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Koodi Rival Front Baby Carrier

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  • review score 0 Sarah Martin on 15 April 2014
    good quality product at an excellent price - looks comfy for baby and also fits well on both me and my husband
  • review score 0 Sarah Brett on 09 April 2014
    Brilliant value for money - I was quite frankly shocked that this was still in stock!
    Really easy to use and comfortable to wear, the carrier allows me to get on with stuff around the house and superb for dog walking where the buggy is impractical.
    Great item that I would recommend.

  • review score 0 Jason meyer on 13 January 2014
    This is a terrible baby carrier and have not been able to use it after numerous try's. we have a 3 month old and she just won't fit comfortably. To many areas to chaff and very tight. I don't think I would even give it to anyone I know! Will end up in the bin.
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Koodi Rival Front Baby Carrier

review score
B1908 0.00

Convenient comfortable carrier

Soft, comfortable baby carrier that is quick and easy to use. Includes removable inner pod to support smaller babies, bib to keep carrier clean and hat and mitten set. Includes:
  • Removable inner 'pod' to give support to smaller babies.
  • Single side opening
  • Elasticated side panels to grow with your baby
  • Lumber support panel
  • Carrier bib
  • Co-ordinating hat and mitten set
  • Suitable from 3.5kg to 15kg

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