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Fox Slipper Socks

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  • review score 5 Hannah Haigh on 04 July 2016
    These are so cute. My 19 month old has relatively small feet and the 1-2 years size fits well enough with room to grow. Really good quality, nice and thick with the suede sole for grip. Perfect for nursery (I'm sick of washing filthy socks) and I'll probably get another pair for home.
  • review score 5 Emma on 30 May 2016
    I get a lot of comments about these- great for first time walking baby's
  • review score 5 Dena on 12 May 2016
    Quick dispatch, good quality received just on time. My son loves it.
  • review score 3 sjc on 05 May 2016
    I love these. Had them in 6-12m and just purchased the next size up. They stay on too! Absolutely shocking delivery time though - 11 days! (London).
  • review score 3 sjc on 05 May 2016
    I love these. Had them in 6-12m and just purchased the next size up. They stay on too! Absolutely shocking delivery time though - 11 days! (London).
  • review score 5 Nicola Magdalinis on 21 March 2016
    Love these so much! They're practical because they don't fall off, have wipeable soles and are super cosy. It's just a bonus that they look fab as well. My little boy is equally as impressed as he shows them off constantly!
  • review score 5 Nicola on 10 March 2016
    Fantastic cosy slippers/ pram shoes. Super cute and stay on my 7 month olds feet well. Perfect for keeping feet warm and protected pre shoes.
  • review score 5 irene curran on 09 February 2016
    Love these, they're war
  • review score 5 Norelene on 24 January 2016
    Lovely design. Excellent quality.
  • review score 5 Clare on 18 January 2016
    These are fantastic! My little girl is an expert at getting her socks off and her feet get cold! These stay on and she loves to stare at her feet! They've also helped her learn to crawl as they give her the grip she needs!
  • review score 5 liz on 30 December 2015
    Great product, fits well and stays on even when crawling giving good protection
  • review score 5 Hatty on 29 December 2015
    Fantastic slippers! My 14 month old adores them, and we got the leggings to match. Really comfy and good quality fabric. I got age 1-2, and although they're big now, you can just pull them on a bit further so the toe reaches the end and then she's more than comfortable toddling about in them. So I can see them lasting a while. Would definitely recommend! I got the dinosaur set for my 3 year old and he refuses to take them off!
  • review score 5 Jackie on 22 December 2015
    Great item. Really good quality and super cute.
  • review score 5 Sarah Martin on 22 December 2015
    Love these!! Always such good quality from JoJo.
  • review score 5 JV on 22 December 2015
    Stocking present for my grandson, look very sweet and fast delivery.
  • review score 5 Caroline on 13 December 2015
    These are lovely cosy little slippers which are great in the house, but really handy for my one year old to wear when out and about. He's just started walking and these are a great in-between shoe to keep toes toasty in the car and buggy.
  • review score 5 Hannah Jones on 08 December 2015
    Great little slippers that stay on! perfect for pre walkers and walkers, easy to wash and dry.
  • review score 5 Unknown on 02 December 2015
    My grandson loves these. Good quality
    Would recommend
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 25 November 2015
    Very good product. They fit really well and my 21month son loves wearing them :) he wouldn't wear normal slippers.
  • review score 5 Miriam Owen on 17 November 2015
    Perfect for little babies who arent ready for shoes yet but need something more than socks to keep their toes warm!
  • review score 5 Marina on 15 November 2015
    Absolutely love these slipper socks - stay on the feet, good fit (1-2 years for 21 month old), my boy loves them too!
  • review score 5 Janine on 10 November 2015
    Absolutely love these slipper socks, so easy to put on and they stay on, look fabulous, lovely choice of designs and cosy and practical for my little boy who is learning to crawl. I will be buying them in bigger sizes once outgrown!
  • review score 5 Alison on 10 November 2015
    Stay on really well and my 15 month old is able to walk easily in them. Good on wood floors too.
  • review score 5 Laura Edwards on 09 November 2015
    Love these slippers, gorgeous fox design and stay on my little ones feet :)
  • review score 5 Andrea Morgan on 31 October 2015
    I bought these booties before going abroad for two weeks and I am so glad I did! These are amazing as they always stay on my 7 months old son's feet while other footwear seem to come off old time time! The booties are not only super cute but warm too and most importantly stay on!
    Highly recommend this product.
  • review score 5 Kirsty on 26 October 2015
