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Children's Swimming Shoes

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  • review score 4 JoFlo on 04 August 2016
    Great swim shoes which we have so far used in the shower with our 20 month old. Looking forward to trying on the beach. A little on the large side as no half sizes but doesn't seem to be a problem.
  • review score 5 Lynette Hughes on 01 August 2016
    These do come up quite big however I decided to keep the ones I ordered anyway! They look quite hard wearing with a thick sole and are nice quality :)
  • review score 5 Amy Rees on 30 July 2016
    Lovely shoes with a good fit. Just what we needed for holiday and in the garden
  • review score 5 Rachel on 29 July 2016
    Really pleased with these shoes, ideal for beach. We've only used them a couple of times but little one seems to find them compfy.
  • review score 5 Dwoody on 28 July 2016
    Great little shoes. Plenty of room. Hope they last!
  • review score 5 maja on 25 July 2016
    very happy and suit my baby boy
  • review score 5 Jo on 25 July 2016
    Great look and great fit. Excellent for keeping out stones when on the beach.
  • review score 5 Charlotte on 18 July 2016
    Excellent for holidays and perfect fit
  • review score 5 Pamela Mott on 18 July 2016
    Fantastic quality and great looking. Unfortunately far too big but I kept them to use them hopefully next year.
  • review score 5 Polly on 11 July 2016
    Good quality. Agree with other reviews and ordered smaller size, my children are both half sizes therefore ordered size smaller and they fitted well. Velcro means they can be tightened to fir narrow feet as well.
  • review score 5 Karen John on 10 July 2016
    A fantastic shoe, purchased for holiday abroad next week, my son has already worn them to the swimming pool and in the garden, a handy shoe for damp conditions! They fit well (I ordered half a size smaller so a 5 when my toddler is a 5 1/2 - 6 in shoes) and stay on.
  • review score 5 Elaine Jones on 29 June 2016
    Lovely little summer swim bootees
  • review score 5 Jade Cockbill on 28 June 2016
    Bought these for my son's first holiday. Really pleased with the purchase. Lightweight and really comfy.
  • review score 5 Roz Hands on 28 June 2016
    Fantastic shoes for our holiday in France. Our 4 yr old confidently climbs rocks and paddles in rock pools along the rocky coastline in West France due to these protective sea shoes. They are light and comfy and don't take up much room in our suitcase too. Would definitely recommend them.
  • review score 5 Kate on 27 June 2016
    Great grippy shoes for the water park!

  • review score 5 Sharyn brazier on 22 June 2016
    Love these shoes. Have brought these for the past few years for both of my daughters. A must have for holidays around the pool/on hot sand. Highly recommended
  • review score 5 Aimee Lynch on 22 June 2016
    Lovely shoes and perfect for the beach, I went for half a size up (as they don't do half sizes) and these were perfect, comfy and didn't fall off. really recommend.
  • review score 4 jane on 20 June 2016
    Excellent for in the pool and in the sea on holiday.
  • review score 4 Melanie on 20 June 2016
    These will be fab for in holiday. Sized on the larger side. Quite expensive for what they are but was difficult to find shoes like these in an infant size 3.
  • review score 5 Hazel on 19 June 2016
    These are brilliant. Was difficult finding water shoes that fit my son as his feet are quite wide. The sizes are on the bigger side, but the Velcro strap allows you to pull tight to fit and he's spent the last few days running around on the beach very happily.
  • review score 5 Flora on 16 June 2016
    Bought these in pink for holiday abroad. Best buy out of everything. Very lightweight and no marks visible from any rubbing when wet. Lovely shade of pink. Dried overnight on balcony ready to wear the next day. Velcro straps meant I could adjust for width and great grip on soles. Perfect for by the pool and on the beach. Reviews are correct...they are on the big side. My little girl is a 4 and a half and I bought a 4 which was perfect. I hope I can still get these for next year's holiday!
  • review score 5 Lisa on 15 June 2016
    These swimming shows are a must have for your holiday! Great rubber soles prevent little ones from slipping over (even though you tell them a 1000 times to stop running!) The material dries quickly in the heat of the sun and protect little feet from becoming burnt by the sun (with sun protection on, of course!) Will be continuing to buy these until such time they don't do the size of shoe I need for my little boy!
  • review score 5 Lucy Martin on 15 June 2016
    These are fantastic shoes. We shopped around first but I'm so glad we got these in the end. Good price with free delivery. We've just got back from holiday where I saw kids slipping over around the pool multiple times a day. One toddler even had a black eye and bleeding head. My 20 month old son did not slip once because of these shoes. Totally worth it. He's a size 5 and these fit perfectly with a little room for growth
  • review score 5 Rachel on 11 June 2016
    Really pleased with this purchase
  • review score 5 Jodie on 01 June 2016
    Great shoes - my son is an 8 1/2 F, and the 8 were great. Quite wide, but you can tighten them round the ankle with the velcro strap.
  • review score 4 Claire on 31 May 2016
    My 3yr old has wide feet and high instep and is usually a H width fitting in Clarks. I took a chance on these due to the reviews and I have to say that these fit him really well and are not tight at all. He always chose to wear these when we went to the beach or pool on holiday. Only problem was the fabric on one of the insoles was not stuck down and came off on first use leaving a rough inner. I have glued it today and will have to see how it fairs when we next use them in water. So removed 1 star for that.
  • review score 5 Susanne on 30 May 2016
    Great quality product. Son says they are comfortable to wear and they are easy to machine wash
  • review score 5 Katie L on 26 May 2016
    Love these. Easy to put on and fine in the washing machine!
