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Konfidence Dive Sticks

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  • review score 5 Elaine on 09 February 2015
    Very good
  • review score 5 diane meaens on 22 January 2015
    Very useful to help my grandsons xonfidence under water.
  • review score 5 AMANDA WAITE on 20 January 2015
    Very good and a bargain in the sale. My little boy began diving right down in the water after just one session with these sticks. Only downside is that they take ages to dry afterwards!!!
  • review score 5 mrs piggy on 17 January 2015
    Good value for money. both children love using them (3yrs and 5yrs)
  • review score 5 linda on 16 January 2015
    these colourful dive sticks are really good, my grandchildren are going to love them.
  • review score 5 Hailey on 13 May 2014
    Brought for my 7-9 year olds for use on holiday. They are excited to use them. Should be hours of fun!
  • review score 5 Jenny Hooper on 09 May 2014
    My daughter loved playing with these. Nice bright colours too
  • review score 0 Abbie on 11 March 2014
    Lovely colourful dive sticks, my boys never tire of using these. Good quality and look like they will last a long time.
  • review score 0 Kelly on 01 January 2014
    These dive sticks are great, my five year old had a fab time in the pool with these I would recommend them to others
  • review score 0 Elma on 24 April 2013
    These dive sticks are the perfect item for a trip to the pool. My 5 year old daughter loves them, they really encourage her to get to the bottom of the pool. They will defo be in the holiday bag.
  • review score 0 mandy on 19 November 2012
    REALLY GOOD - not as bulky in your bag as the competitors. neoprene bag is very handy. excellent buy
  • review score 0 Kim Pendleton on 04 November 2012
    My 3 and 4 year old love these, since we got them my older son has improved hi swimming skills, he love swimming to the bottom for them! Also, very glad they are soft, just in case a throw goes a bit off course!
  • review score 0 Caroline on 17 September 2012
    Ideal to take when practising for swimming lessons. Bright and easy for children to pick up. My son loves them!!!
  • review score 0 Catherine on 02 September 2012
    We bought these to take on holiday and my daughters aged 3 and 6 loved them. My 6 year old learnt to dive on holiday as a result. Very nice colours and easy to pack in handy bag.
  • review score 0 Emma L on 31 August 2012
    Even though my daughter is only 21 months old we've started using these in the shallower parts of our pool. She loves playing with them and most of all she loves throwing them in for me to retrieve!
  • review score 0 Ellie Smith on 21 August 2012
    An essential addition to any swimming pool trip. Good value, good quality and a simple but effective bag for storage.
  • review score 0 sandra on 17 August 2012
    great product. Took them on holiday where we had a pool. Good quality light to carry and lovely bag to keep them in
  • review score 0 jenny on 11 August 2012
    great product, great delivery service. My four year old loves them and they will last for ages - great value for money!
  • review score 0 Maxine on 09 August 2012
    Great product and great service. Received within days and daugher now enjoying in the pool. Great aid to get your children diving underwater.
  • review score 0 lisa on 04 August 2012
    My toddler loves these dive stick there colurful and make swimming more fun

  • review score 0 becki on 03 August 2012
    my 3 1/2 year old loves these. Just the right size for little hands to grab. bright colours, good quality and come in a handy little bag
  • review score 0 Carol on 02 August 2012
    Excellent dive sticks, really pleased with the purchase, a good price & great quality. Added bonus is it comes in a handy storage bag.
  • review score 0 Helen on 02 August 2012
    My boy loves these and really encourages him to go under the water. Handy storage bag, bright colours and four different weights (although in the baby pool they all go down to the bottom, just at different speeds!)
  • review score 0 Donna HUtchings on 01 August 2012
    I got these for my 3 year old to encourage going under water in the pool and he loves them, they are querky and fun, you kids will love them too
  • review score 0 Mary on 01 August 2012
    Really popular with my 7 and 4-yr old! Even the baby likes fishing them out of her paddling pool. Useful bag.
  • review score 0 Selena Whitehead on 01 August 2012
    these dive sticks helped my son to learn to swim in double quick time under water, never worked out what the numbers indicate but it doesn't seem to matter - highly recommended
  • review score 0 Kate Higgs on 01 August 2012
    Great fun. My two year old lovels dropping these into the pool to watch me dive for them. Hopefully he will get round to test-driving them himself one day!
  • review score 0 Joanna on 01 August 2012
    Fab product. Children are playing with them in the bath and they can't wait to use them on holiday. They are brightly coloured and stand up in the water.
  • review score 0 Jenny on 26 July 2012
    Super diving sticks in a handy bag, my kids having lots of fun with them. Also not so hard as other diving sticks so great if they should hit you!
Product Info

Konfidence Dive Sticks

review score 5
B7632 0.00

Divesticks make a great swim training aid- and are good fun too!

Brilliant training aid that encourages water confidence in children. Soft, flexible sticks covered in neoprene that sink to the bottom of the pool, ready for your child to dive down and grab. Set of 4 with neoprene pouch to keep them together.
  • Suitable from 3 years

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