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2-Pack Toy Leads

review score 4.925
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  • review score 5 Gayle Burgin on 27 July 2016
    Excellent service, fabulous product will definately order from you again.
  • review score 5 Claire on 18 July 2016
    I bought these to use as buggy handles for my twins so they can hold on and walk either side of the buggy. They are great quality, very strong poppers so they dont come open when you dont want them to. Nice patern so my girls want to hold them,,,,,and great length so they dont trip on the wheels.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 07 July 2016
    Extremely useful to prevent toys & teether hitting the deck! Several poppers space down the lead allow for different sized toys to be attached.
  • review score 5 Beck on 04 July 2016
    Fantastic product I couldn't do without! My little girl simply pulls off velcro soother holders and with the poppers these are far more robust and can be washed easily. Also great for keeping a hold of toys especially when travelling, we took these abroad with us recently and they were one of the best things we packed as they ensured we didn't loose any toys whilst out and about with the pushchair. A must have in my opinion
  • review score 5 Elaine on 24 June 2016
    These leads are great and very good quality. I bought another set from amazon which were more expensive and they were not as good. Would definitely recommend these.
  • review score 4 Mrs W on 23 June 2016
    Love the designs. Nice, bright and colourful. They could be a little longer, but it does the job! My little boy prefers sucking/chewing these more than his toys, so it's great that I can chuck them in the washing machine.
  • review score 5 Kay on 11 June 2016
    A must for your babies toys when on the move saved my sons toys from getting lost or dirty so many times.
  • review score 4 Sally on 10 June 2016
    Very impressed with these, they are a pretty design, very sof and have lots of different poppers so they can be attached to different toys.
  • review score 5 Rachael on 27 May 2016
    Great item for toys and dummies. Great print and quick shipping!
  • review score 5 Jay on 26 May 2016
    Brilliant product, so useful! Very prompt delivery.
  • review score 5 Laura L on 02 May 2016
    These are wonderful quality, attractive and very useful!
  • review score 5 Karen cornelius on 29 April 2016
    A must have item for any mum & dad, saves so much time normally spent looking for/picking up dummies & toys. I use these daily and have quite a few, great for using in car, buggies, highchairs, shopping trolleys and slings/carriers. Great gift idea too!!
  • review score 5 Karen cornelius on 29 April 2016
    A must have item for any mum & dad, saves so much time normally spent looking for/picking up dummies & toys. I use these daily and have quite a few, great for using in car, buggies, highchairs, shopping trolleys and slings/carriers. Great gift idea too!!
  • review score 5 Sarah on 27 April 2016
    We had one set, they were so useful we brought another. Really simple to use and great for stopping our daughters toys from falling on the floor.
  • review score 5 Kate on 26 April 2016
    Fantastic product wish I had discovered them sooner as I might not have lost so many toys!
  • review score 5 Stephanie on 25 April 2016
    Such a great product! So versatile and good value. We wouldn't be without them now!
  • review score 5 Esther on 15 April 2016
    Gorgeous designs, an absolute lifesaver when out and about!
  • review score 5 CMS on 28 March 2016
    Recommended by a friend and invaluable for keeping toys and teethers clean and in reach of our son. Also work well with breadsticks!
  • review score 3 K Price on 09 March 2016
    Great product, stops my wee boy throwing his toys out the buggy. However do not expect to get the patterns shown, although the website advises styles may vary I didn't get either of the designs shown. One was plain blue and the other had a few boats on it. My wee boy had really wanted the dinosaur one.
  • review score 5 Isla on 08 March 2016
    I bought two packs of the toy leads because I was sick of my husband dropping toys on the floor out of the pushchair and the car seat. I was scared that we would end up with out one of the 'essential toy team'. So far we have had a 0% drop and loss rate! You can also clip then around your babies arms or highchairs. I've also used them to wrap around her Sippy cup and a her high chair to stop the cup going on to the floor.
  • review score 5 Natasha on 10 February 2016
    Very useful things
  • review score 5 Jasmin on 09 January 2016
    Perfect for pram or car seat toys
  • review score 5 Kym on 06 January 2016
    Ingenious product and fast delivery. Very happy with my purchase.
  • review score 5 Siobhan Rebbeck on 31 December 2015
    Very pretty, useful little toy anchors at a great price.
  • review score 5 Sam on 24 December 2015
    Perfect for keeping toys safe! And we love Jojos elephant print!
  • review score 5 Victoria Ensor on 23 December 2015
    Great idea easy to clean and keeps toys clean
  • review score 5 Andreab on 11 December 2015
    A very simple design...

    They save you loads of bending and scooping up of toys littles hands have decided (quite spontaneously) to lob out their pushchair. Plus you don't have to wash said toys as they haven't even come close to being run or plucked from puddles!

