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I Don't Know Why She Bothers Book

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  • review score 0 tony on Tuesday, July 30, 2013
    i could not put it down! such a breath of fresh air after all the bossy advice i have received over the past few years. well done daisy!
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I Don't Know Why She Bothers Book

review score
B1812 0.00

A laugh-out-loud, tongue in cheek view of motherhood by the talented pithy author and mother of three.

Daisy's views on parenting are not always conventional, politically correct or even advisable - but sometimes there are just too many haughty opinions on how to be a good parent out there and a little light relief is what's needed! This book is a 'must read' for seasoned mothers and fathers but may be a bit too much for the nervous new parent. Either way, you cannot fail to relate to Daisy's incredibly perceptive experience of pregnancy and motherhood and whether you disapprove or condone, you are bound to be amused.
  • A fantastic bit of light relief from serious parenting advice and a great read
  • Large format paperback
  • 240 pages

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