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Mini Micro Original Scooter

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  • review score 4 louise on 27 June 2016
    Great quality and nice to look at, bit pricey but obviously a big improvement on the cheap one we had before. I wish there were more colour choices than the predictable pink for girls, blue for boys.
  • review score 5 Vishal Kulkarni on 25 April 2016
    Product has arrived with good packaging. Is working as seen in website.
  • review score 5 Lesley on 05 April 2016
    A high quality, sturdy scooter which my 2.5 year old little boy loves & is managing to scoot on by himself.
  • review score 5 Nuttygardener on 25 November 2015
    Our grandson loved this for his third birthday last week. Excellent value for money.
  • review score 5 Lucy on 25 November 2015
    I bought this for my little ones 4th birthday, she uses it everyday! I also can't keep my other two children off of it so I will be ordering another 2 for Christmas.
  • review score 5 James Douglas on 23 November 2015
    Scooters are a big thing currently and like all crazes other versions come out. I recently saw a Frozen Scooter for all those Elsa fans but the Mini-Micro is by far the best purchase. Versatile and comfortable it works as well for both my 2 year and old and my 4 year old. Min high demand and sold out in many places JoJo had the pink version required and I cannot fault the ordering, delivery and general satisfaction of purchase through the website.
    Thank you very much. Great bday gift.
  • review score 5 Helen on 19 November 2015
    Excellent sturdy scooter
    We already have one for our eldest daughter so have purchased one for our soon to be 2 year old also!
  • review score 5 Aileen on 16 November 2015
    I've not yet opened the scooter as its a Santa present for my 2 year old son. My older son (7) has a maxi micro so I know how good the brand is.
    I was happy with how quickly I received the order & found the site easy to use. I also was delighted that the scooter was a few pounds cheaper on jojo site than any other.
  • review score 5 Neil Guy on 13 November 2015
    High quality scooter with solid feel to it. Jojo Maman Bebe had the best price on the web and delivered quickly and securely.
  • review score 5 Miglena on 11 November 2015
    Great Scooter, very light and comfortable to ride than small ones. My son loves it and is happy.The delivery was very fast. I would recommend to friends
  • review score 5 Valerie tait on 27 October 2015
    I bought this scooter for my daughter's 2nd birthday. It's a great little scooter. My daughter loved it instantly. She is still a bit young to master it but that doesn't stop her from wanting to play with it! Delivery was great too.
  • review score 5 S Roberts on 14 October 2015
    Bought this for my two year old nephew after seeing my older son enjoy playing on his so much. These are well worth the extra money as they are really easy to use and control, they're lightweight, dismantle easily and will last years.
  • review score 5 Sister Christa on 01 September 2015
    Great quality and good price, arrived quickly in time for my daughters birthday. Really recommend JoJo, their service is always great!
  • review score 5 Helen on 23 July 2015
    Very sturdy and well made. Looking forward to hours of fun for my little one. Delivery was very quick.
  • review score 5 Heather on 03 July 2015
    Our children love their micro scooters. They are growing with them from when they were just over a year upwards thanks to the o-bar fitting and ability to change the handle as they grow. The wheels glide so much better than other scooters out there and they don't cause damage around the house!
  • review score 5 poppy on 15 June 2015
    Excellent scooter, fast delivery, excellent service, Thanks
  • review score 5 Karen on 04 June 2015
    Fabulous fun and lovely scooter! My wee boy is 2.5 and is able to use this for the school run with ease!
  • review score 5 Glynis Cartledge on 03 June 2015
    Excellent service next day delivery two very happy little girls
  • review score 5 Aoife on 22 May 2015
    Amazing product - every child should have one and with free delivery, buying it here was so handy and cheaper than anywhere else
  • review score 5 Michelle on 12 April 2015
    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves her new scooter! She is able to control it well and she has got to grips with the steering. Very pleased with our purchase. Ordered online. Came quickly. No issues.
  • review score 5 Emel Yilmaz on 10 April 2015
    I got this one for my 2 year old, she loves it. It is very light and easy to handle. (she is still learning to turn etc) I am delighted with the product.
  • review score 5 Vicki G on 30 March 2015
    This is a fantastic scooter, very good quality. My little boy loves it. Would definitely recommend.
  • review score 5 Proud Papa on 07 January 2015
    I saw a younster with one and asked her Mum how she was getting on with it. She was v positive so I got one for my granddaughter age 2 3/4. I went out with her today and she seems to be getting the hang of steering it. I held her by her coat collar as she has an initial tendency to lean forward and so, with ridges etc., tends to tumble over the handlebar. But I,m sure she'll get there OK. We are all very envious of her but as we are all many times over 20kg we are resisting the temptation to have a quick go on it.
  • review score 5 C Menhinick on 31 December 2014
    Service in store and online was superb, delivery fast and well informed throughout. As for the scooter, my 2 year old got it instantly, still working on the steering but very light and easy to handle.
  • review score 5 Amanda May on 30 December 2014
    We got this for my 2yr old son for Xmas. He absolutely loves it! He has really taken to it quickly. He always wants to go outside and ride his scooter. Definitely would recommend it!
  • review score 5 xoxo yuyu on 22 December 2014
    a bit pinkier than we expected, still it fits absolutely perfect our 3 years' old daughter's taste!!! besides after one day she rides it with no problem!!!
  • review score 5 Jane Geernaert on 11 December 2014
    Very prompt service.
  • review score 5 Megan Davies on 30 June 2014
    Fantastic scooter. Bought for my sons second birthday and he loves it. He is a little small but will grow in to it very soon. Very prompt and efficient delivery.
  • review score 5 Jill Hooper on 05 June 2014
    Great customer service- box arrived all bashed and broken, spoke to customer services and they quickly sent out another one. