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  • review score 0 Lee on 21 April 2014
    I'm not convinced by this product, I wish I could upload a pic to show how unstable this product is. My daughter has been using the potty fine but refuses to sit on the toilet either with me holding her over it or at friends with whichever type of child seat they have. I bought this on recommendation from a friend as it's convenient when out and about but it doesn't even fit our toilet seat properly or indeed safely! My daughter put her hand on one side of it to peer in while I was showing it to her and it slipped and her little hand went into the abyss that I think she sees when she looks at the toilet! There is nothing on it to stop it slipping around and our toilet seat is much like the one on the sales pic with a slight dip inwards. As you can imagine she is even more scared to sit on there now, I think I'm going to get a more fixed one for home and see if this is refundable!
  • review score 0 Helen Thomas on 20 February 2014
    Fabulous item, what a great idea. Folds up to fit in a bag so ideal for taking on trips. Ours is travelling abroad with us on a flight and on our travels so no more carrying a potty about. Highly recommend this item.
  • review score 0 Leanne Bensley on 05 December 2013
    This seat is a fab idea, light weight, and easy to access, my 2 yr old is now confident about going to the toilet when out and about, great buy
  • review score 0 Alison Turner on 16 October 2013
    I was a little concerned that this might be rather flimsy after reading some of the other reviews, but was so fed up of carting a large toilet training seat with us wherever we went that I decided to give it a whirl. Obviously, it isn't quite as sturdy as the seat my daughter uses at home, but we have had no trouble at all with it. My daughter is more than happy to use it, and it is convenient and easy to clean. As other commenters have mentioned, the hole in the middle is a little on the small side, but hasn't caused any issues for us. The storage bag is very handy, and when folded, the seat fits easily into a biggish handbag. All in all a good purchase, and I would recommend it.
  • review score 0 Michypoo on 02 July 2013
    This is a great seat for girls but NOT for boys... per another review below, there is not enough room for my little boy's "man bits" to hang down, so he ends up weeing over the front of the seat every time... to do a poo you have to sit so far forward that he would then end up weeing on toilet rim and floor! portable and easy to clean and so far fits every toilet however.
  • review score 0 Holly on 24 June 2013
    Great portable converter seat, compact and really easy to use. My daughter loves her 'big girl seat'
  • review score 0 vicky on 19 May 2013
    my daughter loves this and it is so easy to carry i your bag
  • review score 0 Jane Wyatt on 18 April 2013
    This is an excellent product, very easy to use and easily fits into a change bag or hand bag.
  • review score 0 Sara on 04 January 2013
    The seat is still quite chunky when folded but fits all toilet seats we have come across.
  • review score 0 Brian Budd on 28 November 2012
    Excellent product and excellent service
  • review score 0 Miranda Alison on 06 August 2012
    Positives and negatives with this trainer. Positives are that it folds down fairly small and comes with a little bag, so it's much easier to cart about around the shops for using public loos than others. My son likes to unfold it to put it on and then fold it away again. Padded so softer than some. However negatives are that although the back sits on the toilet seat firmly enough, on every toilet we've used the two front sections buckle down into the loo, as someone else has mentioned. I have to hold the front sections in place and open whilst my son is using it. Furthermore the hole is ridiculously small, as someone has also mentioned. I would struggle to get my son in position for a poo so that he didn't make a mess all over the travel seat, though thankfully that hasn't yet arisen. But even for a wee it is problematic if you have a boy as there's not a whole lot of room for his tackle. On the fence about it really. It is easy to take out and my son seems to like it but the hole is too small and I would never use it at home due to how the front caves in. This could be changed in the design, if it was made so that when you unfold it the front pieces meet and clip together at the back. Wouldn't be difficult to do and would improve the design immensely.
  • review score 0 Helen on 17 July 2012
    Great prodcut excellent for travelling which was why I brought it. Haven't seem a product like this in any other shop. It is also very comfortable for my daughter.
  • review score 0 Francesca on 23 May 2012
    We bought this for our son who is about to start potty training. He no longer likes the potty we have been given and showed interest in sitting on the toilet instead. We looked at the website together and he liked the look of this one and the idea that it was soft to sit on. He seems excited about it but I do agree that on seats with a longer/larger hole, the seat does not fit well. The instructions say to place the cushie right at the back on larger seats but that means that the front sections are suspended over the front of the hole rather than resting on the seat. It seems to still be sturdy enough but it does make me a bit more careful. It is great for a smaller toilet seat and seems comfy but we've yet to really test it regularly.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 18 May 2012
    Great Item small and compact enough to fit in your change back with a wipe clean surface! Great value
  • review score 0 J MURPHY on 14 May 2012
    A great product that is really convenient to carry around and makes life out and about with a toilet trainer toddler so much easier! JoJo delivered this product really promptly. Overall, very pleased.
  • review score 0 rachel on 23 November 2011
    brilliant initial trainer product. Once mastered the art of the toilet with a child insert seat at home we used this as aportable option when out and about for public loos. It folds small and neat, is easier to wipe clean than some other more fiddly / fussy designs on the market and means little one does not feal the need to put hands on / under/ around the loo seat so much more hygenic. Had the potty travel potty for out and about. It aslo converts to a seat insert but preferred this one for comfort and cleaning so used the other for car journeys etc. Loved both products.
  • review score 0 Jo on 17 October 2011
    This was a wasted purchase for me. This did not fit my average sized toilets x 2 - and both are different modern models. The seat kept slipping all over the place and the frotn part, as it does not fit, collapses down into the loo - I am certain it is made too big. Also, the centre of it is far too small a hole and we've had some messy results the first few weeks we persevered with this. I do not use it as a portable loo seat which I think would be unhygienic, instead, i still use the Potette travel potty and liners which has proved a far better and more versatile purchase for us. Someone else might well disagree though!
  • review score 0 amanda thompson on 05 October 2011
    brought this for my son for when we go out and it is brilliant. He doesn't need me to hold him anymore as he was scared he was going to fall down the toilet. No more aching back
  • review score 0 Pauline Meikle on 31 July 2011
    WOW! Already this little travelling toilet seat has made a huge difference to us when out and about. Our 3 year old refuses to use a regular toilet when out. ?if thinks will fall through. Anyways whilst on holiday this year had to carry about big peppa pig trainer toilet seat (ideal for the house) . The cushie traveller toilet seat is much more convient. Whilst its compact needed to
  • review score 0 Lorna Hayden on 27 June 2011
    This product is fantastic!!! My back is eternally grateful for no-longer having to hold my little girl over a toilet every time were out. Also invaluable for avoiding tantrums if your toddler likes to go in private. Very compact, light, secure and comfortable for little bottems. I really cannot recommend enough!!!
  • review score 0 Danusia Wysocki on 07 October 2010
    I cannot rate this trainer seat highly enough! It is soft, comfortable and secure. The seat folds up easily and is compact enough to fit in my handbag. I only wish this product was on the market when my first child was smaller. 5*****!!
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Cushie Traveller Toilet Trainer Seat

review score
B3583 0.00

Squishy yet firm, comfy and practical.

Thickly padded to prevent pinched bottoms, this trainer seat is compact enough to carry, yet provides the comfort and familiarity of the seat that your toddler uses at home.
  • Easy to clean with a wet wipe
  • Includes a washable carry bag

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