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Brush-Baby BabySonic Toothbrush

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  • review score 5 Elena Rawlings on 29 July 2016
    I bought this for my son who at 9 months and with 8 little teeth, was totally refusing to let me put a toothbrush in his mouth. He'd quite happily chew on it himself, but I wasn't convinced this would do much in the way of cleaning. Whilst it might not matter at this early stage, it's definitely not what I wanted to continue. At first he found the brush just funny, and wouldn't have it in his mouth, but a few weeks later, he happily lets me get this little brush at them for long enough to give them a quick clean. Result!
    Fantastic value for money and seems good quality. Nice soft brush.
  • review score 5 Katie on 15 July 2016
    I bought this for my two year old and he loves it! Since having this toothbrush he looks forward to brushing his teeth and happily brushes them for two minutes every time. Excellent value for money. I wish I had known about it sooner.
  • review score 5 Lauren Jones on 06 July 2016
    Brilliant product. My toddler would tantrum when having Her teeth brushed prior to buying this. She loves using it and will brush her own teeth and allow me to brush them after. Highly recommended
  • review score 5 Natalie Longmuir on 20 June 2016
    Delivery was fast as always.
    Brush seems good. My 13 month old certainly tolerates it for slightly longer than a normal brush! Happy with the purchase.
  • review score 5 Helen sihdu on 14 June 2016
    My little boy has recently been reluctant to brush his teeth so thought we would give this ago. He is so much better but still chews the head a lot so is really good that you can also buy replacement heads direct from the manufactors website. I would recommend this to my friends and family x
  • review score 5 Paula on 09 June 2016
    my 18 month old son loves this and it's really helping with doing proper brushing of his teeth (rather than just eating the toothpaste off his brush!)
  • review score 5 Lianne on 23 May 2016
    My little girl loves this toothbrush, she didn't like having her teeth brushed before so was always a faff, but now she will happily let me do it and is always reaching for it whenever she is in the bathroom, would recommend for any little one who doesn't like brushing as it brings a little fun with the light that comes on too. Also great it comes with 2 heads
  • review score 5 fra60596 on 06 May 2016
    It's only early days, but so far my daughter loves the new tooth brushing experience. I use an electric toothbrush, so she now copy me.
  • review score 5 ML on 27 April 2016
    Great toothbrush - not sure it is actually more efficient than a regular toothbrush but the light and the vibrations certainly make it more fun and I haven't had to chase my 21 month old son to brush his teeth since I have bought this. Plus it looks like the one mummy and daddy have so it's extra cool obviously.
  • review score 5 N Reid on 05 April 2016
    My little boy loves cleaning his teeth with his new brush, so glad I found this
  • review score 5 Emma Mylrea on 31 March 2016
    These toothbrushes are brilliant. My twins hated brushing their teeth until they started using these. Love the lights, bristles not too harsh, vibrations not too overwhelming. Brilliant!!!
  • review score 4 Chris on 28 March 2016
    Good product, the little man gets excited just seeing the tooth brush light-up and is eager to have his teeth brushed even if he spends as much time brushing as he does waving the brush around! Quality seems good, price very good, no complaints.
  • review score 5 Abby on 25 March 2016
    I bought this for my 17 month old little girl as she keeps trying to use her 3 year old brother's electric toothbrush. She only has 6 teeth but is very good now about me cleaning her teeth and it seems like she enjoys her gums being massaged by it. I'm glad I bought this as it has removed the stress of teeth cleaning!
  • review score 2 J kirsch on 20 March 2016
    I bought this for my nearly 2 and a half year old. I think it's maybe a little too young for him. The toddler head seems a little small and doesn't seem like it would last too long before needing new heads. Also I found that the head kept coming off in his mouth. I ensured it clicked back into place when putting it back on but it soon came off again mid use. I think for younger children to encourage them to brush their teeth it would be useful but it wasn't right for us
  • review score 5 Julieann docherty on 09 March 2016
    Love this product, takes a little bit of getting used to wish I started with this type of brush in the beginning.
