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Baby Bath Support

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  • review score 5 Jane on 24 June 2015
    Brilliant product, makes bath time so much easier as I have both hands free and little one can splash her hands and feet in the water.
  • review score 5 Roxelle jones on 04 February 2015
    Very fast delivery. Great product. Very handy indeed.
  • review score 5 Julia on 02 September 2014
    Bought this after I saw it at a friends house. We used a baby bath and then a flimsy holder with our first but I saw this and thought it would be perfect for bathing both girls together as a baby bath takes up a lot of space! Have used it twice now and seems to support our newborn very nicely and she is happy to be sat in it.
  • review score 5 Georgie on 14 May 2014
    Got this when my little girl was 4 months, and she is by no means big! The seating area is very small and she loves to kick her legs which means her bum comes up and she's not very supported! seating area is quite deep so legs are very restricted. Probably great for a newborn but once baby can lift head this isn't very useful!
    Found it easier to lie her in the bath with a small bath pillow under her head!

  • review score 0 Nicola on 22 February 2014
    I cannot recommend more highly this baby bath support. I bought the blue one for my son and he loves it. Whilst initially it looks uncomfortable to the parent's eye, you will find that your little one loves laying back in it and feeling the water around them! It enables them to look at you and exzperience the fun of the bath. A great product at a great price!
  • review score 0 Jennie on 19 February 2014
    This is perfect as means I only need to run one bath for my toddler and baby. Its very easy to use and gives great support to my baby.
  • review score 0 Becky on 03 December 2013
    Good suction pads and baby fits well, though does float out of the seat a bit when the water's in. Useful if you only have one pair of hands!
  • review score 0 Zoe Thomas on 25 October 2013
    This is a fantastic and safe support seat for your baby in the bath. My son got too big for his baby bath at 2 months old but not quite able to sit on his own in the big bath with his older brother. Now he can kick his legs and splash in the water making bath time fun and easier for me bathing 2 children together. Love it !!
  • review score 0 claire on 19 September 2013
    I bought two of these for my twins, used from 8 weeks old (although they were tiny babies. You could probably use sooner).
    They free up your hands and the babies can splash away. They are also nice and small so easier to store than a big baby bath.
  • review score 0 Mrs D on 23 June 2013
    We have used this since our daughter was a few weeks old and its been fantastic, she loves bath time and kicks her legs about. Now she is sitting up we are moving to the inflatable duck bath as she tries to sit up whilst on this. I would definitely recommend this instead of a large baby bath.
  • review score 0 Wes on 29 December 2012
    Very useful product. Makes bathing our little man much easier.
  • review score 0 Jessica on 20 November 2012
    Not used this as yet, but it looks very sturdy and practical!
  • review score 0 Ann Mckenzie on 23 October 2012
    We bought this when our little one was 11 weeks and too big for the sink! It supports him well, leaving both hands free to wash and play with bath toys! He certainly seems very happy, overall very happy with this.
  • review score 0 Charlotte Welland on 28 August 2012
    Really good quality, very sturdy and helps free up my hands to make bath time even more fun.
  • review score 0 Louise McDowell on 01 August 2012
    This was fantastic! It meant I could bath baby and have hands free for washing, as I had c section using a baby bath wasn't handy for me!
  • review score 0 Alison on 16 July 2012
    Excellent. Have had back pain since my son was born. This support makes bath time so much easier for me.
  • review score 0 lucy on 08 June 2012
    Looks better than many others, not used it yet as still waiting for my baby! It is small and easy to store, so far pleased with it.
  • review score 0 J Stewart on 26 February 2012
    What an excellent buy, wish I had bought it sooner. My little girl has always loved bath time, initially we used a sponge bath support however this began to get mouldy and dirty quickly so we tried bathing her in baby bath without but she didn't enjoy bath time as much and she was getting too big for her baby bath so it was time to move her into the big bath. She now loves bath time again, she feels secure and safe and can splash around. We know she is enjoying bath time again as she giggles so much. I would use this instead of a baby bath in future. Definitely worth the money.
  • review score 0 Vikki Phillips on 02 February 2012
    My 6 month old daughter has been using this support since she became too excited in the baby bath; about 3 months now. She loves splashing her legs in the water and getting mummy
Product Info

Baby Bath Support

review score 5
B7373 0.00 GBP

For additional confidence when bathing your newborn.

A practical baby bath support in firm plastic with fixed crotch to prevent slipping. A great design that keeps your hands free for washing. Strong suckers attach it firmly to the base of the bath.
  • Suitable from birth to 8kg
  • Never leave your baby unattended in the bath

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