  • review score 5 Penny on 25 May 2016
    My 15month old boy loved his new shoes. These beach shoes were a fantastic purchase for our trip to Crete. We stayed next to a pebbly, sandy beach and he wore them every day when in the pool or in the sand pit or on the beach rock pooling. I felt much happier with him walking along the beach in these shoes than bare feet. They were quick to dry, protected his feet and super cute.
  • review score 5 Louise Scotson on 24 May 2016
    Great shoes very easy to take on and off plenty of room in them and my one year old can walk great in them an essential for our summer holiday can see her wearing them day and nite great value for money 5 stars.
  • review score 5 Amie on 23 May 2016
    Brilliant!! Just what I was expecting from reading other reviews I read. My daughter wore them for our whole holiday to Crete and kept them on whilst in the water and at the beach.
    Didn't complain of rubbing or being sore at all.
  • review score 5 Twig on 23 May 2016
    Fantastic product! Bought these for my daughter to walk around on our gravel and concrete outdoors and they are great - incredibly flexible sole, good fit and handy neoprene so she can transfer easily from paddling pool to spiky gravel. A summer staple!
  • review score 5 Charlotte on 23 May 2016
    Great shoes for garden and paddling pool fun and the beach. Keeps my sons feet safe from nasty's on the floor but means he can go in and out of water no problem.
  • review score 5 Georgina on 23 May 2016
    Excellent idea for the beach, confident that little feet are protected from any sharp stones
  • review score 4 D on 21 May 2016
    Wide fit on my so. Who is E fitting but the snip can be pulled I've so still stay on.

  • review score 5 Sarah on 13 May 2016
    Seem to be well made. Velcro fastening good and footbed not too narrow. However, sizing is huge. They will fit over a pair of neoprene socks and still have room in the toes.
  • review score 5 Unknown on 04 May 2016
    Good fit. Great for the beach.
  • review score 4 Mummy of 2. Jess on 02 May 2016
    Good swimming shoes, perfect for the beach and easy to put on. My little one really loved these.
  • review score 5 Erin on 26 April 2016
    Shoes were good. Sturdy and gave my daughter some confidence in the sea. Bought size 5 as she'd only just gone up to a 6 and they fit fine - no growth left in them though so I'll probably have to buy another pair when we go away again.
  • review score 5 Harriet on 21 April 2016
    This shoes are great. Perfect for keeping little feet protected when running around a pool on a hot surface and down at the beach on hot sand.
  • review score 5 petula ross on 19 April 2016
    same as the wetsuit I bought really pleased with jo jo produced and rate the swimming shoes 5 stars out of 5
  • review score 5 Jill on 13 April 2016
    Great footwear bought last year an they lasted all through the summer
    Purchased again this year for my grandchildren
  • review score 5 Sarah Jordan on 31 March 2016
    Bought for around the pool on holiday and are ideal.
  • review score 5 Jude on 24 March 2016
    These shoes are the best investment! They stop the heat of the sand underfoot and also mean that walking around the swimming pool, my LO has some grip. They also protect against little stones etc hurting under my little boys feet. They are good quality and a great price - free delivery is also a bonus.
  • review score 5 Caitlin on 01 March 2016
    So glad I got my little one these poolside shoes she loves them!
  • review score 5 Nicki on 25 February 2016
    We have just been to Dubai and these shoes were perfect for my little one's use by the pool and beach. I love them!
  • review score 5 Rachel on 09 November 2015
    Having read the reviews before buying these, I decided to buy a size 4. But my little girl is a 3 1/2, so theses are a little too big at present. But they do look fab & a good grip underneath. So my little girl will grow into these.
  • review score 5 Chris W on 06 November 2015
    Excellent swim shoes! I have used them for all 3 of my children over the last 3 years. They wash up great. We have used them for round the pools & the beach would definitely recommend even from a just walking age.
  • review score 5 Aurelie on 27 October 2015
    Brilliant shoes, our daughter who was 3 this summer absolutely loved them! They are great for the river as help to avoid too much slipping and they wash really well. We did have to get a size 7 although she was a 7,5 at the time as they size a bit big.
  • review score 5 Angela donnelly on 17 October 2015
    Great buy. Washed in machine every other day and came out perfect. Bought them for my twins - girl & boy. Please buy a size smaller than your child's current shoe size
  • review score 5 Karen on 11 September 2015
    Brilliant swim/beach shoes. Keeps my babies feet safe and perfect fit :) they do come up small so had to go a size down from other brands.
  • review score 5 S.M on 09 September 2015
    We haven't tried these shoes on the beach yet but they are much bigger in size than expected. Although they look very good and are soft so I expect them to be comfortable, my daughter is a big size 4, but the 4 is very big on her.
  • review score 5 Lizell on 08 September 2015
    Soft and robust for days on the beach and rock pools. They do come up really big so bought one size down from my kids regular shoe size ie: toddler is a 5 and a half so ordered a Size 4, by 5 yr old is a 10 and half so ordered a Size 9. The swimming shoes may still last them through to next summer! They have also survived a wash in the machine.
  • review score 5 Kate on 28 August 2015
    Lovely comfy beach shoes that will be perfect for our holiday abroad, to protect my little ones feet from the hot sand/slipping by the pool. Just what I was looking for.
  • review score 4 sarita on 27 August 2015
    Bought these for holiday size 3 and they are massive more like a 5 will not stay on babies feet. Look nice and are good value though too big.
  • review score 5 Nicola on 03 August 2015
    I got these for my little boy last year and the were fantastic so I decided to buy them again this year. They wash very well in the machine and dry fast when you are away.
  • review score 5 Emily on 29 July 2015
    Wonderful! My twin girls loved their 'beach shoes' which were so useful on holiday by the sea. Hardy and comfortable both in and out of the water (and everywhere else for that matter!). Despite both girls being a size 6.5 I bought them the size 6, which fitted perfectly.