  • review score 5 Jessica on 26 February 2016
    The only toothbrush I managed to get my daughter to use when she decided she'd had enough of cleaning her teeth!
  • review score 5 Fiona Harnden on 04 February 2016
    Was having trouble encouraging my two year old to clean her teeth. However, this toothbrush has made all the difference. It lights up which she loves but is the perfect size, shape to enable my daughter to hold with my guidance. Highly recommended
  • review score 5 Claire on 01 February 2016
    Has made tooth brushing so much easier. My little girl happily uses it either on her own or allows us to brush them - both of which were a battle before
  • review score 5 Laura Clargo on 26 January 2016
    Brush is fabulous, has really helped with getting our daughter to brush her teeth (14 month old). It has a built in light, which really helps to see what you are doing with the few short seconds she lets us in her mouth. Would highly recommend.
  • review score 5 Simon on 19 January 2016
    1 year old son has obsession with wife's electric toothbrush and would only allow teeth to be brushed if I held brush against her toothbrush. Got him this and he loves having his teeth brushed now. He will occasionally push brush away as it tickles his nose due to vibrations but rubbing tip of his nose usually helps and he then let's me continue brushing his teeth.
  • review score 5 Annette on 04 January 2016
    Best thing I ever purchased. Was always a mission to brush my little girls teeth with a normal toothbrush but with this she loves it
  • review score 5 Julia on 04 January 2016
    No trouble cleaning granddaughters teeth, lovely little brush, my daughter has one as well
  • review score 5 Rochelle Garvey on 01 January 2016
    Great toothbrush which has really made brushing our constantly teething14month olds teeth! Would definitely recommend x
  • review score 5 Michelle on 28 December 2015
    Amazing product! just love it!! Was struggling to get in my little ones mouth to brush but now feel happier he is achieving more by his little independent self plus he lets me have a tickle of his teeth now too!
  • review score 4 Shaz on 22 December 2015
    My son loves this toothbrush and has helped with getting him to cooperate when brushing his teeth. Great that it comes with a battery too. Only query would be where I can buy replacement heads? Or do I need to replace the whole toothbrush evertime?
  • review score 5 Victoria on 18 December 2015
    The toothbrush was dropped by my child and broke we have only used it once thought it might be more robust for children
  • review score 4 Coralie on 11 December 2015
    Our son prefers this over the regular toothbrush he used before, so it's been a success. He still doesn't love brushing his teeth but this makes it easier!
    It would've been nice if there were different colour options though.
  • review score 5 Claire on 27 November 2015
    Brilliant! Haven't been able to brush my 1 yr olds teeth without a screaming match for about 3 months. This magic gadget lights up and buzzes, and certainly buys us more time with brush in mouth! Not completely solved the issue but I'm more confident the amount I can do before the mouth clamps shut is effective. Be aware that it comes with 2 heads but one is fir under 18m and one is for over 18m
  • review score 5 XINHAN DI on 12 November 2015
    Very Nice foe baby
  • review score 5 Elena on 15 October 2015
    I bought this for my 12 month old who hated brushing her teeth. I thought she would be more open to the idea if her toothbrush was similar to mine and it does work - she loves to hold her new toothbrush and copy me. The light and the vibrations make the brush really interesting. I would certainly recommend this toothbrush. Reasonably priced as well!
  • review score 5 Hannah on 07 October 2015
    Great toothbrush, my toddler really likes it.
  • review score 5 Nina on 28 September 2015
    My 17month old loves this toothbrush and now often wants to brush her teeth any times throughout the day
    Really great price and p&p was included
    Great price , great product , great service
    Thanks jojo
  • review score 5 Rachel on 28 September 2015
    A fantastic idea - my toddler used to hate having his teeth brushed, but now loves pressing the button to make his toothbrush light up and work.
