016
    Lovely leggings but my 3.5 yr old only fits the 2-3 years of age not the 3-4 years. She a standard 98cm tall and slim. Quality thick cotton with lovely detail button at the ankle. Great colours.
  • review score 5 Victoria White on 09 May 2016
    Unfortunately my little girl has out grown her 3-6 leggings, but the 6-12 are too big, so I had to return, which cost me to return. Love your girls clothes usually. Victoria
  • review score 5 Claire on 09 May 2016
    These leggings are great. They are great quality and they feel it. They are nice and thick and the button detail is a nice touch. They wash really well and do not bobble.
  • review score 5 Margaret Stephens on 05 April 2016
    Love these leggings!!!! It's a shame they don't sell the navy with fuschia horizontal stripe any more. It is good to see such an excellent manager at the Cardiff branch!
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 04 April 2016
    My daughter has had lots of pairs of Jojo leggings, they are great quality and I love the patterns and colours. Very disappointed to have to send this pair back, Jojo have changed the sizes! Used to fit my daughters small waist really well, now they are too wide in the waist and too deep in the crotch. I can't get a smaller size as then they are too short. Such a shame Jojo!
  • review score 5 Kate Buttery on 09 March 2016
    I absolutely love JoJo's leggings, fit is always perfect, quality is just gorgeous-super soft even after being washed, and they don't fade or go baggy around the knees. Ive been buying leggings from you since my daughter was just a few months old and I will continue to do so for as long as possible!
  • review score 5 Jo on 29 February 2016
    After reading the other reviews, I bought one size up. they were much too big ( length and around waist) for my daughter and so I ordered the correct size for her age and they fitted perfectly. They are very good quality and so I kept the bigger pairs for next year. don't go baggy around the knees at all.
  • review score 5 Jessica H on 29 February 2016
    These leggins are fantastic. Fit well - not too tight nor too loose (so stay up rather than constantly falling down like many others I have tried). Great quality material and thickness (great for summer and winter) and wash and tumble well without shrinkage.
  • review score 3 Rachel on 20 February 2016
    These are lovely leggings but unfortunately they are too small. I bought age 5-6 yrs for my just turned 5 year old daughter and they fit like 3/4 length leggings. I was unable to exchange them as I had washed them presuming they would be the same size as JoJo leggings I've bought in the past. They fit width ways so will have to use them in the summer as shorter leggings.
  • review score 4 GAIL BENT on 08 February 2016
    Excellent quality fabric.
  • review score 5 anna nixon on 04 February 2016
    Really nice quality legging. Very please with the thickness and the button detailing at the bottom
  • review score 4 Lynne Short on 04 February 2016
    Great fabric that retains its shape and washes well. As other reviewers have said, the sizes come up small in this product. I bought age 5-6 for my tall 3 year old and they are a good fit with just a little growing room. Excellent value in the sale.
  • review score 5 Kate Bunkall on 04 February 2016
    I thought the service was excellent and I was so pleased with the free delivery. I ordered the two pack of leggings and they arrived within a few days. The leggings are great, we had them in a smaller size and were really pleased with the quality.
  • review score 5 Rebecca bremner on 04 February 2016
    Great leggings, nice and thick so will last
  • review score 5 Nikki on 04 February 2016
    Lovely leggings made of thick material and they wash very well. A good buy!
  • review score 5 Emmi on 04 February 2016
    Lovely quality and lovely fit.
  • review score 4 Lindsey on 04 February 2016
    Lovely thick good quality leggings. I do find the sizing smaller than other brands.
  • review score 5 Nicola on 04 February 2016
    Lovely quality leggings, too big for my little one yet although look true to size. Nice thick stretchy fabric so think they will last well.
  • review score 5 Kerry on 01 February 2016
    Purchased three sets of these, the navy stripes, cornflower stripes and the rhubarb in next size up considering the small size reviews online. not two pairs are the same length even from the same set. Obviously a packaging/labelling problem. quality is good and colours are lovely so will try to return to store in hope they have stock.
  • review score 5 Holly Shaw on 01 February 2016
    These are the only leggings I buy for my twin girls. Lovely and thick and keep their shape unlike other brands.
  • review score 2 Trish on 29 January 2016
    Bought size 12 to 18 month leggings for my one year old. Good quality but I returned them as the legs were so tight and the sizing small so she would not have got any wear out of them.
  • review score 3 Ayumi on 26 January 2016
    their design is lovely. I like the buttons on the bottom.
    If they are more strechy, it will be comfortable for baby.
  • review score 3 Louise on 18 January 2016
    Very sweet leggings, love the different colours and prints with very cute flower detail on the ankle. However, disappointed with the sizing. I ordered 12-18 months and found that they match 9-12 months from other retailers. Would recommend buying in bigger size than needed.
  • review score 2 Rosie on 17 January 2016
    Lovely leggings, but unfortunately I had to return the 6-9 month size I bought for my 7 month old granddaughter as they were too small! Such a shame.
  • review score 5 Maria on 15 January 2016
    Love these leggings! Great quality, they hold their shape and colour even after multiple washes. Wish you could get them in Mummy sizes :)
  • review score 3 Sarah on 13 January 2016