  • review score 5 Helen Wilson on 29 July 2015
    Best buy for our holiday! Really pleased with them. Some people have commented about the size previously but I think the fit is about right, not too large as some have suggested.
  • review score 5 Laura on 25 July 2015
    Brilliant shoes-bought my little girl a pair last year and they lasted all summer. She loves her new pair this year too, brilliant for splash pools, beaches and the garden, highly recommend
  • review score 5 JG on 23 July 2015
    This is the second time we have bought these shoes. They were so good last year we had to have them again for the summer holiday. They make clambering over rock pools much easier and safer for our toddler. They do come up quite big though so we've gone for a size down again.
  • review score 5 DPJ on 21 July 2015
    The fit is good, not too tight. Have only tried them in the garden playing with water, have yet t try them at the beach.
  • review score 5 Donna on 16 July 2015
    We used these shoes for the first time last weekend on the beach and our son loved them. It was nice to know that his precious feet were protected from the stones and hot sand
  • review score 5 Yvonne Kendrick on 14 July 2015
    Excellent shoes, good hard soles to ensure walking on stones doesn't hurt, and very quick drying. Would recommend.
  • review score 5 Megan O on 06 July 2015
    Fab shoes for the beach! Rubber sole perfect for walking across stones at beach. Quick drying, good quality.
  • review score 5 Michelle Fotheringham on 05 July 2015
    Excellent quality and good fit, my little boy is size 4.5 and size 4 was a perfect fit for him. Would recommend as easy to put on and Velcro fastening means a snug fit compared to other products that just pull on.
  • review score 5 Katie steel on 04 July 2015
    Perfect little booties as my 10 month old is crawling around . Buy one side smaller so they are a tight fit
  • review score 5 Veronica Renyarc on 20 June 2015
    Ordered for my 22 month old Grandson for a recent holiday. He has wide feet these shoes were an excellent fit, easy to put on and none slip which prevented any falls while he was running about. I would highly recommend and will be purchasing again in the future.
  • review score 5 REBECCA BENJAMINS on 15 June 2015
    Great fit, comfy and snug!
  • review score 5 Rebecca White on 11 June 2015
    These shoes are fantastic, they tighten well across my daughters slim feet although they come up very long and we had to go down a whole size. They were dry very quickly after use and stopped her falling over in the paddling pool. A good way to give me peace of mind around the pool on holiday this summer.
  • review score 5 Jane Jowett on 03 June 2015
    Great soft shoes. My 2 year old daughter likes wearing them. Excellent for on the beach, by the pool or even when playing with water in the garden.
    Very pleased with the purchase.
  • review score 5 sarah on 02 June 2015
    Soft, flexible comfy shoes!
  • review score 5 Lisa Cowperthwaite on 26 May 2015
    Lovely swimming shoes. Easy to put on. Recommend to anyone. Do come up big
  • review score 5 Stephanie on 25 May 2015
    Really pleased with these shoes. They arrived just in time for our holiday. My 2 year old wore them every day on the beach. They were great for grip and protecting his feet from stones or sea urchins in the water. They seemed to be comfortable, they were easy to put on and they looked good too.
  • review score 5 Nanna B on 23 May 2015
    Great beach shoes good value for money Grandson really liked them
  • review score 5 JOHN WALLER on 21 May 2015
    first time shop for me , and very happy water shoes are great value and well made , will be back to shop again
  • review score 5 Sharyn on 15 May 2015
    Love these shoes. This is the 4th time I have purchased these as they are fab for my little one as she runs around the pool and walks across hot sand. Would highly recommend
  • review score 5 Alison Blakely on 13 May 2015
    Excellent lightweight beach shoes. Perfect for walking on warm sand and fine on some pebbles and stones. Easy to put on and take off even when wet. My son liked undoing them which became a bit of a game and was quite amusing but otherwise great!
  • review score 4 Amy on 12 May 2015
    These shoes are lovely but they truly are on the large side. My daughter is a 4 and the 4s in this shoe are probably coming upto an inch too long - they fall straight off even when the Velcro is fastened. I would have ordered the 3 instead as a replacement but they are too costly to send back if these don't fit also. If you can get the right fit though they are great.
  • review score 5 Vanessa on 07 May 2015
    A little on the big size but hopefully fit by summer
  • review score 5 Tracy on 07 May 2015
    These swim shoes are brilliant. My little boy has quite wide feet so finding swim shoes that go on easily is quite hard, but these are great, easy to get on and off and great quality for the price.
  • review score 4 CaffM on 24 April 2015
    I buy a pair of these annually for my little one. He has a tendancy to run about on poolside, and I find these keep him safe. Good quality, great value.
  • review score 5 Helen Plummer on 23 April 2015
    We ordered these via a store as the shop did not have the correct size in stock but when they arrived they were not the size we wanted so the shoes were returned.
  • review score 5 Emma on 16 April 2015
    Amazingly comfortable shoes, little one loves them. As with other posters below, I ordered a size up as my dd is 4.5 but they were far far too big, the size 4 is perfect but still roomy and we should get lots of wear this summer. Thoroughly recommend.
  • review score 5 Jill Hansford on 15 April 2015
    Have bought these as part of a first birthday gift for my granddaughter, so haven't tried them yet. They will probably be a little too big. Your 14 day returns policy seems a little short compared with some companies so hope they are ok as we will be past the 14 days by the time she tries them on!
  • review score 5 Sarah Webb on 10 April 2015
    Love these shoes buy them every year for my son - perfect for holidays, round the pool and on the beach.
