Boys' Cord Utility Trousers

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  • review score 5 mair lewis on 08 January 2016
    great quality and long wearing. Please could you have some different colours aswell from navy and beige ...even though these are good.
  • review score 5 Ceri Hare on 26 December 2015
    We love these. They have plenty of give for rough and tumble activity and are really durable. No wear showing after quite a bit of washing and things thrown at them! Would recommend.
  • review score 5 Laura Alonso on 15 December 2015
    I bought these trousers online for my son for the winter months as they looked really warm and comfortable. Not only are they of very good quality but I love how they look on him. I will be coming to get another pair next year when he grows out of them.
  • review score 5 Carolyn McDonald on 08 December 2015
    Well made, comfortable and stylish. What more can you ask for?
  • review score 5 Teresa on 02 December 2015
    Lovely trendy cord cargo trousers. The material is soft but hard wearing.
  • review score 5 Unknown on 30 November 2015
    Fantastic looking, hardwearing and comfortable, these trousers are a staple to our wardrobe. We found the sizing to be very generous so plenty of growing room too!
  • review score 5 Katie on 11 November 2015
    Fab!! Hard wearing, comfortable and look great. Have bought them in the beige too.
  • review score 5 Connie Sampson on 09 November 2015
    As per usual the quality is very good and perfect for the little boy for whom they were purchased.
  • review score 5 Caroline on 07 October 2015
    Really good hardwaring trousers - great for active boys
  • review score 4 Unknown on 29 September 2015
    Gorgeous soft material. Love the relaxed leg fit.

    Don't know how they'll wash and wear yet.
  • review score 5 MH on 22 September 2015
    Very soft, comfortable and high quality fabric. Lots of scope to adjust waistband and easy for my little boy to pull up and down himself. Super stylish yet practical. Will be buying another pair in a different colour.
  • review score 5 Jane on 13 September 2015
    I've had loads from JoJo over the years for both my children but it is the first time I've ordered these. I love them and only wished I'd ordered them sooner. Age 4-5 was perfect for my 4 year old. Will probably buy in the next size up too as I love them so much
  • review score 5 Jane on 11 July 2015
    Great quality trousers, always find Jojo's products keep their colour and shape until my little one has grown out of them!
  • review score 5 Lisa on 07 April 2015
    Another great product. I bought the toddler cords and couldn't resist buying these after how good the previous pairs were. I was not disappointed in the quality these have been amongst my favourite items to dress my boy in because they wear well and again wash brilliantly. Importantly My little boy is tall and skinny and the fact these trousers can be brought in at the waist with the adjustable wastbands is another great feacture that very few trousers do.
  • review score 5 charlotte on 20 January 2015
    I love these cords- I buy a new pair every time my son grows out of the last. Gorgeous classic shape (which somehow doesn't constantly fall down like most other little boy's trews!) and very hard wearing.

