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Mid Wash Pleated Maternity Denim Skirt

review score 4.756
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  • review score 5 IC on 29 July 2016
    Fits perfectly. Usually a size 10 in non maternity clothes and this is the size that I bought. Very comfortable and looks great.
  • review score 5 Helen on 22 July 2016
    Love this skirt - great fit and flattering shape. Bump band can be worn over the bump or folded over as well. Sizing comes up generously. Would definitely recommend.
  • review score 5 Carmen ETTIEN on 26 June 2016
    Love that denim skirt!!! Very comfortable and stylish!
  • review score 5 MrsB on 26 May 2016
    This is definitely my best maternity buy so far. It's comfortable and really nice on. I personally do not find maternity jeans comfortable so this is a nice alternative to pair up with nice tops. Can be dressed up or worn casually.
  • review score 5 Hannon on 17 May 2016
    Perfect! I'm sure I'll wear this all summer as it's very comfortable and goes with everything. It's great to find a skirt that fits well, is flattering, and that I feel like myself in. I thoroughly recommend it.
  • review score 5 Yael on 18 April 2016
    Love this skirt!
    Fits perfectly, comes to the knee by me.
    Got so many compliments on it!
    Will be living in this skirt till the end of my pregnancy!!
  • review score 3 LI on 09 March 2016
    Good, thick denim. However design and pleats mean the skirt really sticks out, way more than in the photo. You'd have to like a very A line style for this to work for you.
  • review score 5 Maria on 02 March 2016
    Lovely skirt, very comfortable, however I didn't think that the style suited my shape. It seemed to skim off my hips and stick out making me look very wide! Would be better for someone with narrow hips!
  • review score 5 Clare Ng on 18 December 2015
    Very happy with this skirt. Comfortable and practical for a growing bump!
  • review score 5 Susanna on 11 December 2015
    This skirt is brilliant. This will be the fifth pregnancy that it is being worn and is still comfy and has lots of wear in it yet!! Thanks a lot.
  • review score 5 Emma on 08 December 2015
    Bought this skirt when 6 months pregnant as was frustrated with previously bought maternity jeans that had to be constantly adjusted or held up with belts that cut in. This skirt was a breath of fresh air!! Bought my pre-pregnancy size which proved a perfect fit and it always stays in place with its over bump band. Casual and practical for everyday wear and so comfy for running around after my toddler whilst feeling at my least comfortable!! Would thoroughly recommend!
  • review score 5 Katie Trebble on 27 August 2015
    I'm 5'9'' and all maternity skirts are short and show my bum! This skirt is the perfect length just about the knee. Band makes it extremely comfy with lots of room for bum to grow. Washes really well.
  • review score 5 Rachel on 25 July 2015
    Really good quality and comfy to wear. Will be ideal in winter too with tights on.
  • review score 5 Helen Cooney on 21 July 2015
    Practical and comfortable, this skirt is well cut and will be equally useful in winter with tights and boots as it is at the moment with sandals.
  • review score 4 AEV on 17 July 2015
    Good fit. Comfortable. Nice colour, not too light. Bought a size 10, my normal size before pregnancy. Comes just to the top of my knees and I'm only 5'3" so would be much shorter on a taller woman. Haven't washed it yet so can't say how it will hold up but the denim is quite thick and the pleats are a bit bulky.
  • review score 5 ruth on 17 July 2015
    love this skirt. bought In 2 sizes as was worried will grow too much and be uncomfortable am normally a size 14 and the 14 fits really comfortably around waist and bum area too .
    perfect length have gotten so many compliments on the skirt . The only thing Is that you really do need to wear longer tops otherwise the lycra band will be visible.
    All in all I love it and does go with pretty much most things
  • review score 5 LKC on 06 July 2015
    I love this skirt and think I will live in it for the next few months! I've struggled to find a decent skirt where the band doesn't fall down and this fits perfectly. Really comfortable and flattering a great buy!
  • review score 5 Jennie on 06 July 2015
    A really lovely denim skirt. Just the right length and the bump band is very comfortable.
  • review score 5 K Shah on 25 June 2015
    Skirt was what I expected - I have short legs (30 inch trousers I normally go for) and the skirt came to my knees so good length for me but not so good for those with long legs! seems good quality and would definitely buy from this place again.
  • review score 3 nw5er on 29 May 2015
    A nice, practical wearable denim skirt. Not at all sticky-out, but is a tad 'girly' for me. Works for winter (w/ boots and tights) or summer. Sizing comes up a little large and, like all JoJo clothes it seems, the bump band comes down really low so you have to wear long tops with it. Still, I kept it as it will be a useful staple.
  • review score 5 Lisa on 29 May 2015
    Love this skirt. Bump band is so comfy. Skirt length is perfect and cut and style flattering.
  • review score 4 Ruth on 11 May 2015
    Lovely skirt, but it wasn't for me - for some reason it made my legs look incredibly short and just was unflattering. So I've changed it for the navy striped hem skirt, which looks loads better on me. Still, this one was good quality and would have been comfortable. Sure it would look great on someone with long legs.
  • review score 5 Unknown on 09 May 2015
    A lovely skirt. I went for a size 14, i'm having to roll the band down at the moment as it is still a little too big. But sure i will grow into it!
  • review score 5 Grace Kinsella on 30 April 2015
    I had to go down a size from my usual size. Very comfortable skirt to wear. Nice length to the knee. I think I'll get alot of wear out of it.
  • review score 5 Judy Gold on 14 April 2015
    Great skirt! Really comfy and looks good, sits just above the knee
  • review score 4 Bex on 01 April 2015
    Really comfy skirt, good length and goes with everything! I'd have preferred to have it all one shade of indigo rather than the faked 'washed' patches which are a little obvious. Overall a great skirt though - purchased after trying the mini which was way too short and tight!
  • review score 5 K Car on 01 April 2015
    Fantastically comfortable skirt - I'm 5' 10 and the length is perfect for me at just above the knee. Soft but sturdy feeling denim.
  • review score 5 Catherine on 24 March 2015
    Great skirt. So comfy. Doesn't fall down! A perfect length.
  • review score 5 Oksana on 26 January 2015
    Looks great, very happy with it.
  • review score 5 Ksmeats on 21 January 2015
    Lovely modern skirt which fits nice. I think I will be living in this as I have struggled to find other nice casual skirts that are not horrendously short.
    Haven't washed it yet so can't comment on quality going forward.
  • review score 5 Sue Clark on 27 December 2014
    Very pleased with this item. The fabric is really good quality and my daughter was very pleased with it. A lovely fit, comfortable and flattering.
  • review score 5 Dawn on 10 December 2014
    I love this skirt, it fits wonderfully, best maternity buy yet!
  • review score 5 Michelle on 29 October 2014
    I love this skirt it's so versatile it just goes with
    Everything . This is the second one of these I bought
    Only because I lost one it's the nicest maternity
    Skirt on the market and looks and feels great on....