  • review score 4 Katie on 02 April 2015
    I really like these swim shoes. They come up quite big which is good and they seem very sturdy with good grip on the bottom. Shame they aren't machine washable but I dry them next to the radiator and they seem ok.
  • review score 4 Caroline on 01 April 2015
    My daughter is 14 months and size 4 in shoes. I bought 4 and glad I did listen to everyone's reviews as they do come up big. These should last her all summer. The look comfy and robust. These were the best ones I saw when I was looking for shoes.
  • review score 5 Jasmine on 01 September 2014
    Fantastic pair of water shoes. My son has big wide feet(8G) and he's not even two, so trying find him shoes for the water seemed impossible. However this shoes were true to size and for him perfectly and with a little growing room!
  • review score 5 clare pizzie on 14 July 2014
    We bought these for our 2 year old for a holiday in the sun. They were brilliant, she kept them on for swimming, around the pool and on the beach. They dry really quickly and our daughter loved them. Size wise they are large so go smaller if I'm doubt. My daughter is 6.5 and 7 was huge on her. Will be buying more
  • review score 4 CEY on 09 July 2014
    Great shoes for the beach, especially climbing on rocks & seaweed.
  • review score 5 geranium1 on 07 July 2014
    We had these shoes in size 4 for our daughter. They were great on the beach so when they got a bit small we ordered a size 5. Unfortunately, despite only being one size bigger they were huge, mostly too wide. We had to send them back. I wouldn't let this put me off buying a pair again in the future though as they really are very good shoes for the purpose.
  • review score 5 Laura on 05 July 2014
    Perfect for little feet on the beach with hot sand. Felt heavy when in the water so not good for swimming with once in the sea though. So best for paddling or walking around pool sides.
  • review score 5 F Copus on 04 July 2014
    I have recently returned from Crete and ordered these shoes for the beach and the pool. They were fantastic as the tiles around the pool got very hot as the day went on and also the pool itself had a rough texture to it.

    My little boy has size 5 feet with a G fitting and there was plenty of room in these size 5 shoes.

    They dried out really fast in the sun and he also likes to wear these at home instead of slippers so should get lots of wear out of them.
  • review score 5 A Ward on 26 June 2014
    Very comfy :)
  • review score 5 Sarah on 23 June 2014
    Swimming shoes seemed big compared to Clarkes measured size but stayed on well with the velcro fastening. They were the best purchase for our toddler as he wore them every day on the beach, in the sea and round the swimming pool. He didnt seem hindered by them and enjoyed running and paddling without any cuts or knocks to his feet. I highly recommend them especially for a beach holiday but he shall be wearing them in the garden too this summer! Excellent purchase thank you.
  • review score 5 Alison on 23 June 2014
    Excellent! Finally our two and a half year old will go on the beach happily!
  • review score 5 Candice on 19 June 2014
    Lovely swim shoes
  • review score 5 Debbie Edwards on 18 June 2014
    Great beach/pool shoes. Good fit.
  • review score 5 Rosanna Barnett on 17 June 2014
    Great little swim shoes, wore them lots on holiday, protected my 18 month old from the hot sand and ground
  • review score 5 Tara on 17 June 2014
    Just got back from the holiday that we bought these shoes for. They were a god send around the pool and beech both of which got very hot. The material/design meant that I didn't have to worry about bits getting under his toes, they were flexible enough to swim in (for a non swimmer) and they dried really quickly.
  • review score 5 anna.snow on 07 June 2014
    On holiday, around the pool is always a bit risky for children hence why I wanted these shoes for my son last year. He wore them well and we were so happy with them that we had to get another pair for our holiday this year. perfect
  • review score 4 Zoe on 06 June 2014
    These shoes are excellent at protecting little feet but the size is rediculous. My little boy is a size 5 and has a very wide foot. We had to get these in a size 4 as the 5 fell off of his foot.
  • review score 4 Fiona Dodds on 06 June 2014
    Great product. Large but soft and comfortable. do not seem to rub. Instructions state just to wipe clean, not wash. Seems a bit odd as they get soaked anyway. But they dry well and retain shape.
  • review score 4 Marian Robertson on 30 May 2014
    This is not the first pair of swim shoes I have bought my Granddaughter, they protect her feet when at the beach and stop her from slipping on the tiled surface at the swimming pool.
  • review score 5 Catriona Wright on 21 May 2014
    Great for the beach and round the pool, not having to worry about slippy tiles and sharp stones.
  • review score 1 Laura on 17 May 2014
    Ordered a size 4 for my child who is a size 4 but these were far too bulky and heavy for delicate feet so had to return. Tried ordering the baby sea booties but they are completely out of stock in store and online which seems odd considering we are just entering the summer.
  • review score 5 Ruth on 07 May 2014
    Not used these yet but they seem great, well made and good material. My daughter already loves them ....!
  • review score 5 Catherine on 30 April 2014
    The shoes are excellent quality and value and fit securely on my daughters feet.
  • review score 4 alana on 30 April 2014
    These were exactly what we were after. They are perfect beach wear to protect little one's feet from hot sand and rocks.
  • review score 5 Sonal on 27 April 2014
    Perfect for holiday . Walking on the beach protecting delicate baby feet from sand flies , shells and seaweed.
  • review score 0 Gemma cooper on 16 April 2014
    Great shoes will be perfect for our beach holiday
  • review score 0 Deb on 16 April 2014
    Bought for using on holiday in a few weeks time so will come back and review after then but on first impressions they look like great sturdy little shoes. I ordered a 3 as my sons feet are 3.5 and other reviews mentioned them coming up big and they fit perfectly.