  • review score 5 Joanne Shaw on 12 January 2015
    These trousers are great and fit my little boy perfectly. He looks really cute in them. The web ordering service was really quick and efficient. I am very happy with my purchase.
  • review score 4 Rachel Holmes on 09 January 2015
    Lovely quality trousers. Warm and look lovely on too.
  • review score 5 Karen Moore on 07 January 2015
    These cords are lovely quality - very thick cord. The wide leg makes them a flattering fit and the adjustable waist ensures a secure fit without the need for a belt. I have bought 2 pairs in blue and a pair in brown!
  • review score 5 Katy on 07 January 2015
    I have been buying kids clothes from Jo Jo for several years now and consistently find them to be well made from good quality fabric and very hard wearing. These cord trousers are no exception. And they are nice and long too.
  • review score 3 Me Mal on 06 January 2015
    Good quality durable trousers that wash well.
  • review score 5 Aoife Britton on 29 December 2014
    This is the 7th pair of these jojo cords that I've bought for my two boys!! I love them. They are hard wearing, wash brilliantly and are really comfortable. I always get compliments on them when we're out and about. The waist is on the big side, even when the band is adjusted so a little belt is always handy but not necessary. Would highly recommend these cords.
  • review score 2 Becca on 18 December 2014
    The trousers were nice but I didn't like the colour at all and the only other option was Blue which he already has so I sent them back.
  • review score 5 Peters on 17 December 2014
    Lovely trousers, got them in 2 colours. Bought aged 3-4. They look generous in size so they may be a bit big for my 2y 6m old at the minute whereas the cardigans I bought had to be aged 3-4. Pleased with quality none the less.
  • review score 5 Emma on 17 December 2014
    Great trousers & the best fit of several from other retailers. Now on our third size but they last for ages!
  • review score 5 Victoria on 28 November 2014
    Great, sturdy trousers that are nice and baggy for boys to be comfy in. Love them so much that we've had them in every size and most colours. If only they did them post 5 years!
  • review score 5 Ekram Groenstad on 04 November 2014
    very soft and convenient to use
  • review score 5 Hannah Ryder on 23 October 2014
    Lovely trousers, perfect for the colder weather. My son loves wearing them as they are comfy as well as practical
  • review score 5 Bryony on 14 October 2014
    Great trousers - this is the third year in a row that I have bought them for my son. They wear and wash very well.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 14 October 2014
    Love these! I will be ordering the another colour very soon!
    I am not a massive fan of jeans on little boys and these are a great alternative. Soft but durable. The wide leg is great as wellies fit nicely underneath.
    The elasticated waist is a great feature.
  • review score 5 Jo mcconnell on 12 September 2014
    This my third year buying these cords x great wear great price look great on my son
  • review score 5 Geri on 05 September 2014
    Stylish trousers that look very cute. They are well made,wash well and do not fade.
  • review score 5 Nicola Mitchell on 28 August 2014
    A staple in my little boy's wardrobe. He had a pair in size 2-3 and I have just bought the next size up. Washed well, comfortable and look great. Thumbs up.
  • review score 0 Aoife on 16 April 2014
    These are by far the best trousers I have bought for my little boys. They are hard wearing, wash brillantly and most of all are comfortable. The adjustable waistband is great as the cords are definitely a big fitting, both in waist and length. I also love that these are not skinny fit! Skinny fit does not suit my boys but it's so hard to get any jeans or cords these days that are any other way. These baggy cords are so so cute and boyish and I would highly recommend them.
  • review score 0 Aoife on 21 January 2014
    This is my second pair of cords that I have bought for my little boy and I LOVE them. They look so cute and people are always commenting on them. Size wise, they are quiet a big fitting. My almost 3 year old is very tall and he still wears the size 2 cords. The size 3 looks better on him but they are a bit long so get all wet. The quality is also very good and they go in and out of the machine no bother. I'd highly recommend these as a very worthwhile purchase.
  • review score 0 Mrs C Dilks on 20 January 2014
    I have been buying these cord utility trousers for the past five years and they endure! My 2 year old, is currently wearing my 4 1/2 year old's old ones. They are a classic fit, which looks smart. A definite staple of my boys' wardrobes - you cannot go wrong with these trousers!
  • review score 0 Sarah on 06 January 2014
    Great trousers, they are hard wearing and still look great after many washes. The leg is much wider than most trousers available which is great as they are much more comfortable and practical for everyday wear. Sizing seems large so would size down.
  • review score 0 Claire on 27 December 2013
    Good quality, comfy and warm. These are washing and wearing very well. I sometimes find that utility-style trousers can be a bit bulky on younger/shorter toddlers but these are fine. We'll get more wear out of these with the elastic waistband too.
  • review score 0 anne Katrin Schlag on 14 November 2013
    These trousers fit perfectly, wash very well and just look neat! Will definitely buy them again!
  • review score 0 Hazel on 05 November 2013
    Love the colour. Will give them to my two grandsons for Christmas. Pleased with the look and sizes
  • review score 0 Maxine Freeman on 05 November 2013
    I love these trousers! They're warm and practical and look great! A must for the winter months!
  • review score 0 Fiona on 24 October 2013