    Lovely little slipper socks! Fit true to size and keep my little lads not so little feet toasty warm. It's true, they could be more slip resistant with the addition of 'grippers' on the soles of the slippers but they are still far less slippy than socks alone. My 16 month old has recently started running everywhere, especially around corners (as if I didn't have enough to contend with!) and these slipper socks have kept him on his feet. A good buy!
  • review score 5 Del Brown on 14 October 2015
    Bought these for my 1 year old little boy, they are really warm and comfortable and perfect for wearing around the house in Autumn and Winter as well as when he's out and about in his pushchair (plenty of wriggle room for his little toes)
  • review score 5 Nadine on 13 October 2015
    Lovely and cosy slipper socks.Good quality material.Fast delivery service.
  • review score 5 Marie on 09 October 2015
    Lovely and good quality slippers. Really love them.
  • review score 5 Amy on 06 October 2015
    These slipper socks are really lovely and soft and my son actually keeps them on his feet, unlike his slippers! Just one point for others to know the sizing is quite big. The 2-3 are quite long on my sons feet, but he is just 2, so he will grow into them and he doesn't struggle walking in them.
  • review score 5 Nisha on 29 September 2015
    Good quality and my toddler loves it!
  • review score 2 Louise on 22 September 2015
    Great, fun socks but they are ultimately socks, slippery socks, my little one slips on the floor when wearing them as they don't have any grip.
  • review score 5 Tracy Khoshbin on 24 August 2015
    My little boy loves these so much he doesn't want to take them off to get into bed.
  • review score 5 Sharon on 04 August 2015
    These look great, come up a little large but will,be perfect for running around indoors in winter and keeping tootsies warm in the sling.
  • review score 5 B Smith on 26 July 2015
    Having a little trouble deciding which foot is which. However, once my 3 year old grandson comes to wearing them I am sure we will sort it out. I think they are cute. They also feel very soft and warm. He much prefers slipper socks to slippers.
  • review score 5 Alex on 25 July 2015
    I just love these! They are perfect for protecting my little ones feet as he's starting to toddle about but without feeling too rigid in proper shoes.
  • review score 5 Zoe Hodge on 21 July 2015
    Wonderful design. Lovely warm socks with leather bottoms to stop slipping over. My children love them.
  • review score 5 Vicky kendall on 13 July 2015
    I love these slipper socks, also bought the money ones. I get so many compliments. They are comfy and easy to put on. Great on cold morning or chilly evenings.
  • review score 5 Susan on 30 June 2015
    i love these slipper socks! I have Frog, monkey and fox. They are complimented on all the time. They are a perfect compromise when you don't want to put your little ones feet in 'proper' shoes just let but want something more than socks. At 9 months, I don't want to try to get my sons little feet into harder shoes just yet (not sure he'd let me!) but these are so comfortable and easy to get on. For older children I imagine these would be great indoors. Just be careful with sizing though - my little man does have big feet but we are in 18-24. Might be worth going up a size if you're not sure. They don't have to be a very snug fit.
  • review score 4 Nicola on 17 June 2015
    lovely quality socks, slightly large sizing which is good for room to grow! my son loves them!
  • review score 3 Victoire Fildes on 19 May 2015
    lovely slippers. Slightly on the large side and disappointed that the cotton is already bubbling after just a few days of wear. Not a big issue though as it is a pair of slippers!
  • review score 5 Gemma Tucker on 14 May 2015
    They stay on!!! Great for a little girl or boy, my daughters love looking down and seeing 'Foxy'!
  • review score 1 Emma Khosrovani on 10 April 2015
    I bought these for my 12m twins, the monkey ones also. they don't stay up.. impossible to keep on.
  • review score 5 Janet M on 01 April 2015
    lovely socks, look great, machine wash
  • review score 3 Hannah M on 10 March 2015
    I love these - so cute and practical but after one wash they were all bobbled and looked like they had been worn 100 times. My baby does manage to kick them off too but they stay on longer than socks!
  • review score 5 Abigail Williams on 26 February 2015
    Perfect for keeping little toes warm and were a good fit on my little one who has quite narrow feet
  • review score 5 Rachel Edwards on 04 January 2015
    Love the fox slipper socks, very cute, warm and cosy. They fit my 2year old boy perfectly and unlike other slipper styles these ones don't keep falling off! Recommended for busy toddlers.
  • review score 5 Hannah Evans on 30 December 2014