  • review score 5 Mary on 24 July 2015
    My 16 month son enjoys very much to brush his teeth.Very easy to use!
  • review score 3 Lynboop on 06 July 2015
    This could be great as it does the work for you, unfortunately my daughte's is afraid of it because of the pressure it put on the teeth.
  • review score 4 Lisa on 01 June 2015
    We bought this toothbrush as our 1 year old is very interested in our electric toothbrush and it has not disappointed. He seems very happy to brush his teeth and the light is a nice additional feature however the head of the brush is very small in comparison to his normal MAM toothbrush.
  • review score 5 Katie McGinley on 14 April 2015
    My little boy loves this! It has made teeth cleaning time so much easier. And my dentist approves of it.
  • review score 5 Kelly Costello on 25 March 2015
    Lovely toothbrush for young kiddies. Ideal for small hands. The button is a novelty for my little one but if it gets him enthusiastic about brushing his teeth then it's even better!
  • review score 5 Hannah davies on 04 February 2015
    My 18m boy was totally delighted with this, he now won't stop brushing his teath, and the light means we can see into his mouth to see new teath!
  • review score 5 Melanie on 22 January 2015
    Excellent product! Wish I had heard about this baby tooth brush earlier! A really nice size head for the little ones months, brilliant that the heads are changeable (as many older children's electric toothbrushes can't change the heads), really like the light on it as it makes it much easier to see little ones teeth and easy to change the battery. Teeth brushing time is now fun and effective! Would highly recommend!
  • review score 4 Lauren McMullan on 14 January 2015
    I bought this brush for my 14 month old as she wouldn't let a manual brush near her mouth and she was always trying to grab my electric toothbrush. It's a great size and easy to hold and the mini head is perfect for tiny mouths. I think £9 is quite a lot but worth it as brushing is more fun for my daughter now.
  • review score 5 Lynsey on 02 January 2015
    Great toothbrush - my 16 month son loves having his teeth brushed with this brush. The light is helpful to see if I'm brushing them properly. My only criticism is the small brush head is really too small even though it says from 0-18months. On the whole though I'm very happy.
  • review score 5 Gillian on 08 December 2014
    Great toothbrush for my 11 month old. Really helps with tooth brushing time! She laughs a bit as i think it tickles, makes things a lot easier.
  • review score 5 Mumma g on 31 October 2014
    Bought this toothbrush in the hope that it would encourage my LO to brush her teeth as she hated her standard toothbrush. It worked! There's a light on it as well which makes it perfect for brushing their teeth in the dark following that last night time feed.
  • review score 5 Andrews on 30 October 2014
    After a few months of tooth cleaning battles with my toddler I took the plunge and bought the electronic toothbrush as he'd always seemed intrigued by ours. It was a slow start but now he lets us do his teeth no problem and he uses it himself too. Great purchase!!!!
  • review score 5 A. Withnall on 16 September 2014
    I ordered this to be sent to my 2 year old grandson who was absolutely refusing to have his teeth cleaned. I understand that he is really thrilled with it, especially the light, and now looks forward to bath time and the teeth cleaning ritual. It makes him feel very grown-up! Very pleased indeed with my purchase (as are his parents).
  • review score 5 Laura on 26 August 2014
    Brilliant toothbrush. Good size and weight for little hands. Lights up to gain little ones attention.
  • review score 2 Emily on 14 July 2014
    Awful quality. My son loves the light and vibration but the toothbrush is of terribly quality. The first time I used it, it broke! The battery keeps falling out of it's socket so the vibration is completely erratic. When you think the vibration has stopped and you leave it on the side, it starts vibrating on its own 2 hours later! The light sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. You press the button and sometimes the vibrations imply won't start. It is far too easy for a toddler to unscrew the brush head out of the holder or to unscrew the battery cover. I would love to return it but Jojo don't do free returns and there is no Jojo shop within easy reach. The idea of the toothbrush is great but it is really poor quality. Maybe this is just a bad batch, no idea but I don't recommend it.
