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Extra Large Leaf Print Muslin

B1432 £10.00 Reviews (2)

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  • REVIEWS (2)
  • Dawn on Thursday, April 03, 2014
    I am very pleased with the quality of this muslin and the size , I use it to cover my child in the car seat if it's sunny.
  • Hannah on Wednesday, November 06, 2013
    Fabulous product, great as a normal muslin for wiping up spills and wiping milky dribbles but works wonders as a cover for breastfeeding in public. Large enough to drape over both shoulders and covers baby and arms completely, gives privacy and love the bright design. Folds/rolls up small enough to fit into a handbag.
Product Info

Extra Large Leaf Print Muslin

B1432 £10.00

An extra large and incredibly versatile muslin square

Soft and gentle on a baby's skin but durable enough for everyday use. Extra-large muslins are perfect as a nursing or pram cover, a burp cloth and countless other uses. Features an elasticated band for easy storage.
  • 120 x 120cm
  • 100% Cotton

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