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  • review score 0 Emma on 19 April 2013
    Complete life saver for my last month at work. Takes away that constant forward/downward pull. I'm a size 10 and bought a medium which is perfect. Others have talked about it being too tight which I agree around the bottom it can feel like its digging in a bit when I'm sitting down but I don't get to sit much in my job, and it needs to be tight otherwise I doubt it would provide the support necessary.
  • review score 0 AS on 17 April 2013
    I read some positive reviews about the support band and decided to try wearing one. I don't have any specific problems however I am quite petite and felt any support I could give my back would be a good thing. I liked the supportive sensation and I continue to remain comfortable and active. I chose the small size and it has fit me well all - I started wearing it from week 28 and am now week 33.
  • review score 0 Ginette on 05 April 2013
    This band provides light support for your bump but I find it rolls up when worn with Jeans which means you have to keep readjusting yourself. I'm normally an 8/10 & ordered a small which fits but I think by 7 months I would need a medium (currently 5). The band is worth a try if you are getting ligament pain but not a great support for heavy duty problems.
  • review score 0 Anna on 21 March 2013
    Excellent service, and very happy with the band, which covers my new "outie" belly button(!) and offers suppport at the same time. I bought at 28 weeks and am a size 8-10, the small is perfect.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 10 February 2013
    Same as Katie, I am a 12-14 and 5months pregnant with a smallish bump, so ordered the Medium but found it so tight it hurt - sending back and won't be ordering another.
  • review score 0 Katrina Payne on 06 February 2013
    Excellent product. I bought a white band at 31 weeks pregnant as I am still a size 8 with a huge bump and didn't want others to see my skin but needed support and cover. I loved it that much I have just purchased a black one. My white one is a small and the black one is a medium and they are both comfortable. I am currently a size 8/10 with a large bump but a lot more comfortable wearing a band. Will look into Nursing Bra's from Jo Jo in the next couple of weeks.
  • review score 0 Lucy on 05 February 2013
    Love this. Bought it at around 32 weeks when I started to feel very achey after a day at work. I wasn't expecting much for 11 to be honest and when it arrived it looked tiny! However, I was amazed at how at stretched and fit over my bump. It fits perfectly and is incredibly supportive. Amazing value for money and I haven't got a single complaint. I know others have said it can roll up but it hasn't done that with me. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 22 January 2013
    I have previous back problems which have been worse since carrying my daughter etc everywhere so I brought one of these afer reading the reviews. They definately help support my back and reduce the pain, but at 25 weeks pregnant the small is starting to get tight, Im normally a 8/10 and it does ride up slightly around the bottom.
  • review score 0 Katie Bonas on 22 January 2013
    Bought Medium but found it uncomfortably tight so changed for a large. I'm usually size 12-14 and am six months pregnant with a smallish bump!
  • review score 0 Chocci on 14 January 2013
    These are extremely comfortable and really do help support the bump, especially when I'm wearing tights (which offer little support). Really do love it. I'm normally a size 10, at 30 weeks the medium is getting a bit small for me, large is more comfortable.
  • review score 0 Anne Zethrin on 02 January 2013
    I bought the Carriwell band in Black and am really happy with it. I got it when I was about 34 weeks pregnant as I was feeling quite sore at the bottom of my expanding bump - especially when walking. The band helps to add extra support and makes me feel much more secure. Before pregnancy I was a size 8/10...I have put on a little weight as well as the now rather large bump but have still found that a size Small is fine for me. Great product - good price, good support, nice fabric...very happy!
  • review score 0 Amber on 31 December 2012
    I'm 16-weeks (2nd pregnancy), and already getting back-ache... thought this might help. I'm normally a size 12-14 and bought a medium. It's not really helped with the back-ache yet, but it's handy for not flashing my small bump, as it covers that well. It does have a tendency to roll up at the bottom, which is uncomfortable. But that might be because my bump isn't big enough yet. Altogether I'd recommend it.
  • review score 0 charlie on 02 December 2012
    I ordered this in black and its been great. It helps me feel more supported as well as covers up the gap with low maternity trousers. Worth buying.
  • review score 0 Dana Taylor on 26 November 2012
    This product has been very effective for my back pain. I am a size 14 and 34 weeks pregnant, and the large size was perfect for me.
  • review score 0 Laura Palmer on 09 November 2012
    I've had pelvic pain since 16 weeks and bought one of these after my 20 week scan. Size 12 pre-pregnancy so based on other reviews I ordered the medium. I found it to be quite loose, and doesn't give that much support to my back or pelvis, although it does seem to support the weight of my bump. The bottom does roll up if I'm sat down for a long period too.

    Have now bought a pelvic/back support instead which is helping much more, although I will still use this for more discreet support.
  • review score 0 Katie on 29 October 2012
    This has made a huge difference to my bump. Very supportive and cosy. I'm a size 8 and 28 weeks and the small fits perfectly. A medium wouldn't offer the support I need.
  • review score 0 AP on 26 October 2012
    Brilliant product.... size small is around an pre-pregnancy 8 - 5*!!
  • review score 0 Mrs S on 17 October 2012
    Amazing product. This supports and smooths down any bumps and wobbly bits and even after a few hours' wear, is a huge support to my long-suffering back. I'm size 12 pre-pregnancy and a medium size is perfect, although my bump is much larger at 5 months than most (due to herniated stomach, for which this provides excellent support). I've also bought a large size for later on in pregnancy. Very happy customer :)
  • review score 0 Rita Deuchande on 09 October 2012
    Essential buy for the last trimester, it is a godsend for back support to avoid those aches and discomfort.
