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Fleece Lined Baby Booties

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  • review score 5 Jemma on 04 April 2016
    Great product, perfect for crawlers when they are playing outside!!
  • review score 5 cat on 04 April 2016
    Fantastic little booties. Perfect for keeping baby's feet warm especially when worn in a sling or baby carrier.
  • review score 5 Karen Slattery on 23 March 2016
    These booties are great quality with a warm fleece lining and waterproof shell. They tighten to allow them to be worn even on tiny feet. Just perfect for babies in the sling in wet or cold weather.
  • review score 5 Anna on 15 March 2016
    These are a good product but I found the sizing to be huge on my baby who is not that small!
  • review score 5 NN on 07 March 2016
    These were just what we needed to keep baby's feet warm and dry when in the sling. Easy to get on and no danger of them falling off. We got the 6-12 size for our 3 month old for ease of putting them on and so that they'll last a bit longer!
  • review score 5 Yvonne on 04 March 2016
    Nice and snuggly. Keeps my newborn baby's feet warm when carrying her in a sling!
  • review score 5 Rachel on 08 February 2016
    Great for keeping my babies feet warm and dry when I'm baby wearing. Easy to put on and they also stay on really well.
  • review score 5 Stephanie on 03 February 2016
    Great boots. They are quite forgiving with size too which is great. They won't restrict growth for small babies either... They are more like slippers than shoes. Lovely and soft!
  • review score 5 Laura on 29 January 2016
    Great product. I've not found anything as good for the non-walker
  • review score 5 Jan White on 25 January 2016
    Ordered these boots as my little one is at the age that pram suits/ snow suits no longer have feet attached and as my little one has only just started wearing shoes, was worried he would kick them off and his feet would get cold in the recent cold weather. Ordered these boots, were delivered the next day and his feet stayed toasty warm throughout the cold snap. Would happily recommend these boots to anyone.
  • review score 5 Hannah on 31 December 2015
    We bought these boots as we often go walking with our daughter in a baby carrier. Now that it is cooler I needed to keep her feet warm. She's not walking so she doesn't have shoes and some "fashion" bootees we had kept falling off.
    These bootees are fantastic - fleece on the inside and waterproof outside. They have Velcro straps so you can tighten them around the baby's ankle to keep them on. And when you're not using them they clip together. Overall I'm very happy with these and highly recommend.
    NB: Our daughter is 10 months but has small feet. I bought the 12-18 month booties so we could get lots of wear out of them. They are big on her but not too big that they don't stay on.
  • review score 5 Kelly on 30 December 2015
    I bought these for my son as his calves and feet are too chunky for any other kind of footwear. I wanted to use them mainly for when he's in a baby carrier. I think they are great. Very toasty, comfortable, easy to put on, nicely adjustable to different foot and leg dimensions(!)...overall very pleased with the purchase and would recommend.
  • review score 5 Dorota kowalewska on 29 December 2015
    thx for good quality products for kids, lots products i can find just in ur shop and there are always very fast delivery and free,
  • review score 5 Viktoriya on 28 December 2015
    Lovely product! Bright floral print is nice and not too girly. Bought as a present and my friend's baby girl loves them!
  • review score 5 Susan on 28 December 2015
    These are snuggly little boots and stay on well. Good buy.
  • review score 5 Evie on 21 December 2015
    The booties are very soft inside, it keeps my baby cosy and warm during the cold weather. Im pleased and would recommend this product highly.
  • review score 5 Renee Shaw on 17 December 2015
    These are great little shoes for your baby boy or girl to wear when it's cold outside. We bought these for our 9 month boy to wear while in his Stokke carrier and the fleece lining is keeping his little feet toasty and warm perfectly while the water proof outside keeps his feet dry.
  • review score 5 allison walters on 15 December 2015
    Oh my these are brilliant! My twin boys tootsies are toasty warm now. They stay on really well too...tried and tested in slings and back carries on windy Cornwall beaches and also in a chilly pram. What a find! Love them.
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 11 December 2015
    Perfect for keeping you non walkers feet cosy, brilliant for baby wearing & also for wearing in the pushchair. Stay on really well as they can be pulled up high & then secured with velcro - not to mention they look adorable!
  • review score 5 Russell Paige on 09 December 2015
    Excellent little boots. Easy to get on and keep on!
  • review score 5 Tamsin on 08 December 2015
    These booties are really good for keeping toes warm when it's cold out, particularly when baby is in a sling and you don't want them kicking you with hard shoes! Nice and easy to get onto wriggly feet too.
  • review score 5 Sarah Fisher on 08 December 2015
    Great warm booties which actually stay on! I bought these to keep my son's feet warm when I am wearing him in a sling. Recommend.
  • review score 5 Vicky on 05 December 2015
    These are a lovely fit and stay firmly on my little girls feet. They also keep her feet cosy and warm.
  • review score 3 k adams on 20 November 2015
    Ordered for my 9 month old, who is small but the 0 to 6 were still way too big for her so i returned them. I liked the fleece lining but overall the boots weren't as nice as I was expecting. The pink isn't as bright as in the picture.
  • review score 5 Miriam Owen on 17 November 2015
    Great little booties to keep little toes warm. Particularly impressed at how well they stay on.
  • review score 5 Alison Wood on 14 November 2015
    These pram booties are fantastic- easy to put on and with the 2 Velcro fastenings, they stay on! They're cosy warm and my son loves touching the textured 'splish splash' logo. The clip helps keep them together and also useful to hang them on our carrier. Very pleased.
  • review score 5 Lucy Spacey on 11 November 2015
    Just what I had been looking for to allow my little girl to crawl around on the grass in wetter weather. Warm and comfortable, and the velcro really keeps them in place.