  • review score 0 CJ on 07 March 2014
    Great product - no worries about cut feet on shells etc on beach. Large made but strap can be tightened so will get longer use!
  • review score 0 Helen Thomas on 20 February 2014
    Great quality shoes and great price. Bought for my toddler to wear on the beach abroad where the sand gets hot underfoot. She loved them, great product.
  • review score 0 Katherine on 12 February 2014
    Have just bought our second pair of these. Last years are still going strong but getting a bit small. They are generously sized though and the Velcro fastening meant that even when they were a bit bug they were still fine for beach / pool wear. They definitely protected tender little feet from sharp or potentially stingy things that sometimes lurk on beaches and we wear them in the swimming pool to prevent slips and verrucas!
  • review score 0 NicholaK on 14 January 2014
    Great shoes for the beach. My little girl wore these every day on holiday to protect from stones etc. on the beach and they worked really well. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Sarah Boorman on 19 November 2013
    Such a sensible purchase... Im on my 3rd pair with my daughter, buy the next size up each holiday we go on - no burnt feet in the sand or fear of her slipping by the pool, plus she loves them as she can put them on and off so easily herself. Very highly recommended, great product.
  • review score 0 Priya on 09 November 2013
    Bought this for my 23month boy and he loves this. He is a Clarks size 8 so I bought a size 8 and it is a little big by half a size but at least the positive is that he will get more use for it. Very good quality.
  • review score 0 Darren Weir on 17 October 2013
    Good quality shoe ideal for beach, they come up big so I needed the next size down for my daughter. Good service on web too.
  • review score 0 Jo on 14 October 2013
    Love these swim shoes he's used them all summer at the beach and now it's colder he wears them to the swimming pool play area x
  • review score 0 Debbie Adams on 06 October 2013
    Excellent holiday/swimming shoes. Bought for my 2 yr old daughter for holiday abroad. Brilliant on the beach in the sea and in and around the pool. Easy to rinse out the sand!! Very quick drying. Really protected her feet and excellent non slip sole. My daughter wears Clarks size 7 but these shoes in a 6 were a perfect comfy fit. Highly recommended.
  • review score 0 Naomi on 01 October 2013
    Brilliant summer shoes. Our son is on his second pair and we'll definitely get another for next summer.
  • review score 0 kate.harrington on 27 September 2013
    I ordered 2 pairs of these for my 2 boy, my boys loved them, very comfortable and were delivered quickly. well reccommended
  • review score 0 Karen N-H on 21 August 2013
    My daughter has high instep so has difficulty finding shoes to fit. Due to generous sizing and adjustable Velcro fitting are perfect for her and loves the fact she no longer gets sand in her toes!
  • review score 0 Sonia on 14 August 2013
    I liked the idea of shoes for swimming or the beach but these are very big for the size, really stiff and heavy. Not ideal for swimming or beach in summer. Feel more like a winter product maybe. Had to return.
  • review score 0 Dr Elaine Bowers on 11 August 2013
    These are fantastic my grandson wore them every day for his two week holiday and they kept his feet from jelly fish and sharp stones - a fantastic bargain.
  • review score 0 Carol on 02 August 2013
    I purchased these shoes for our recent holiday to Portugal. I ordered the size 5 and they were a perfect fit for our little man. They were super comfy and stayed on perfectly so he never looked to pull them off. Perfect for in the pool and around the pool where the ground could get very hot during the day. I would recommend this product.
  • review score 0 Becky on 01 August 2013
    Great shoes - we use them to slip on in the garden as well as at the beach/pool. Love them!
  • review score 0 J Fearn on 31 July 2013
    Great item. Easy to put on and stay on well. They do hold water but this isn't a problem . Very pleaesd
  • review score 0 Helen Robertson-Smith on 30 July 2013
    Great little shoes, perfect for my little girl on the beach.
  • review score 0 Kate on 30 July 2013
    Great little shoes for beach, round the pool, holiday in general. Reading the other reviews helped when I was choosing the right size. My little girl is a size 4.5 and I ordered a size 4, perfect fit.
  • review score 0 Kay Owen on 29 July 2013
    Great shoes - perfect for walking on pebbly beaches and paddling in the sea. Good quality. Good fit.
  • review score 0 Helen Furse on 24 July 2013
    These seem comfy and well-fitted, and will protect my sons feet from sharp stones when we go to the seaside. Protect feet from sunburn and dry out quickly.
  • review score 0 Susan on 23 July 2013
    Excellent shoes. So easy to put on and take off. Really well made - no rubbing or anything. I would totally recommend them.
  • review score 0 Steff on 19 July 2013
    Fantastic little shoes that stay on brilliantly, my 15 month old can wear them in the paddling pool and then run around without the danger of getting something in his feet. We are off to Cornwall shortly and they will be perfect for the beach. I recommend them :)
  • review score 0 Jodie on 19 July 2013
    These are fantastic shoes for the beach or pool. I have bought them for my son since he could walk.
  • review score 0 Helen on 16 July 2013
    Soft and great for stopping my son from slipping across the paddling pool. A little large. but the way they fasten means they stay on his just fine (and I'm glad he's got a little growing room in them).
  • review score 0 Hazel Norris on 13 July 2013
    Bought these for my four year old for the beach this summer, while his younger brother is wearing his old ones which are still going strong! Have found them to be hard-wearing with good soles which are good on rock and protect them on pebbly or shingly beaches, or the odd bit of broken glass or litter. Also good reassurance that they can splash around at low tide without worrying about weever fish! They dry quickly which is practical and are quick and easy to put on and take off, so ideal for swapping between castle-building sandy-toes fun and more adventurous rocky scrambling.