  • review score 5 Diana Floria on 08 July 2014
    My son loves this toothbrush!!!
    He would use it for hours !! :)
    It is small and the vibrations are not too strong for him !
    I would recommend this product!
  • review score 5 Mandy Adam on 24 June 2014
    Doesn't spin round as I thought it would but there is obviously a good reason for this. It lights up and vibrates which does make my daughter more likely to let me brush her teeth!
  • review score 5 Emma Antill on 16 June 2014
    Great item. My little one has finally started to enjoy cleaning his teeth!
  • review score 5 Amy on 10 June 2014
    My 2 year old loves this. She hated having her teeth brushed but now loves it. We had to wait quite a few weeks for delivery as there were issues with the supplier but it was definitely worth the wait.
  • review score 0 Gill K on 15 April 2014
    My 2.5yr old daughter really loves this toothbrush, and the LED light is a fantastic feature for in a dark room after milk at night so you can still see in their mouth to brush their teeth. She also loves playing with it as a light wand! Would just like to see the brush head be bigger for toddlers as I'm expecting the bristles to wear out pretty quickly, so glad I purchased replacement heads too. The brush also seems well made and good quality unlike the Summer Infant toothbrush JoJo used to sell and ours kept breaking down.
  • review score 0 Sanchia on 15 April 2014
    Brilliant - my 2 year old son LOVES this, and thinks he's terribly grown up! We've previously used the Brushbaby teether brush (also a great product) and I decided that it was time he learned to brush properly, so after some research bought this one. The fact that you can buy replacement heads is great (so many kiddy toothbrushes don't make this at all easy) and the in-built light is a definite bonus too. Would certainly recommend.
  • review score 0 Rachel on 11 April 2014
    Nice size and easy for little hands to hold. Soft bristles ideal for little gums and teeth. Very pleased.
  • review score 0 Karen on 21 February 2014
    My toddler loves this.
  • review score 0 Michelle on 20 February 2014
    Great service - ordered and received within 4 days! My little girl is not fond of brushing her teeth and we struggled with a manual but this has worked wonderfully, she still would rather not brush her teeth but doesn't put up a fight anymore so am happy! Would recommend and it cam with a battery and additional head so very pleased!
  • review score 0 Kim Winterbottom on 22 January 2014
    My son loves this toothbrush and it has encouraged him to clean his teeth for longer and more efficiently.
    Great product and delicate on his little teeth.
  • review score 0 Claire Grainger on 22 January 2014
    These lasted a week with my 20 month old twins. I was really disappointed as they are quite expensive and I had to wait a few weeks for delivery
  • review score 0 Amy on 28 October 2013
    I bought this after my 20 month old started hating having his teeth brushed. As my husband & I both use electric toothbrushes, our son wanted one too. He absolutely loves brushing his teeth now
  • review score 0 Jenny on 28 October 2013
    Really gentle electric toothbrush with a soft, small brush head, ideal for practicing with.
  • review score 0 HarveysMum on 22 October 2013
    Really good product but wish I'd found it and introduced it to my toddler sooner (he's now 2). He has found the 30 sec pulse off putting and I'm not sure it's needed on a brush for one so young, particularly if it takes alot of persuasion to keep their mouth open. Also on the occasion my child has bitten down on the stem of the brush it has fallen off the base, so whilst great it could be better.
Product Info

Brush-Baby BabySonic Toothbrush

review score 4.75
B1905 9.00

Electric toothbrush designed especially for babies and toddlers.

  • Encourages good dental habits
  • 30 second pulse
  • 2-minute timer
  • Requires 1 x AAA battery (included)
  • Includes 1 replacement head
  • Further replacement heads available, see B1906 and D4031
  • Please note: this product is designed for use by parents on the child. Do not use unsupervised
  • Please ensure that the toothbrush head is clicked in securely before use
  • This product is only available to customers in mainland UK

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