  • review score 4 Rebecca on 09 November 2015
    Not quite as toasty as I had hoped but they are the only boots I have found that stay put - no risk of them falling off when using the sling or carrier.
  • review score 5 Elena McAndie on 09 November 2015
    The most wriggle proof boots I've found so far! They're lovely and soft as well. Generously sized.
  • review score 5 Chloe Townes on 07 November 2015
    Great booties. I brought them for my daughter to crawl around at the park and practice her walking without getting wet feet before we brought her first shoes.
    They also stayed on!
  • review score 4 Unknown on 01 November 2015
    These are great, got the boat design and they're gorgeous. I would say they are true to size rather than large as others have said but perhaps my boy has big feet! Only problem is that with normal trousers on there is often a gap between the top of the boots and bottom of his trousers in the sling. Can be solved with tights or leg warmers but would be good if the boots were slightly taller.
  • review score 3 S Howarth on 22 October 2015
    These are very cosy,but I do find them difficult to put on properly. I also think it's sad they aren't made to go with the fleec all in ones.
    However, they will keep my baby's feet warm. My baby is not quite 8 months and he wears the 12-18 month ones. He's about size 22 or so.
  • review score 5 Stacey Lindsay on 20 October 2015
    Excellent product! Keeps my little ones feet cosy.
  • review score 5 Christine Ham on 16 October 2015
    very useful little boots as the straps keep them on
  • review score 5 ATJ on 23 September 2015
    Perfect for a baby who is crawl
  • review score 5 Polly on 22 September 2015
    These were a great purchase! As well as been very snazzy they keep my daughters feet very cosy, she always has cold feet and since getting these booties they have been very toastie when we are playing outside. They were delivered promptly also.
  • review score 5 Polly Crowther on 22 September 2015
    We are in love with this all in one waterproof, and it has already come in very handy unfortunately! My daughter is 10moths and she loves it as she can play outside in all weather and be kept warm and dry. Also it was delivered promptly.
  • review score 5 Lucy on 21 September 2015
    Great booties- smart, waterproof and cosy for little toes, I definitely recommend them.
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 15 September 2015
    These are fantastic. They keep our baby's feet warm in the carrier. Had some last year and bought a bigger pair for this winter. Easy to get on and they don't fall off. Great!
  • review score 5 Angela Back on 28 August 2015
    Kept his little feet perfectly dry and snug when we had a months rain in about 2 hours! Just wish they done adult sized ones too!
  • review score 5 Chloe House on 27 August 2015
    Great booties! My 11 month old daughter managed to keep them on for quite some time, along with her JoJo all-in-one, whilst she crawled around in the rain during our recent camping trip. You have exceeded expectations once again JoJo!!
  • review score 5 Emma on 22 April 2015
    Great booties to keep little feet warm and dry when crawling round the park. Love the fact they clip together when not in use so I don't waste time looking for an odd one!
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 15 February 2015
    These boots are fantastic! My baby wears them nearly every day when she's in the wrap and they keep her feet and ankles lovely and warm. They're easy to get on and off and the clip keeps them together when they're not being used. I'll be getting the next size up when these are too small. Great, thanks!
  • review score 5 G Livesey on 03 February 2015
    The only outdoors booties that I have found that actually stay on! Brilliant product
  • review score 5 Davina payne on 01 January 2015
    Lovely booties, easy to put on and super snug and warm. True to size
  • review score 5 Heather Blackwell on 22 December 2014
    I sent these to my daughter, for grandson who suffered from cold toes whilst in his sling on frosty mornings - and she was delighted. The booties are very well made, lovely and cosy and remain securely in position. An excellent buy!
  • review score 5 Charlotte on 21 December 2014
    Great idea for baby wearing in all weathers! Keeps feet warmer and drier and they stay put much better than socks. Being padded they offer more protection as well. As others have said they seem to come up large.
  • review score 5 Anne on 19 December 2014
    Am looking forward to see my Grandson wearing his new fleece-lined booties. They look very cosy and he will be cosy and dry throughout the winter. I have bought a number of items from Jojomamanbebe and have never been disappointed with the items or the service.
  • review score 5 Lucia Smith on 17 December 2014
    Overall I'm reasonably pleased with them. They're cosy and soft and they did stay on her feet a lot longer than most shoes and socks so that's something. They are huge though! I think she'll be in them until she's 18 months and we got the smallest size!
  • review score 5 terri Foxworthy on 16 December 2014
    These are very generous in size and very well made. They have kept my child's feet warm and cosy in his pram
  • review score 5 Sarah on 12 December 2014
    I love these boots, they are really soft inside and keep my baby's feet really warm. My daughter is 1 now but has really small feet, I found that the 6/12 were massive on her, should have bought a smaller size, hopefully they will fit next winter :)
  • review score 5 Sarah on 10 December 2014
    Fabulous cosy booties that fasten well for a snug for so that they don't easily slip off. Very happy with purchase.
  • review score 1 KJ on 06 December 2014
    These looked good for outdoors, but on delivery they are obviously not remotely waterproof. An outdoor winter shoe that is going to let water in is about as much use as a chocolate teapot so these are going back.
  • review score 5 Georgina on 05 December 2014
    these are wonderful booties for non-walkers. I have tried so many different types for my little one who loves to pull them off. Easy to slip on and the velcro tabs mean they are hard for her to pull off. mwah ha ha!!! these have never been pulled off, plus they have a good layer of padding and fleece lining to keep the feet and lower legs warm. Well worth spending the little bit extra for quality product.
  • review score 5 Dani on 26 November 2014
