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Konfidence Swim Neo Nappies

D2268 £9.00 Reviews (1)

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  • Jo on Tuesday, April 01, 2014
    Fit well, great quality. Would recommend
Product Info

Konfidence Swim Neo Nappies

D2268 £9.00

Neoprene nappy cover designed to contain any little accidents while swimming

This specially designed Neoprene baby swim nappy features elasticated waist and leg hems made of soft stretchy Lycra®. Designed to be worn over a normal swim nappy, giving a double layer system required by many pools, this neoprene nappy cover provides and extra layer of protection giving you peace of mind when you enter the pool with your baby.
  • The neoprene construction gives a soft, stretchy impermeable shell and the close fitting waist and leg hems gives a good seal around the tummy and legs.
  • Designed not to rub or chaff delicate skin.
  • Approved for use in all major Swim UK baby swim schools.
  • Small - 3-6 mths/4-7 kg
  • Medium - 6-9 mths/6-9 kg
  • Large - 9-12 mths/8-11 kg
  • Extra Large - 12-18 mths/11-14 kg

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