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Giraffe Buggy Organisation Hook

review score 5
D3444 £15.00 Reviews (1)

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  • review score 5 Susan on Saturday, April 25, 2015
    I love this! I was disappointed to see that Jojo are no longer stocking the car version (which was what I wanted it for), and bought this in case I could use it in the car, and it works fine (for a cheaper price). We attached it to the handle above the door. It would of course be great for a buggy as well. It's helpful to attach travel toys to keep little ones entertained, as well as things like a dummy (if you use one!) to stop them from being dropped or lost. The zipped compartment is also handy - it's not massive, there wouldn't be room for one of the larger drinking bottles or for a large banana, but would be enough to store a drinking/baby food pouch or small snack. My son loves pulling things and breaking them (!) but I don't think he will be able to pull this down or break it in any way, it seems strong. All in all a great product!
Product Info

Giraffe Buggy Organisation Hook

review score 5
D3444 £15.00

Stop constantly dropped toys when out and about with your baby.

Stylish giraffe organiser specially designed for use on a buggy. A sturdy clip to attach to prams and buggies keeping everything in reach and reducing frustration for little ones and to keep things hygienically off the ground. Clips to attach a soother, favourite toys, non-spill sippy cups and comforters. The zip up body section can be used to hide an emergency snack. Made from durable neoprene.
  • Length 25cm

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