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MAM Trainer Bottle

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  • REVIEWS (14)
  • review score 4 Jenny Thirlway on 27 October 2015
    My 6 month old was struggling to convert from breast to bottle feeding ready for my return to work but these bottles have helped us get there. He doesn't like the teets on regular bottles but will accept this bottle for a feed.
  • review score 5 Stacey on 06 October 2015
    Lovely trainer cup for my 10 month old baby girl, she initially struggled to get anything out of it, as other reviews have said, the teet is quite hard to suck from however she soon got the hang of it. Unfortunately though I think I've broken it already! Whilst cleaning I accidental popped my finger through the teet and tore it a little and now it leaks everywhere... Easy enough to order another teet though! On the whole, nice, girly, easy to use cup!
  • review score 5 Harriet on 07 September 2015
    Excellent item and very good value for money!
  • review score 2 Sarah on 15 July 2015
    I actually don't like this product. We use mam bottles and have a different trainer cup also which are great. But this particular cup is only good for the fact that it doesn't spill. But my daughter really has to try hard to get any water out and therefore I don't think this helps with the whole bottle to beaker/cup transition. It's fine if you take the little contraption out so its free flowing but the teat is rather large.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 08 April 2015
    Fantastic cups, tried my little boy on other types but he hasn't really taken to them - took to this one like a duck to water, so much so I'm ordering 2 more.
  • review score 5 sam worrall on 07 April 2015
    A great purchase.. my son loves this cup very much..
  • review score 2 L M on 24 December 2014
    Without the leakproof valve, water literally goes everywhere. With the valve, baby finds it quite hard to suck up water. He just ends up chewing on the spout. I have bought many cups to try and get him to drink water out of, but don't think this is a successful one.
  • review score 5 Zoe on 12 December 2014
    This has been a godsend. I only wanted my daughter to occasionally have a bottle if I had to leave her with anyone, but she has refused every bottle I have purchased but she has fed from this cup!
  • review score 3 Livia on 11 September 2014
    I loved this cup at the beginning, my baby is 7 months old so he's learning to drink from a cup. The design of the cup is lovely and really encourages babies to hold it and want to drink from it, the soft tip is also ideal for babies mouths. However, when the valve is in, it's really hard to drink. Me and my husband tried to drink from it to see why the baby wasn't drinking enough, and we had to try really hard to get any liquid out of it, so it must be even harder for a baby.
  • review score 0 Em on 09 February 2014
    We have the 150ml version of this and it's the only cup we have managed to get our daughter to drink water from. By 9 months we had tried 4 other cups before finding success with this one! As she's a bit older now we're going to buy this bigger version with a view to using for milk.
  • review score 0 Julie on 01 July 2013
    Good design cup but it is too big to use when the baby is only 6 month
  • review score 0 Kim on 13 June 2013
    This is a really nice cup. It's the 3rd one we've tried and much better than the first two. It's easy to assemble and take apart. The flow of water is not too fast and not too slow. The spout is a nice shape that appeals to babies - my daughter loves to bite on it! Nice bright design and a reasonable price.
  • review score 0 Clare on 07 June 2013
    Brilliant cup - I have given it to my daughter instead of a bottle and she loves holding it!
  • review score 0 Lisa on 27 March 2013
    I think we're on our 5th cup in our quest to get our son drinking water from a cup. So far this one has probably been the most successful. But it's probably down to the fact that it has a big rubbery mouth piece which he likes to chew on like a teething toy so the water does go down.
Product Info

MAM Trainer Bottle

review score 4
A7427 5.50 GBP

The perfect first cup for your child.

  • Smart contemporary design
  • Easy hold handles
  • Soft spout
  • BPA free
  • 220ml

  • Quantity:
    • 5.50
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