  • review score 0 Fi on 08 October 2012
    Great product, didn't expect it to make such a difference to my slightly achy back but it did. Particularly made a difference when out on long walks, managed 8 miles at 29 weeks without being in agony afterwards, which would NOT have been possible without it!!!
  • review score 0 Corinna on 13 September 2012
    This band kept riding up - possibly my bump isn't big enough yet but I still feel like I need some support - not sure what the solution is but for me, this is not it.
  • review score 0 Emma Miles on 04 September 2012
    Have been suffering from pelvis problems from 20 weeks and this band has enabled me to continue working and eases the pain greatly. Would definatley recommend.
  • review score 0 Anthea on 28 August 2012
    I have worn one of these every day since about week 28, and will continue to do so (I am presently 35 weeks) because they have proved invaluable in terms of the support they give. I started the pregnancy at size 10-12 and a medium is the right size for me.
  • review score 0 Suzanne Sola on 22 August 2012
    The Carriwell maternity support bands have been my pregnancy saviour. I have a bad back and have worn these from about month 5 onwards, every day, and amazingly, I have had no back pain. It literally feels like someone is holding up your heavy bump. I started off in a small and am now wearing a large at 8 months. I cant recommend these highly enough.
  • review score 0 ine on 22 August 2012
    I bought one of these at 21 weeks as I was experiencing backache, and in the evenings feeling really stretched and uncomfortable. I have found a marked improvement since wearing it every day and when I forgot to put it on my muscles were achey and sore again, so it really works! I'm going to buy another now I liked it so much. The advice about sizing was helpful, I'm size 10-12 normally and the medium is right for me - I thought the bump part might be a little loose but it's fine, any tighter might be uncomfortable.
  • review score 0 glm72 on 03 August 2012
    Bought one in small and one in medium. I'm 7 months pregnant with twins and currently using the small ( I was a pre-pregnancy size 8). I think I will need to upgrade to medium in about a week. A very big help in feeling better supported. Material is thin and soft and also keeps tummy nicely covered. Glad I bought two.
  • review score 0 juliana moreno on 24 July 2012
    i like the product, its give me great support in my back and in the lower part of my belly. I ordered a month ago and it just arrive, so i'm happy with my support band but the delivery service it wasn't that good.
  • review score 0 Molly on 06 July 2012
    Bought medium size based on reviews here and glad I did (normal clothing size I am 8-10). It's very comfortable, seamless and helps me wear my existing clothes without fear of flashing my belly to anyone! Seems to support my bump well and hopefully will help to reduce any potential lower back pain I may encounter as I grow.
  • review score 0 Big Mum on 04 July 2012
    The product gives support and relieve from the weight... I particularly notice how much it does the job when I take it off. Being curvy the product will not be discreet enough to wear tight clothes
  • review score 0 Jen on 20 June 2012
    after reading the reviews here I bought a support band, erring on the side of caution I got a size large (am a 14-16) however, found that the lower edge was a little too tight to wear all day as it digs in somewhat and the synthetic fabric makes my bump itch rather a lot when the weather is warm. Other than that I does seem to help a bit with the weight of the bump
  • review score 0 Ann on 10 June 2012
    Initially bought the small - my pre-pregnancy size was 8-10 and I'm 28 weeks now, with a small bump. However, the small left imprint, so exchanged for the medium. More comfortable, but at the same time, not quite enough support. I need an in-between size, or to wait for the bump to grow! Bought it mainly for SPD relief. Very comfortable and discreet to wear.
  • review score 0 amanda on 07 June 2012
    I am 6 months pregnant and have been suffering with backache as on my feet all day at work. This gives me good support and is very comfortable.
  • review score 0 Linda on 05 June 2012
    This little thing does the trick. It does not take away all my pain, but it makes it so, so much better. It is fairly comfortable, but I do find it rolls a bit at the bottom if you have curves or if it is not in the exact right place. We are moving house, and I notice a huge difference on the days I wear this versus the days I don't. Also, it fits seamlessly under your clothes unlike another support band I bought.
  • review score 0 Suzanne on 28 May 2012
    Im a size 8-10 and bought this originally in a size small but now need a medium at 6 months pregnant. My stomach was feeling heavy and my back slightly sore and this really helped. It can easily be worn under clothes too. Thoroughly recommend it.
  • review score 0 Jayashree Bagchi Chakraborty on 24 May 2012
    With my growing belly I was feeling very uncomfortable. This maternity support band really helped me and also given much support to my back. It should be a must have item during pregnancy.
  • review score 0 tlc on 31 October 2011
    Be careful what size you order. I ordered a medium which should be a uk 12-14 but when it arrived it says uk 10-12 and EU 38/40 which is in fact 8-10 in uk size on the packaging! Looks good though and will certainly be discreet.
  • review score 0 Big Mamma on 19 September 2011
    A fantastic product, really does provide relief throughout the day. Because my bump and back has been supported throughout the day, I sleep much better at night too!
  • review score 0 jenny on 31 July 2011
    best pregnancy product I have bought! was having slight back pain at about 24wks and started using these and havent had any real pain since despite now being 32wks. highly recommend and so comfortable, they dont dig in or move through the day.
  • review score 0 Julie on 19 March 2011
    So comfortable _ wish i'd ordered one of these weeks ago instead of buying the cheap bump bands which offer no support. My back is 100 better within 5 mins of wearing it. Just ordering another one.
  • review score 0 Freda on 02 February 2011
    I am suffering with SPD again with my 2nd pregnancy, this product is amazing! As soon as I put this on, I felt a huge wave of relief from pain. This stablises your pelvis, supports bump and generally makes you feel human again... well done Carriwell.
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