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Munchkin Stretch to Fit Car Shade

review score 4.182
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  • review score 5 Aoife Grant on 13 May 2016
    This shade is sleek, stylish, fits perfectly and gives great shade for our little ones. We loved it so much that we bought a second one!
  • review score 2 Linsey on 28 July 2015
    This product isn't as good as it looks on the picture it gapes in between the attachments. So still allows the sun to shine into babies face. I am not sure I would recommend to friends and family.
  • review score 4 Jenny on 26 May 2015
    Really nice shade. Stays on well and not too dark so little one can still see out of the window.
  • review score 4 Jody on 22 April 2015
    Bit pricey but does the job of covering the awkward shaped car window. This is the second one I've bought.
  • review score 5 Rocío Abad on 22 August 2014
    This is excellent! The shape of my window did not fit any of the conventional shadows and this one adapts perfectly!!
  • review score 5 MacKay on 08 August 2014
    Love this blind as it fits the odd shape of the Golf Plus back window. The suction caps are very effective as its never come away from the window since attaching it.
  • review score 5 carmel carroll on 01 August 2014
    It doesn't stick to the windows, the product is a waste of money, don't buy.
  • review score 5 Helen on 30 June 2014
    Great product, fits our awkward shaped windows perfectly, quite expensive but worth the money
  • review score 5 Helen on 17 June 2014
    Great product. A much better design than the pull-down variety. Covered most of the window.
  • review score 1 Sarah on 27 May 2014
    Awful - I bought this sun shade believing it's level of sun protection would stop my daughter's cheek from reddening.
    When stretched even slightly it becomes so thin that it does not protect at all. Had I have bought it from another company I would have returned it. Very unhappy, I now have to buy another.
  • review score 5 karen mitchell on 02 May 2014
    Brilliant blind for the car. I had a pull up/down blind before but found the suction pads annoying as they would always fall off and then eventually got lost. The suction pads on this are excellent and there is no way they are moving anywhere. Blinds could maybe be slightly bigger as doesn't quite cover all of the back window of my VW Touran. I should really buy another and clip them together but the small gaps left either side really aren't that much of a problem
  • review score 0 Penny Pallant on 15 April 2014
    Great sun shade that fits well and stretches to fit our van window. Good visibility if using in the front window.
  • review score 0 E J S on 14 April 2014
    This sun shade is well made and has good suction pads which really stay put on the car window and keep the shade in place.
  • review score 0 Birgit N on 04 March 2014
    Great product! Alternative sunshades have been too big for the size of my car's back windows, so these stretch-to-fit shades are ideal.
  • review score 0 Maria Robertson on 13 February 2014
    Great sun shade I would highly recommend as covers the whole window and stays on the window securely.
  • review score 0 Jep on 01 September 2013
    A good idea but even though other reviews have felt it fits a triangular window I have to disagree. I have however moved it to our other car and it does a good job stretching to cover the bigger side windows
  • review score 0 Jo Hunt on 28 August 2013
    Great sun shade, stretches well but like most sun shades doesn't completely fit so some sun still gets through. Very easy to apply and remove. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Kim on 24 August 2013
    Excellent product, well worth paying abit extra. Tried cheaper alternatives but they didn't seem to withstand an inquisitive toddler.
  • review score 0 Mary on 20 August 2013
    Absolutely brilliant product. Can be fitted to any shape window easily and is very effective. They're even child proof i.e you little treasures can't remove them or pll them loose xxx
  • review score 0 Michelle on 30 July 2013
    Quite disappointed really because this shade covers no more of my window than cheaper shades than I have tried. There is a substantial gap all around it even though the suction cups are as far into the corner as they can go. So unfortunately my baby is still in the sun to an extent.
  • review score 0 alison on 17 July 2013
    Great that they fit any size and shape of windows really easy to apply none of that messy licking and sticking highly recommened
  • review score 0 Fiona McLeod on 24 June 2013
    This is a good quality shade which stays put when attached. It doesn't cover the whole window but I think only window tints would do this. They are easy to attach and remove. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • review score 0 Sarah Clarke on 20 June 2013
    Great product, we bought two. Much better than the cheap ones!
  • review score 0 Heather Wills on 19 June 2013
    I'm really happy with this purchase. The blind it replaced was a retractable one, but the sun always seemed to get round it and into my 6 month old daughters eyes, which made her cry every time. This one has resolved the problem completely, as it stretches to cover the window without that 'window frame' effect. Today was a bright sunny day and she didn't complain once when the sun was on her side of the car. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this.
  • review score 0 Cheryl on 13 June 2013
    These are brilliant, they fit the window perfectly blocking out all sun. Kids 18 months not even tempted to take them off. Highly recomend.
  • review score 0 dhtwins on 13 June 2013
    These sun shades are easily the best we have found. They fit perfectly to the car window shape as they stretch out. They also do not fall off. Finally we have found great sun shades!
  • review score 0 Jules on 27 May 2013
    This is a fantastic sun shade and we have just ordered a second. The suckers work well so it really can be stretched to fit even on windows of a big estate car. A must have for the summer.
  • review score 0 Emma Hine on 23 April 2013
    This is a prime example of you get what you pay for. So much better than any other car shade I've encountered.
  • review score 0 Anna on 01 January 2013
    Very practical sun shade. My car has small, triangular shaped windows at the back.
    As mentioned in another review, the suction caps are quite large, which means that you can't block out the sun very well. If you have a small car, the photo on the website is a bit deceiving. Despite this, it is the only sun shade I could find that actually fits my car window
    The fabric is stretchy and has also poppers so you can adjust the lenght to fit the window (in my case triangular)
    Be aware that there is only one screen per package
  • review score 0 Caroline on 16 October 2012
    Great product, fits well on my car windows.
  • review score 0 Leigh on 02 October 2012
    This is the best sunshade I've had so far and I've tried a few. It really does stay in place and fits the whole window. Highly recommended!
  • review score 0 Susan on 28 August 2012
    Best sunshade I have ever seen. Excellent for shaping round windows. Go on buy one!!!
  • review score 0 Mrs F on 28 August 2012
    Overall, pretty good. Pros: It's nice and stretchy, and keeps the sun off our toddler while being see-through enough for her to enjoy the view. Cons: it could do with a few more suction cups to get a better fit on the window - there are still plenty of gaps round the edge of the shade for the sun to get in. Also, it does impede the driver's view - I find it very difficult to see enough through it (from the driver's seat to the back window directly behind) to check my blind spot. I guess this is probably a problem with most car shades, though.
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Munchkin Stretch to Fit Car Shade

review score 4.182
B7960 12.00

Easy solution for keeping glare out of passengers' eyes whilst travelling in the car.

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