    Lovely booties, just what I was looking for. Very cosy and excellent quality. They have two velcro fastenings which helps them to stay on well and stop my 12 month old from pulling them off :-) They are quite roomy so should definitely last for the winter.
  • review score 5 Katherine on 22 November 2014
    Lovely and warm and look very pretty. Can't be pulled off straight away which is a bonus!
  • review score 3 Lyn Fairweather on 21 November 2014
    I bought 12-18 months and they are huge in comparison to other 12-18 month bootie/slippers I have from JoJo. They measure 15cm which according to the size chart is 18-24 months. I really like them as a product, but am going to have to return them and hope the smaller size is as out of proportion and they fit my 1 year old
  • review score 5 Alison on 19 November 2014
    Excellent boot, keeps little feet warm. Stays on even on the tiniest of feet. Great craftsmen's ship. Highly recommend, will be purchasing next size up when required
  • review score 5 Paula conway on 17 November 2014
    My 8 month old loves wearing them for mucking about in little puddles.
    The fastening on them is very good and they manage to actually stay on his little feet.
  • review score 5 Chelsea on 02 November 2014
    I purchased these as my little boy is not yet walking but is at an outdoor nursery and needed something to keep his feet warm, these booties are excelent, he has not yet figured out how to get them off (unlike regular shoes) and they keep his feet lovely and toastie for those wet and windy days (he wears them under full waterproofs) i had them delivered and they arrived much quicker than expected, over all very happy with this purchase.
  • review score 5 Tristan on 28 October 2014
    Young Edmund does not care for foot ware, despite a variety of attempts over the past few months. He seems to believe that, at ten months of age, that the bare foot may rightfully prevail. With the cooling weather, these booties have been a godsend - easy to apply, and stay applied, regardless of the rigours of Edmund's sporting pursuits.
  • review score 2 Lisa Cooke on 27 October 2014
    These are massive! The 12-18 math size are huge on my 18 mth old twin girls. They are average size for their age.
    Annoyed I will have to pay the postage to return these for the smaller size.
  • review score 5 Kate Cranston on 16 October 2014
    These booties are brilliant. For feet not ready for shoes they keep baby's toes snug and warm in cold weather. They stay on thanks to the ankle strap and can keep draughts out with the Velcro wrap around the top. Very pleased :)
  • review score 5 Lisa on 16 October 2014
    These are brilliant! Easy to put on and don't come off when baby is kicking and rolling around - very highly recommended.
  • review score 5 Rhona on 26 September 2014
    Very cosy, well made and value for money
  • review score 5 Jess on 13 September 2014
    Love love love! Warm, waterproof and they stay on. Plus they are generous enough to last more than a month or so with my rapidly growing 7 mth old!
  • review score 5 Jenny on 10 September 2014
    Lovely warm booties, easy to put on and they stay on!
  • review score 5 Karen on 30 August 2014
    Lovely booties- paired up with dungarees elasticated trouser legs, they stay on well and keep feet warm and dry.
  • review score 0 Em on 14 January 2014
    Lovely and warm but sizing seems to come up quite big. Goes perfectly with the fleece lined waterproof suits too.
  • review score 0 Lisa on 26 December 2013
    Absolutely brilliant! 10 out of 10! Easy to put on, stay on all day and kept baby's feet warm and dry even when crawling in the snow in Switzerland! wash well and still in perfect condition for baby number 2!
  • review score 0 Sheryl on 20 December 2013
    These look super cosy and we are hoping to use them to keep our little ones feet warm when she goes in the backpack as she is too young for boots.
  • review score 0 Julie on 07 December 2013
    Great booties, ideal for the Scottish weather. My daughter also can't pull them off due to the double Velcro straps! Great product, will be buying them in the next size up too for next year
  • review score 0 jules on 06 December 2013
    Fit well and stayed on although only worn around the house as yet.
  • review score 0 v mears on 03 December 2013
    These boots stay on no matter how much my little one kicks away! Lovely and warm. I bought size 6-12 m for my 5m old (big feet!) and glad I did as there is growing room. Good quality item.
  • review score 0 Helen Terrington on 25 November 2013
    Lovely. Actually stay on thanks to the velcro and are warm.
  • review score 0 Louise on 25 November 2013
    Overall a waste of money. They don't stay on both my sons feet no matter how tight I fasten them :( disappointed.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wilton on 19 November 2013
    Lovely cushioned boots, stay on well (even on small feet) with the elasticated section above the ankle and velcro strap and top tab these will ensure the boots grow with your little one.
  • review score 0 R Emery on 15 November 2013
    These booties are great - keep the feet warm and dry and are lovely and soft.
  • review score 0 Llian Spinks on 14 November 2013
    Great product just what i was looking for to keep my baby's feet warm and dry. The only problem with them is the bottom Velcro fastening does have a tenancy to come undone.
  • review score 0 deborah hyslop on 11 November 2013
    I love these little booties, the fleece lining keeps my little girls feet lovely and warm and the choice of colours is great. The fact you can fasten them up also is a big bonus as my daughter likes to pull anything off thats on her feet at the moment. Thankyou for a great, good quality item at a really good price that doesnt break the bank like some places do, thanks Jojo x
  • review score 0 cassy marshall on 10 November 2013
    i love these boots there great there to big for my 4 month old but he has tiny feet but it does not matter cus of the velcro he can still have nice warm wet free feet when hes in his wrap there brill
  • review score 0 Lucy Wallis on 06 November 2013
    Brilliant. At first I was a little dubious of whether they would be a faff to get on or not, but they open out quite far and secure on with the extra strap. Really good for a rainy day in the carrier!
  • review score 0 RVF on 06 November 2013
    These are great booties. They stay on really well and keep my son's feet warm and dry. They also look brilliant too!

