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Diono Easy View Back Seat Mirror

review score 4.333
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  • review score 5 Customer Service Team on 09 May 2016
    Hi Kate, thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear of your disappointment. Either myself or one of the other Customer Service Team will be in touch with you directly. Best Wishes, Jo Pembridge, CS Team.
  • review score 1 Kate Shove on 06 May 2016
    Image is too small to be of any use. A waste of money
  • review score 3 Stacie on 03 May 2016
    Wouldn't stay in place properly , kept moving down the headrest
  • review score 5 Lisa Dew on 09 March 2016
    This large, 360 rotation mirror is perfect for checking on my baby boy whilst out in the car.
  • review score 5 Sinead on 26 February 2016
    This mirror is great- it's sufficiently large to give a clear view. The strap across the headrest is secure. Does exactly what we want.
  • review score 5 Mrs Reynolds on 14 January 2016
    Easy to fix to rear headrest. Great that I can see my baby clearly; very reassuring. Brilliant purchase!
  • review score 5 Stephanie on 01 December 2015
    I was looking for a baby mirror so I could see my 11 week old baby girl. I already have a 2 year old so wanted a mirror to view my youngest whose car seat is behind the drivers seat. The mirror was put to the test recently for a 2 hour drive. I could clearly see my daughter, a full view of her so I would definitely recommend this product for peace of mind and ease of use - you simply wrap it around the middle headrest, adjust and fasten. Mirror is definitely worth it.
  • review score 4 Jenny on 01 September 2015
    Easy to fit and stays put. Good view of the baby due to the large area of the mirror.
  • review score 5 Rob on 12 May 2015
    Easy to fit and adjust - perfect, highly recommend.
  • review score 5 Patricia on 28 November 2014
    This is a brilliant idea, a friend of mine recommended it, as it gave her peace of mind, to be able to see her baby on fairly long journeys.
  • review score 5 Michelle on 28 August 2014
    We bought this mirror for our first baby and she's now 3 1/2 years old in an extended rear facing seat. The mirror has been brilliant from newborn - so you can see when they're sleeping etc - all the way through to now. My daughter loves to be able to see us and see what's in front of the car despite being rear facing. We can also see her from head to lap so know if she's getting into mischief back there! A brilliant mirror, so much so we're buying another for our second baby.
  • review score 4 Kirsty on 02 July 2014
    A little bit unstable and tricky to attach well but gives a good view of baby once in place.