    Attach your little ones chosen toy, attach to pushchair..job done :)

    Quirky choice of designs which is a bonus!
  • review score 5 AMBER on 10 December 2015
    Fantastic product.
  • review score 5 Jude on 10 December 2015
    Genius and simple idea.
  • review score 5 Caro on 14 October 2015
    Lovely product, allows us to keep track of treasured toys when out and about. We have three sets in total for our twins.
  • review score 5 Stacey on 13 October 2015
    Such a simple idea but so handy. Really easy to attach and means you don't have to keep picking up lost toys from the ground and sterilising them.
  • review score 5 Sophie on 13 October 2015
    These are worth their weight in gold! I was forever picking up 'Sophie the giraffe' from the floor and having to re-sterilise... Now there is no need! A must have item for all mums and a bargain at only a fiver!
  • review score 5 Deirdre Mcdonnell on 24 September 2015
    Used on a daily basis these leads are great. If I was to have any critic, it would be useful if one was available an inch or two longer for those bigger toys etc.
  • review score 5 Jennifer on 24 September 2015
    Lots of poppers to fit different toy sizes and shorten/lengthen depending on where you're using it. And washable as baby loves to chew the strap too!
  • review score 5 Nicola on 15 September 2015
    These are a great invention! Keep toys safe in pushchairs and stop them falling to the floor. Pretty designs too!
  • review score 5 Rhian on 04 August 2015
    These leads are a complete necessity and a God send, I now don't have to worry about my little lady losing her beloved bashful bunny whenever we are out so we can all sleep soundly!!!
  • review score 5 Nicola on 03 August 2015
    My little girl has her favourite doll and she takes it everywhere with her and also Sophie giraffe. With these there is no chance of losing them which keeps me happy & more importantly keeps my baby girl happy
  • review score 5 Jody Musgrave on 11 July 2015
    Bought a pack of these for my baby boy, who is just learning to throw things as far has he can, to avoid lost toy trauma! These toy leads are proof that sometimes the simplest ideas and design are the most effective- they have been brilliant. Well worth the money considering the stuff that could have been lost otherwise! The designs on them are really cute too (I purchased the dinosaur and London pack)- I can see me buying more in the future.
  • review score 5 Lisa on 06 July 2015
    Excellent quality, brilliant for stopping toys being dropped all the time. Lovely fabric designs too!
  • review score 5 Davina Houston on 13 June 2015
    Brill. Now we don't lose toys when we are out and about. Also stops little one flinging toys at people when we are eating out. Simple but effective.
  • review score 5 Samantha Peacock on 05 June 2015
    These are total genius! Such a great idea to avoid losing little one's favourite toy and really lovely designs to choose from - have recommended to all my friends!
  • review score 5 Laura Bull on 23 May 2015
    Best purchase!! My daughter is 8 months old and she loves throwing her toys on the floor. Perfect solution. Have bought another two pairs
  • review score 5 Portland on 21 May 2015
    I bought these for my sister in law as she was worried my nephew was going to lose his favourite toys while out. They arrived promptly even when using free delivery, they're great quality and so reasonable. Variety of prints to suit all. My sister in law was thrilled and I'll be buying more to give as gifts!
  • review score 5 Karen on 14 May 2015
    These are a godsend. They're completely adjustable due to the series of poppers on them and mean I don't have to worry about losing toys when out and about. I use them in the car and when my little one is in her high chair too. Stops us having to constantly pick toys up from the floor. Worth every penny.
  • review score 5 HantsMum on 13 May 2015
    Great idea. Work really well and look really pretty.
    Nice to get two in a pack.
  • review score 5 Claragh Mulhern on 12 May 2015
    My 7 month old niece loves chewing on the lead, she doesn't even need a toy at the end! They are very cute also, so i have now bought the boys version to give as a gift
  • review score 5 Donna Welch on 12 May 2015
    Really really useful and stylish!
  • review score 5 Verity on 25 March 2015
    Found the first pair so useful I bought another set! These keep toys clean by stopping my son dropping them on the floor - great for the pushchair and car seat. Narrow enough to use as a dummy saver too.
  • review score 5 heather w on 20 January 2015
    Really useful little clips. I bought them to keep my son's 'Sophie' safe when out and about and are fab for securing toys that you can't attach links too.
  • review score 5 A Carleton on 17 December 2014
    Excellent product and great value. i love that they use matching fabrics to some of Jojo's most popular products
  • review score 5 Alice Nicol on 19 November 2014
    These are just perfect I had lost so many toys until I came across these would defiantly recommend
  • review score 5 Jennifer on 18 November 2014
    Beautiful and so handy! I love them. I have them on both car seats and on the buggy, we tie them to our ergo carrier too so toddler can read a book and be carried at the same time! Such a clever little idea!
  • review score 5 chloe channel on 15 October 2014
    Best things ever, cute prints and really good price. What a simple and useful idea.
Product Info

2-Pack Toy Leads

review score 4.925
D3288 5.00 GBP

A handy solution for dropped toys.

  • Poppers for quick, easy fastening
  • Ideal for attaching toys, comforters, soothers and cups to buggies or chairs
  • Please note colours and prints may vary
  • 100% Cotton
  • Length 40cm

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