  • review score 0 RhianA on 05 November 2013
    These are lovely. He's always got lovely, snugly warm feet after he's been wearing them. I also get lots of 'cute' comments.
  • review score 0 Karen Coughlan on 29 October 2013
    Very warm cosy booties. Perfect for cold wet days for children who are not yet walking. Would recommend
  • review score 0 Gillian Morris on 28 October 2013
    Perfect for Wearing in a sling

  • review score 0 JEP on 14 October 2013
    I have sent these back as I didn't feel they would be used enough. I've bought the wellie socks instead as at least when my daughter is walking independently they can still be used
  • review score 0 Nicola on 14 October 2013
    These are great for keeping cosy for outdoor crawling/in the buggy or backpack. The 12-18 month ones seem quite roomy - pretty big on my tall 13 month old. A great invention
  • review score 0 Abi B on 10 September 2013
    These booties are fab and exactly what we needed. They stay on my wriggly baby, keep her feet warm and dry but also look great. I can't recommend these enough for anyone who spends a lot of time outside with their baby.
  • review score 0 Alex Hutchison on 04 September 2013
    Bought these wee shoes for our 1 yr old daughter for our "summer" holiday on the west coast of Scotland. They are fab. Great for popping on her while she's in the back pack to keep her cosy. And she enjoyed practising her walking in them when we were on the beach. Waterproof, warm and they actually stay on her feet!
Product Info

Fleece Lined Baby Booties

review score 4.786
B8750 14.00 GBP

Cosy fleece lining ensures little feet are kept warm and toasty.

  • Showerproof
  • Fleece lined
  • Elasticated cuff for easy dressing
  • Velcro fastening
  • Textured sole
  • Ideal for use in buggies and slings
  • Clips for clipping together when not in use
  • Outer: 100% Polyester with PU coating
  • Lining: 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees

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