  • review score 5 Alison Scriven on 22 October 2014
    Lovely skirt fits well and looks great, i want to be able to wear these even after the baby
  • review score 5 Caroline Dilks on 10 October 2014
    Great comfy maternity skirt. Suprisingly flattering. Good length on me at 5'10", just above the knee.
  • review score 5 Vanessa Wara on 06 October 2014
    I am very pleased with my new maternity skirt. It's very comfortable and I wear it a lot. Excellent buy!
  • review score 5 Hannah on 18 September 2014
    Fantastic skirt, great fit and really comfortable.
  • review score 5 Jules on 11 September 2014
    Great skirt! I will be wearing it a lot in this pregnancy, probably with tights and boots as it will be getting colder soon. The length is fine on me, not too short as other reviewers have thought - and I'm 5'9
  • review score 5 Jo on 01 July 2014
    excellent quality and sooo comfy! I started off with size 10 until it got a bit tight at about 30 weeks (am usually about a 10) and have now just bought it in a 12 as well as I just couldn't manage without it! I would have liked it even better a few inches longer as I'm quite tall. Overall, this is essential maternity wear! 5 stars.
  • review score 5 Dasha on 01 July 2014
    The skirt is very comfortable and doesn't make me look fat, like some maternity clothes tend to do. I bought my pre-pregnancy size (10) and it fits well (I am now 18 weeks), and I think it will fit for long time yet. It's knee length (I am 172 cm high). I would appreciate if the skirt would have lining, but otherwise I am overall happy with it, the best maternity clothes purchase I made so far!
  • review score 5 Bev on 23 June 2014
    Love this denim skirt. It is so comfortable and cool for the summer. Fits perfectly.
  • review score 1 N Marker on 19 June 2014
    Did not like this skirt. Too short and wide-not a flattering look. Sorry Jojo, but this had to go back!
  • review score 5 Liz on 21 May 2014
    A fabulous skirt that is very comfortable - it is all I wear!
  • review score 5 Sarah on 21 May 2014
    Great skirt. I went for size 12 as was this post-pregnancy. Some room still to grow into as I'm 23 weeks but it's not too big at the moment and feels comfy. Good quality skirt - pleased I bought it!
  • review score 0 Heidi French on 22 April 2014
    Bought this for my pregnancy last year, definitely my favourite piece of maternity wear. It was so comfortable, even through the heatwave of 2013. I wore it over and over, from about 5 months of pregnancy until the very end.
  • review score 0 Gill K on 17 April 2014
    I wasn't sure such a flared skirts with pleats would look good on my 8 month bump, but it is really flattering and doesn't add extra inches. Also really comfy, good quality, good fit, and it should fit well after the baby is born. So a good buy!
  • review score 0 Rachel on 07 April 2014
    I am really pleased with this skirt - it is very comfortable, feels well made, is a good length on me (I am 5 ft 8 inches) and is very versatile.
  • review score 0 S Marchant on 17 March 2014
    Love this cute denim skirt. Am wearing it to death! Not incredibly generous on the size so may not last until EDD!
    I love that you can actually try & buy from the store unlike so many other stores who's maternity range is only on line.
  • review score 0 Michelle on 17 March 2014
    This skirt is lovely and comfortable, just the right length. The only drawback is that the denim is quite stiff, and tends to ride up over your bottom, so you need to keep tugging it down whenever you stand up. Hopefully it will soften over time with washing. A good buy.
  • review score 0 H A Evans on 17 March 2014
    Wow - absolutely gorgeous and high quality skirt. Fantastic price too (pity about the shipping to the other side of the world!). Would happily recommend. Generous sizing
  • review score 0 Sheridan on 12 March 2014
    This is a very comfortable and good quality denim skirt. I love it and would happily recommend it to others!