  • review score 0 Eve Smith on 09 July 2013
    We love these shoes, my daughter is not very steady on her feet and these give her the confidence to enjoy the water and feel safe. She has just grown out of her size 6 and her size 7 have just arrived!! Love them
  • review score 0 Gail on 30 June 2013
    These are ideal on pebble or shingle beaches or if there may be nasties in the water to protect little feet. Bought a size 3 but it seems a little bigger than a Clarks 3. Would recommend
  • review score 0 Veronica Mann on 28 June 2013
    After looking unsucessfully for swim shoes for my little grand daughter I found Jo Jo site. The swim shoes ordered came very quickly but sadly they were too big a quick phone call to customer services and smaller ones were received two days later the original pair returned for refund. The service was second to none and would happily recommend this company. I certainly will look here first when shopping for my grand children in future, Thank you
  • review score 0 melanie james on 27 June 2013
    Great product. Really good on holidays for poolside and hot sandy beach. Dried very quickly and seemed comfy to wear. I agree with other reviews that sizing is generous as my LO is 6.5 in Clarke's and size 6 was plenty big enough.
  • review score 0 Sharon Hogan on 19 June 2013
    Have bought these for my 21 month old son in anticipation of our forthcoming holiday. He doesn't like getting new shoes so it did take him a while to accept them. However, he wore them last week and we were both pleased with them! The sizing is on the large size so maybe order down a size. But the Velcro does allow you to tighten them up quite well. So far so good. For the money I am very happy with this product.

  • review score 0 Fi Acworth on 19 June 2013
    Great shoes. My daughter had a hip operation last year to correct a dislocated hip. She is doing well but wanted something more substancial than crocs that she can wear in Cornwall this summer. These shoes are idea. She loves them!
  • review score 0 Becky Cund on 12 June 2013
    What a great product - stops my little one from slipping on the pool side when he's running around!
  • review score 0 Elf Queen on 10 June 2013
    Bought 2 pairs for my 2 yr old and 4 yr old, they can both put them on and off themselves easily, they have Clarks E/F fitting feet and although they are wide the Velcro fastens snugly enough for them not to come off. Look good quality, they are wearing in the garden all the time. Nice thick soles. Recommended.
  • review score 0 Madeline Knights on 08 June 2013
    An excellent and really comfy pair of shoes for our 18 month old on holiday. These were perfect for wearing round the pool, especially useful to protect against slippy wet tiles and surfaces. I would suggest ordering a smaller size than usual as they do come out big. I will certainly be buying these again for future holidays - and would encourage Jo Jo to make them in more colours to match their excellent sun suits!
  • review score 0 Rebecca Stephens on 07 June 2013
    Quick delivery, good quality shoes. Sizing on the larger side so a little big for now, although the velcro does keep them on well in the meantime!
  • review score 0 equalitybrown on 06 June 2013
    Fantastic durable material. Feel really soft but with A very sturdy sole. Got them for my two year old in his clarks size sandals and they fit beautifully. They are to wear on the beach, at the pool and in the garden for the padding pool. The Velcro strap keeps them firmly on. I'll be buying these again next year for sure.
  • review score 0 SRapp on 24 May 2013
    Just bought 2nd pair of these for my son. We live by the sea so they stay in boot of the car permanently. They come up a little big but that just means they last longer, makes paddling on pebbles a doddle!
  • review score 0 Clare on 15 May 2013
    These shoes were great for the beach - our two year old spent ages paddling around in them and they dried quickly. Easy to get on and off. They are a fairly big size 7, which was good because they will last longer. Great service as usual.
  • review score 0 Natalie on 12 May 2013
    These are going to be great for our holidays so we don't have to worry about the children walking on really hot sand in barefeet. They fit quite big though so have sent them back to exchange for smaller sizes - looking forward to them arriving!
  • review score 0 Unknown on 09 May 2013
    I went into a Jojo shop to make sure I got the right size for my son and was advised to get true to size with little growing room as the assistant said that is how they should fit. They look lovely but were a complete waste of money. Although fine for playing on dry sand, as soon as we went rockpooling and they got wet they rubbed my son and he now has a line of very sore blisters where the inside seam is. They lasted 2 days and he will not be able to wear them again. I am very disappointed.
  • review score 0 Lucie Male on 30 April 2013
    Very happy with the shoes, my boy also loved wearing them. Good on size.
  • review score 0 RK on 24 April 2013
    Well made and very good
  • review score 0 Emma on 23 April 2013
    Comfy easy fit pool shoes also good in the sea. Both my girls love them age 2 and 4.
  • review score 0 Natalia on 23 April 2013
    Great shoes for the pool. My 2 year old son loves them and ensures he does not leave them behind. I plan using them to walk to the beach in the Summer
  • review score 0 Rachel on 22 April 2013
    Look great and seem comfortable to wear, but a bit tight around the ankle for chubby legs! Mostly left them undone for my 15 month old, as the velcro doesn't really allow for doing them up looser. Good for pottering around on holiday.
  • review score 0 V Fisher on 09 April 2013
    These are great. Just placed my 3rd order for these! They are comfy and great around water, on the beach or just in the garden. They do come up slightly large so if you're between sizes, I'd say size down.
  • review score 0 Kate on 22 March 2013
    These were brilliant for a beach holiday and hours of non slip paddling pool fun last summer. So much so that I'm ordering another pair for this year. Would highly recommend.
  • review score 0 Clare on 01 February 2013
    Lovely shoes for the beach/pool. Got a size 5 which was perfect fit. Seem comfortable and really good non-slip!
  • review score 0 Tina Mac on 29 January 2013
    I brought these for forthcoming beach holiday. My 2yr old loves them and insisted wearing them around the house and could get them on/off herself. Usual top JoJo quality, can't wait to test them out. My daughter is size 5.5, but a 5 is perfect with a little room to spare. Great match with pink JoJo sunsuit which incidentally is great too!
