Babymoov CosyPad

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  • review score 2 Claire on Thursday, November 05, 2015
    Bought this item to help baby move from sleeping in the Moses basket to the cot thinking it would help him still feel secure. However, whilst the large cushion stays in place, the Velcro on the small cushion easily detaches and comes away when he moves. Would give this a higher rating if the cushion stayed in place.
  • review score 1 Kat Wheatley on Monday, July 27, 2015
    A little disappointed with this item. I was hoping that it would help my son to sleep in his cot but it was less useful than using two rolled up towels. The rolls didn't stay in place as the Velcro wasn't "sticky" enough and moved when my son moved. Also the noise from the Velcro as my son moved disturbed him too. All in all I would suggest using rolled up towels rather than buying this item.
  • review score 5 ESidhu on Monday, September 15, 2014
    Excellent product- has helped our daughter transition from sleeping in her cocoonababy to a cot. Would recommend to other parents.
  • review score 5 Tim Haughton on Wednesday, May 28, 2014
    A great product which we bought as our little chap was still in his moses basket and we were going on holiday to somewhere with a cot bed. We felt it would greatly aid the transition from the enclosed security of the basket to the comparatively open space of the cot bed as it would limit his movements and retain that feeling of security.

    The rolls are multi adjustable, all very easy to use and importantly the base isn't so thick as to potentially interfere with breathing/movement detection sensors.
  • review score 0 Victoria Robinson on Wednesday, April 16, 2014
    The quality of this mat is superb. It is washable and it is cosy and soft. I have been using it in the baby cot as well as in my own bed while breastfeeding. Great buy. Definitely recommend this product.
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Babymoov CosyPad

review score 3.25
D3177 £20.00

The CosyPad adapts to your baby's sleeping position to provide optimum support and comfort.

The Babymoov CosyPad is an innovative sleep positioner with flexible booster cushions designed to adapt to a baby's preferred sleeping position. The soft, thin breathable mattress gives extra support and the adaptable cushions help prevent a baby rolling on to their front.
  • Flexible, adjustable cushions
  • Supportive mattress
  • Suitable from birth to 4-6 months
  • Do not use if your baby is able to turn over on their own
  • Mat width: 45cm

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