  • review score 0 emma on 13 February 2014
    Love this skirt, have bought for my holiday but can also wear now with thick tights. I am size 12 pre-pregnancy and the size 12 fits perfectly.
  • review score 0 Rachel Chapman on 21 January 2014
    I bought this skirt a few weeks ago and have worn it nearly everyday, it is a great cut and flattering. Very comfortable and good quality. Thanks
  • review score 0 Ellie on 03 January 2014
    Love this skirt. It is really flattering and comfortable. I ordered a size down from my usual pre-pregnancy size and it fits perfectly.
  • review score 0 NC on 14 November 2013
    Great skirt & great fit
  • review score 0 Connie on 13 November 2013
    Lovely skirt although originally thought I picked the wrong size as the cut is quite large - I had to get used to it. Turns out it fits right and is really comfortable to wear. I had a lot of compliments about it, it is a great price and does offer a nice change from jeans! And it came so quickly by the post I couldn't believe it! Great online service!
  • review score 0 Kate on 24 October 2013
    Sadly too short for me (I'm 5'10). Sat at the unflattering 'just above the knee' point so had to go back
  • review score 0 Clare on 21 October 2013
    I bought this skirt because I was feedup with uncomfortable jeans. I have to say, I'm so pleased with it. I usually wear size 18 skirts and 18 was perfect. I'm 5 ft 4 and it comes to just above knees. looks great with chunky tights and long boots. would recommend.
  • review score 0 Jennie on 08 October 2013
    This skirt is really comfy and looks goodl. I am 30 weeks now and I bought a size 12 skirt, which was my pre-pregnancy size, and it fits great.
  • review score 0 Cath on 10 September 2013
    Great change from wearing jeans. Lovely fit although I went for a size smaller than usual. Good in summer or in winter with tights and boots.
  • review score 0 Katie on 22 July 2013
    Love this skirt, it's such a lovely shape and fits comfortably around my growing bump (am 21 weeks) with plenty of room to grow. It does come up a little large, but it's so nice it's worth ordering two if you're unsure about size and returning one!
  • review score 0 Lynne on 03 July 2013
    Really lovely skirt, great fit
  • review score 0 Fiona on 05 May 2013
    Like other reviewers, I just love this skirt. It's so comfy and looks great too.
  • review score 0 Nicola Shaw on 09 April 2013
    Very good quality for the price. Hangs well and good length especially if you are tall (5ft 9). Wore with a floaty kaftan and looked stylish and was very comfortable
  • review score 0 Sally Williams on 21 March 2013
    Really love this skirt, I can wear with tights now when my bump is smaller and its a little chillier and then in the summer with sandals when bump has grown. Only thing I would say is that I had to size down as first one buried me!
  • review score 0 chamila on 11 February 2013
    I love this skirt. Its so comfy. I wish i could wear them everyday to work. Will last for my whole pregnancy i think.
  • review score 0 Mrs Laura Cowan on 24 January 2013
    This skirt is essential pregnancy wear. Denim goes with anything and the bump band offers support for your growing tummy!
  • review score 0 Dan Graham on 24 December 2012
    Looks nice out of the packet, my wife ordered it a while ago but unfortunately it arrived so late she'd already had the baby. Never mind, I guess we'll keep it for the next one.
  • review score 0 tanya on 19 December 2012
    I love this skirt and wear it all the time. Having lived in jeans in my last pregnancy i was nervous about buying a skirt but this is so much more comft than jeans
  • review score 0 A Hall on 14 December 2012
    I LOVE this skirt! It's a must for maternity wear, really flattering and comfortable. It's generous in size, I brought a 12 and would have been better with a 10, but I liked it so much I wanted to wear it straight away!!! :-)

