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Pabobo Dream Theatre

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  • review score 5 Lynda on 10 October 2014
    I received this Dream Theater as a gift and it was perfect because my baby girl began to have some matters to fell asleep 3 months ago (she was 7 months). I try to soothe her with this nightlight and it works. I prefer the lullaby than the nature sounds but she really loves the lights. it's helpful and I don't have any matters with the product. I recommend it to every parent who are facing sleep matters with their baby.
  • review score 1 Haley on 30 June 2014
    My baby boy adores this nightlight and I have to say we do too! Unfortunately we are now on our 2nd one within 9 weeks. I had to return the original due to the mechanism grinding/ sticking. We were swiftly sent a replacement that we have had now 3 weeks and I have gone to switch it on tonight for my baby and it is not rotating. I will be contacting customer service in the morning which I find very helpful. A real shame as it could be a wonderful product if it didn't let you down
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Pabobo Dream Theatre

review score 3
D3120 0.00

Create a beautiful sleep environment for your little one with the Dream Theatre

The Dream Theatre is a soothing night light that projects dreamy animal and nature shapes on the walls and ceilings while playing a soothing lullaby or nature sounds. Can be used as a night light without sounds.
  • 15 minute timer for sound
  • 45 minute timer for light
  • Can be set to activate if your child cries
  • LED means it is cool to the touch, and children have no access to the bulb
  • Plugs in with easy-to-use switch

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