    Only worn once and there is a hole in the crotch. I need to arrange an exchange. Otherwise fit really nice and lovely thickness and detail.
  • review score 5 Tonia Sheed on 12 January 2016
    Nice quality, but came up really small had to buy the next size up.
  • review score 3 Je on 10 January 2016
    Usual good quality material and nice rich colours but these come up significantly smaller than other jojo leggings bought at the same time in the same size. Very annoying as I thought I could trust jojo sizing so took off the tags and washed them before putting them on.
  • review score 5 Claire on 07 January 2016
    Great quality, look lovely on
  • review score 5 Victoria Brewster on 07 January 2016
    Great leggings! Nice and thick. Not like a lot of leggings on the market. Wash well too.
  • review score 5 Jude on 05 January 2016
    Great leggings, hard wearing and keeps its size when washed.
  • review score 1 Victoria Matthews on 18 November 2015
    Usually love these leggings as they are nice and thick and a good length. Bought some last week but they are ridiculously small! As I already had some at home bought a couple of months back I assumed size would be ok but the difference is very obvious, the legs are so much narrower. Not so noticeable on my spindly legged little girl but they won't last long. Can't return as they have been worn but maybe something to look into JoJo ??
  • review score 1 Kirstin Porazinski on 30 October 2015
    Although these leggings were of a lovely quality, they came up too small (too short and tight). I normally love Jojo products so I was quite disappointed. From my experience, I would buy a size larger in future.
  • review score 5 Rosie Joyce on 30 October 2015
    Really good quality, thick leggings. I can tell these will last a long time.
  • review score 5 Caroline Booth on 16 October 2015
    Love the quality of these leggings. A bit more expensive than some but worth it, they last a lot longer and much less lightly to stain due to dark colours.
  • review score 3 Laura on 29 September 2015
    Nice, thick leggings but very small fitting.
  • review score 5 Elizabeth Carter on 28 September 2015
    Simply the best wearing leggings I have come across
  • review score 5 Bonnie on 21 September 2015
    Love these leggings, I've boug
  • review score 5 deirdre shanahan on 17 September 2015
    Really happy with these leggings. Bought them for my 2 yr old, lovely quality, she hasn't worn them yet
  • review score 5 Maggie on 15 September 2015
    Lovely pattern and colours, but sadly far too narrow on legs and tight on waist, almost as though they were a completely different size from comparable JoJo clothes. So used to clothes being true to size I had taken the labels off before trying them, therefore couldn't return once I realised. Such a waste.
  • review score 4 Caroline Rooke on 07 September 2015
    I've had these leggings through the ages from 3 months to my most recent 2 years. They are definitely on the small side. I always have to buy two sizes bigger as hey are tight around the legs. Great quality and washes great too.
  • review score 5 Vicky Turvey on 01 September 2015
    Really good quality clothing however I do feel the leggings come up small on my little girls legs so need to buy a size bigger for leggings, dress and tops are great
  • review score 5 Jennifer on 01 September 2015
    These leggings are lovely quality. I ordered the raspberry and white ones mainly for the white to go under dresses that are getting too short. She's had lots of wear of both pairs, they are lovely quality and wash well.
  • review score 5 Lee-ann on 31 August 2015
    Great quality leggings that fit beautifully.
  • review score 5 Carmel Cleary on 26 August 2015
    Love these leggings, great quality. We've bought them for every stage & have proved really great quality for crawling & climbing. No sagging knees!! They are slimmer fitting so wouldn't suit a chubbier baby
  • review score 1 Stephanie on 20 August 2015
    These leggings are a lovely quality and wash well but they come up so narrow on the legs.
  • review score 2 Natapack on 03 August 2015
    Great quality but terrible sizing, much too narrow on legs. These could be more generous as are the majority of jojo' clothes.
  • review score 5 V Blair on 14 July 2015
    These leggings are incredibly long lasting. This is my second set. They keep their shape and don't bobble. Fab.
  • review score 1 Georgy on 03 July 2015
    Lovely colour and fabric but much too narrow on the legs
  • review score 5 KW Stoddart-scott on 01 June 2015
    Wish I had bought some of these sooner! Great quality cotton that feels quite robust and excellent fit (my daughter is just 18 months and on the smaller side). I will certainly be buying more.
  • review score 5 J Thorpe on 02 April 2015
    Really lovely quality leggings lovely thick cotton as always from Jojomamanbebe. However I would say to get the next size up as I feel the come up small.
  • review score 3 Katherine on 23 January 2015
    Disappointed with the sizing of these, the length is fine but very small around the waist for age.
  • review score 3 morag gilbart on 17 June 2014
    Very late arriving after rest of order
    Sizing seems strange - small for age stated
    Quality and colours are good
Product Info

2-Pack Girls' Leggings

review score 4.118
D2064 15.00 GBP

A style staple for your little one's wardrobe which offers excellent value.

  • Each set contains 2 different colours or prints
  • Fully elasticated waist
  • Flower button detail to cuff
  • Assorted colours and prints
  • No baggy knees
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees
  • 2 per pack
  • Please note that our Autumn 2016 catalogue states that these are 100% Cotton - this is incorrect
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

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    • 15.00
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