    Lots of positive comments re this skirt, non even thinking its maternity wear! Result :)
  • review score 0 Sarah Evans on 14 December 2012
    I love this skirt...with a bigger, curvier figure I have found it harder to find maternity trousers or jeans that are really comfortable..I've been loving wearing maternity leggings and was searching online for a denim skirt to go with them, when I came across this skirt. I couldn't recommend it enough, so comfortable, a great item of maternity clothing! Thank you JoJo for the excellent and speedy delivery service too :)
  • review score 0 lucy ellis on 14 December 2012
    Best maternity purchase! Having been so fed up with all maternity jeans (I have many pairs!) that need to be hoisted up constantly, this skirt is heaven! The length is perfect. Only problem is finding tights that don't fall down.
  • review score 0 JP on 19 October 2012
    Lovely comfortable skirt, looks great with boots and various tops. Husband loves it!
  • review score 0 Alex on 07 October 2012
    A really comfortable and useful skirt. I practically lived in it over the summer and now, with maternity tights or long boots, it is still getting lots of wear. Probably the most-used maternity item I've bought.
  • review score 0 Fran on 29 September 2012
    Really comfy and a good fit. Goes with everything wearing it a lot :)
  • review score 0 Polly Essex on 17 August 2012
    Really great skirt, it supports the bump nicely, fits really well, I went for my usual size before gaining baby weight and that worked well. Good to wear all year round in any season (as long as not as its not too hot!). Thanks Jojo!
  • review score 0 MSW on 01 August 2012
    I live in this skirt! it is flattering, comfortable and was amazing value for money! Thank you
  • review score 0 Marita on 15 June 2012
    Lovely skirt. Love the denim wash. Slightly big for me at the moment, but should do for the full pregnancy. Excellent value.
  • review score 0 Amanda on 08 June 2012
    Just perfect. Right cut and very comfortable, plus just the right lenght, not too long but not too short - I bought it as a 'gamble' because I normally like trying things before I buy but it was just perfect.
  • review score 0 Abby on 07 June 2012
    Lovely skirt, just what I wanted. More a-line than I thought and not my usual style, as I think a-line adds pounds to me, but it is so comfortable that style takes a back seat!
  • review score 0 sarah on 23 May 2012
    Very comfty skirt and great with winter wardrobe or with summer tops
  • review score 0 caroline wigley on 16 May 2012
    Absolutely love this skirt- looked everywhere for a denim skirt I like and fits well so was really pleased to find this. Well worth the money as have worn it loads and it is so versatile.
  • review score 0 Emma Coen on 05 May 2012
    This is one of the best purchases I have made! The skirt has a wide band which has made it comfortable to wear throughout my pregnancy.
  • review score 0 Christina Fitzgerald on 28 April 2012
    I recently bought this skirt and delighted I did!! I think it looks better in real life than it does on the photos! it's very comfortable and there is plenty room to grow, I think it will see me through the full 9 months of pregnancy. The delivery was very prompt, no problems at all there, Ive always found JoJo to be gopod for delivery wehn I ordered things for my first pregnancy. Lovely skirt, you wont regret buying it
  • review score 0 Kimmy Burbridge on 08 January 2012
    Great skirt, i love it, really comfortable and looks great. the delivery was terrible, i waited so long, got fed up and drove to Tunbridge Wells branch to collect one. need to improve delivery.
  • review score 0 Debbie on 03 January 2012
    Bought this skirt only last week, and already it's become a staple in my wardrobe. It's really comfy.
    I'm 5 months pregnant, and although the elastic band is slightly too big at the moment I'll have plenty of time to still use it in the coming months.
    Think it's a really flattering fit, and I feel very feminine and attractive in it - even my husband noticed!!!!
  • review score 0 Sarah on 16 December 2011
    Wearing this all the time, really comfy and looks nice, worth the wait.
  • review score 0 Marieke on 15 December 2011
    Skirt is very comfortable with a nice thick bump band.
    The delivery service from Jojo is appalling though, I've had to wait for over 6 weeks. Got promised first class delivery on 2 occasions and in the end the skirt arrived by standard post, so an extra delay.
  • review score 0 Meg on 16 October 2011
    Bump band is pretty thick and the elastic moves about a bit, but really comfy and good looking skirt, totally worth it. Looking forward to the winter months with it keeping me warm.
  • review score 0 Helen on 13 October 2011
    Super comfy and really stylish! I'm 5'9" and it's just the right length. Have got loads of complements at work when wearing this- only 12 weeks so no-one know yet and loads of people wanting to know where I got it from! The bump band is very comfy. fab piece!
  • review score 0 aine mccullough on 14 March 2011
    Very pleased with this skirt, I am 5 months pregnant and 5"2 so was a bit concerned this skirt would be too long or puffy but it looks great on and is sooo comfortable:)
Product Info