  • review score 5 Gemma on 06 June 2014
    Really great product! Easy to fit, doesn't rattle and nice clear view of the little one. Highly recommend :-)
  • review score 5 Lynsey on 27 May 2014
    This mirror was easy to install and very reassuring to see what my little one is up to when I'm driving! Not very stable on head rest, but certainly does the job!
  • review score 5 SFL on 23 May 2014
    Love this- bought 2 so could see twins in the back. Found them easy to fit & position, and find driving so much better now can see what they're doing.
  • review score 2 Livia on 22 May 2014
    The mirror is very easy to install but not very easy to manouvre, plus it's not very stable once installed. We would not recommend this product.
  • review score 4 Claire Kennedy on 09 May 2014
    A nice big mirror. Easy to attach.
  • review score 5 Laura on 29 April 2014
    Fantastic item - very good quality in comparison to others on the market. Doubles up as entertainment for baby too, being able to see himself!
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 14 April 2014
    Found this a bit difficult to position properly but think that's more my problem than the product's! Once it was in the right place to give me a clear view of my baby it was great, gives a really good view and means I'm not twisting round while driving to check on him.
  • review score 0 Gavin Walker on 12 February 2014
    Exactly what I was looking for, delivery was very quick! Would definitely buy from jojo again.
  • review score 0 Rachel on 05 December 2013
    Good big mirror so easy to see baby.
    I previously had a mirror which suctioned onto the back windscreen but kept falling off with the temperature changes.
    This mirror is much better - attaches easily to the headrest. Its pretty large mirror but makes it easy to see baby.
  • review score 0 Rachel on 15 November 2013
    Overall good- easy to install, big mirror but baby does look miles away!
  • review score 0 Justyna on 20 July 2013
    Brilliant mirror! Big enough to see your little one. Easy to attach and adjust in any car and for any driver. I highly recommend it.
  • review score 0 Di on 24 April 2013
    This is our second one of these - now we have one in each car and don't have to swop it around. It's really good and nice big adjustable mirror
  • review score 0 Emma on 23 April 2013
    Very easy to use and gives a good view of baby in rear-facing seat.
  • review score 0 R davies on 14 December 2012
    Easy to use and easy to see baby in the mirror. Really handy.
  • review score 0 sammie on 04 December 2012
    fantastic! would not be without it i can see my little girl and keep an eye on her to make sure she is safe! fast delivery too.
  • review score 0 Guia on 28 November 2012
    Really usefull and big enough so that you can clearly look at your little one
  • review score 0 mel philipps on 29 October 2012
    This mirror is really good. I bought it so that I can keep an eye on my baby when driving alone, its easy to use and a good size but does not distract from driving. It's very useful to see when your baby has gone to sleep!.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 08 October 2012
    This is definitely better than the smaller oblong mirrors on the market, but it takes a bit of positioning to get a clear reflection. Sometimes clear head view obscured by the handle on maxi cosi car seat. The straps can fall down and move (or I knock the mirror out of position when I am putting things on rear seat). I also have to stretch up a bit to see the reflection in my mirror but that may be because I have not got it yet in the best position.
  • review score 0 Carmen on 15 September 2012
    Great product! Easy to fit, big mirror which enables you to see baby clearly. Much better than a small mirror I previously used which was attached with suction pads and kept falling off!
  • review score 0 Mrs F on 28 August 2012
    Good product, easy to fit and rotate to correct angle. Wonderfully reassuring to be able to see our baby from the front seat, as she is a fussy traveller and hates going in her car seat - with this mirror we can check how she is without stopping the car!
  • review score 0 Rowen burns on 27 August 2012
    Bought this before a long car journey on holiday to ireland. Really simple and works perfectly well. Very happy with the product.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 23 August 2012
    Not the best product - very difficult to get in a position to see your baby
  • review score 0 Mrs K on 21 August 2012
    Lovely big mirror, easy to fit.
  • review score 0 Alison on 24 July 2012
    Yet another excellent product from JoJo. I was worried which would be more of a distraction when I was driving, not being able to see my boy or seeing him, but being able to glance at him gives me piece of mind when I'm driving.
  • review score 0 Jenny on 19 July 2012
    Love this mirror! I can see what my little man is up to in the back. The mirror is a high quality large mirror which means you can glance in your mirror to see what your baby is up to.
  • review score 0 Rachel Turley on 03 July 2012
    Excellent, second mirror purchased & this one actually works
  • review score 0 Nicola Butler on 02 July 2012
    Just what i was looking for. Really easy to fit, large size and curved mirror shape gives me a really good view of my baby. Very reassuring! Would recommend!
  • review score 0 naim roseby on 02 July 2012
    This works brilliantly now I can drive and know what my little boy is up to.
  • review score 0 Alessia on 17 June 2012
    Great product, it's reassuring to be able to see my baby whilst driving!
  • review score 0 Sam Page on 12 June 2012
    Great mirror, easy to attach and large enough for perfect view of baby. Everyone should have one!
  • review score 0 m-bluestar on 08 May 2012
    Good viewing area.
  • review score 0 L Franks on 04 May 2012
    Great product. Allows you to clearly see the baby. I would not be without it!
  • review score 0 Mrs Potter on 26 October 2011
    Fantastic mirror cannot fault it. Nice and big. Much better than the small rectangular one which we had for our first child.
  • review score 0 Foodiesue on 07 April 2011
    An essential buy! I travel a lot with my baby in my car and find this really useful during daylight to be able to see how she is (before I had it, I used to find myself stopping regularly at service stations on the motorway just to see if she was ok). I wish there was some way that it could be illuminated so that I could also see her when I'm driving at night!
  • review score 0 Alice Rutherford on 04 February 2011
    Excellent product - couldn't be without it. I have it on the middle seat headrest so not above baby and I can see him all the time. Now he is older he now can see me in it too when I am driving. Well worth getting.
  • review score 0 Suzy Gallon on 05 August 2010
    worth a few quid more, this is a great mirror with really good view. the rectangular ones that stick on the rear window have only a tiny view of baby so you can't tell if she's asleep. this is great and she can see me and giggle at me.
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Diono Easy View Back Seat Mirror

review score 4.333
A4463 15.00

Keep an eye on your little one, while still keeping your eyes on the road.

  • For rear-facing car seats
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Attaches to the back seat head rest
  • Straps for adjusting height and position

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