  • review score 0 MS on 28 January 2013
    Great shoes for toddlers on holidays to the sunshine. Excellent design - velcro keeps them secure and they are fine getting wet so perfect for the beach. Extremely reasonable.
  • review score 0 Melanie Laing on 11 December 2012
    I misjudged the size and these will probably not fit her until the winter. They are well made and this encourages me to buy a replacement and perhaps give these as a gift to a larger toddler.
  • review score 0 Christina Slater - JoJo Customer Services on 16 October 2012
    Ref. care instructions saying surface wash only. We apologise that this sounds confusing. It is a standard statement for shoes of this type. They are of course ok in and out of water and we have washed pairs in the machine on cold and with a low spin with no problems. The rubber does not react well to continued hot water washing (it becomes cracked) and the inner can become distorted with high spins - basically good common sense washing will be fine. We will ammend the care instructions going forwards.
  • review score 0 Charlie on 25 September 2012
    Fantastic shoes. Great on beach. Perfect in and out of the sea and clambering around slightly rocky beaches. Tough. and must be very comfortable as our little one kept asking to wear them. Superb shoes and a total must have for a beach hols. Just wish I knew what size she'll be by next year so I could get them now... Please don't stop making them JJMB!
  • review score 0 Emma Harrison on 22 September 2012
    Great shoes for hot sand on the beach! True to size and seemed to be very comfy. Would definately recommend.
  • review score 0 Jo on 17 September 2012
    Great little shoes, my 2-year old loves them - very handy for the beach. Definite holiday 'must haves'. Only niggle - wash instructions a little confusing - says surface wash only and yet can be used in and out of water?
  • review score 0 Anne on 12 September 2012
    great shoes for beach, sea, pool.
    very comfortable & flexible.
    easy velcro fastening.
    only downside: surface wash only.
  • review score 0 Delacy on 31 August 2012
    Excellent tiem. Perfect for outdoor paddling pools and coast lines. We holiday a lot in the lake district and these shoes are perfect protection from the rough textures on the lakesides. Very good quality and a good price too. Will be back for the next size when they are needed.
  • review score 0 Mrs Small on 31 August 2012
    Money well spent! Our daughter wore these by the pool everyday of our recent holiday. They do have room for growth but as our daughter is only just in size 3's we knew they'd be a little large. The velcro fastening easily resolved this and we may be able to use them next summer...We'll be coming back for more either way as they are now a firm holiday must have.
  • review score 0 vickymatthew on 29 August 2012
    very practical great for holiday comfortable and easy to put on
  • review score 0 Julie Feeley on 19 August 2012
    Fantastic shoes for a beach holiday. My little girl loved wearing them, very practical too.
  • review score 0 JD on 03 August 2012
    We are very pleased with these shoes for our 3 year old daughter who has very narrow feet. We'd recommend them to anyone with kids with narrow feet as a great alternative to clogs or other slip on shoes for the pool/beach/garden in summer. Although I'm sure they will fit wider feet too. They are on the long side - our daughter has size 8.5 feet and the size 9 were too big, but size 8 fit well.
  • review score 0 Danielle on 03 August 2012
    I agree with the other comments regarding size, they come up a tad big.

    Brilliant quality and easy for my 3 year old to put on and off himself
  • review score 0 Michelle on 25 July 2012
    Bought for my daughter when she was one and a half, and have just bought her another pair (she is now 3 and a half) and also a pair for my son who is one.

    Great shoe - sizes a little bigger than anticipated so had to send back the ones going off their normal shoe size and replace with a size smaller.

    Comfortable, easy to put on/off - great pool/garden shoes.
  • review score 0 Heather on 17 July 2012
    Very good quality item, good value for money, sizes are slightly on the larger side.
  • review score 0 Anita Ismay on 16 July 2012
    Great swimming shoes, brilliant for avoiding slipping in swimming pool, and for the beach.
  • review score 0 Jenny Canderton on 12 July 2012
    I ordered these for my granddaughter and they are perfect for the beach. And I was so impressed with the ordering service. Website was very easy to use and I was updated regularly about my order and most importantly the shoes arrives very quickly. Thank you for such a prompt and very efficient web service - although I have to say the 'girls' in my Windsor shop are really kind and helpful and if they had the size I wanted I would have bought from them. Well done JoJo - great service alround.
  • review score 0 Sharon on 10 July 2012
    Fab for our holiday and running around the pool. Would definately buy again for next year
  • review score 0 Jo Hughes on 09 July 2012
    Brilliant value. I have bought these every Summer for my Daughter.
  • review score 0 Mummy B on 04 July 2012
    Fantastic shoes. Good quality. Our little one (12 mths) wore them on a recently holiday which allowed her to walk in and out of the pool / aqua park without running the risk of burning her feet on the hot pool side.
  • review score 0 patricia ashe on 04 July 2012
    These are great, ideal for the beach in or out of the water, they are washable and quick drying, light and very comfy.
  • review score 0 Bel on 02 July 2012
    Have just purchased these for my son and daughter for second year in a row. Great for around the pool on holiday, but also for paddling pool fun at home.
    Agree they come up a little large, perhaps half a size bigger than usual but the velcro keeps them on well.
    They seem to be very comfortable for the kids as they want to wear them pre-holiday, in fact they have been perfect for my son's poor chicken-poxed feet this past week;
  • review score 0 Annie on 28 June 2012
    Fantastic holiday shoes, a must! Brilliant for slippery edges around pools, hot sand and great for boat use etc. size wise they did come up too big so we had to go down a size and they were perfect. I highly recommend.