Mid Wash Pleated Maternity Denim Skirt

review score 4.756
B4373 29.00 GBP

Our pleated maternity denim skirt is a fun alternative to a classic denim skirt, and is really comfortable to wear.

  • Designed to fit throughout pregnancy
  • Flared style
  • Mid wash
  • Wide jersey waistband to wear under or over the bump
  • Pleats to front and back
  • Pull-on style
  • Length 23" (58cm)
  • 67% Cotton, 31% Polyester, 2% Elastane
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees

How to measure maternity wear sizing

Maternity wear sizing

  XS S M L
UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
US 2 4 6 8 10 12 14
EUR 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
(fullest part)
32½ to 33½" 33½ to 35" 35 to 36½" 36½ to 38" 38 to 39½" 39½ to 41" 41 to 42½"
79-81cm 81-89cm 89-93cm 93-97cm 97-100cm 100-104cm 104-108cm
(under bump)
32 to 36" 36 to 38" 38 to 39½" 39½ to 41" 41 to 42½" 42½ to 44" 44 to 46"
90-92½cm 92½-97cm 97-100cm 100-104cm 104-108cm 108-112cm 112-117cm
Bump circumference
(early stages - 3rd trimester)
34 to 40" 36 to 41" 37 to 43½" 39 to 44" 40½ to 46½" 42½ to 48" 44 to 49"
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