    These trousers are great quality and well made, perfect for a little boy who loves running around outside. They are slightly more expensive than I would like but there is the 5 off when buying 2 pairs.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 30 September 2013
    We love these and are thinking about getting some more. Our 3 year old boy is tall but skinny around the waist so adjustable waistband is a must for us. They look fabulous and he can run and jump and do all the things a 3 year old should. I can't comment yet on how well they wear, but they've been worn and washed at least 4 times already and look good. My son spent all day Sunday crawling around a playground in them and they don't appear any worse for wear.
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 25 September 2013
    Great trousers, these are A great fit with the adjustable waist. They are hard wearing enough for my boy to wear to nursery and smart enough for the weekend. Really pleased with them so I got every colour
  • review score 0 Jackie Ireland on 25 September 2013
    Lovely traditional trousers. I particularly like the fact they're not of the 'skinny' variety which is all I can find in the shops these days and which really don't suit my little boy.
  • review score 0 Unknown on 23 September 2013
    Brilliant trousers! They look, wash and wear great, and my son (who is 3 1/2) loves wearing them so I'm glad I got 2 pairs
  • review score 0 michelle on 05 September 2013
    Unfortunately these trousers had to be returned. My skinny 4 year old did not suit them at all! When the waist was pulled tight enough there was too much fabric bunching at the back, the pockets were all scrunched up and the legs were just too wide. Shame as they were good quality and nice coloyr.
  • review score 0 Virginia on 20 August 2013
    I have been buying these trousers for years and they are fantastic. My son likes wearing them as the fabric is soft and he likes the pockets. Just sad that my older son is now too big for them.
  • review score 0 Justine Richmond on 31 May 2013
    Have bought these trousers for my older son which have been well worn and passed down to his brother and are still going strong. Bought my younger son some so he has his own new ones which will be a bit smarter! They are really stylish and practical and look gorgeous on. They wash well, are beautifully soft and a big hit with my boys. Excellent value for money as well.
  • review score 0 Ruth on 24 April 2013
    Lovely quality but the waist is much too tight (for my normally plump-tummied little boy). I had to add on an additional length of elastic. Since the waist is adjustable it would be easy just to make the elastic more generous to start.
  • review score 0 nicola on 17 April 2013
    These are lovely cords which look great on my son - so much so that I have them in all 3 colours now. Great that the waist size is adjustable
  • review score 0 Fi on 15 April 2013
    I love these trousers. I had them for my older son and have re-ordered for him and my younger son too. Sadly the 4-5yrs size was out of stock and the 3-4yr size is too short for my tall 3.5yrs old.
    I would thoroughly recommend them, they are hard wearing and wash well. They are also a nice fit and with the wider leg a bit more classic than the "skinny" look.
    I'm hoping they will come back in stock again soon.
  • review score 0 Jane Fisher Holland on 28 January 2013
    These were even nicer than anticipated!
  • review score 0 meds on 24 January 2013
    Perfect for my boy who is a true boy, very active and into everything, they are standing up to being warn in all weathers and at nursery. Wash well too. Good quality. Very happy.
  • review score 0 lynn upton on 18 January 2013
    I am delighted with these trousers, supersoft and comfortable cord. Henry is a very slight build and the adjustable waist means that they fit him perfectly as well as looking really good.
  • review score 0 Kate Gunputrao on 17 January 2013
    Fantastic everyday trousers,
  • review score 0 Ticia on 14 January 2013
    My little boy loves these. Look and feel really comfy.
  • review score 0 Emily on 02 January 2013
    Great trousers - look great on. Brought size 2-3 yrs for my tall 2 year old and they fit really well with some growing room.
  • review score 0 Liz Ridler on 06 December 2012
    These trousers are lovely quality and look really nice. I bought size 4-5 for my little boy who is just 4 and there is plenty of growing room.
  • review score 0 Hannah M on 17 October 2012
    Lovely trousers, very well made with adjustable waistband (including elasticated waist), so that they can be worn for some time. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • review score 0 Charlotte Kelly on 09 October 2012
    Excellent quality and comfort. My son Ted has a pair each winter : )
  • review score 0 Busybee on 19 September 2012
    Bought 2 pairs of these in fawn For my twin girls - really good neutral colour for teaming up with brights (don't see why girls have to always be dressed in girlie pink!). Lovely quality & nice weight for winter. Multibuy discount is a bonus!
  • review score 0 sue sussman on 17 September 2012
    I bought these for my four year old grandson and they fitted perfectly. My daughter was so pleased that she ordered a second pair.
  • review score 0 Joanne Makin on 03 September 2012
    These trousers are a really good fit on my 2 year old and they wash really well. I would recommend them, I have paired them with a white shirt for a wedding and a basic t shirt and both looked really good.
Product Info

Boys' Cord Utility Trousers

review score 4.781
B8075 18.00 GBP Special Offer

Great boys' trousers with lots of pockets to store little treasures.

  • Loose fit
  • Lots of pockets
  • Soft cotton corduroy
  • Elasticated back waist
  • Buttonhole adjustable waist
  • Mock half fly
  • Belt loops
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees

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