    Lovely slipper socks, they keep my 14 month old sons feet nice and warm and also have a good grip too, and they do not come off which allot of slippers tend to do on little ones
  • review score 5 Michelle on 16 December 2014
    Lovely slippers. Excellent for keeping my toddlers feet warm in winter whilst not restricting his developing feet in shoes or ill-fitting slippers that twist and turn! They're also very cute.
  • review score 5 Laura on 13 December 2014
    These slipper socks are a hit with the kids and they're far more likely to stay on than normal socks...more resistant to little fingers!
  • review score 3 ACC on 13 December 2014
    Really lovely present and would highly recommend. On the down-side, the delivery took 1 month (!!!) and I had to chase it up a number of times.
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 13 December 2014
    Lovely item. My son doesn't like to wear slippers he takes them off all the time and these keep his feet warm and he doesn't slip.
  • review score 4 Helen Clark on 12 December 2014
    Smaller than expected do not sure how ling will last. Other than that great. Fab design and comfy warm fit.
  • review score 4 Jackie on 12 December 2014
    I thought these were lovely when they eventually turned up (a few weeks wait due to supplier problems). My son thinks they're too big though and so far won't wear them. Ah well. Maybe when his feet grow a bit he'll like them! We've had these type of slippers before and they're the only ones we've found that actually stay on.
  • review score 5 Alice on 12 December 2014
    Toasty and well made
  • review score 5 Julia Bennett on 12 December 2014
    Lovely warmer alternative to socks that actually stay on those little feet!
  • review score 5 SB on 12 December 2014
    Fantastic product. I highly recommend these slippers - particularly when your tot is starting to walk but you don't want them to wear shoes all the time. I bought the frog slipper socks immediately after I realised how good the first pair I'd bought were.
  • review score 4 Dara on 12 December 2014
    The fox slipper socks are a really cute and received many compliments. They are a great length which is useful during the winter as you can pull them up over the trouser legs. They do have a tendency to fall off, however this maybe due to the size, as I bought 12-18 and my little one is not quite 13 months yet. After a week of wear they do tend to get a few bobbles, which you can pull off.
  • review score 5 E on 12 December 2014
    So good i am planning to buy bigger sizes to make sure i have them for the next few years! The best features: they stay on and excellent grip.
  • review score 5 Maria Fernando on 10 October 2014
    Excellent quality and looks great!
  • review score 5 Michelle on 05 October 2014
    Great for little feet - or in our case, BIG feet! We found we needed the next size up for my little man. Warm, cosy and non-slip. Just right for learning to walk.
  • review score 5 Janick on 25 September 2014
    My daughter loves hers so much, she even demands to sleep in them at times. So I have bought some as a present.
  • review score 5 Carmel Stafford on 24 September 2014
    I bought these fox slipper socks for my 16 month old son. The sizing was perfect and they are very cosy. There are no worries of them coming off and they are very comfortable on him. The ox design is very cute and he loves them!
  • review score 5 Rooby Roo on 23 September 2014
    After wasting money on a pair of normal slippers that my 4 year old refused to wear, these 'Slocks' have become a favourite thing.

    They stay on, they're comfortable and they keep his feet warm.
  • review score 5 Sam Payne on 17 September 2014
    We were very happy to receive the lovely fox slippers. My 16 month old girl loves the design and they look of good quality and sturdy for running on our wooden floors. I bought a slightly larger size so she would grow into them over the winter, and for the time being will wear socks underneath. We always know that items from JoJo will be good quality and it is nice to have the choice of designs for girls that are not always pink cupcakes etc. I am sure we will get ultimate wear from them and last well into next spring. Thank you.
  • review score 5 Laura Arnold on 11 September 2014
    These are great - stay put and really cosy. Would recommend, especially for walking on cold tiled floors!
  • review score 5 Joanna Lilly on 24 August 2014
    Very pleased to see these in the over 2 size! Great value, best ones available
Product Info

Fox Slipper Socks

review score 4.704
D2458 10.00 GBP

Protect little feet around the house with these fun slipper socks.

  • Stretchy sock for comfort and fit
  • Anti-slip suede sole
  • Sock: 83% Cotton, 16% Polyamide, 1% Elastane
  • Sole: 100% Leather suede
  • Side 100% Artificial Leather
  • Wipe clean only

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