  • review score 0 Yvonne Lowe on 28 June 2012
    Looked in a lot of places for pool shoes for my 3 year old and these ones were by far the best and a reasonable price too! My little girls loves them - pink always being a winner! - and she can't wait to wear them on her summer holidays.
  • review score 0 'Anna' on 27 June 2012
    My son loves these; we have had several pairs over the years. There seems a big jump in width from size 8 to size 9- unless my son's feet have got even narrower! The velcro fastening keeps them on his feet well. Just wish we got more wear before they are outgrown!!
  • review score 0 Sarah Tebbutt on 20 June 2012
    Fantastic product! I purchased mainly to wear in the swimming pool changing rooms after our weekly waterbabies class. I reckon quite a few of the other mums will follow suit as for once we had no slipping over, brilliant. .
  • review score 0 V Fisher on 17 June 2012
    Brilliant shoes. Fit really well and true to size. Comfy for my daughter to wear and she loves them. Really good quality. I have just bought the next size up too. They are good in water, and also as "normal" shoes in the garden etc.
  • review score 0 Tony Burrells on 14 June 2012
    Can't fault the product or the service
  • review score 0 Karen Harris on 13 June 2012
    Children love these shoes and can't wait to wear them at the lake this summer. Very comfortable and easy for children to put on themselves.
  • review score 0 Joanna Calixto on 12 June 2012
    Great little shoes for those beaches that are just too stony to be comfortable for bare feet. An excellent feature is that they dry very quickly, ready for the next adventure! My girls love them.
  • review score 0 Sharon on 08 June 2012
    I have purchased these swimming shoes for the last 3 years and I couldn't recommend highly enough. They are nice and easy to get on and off thanks to the velcro and my daughter tells me they are very comfortable. She even favoured these instead of the Peppa Pig Jelly shoes I brought her....so these must be good!!
  • review score 0 Jen on 06 June 2012
    I bought 2 pairs of these, one for each of my children. After wearing for about 3 hours they both had friction burns on both feet on their insteps. I thought that they would be perfect for playing on the beach, but the plastic instep was too high and the shoes were useless after one wear.
  • review score 0 Joanna Agnew on 06 June 2012
    Daughter loves these, so handy. Great buy and quality. Will be using during our summer holiday.
  • review score 0 JG on 05 June 2012
    Great shoes. Very easy to wear & durable.
  • review score 0 Fiona Wilson on 29 May 2012
    These were great little shoes very easy to get on. The only problem was they were too big and as we were going on holiday didn't have time to exchange. His feet are a just over a 6.5 so he normally wears a size 7, however the smaller size would have been better in these.
  • review score 0 Helen on 23 May 2012
    Excellent shoes, took them to Wales last week and they certainly did the job. Perfect for the beach but also climbing around rock pools, no slipping or sliding for once!
  • review score 0 nadine on 19 May 2012
    These beach shoes are just great so easy to get on and off. Even my 3 year old daughter takes them off me so she can put them on herself. Best fitting on the market I've found. Thanks
  • review score 0 sarah herring on 17 May 2012
    Great shoes, fit well. Not yet tried them out on the beach yet so can't comment on wearing in the water.
  • review score 0 Vicki on 10 May 2012
    great product. bought 2 pairs one for each twin and they clambered over rocks at the beach with confidence..also kept their feet warm in the cool Islay sea
  • review score 0 sarah on 08 May 2012
    great for along the beach or pool side easy to put on,great thankyou
  • review score 0 Louise Sutton on 08 May 2012
    The shoes arrived quickly albeit we had to go for a smaller size, the new shoes arrived quickly. The shoes are a great idea and I do not know what we would do without them on holiday. The biggest plus is that my daughter also loves them.
  • review score 0 Becky Mayer on 08 May 2012
    Really nice shoes and good value for money. I did have to send the first ones back to exchange for a smaller size as they do come up big. Very pleased with this purchase - exactly what I wanted - I had tried other styles of this shoe from other retailers but found getting them on my sons feet very difficult - no problem with these ones though as they have a wide velcro opening.
  • review score 0 Jo Spicer on 28 April 2012
    Shoes arrived quickly but were a size too big, JoJo sent me the smaller size straight away, no fuss or hassle. Shoes seem quite wide but stay on my daughter's feet and have good grippy soles
  • review score 0 Karen Rudich on 09 September 2011
    I bought a pair of these for my daughter and they were great so buying the next size up - only downside was the stitching of the round logo, which I had to remove as they were sharp and hurting her a little. Otherwise, they've been great and she's worn them out!
  • review score 0 JoJo Maman Bebe on 30 August 2011
    These shoes have been extremely popular for many years and sell in the thousands every season. In comparsion there are very few returns and many customers buy year on year. We always list to customer feedback and will do our very best to incorporate any suggestions as soon as we can.
  • review score 0 Unknown on 26 April 2011
    These shoes have seams on the inside which have rubbed my daughters feet raw, so after only a couple of wearings I am giving up on them. Very disappointed.
  • review score 0 Unknown on 04 April 2011
    I brought a pair of these last year for our 18 month old daughter. They were a great buy, great on the beach and great around the pool. I was worried they might come off in the sea/pool but we still have them! I will be buying another pair for our holiday this year.
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Children's Swimming Shoes

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Great children's swim shoes for the pool, beach or river paddling.

  • Practical, wide Velcro opening for easy changing
  • Quick drying neoprene
  • Upper: 100% Polyester
  • Sole: 100% Rubber
  • Special flexible grippy, anti-slip sole
  • Our beach shoes are specially designed to protect feet from stones and hard surfaces, both in and out of the water

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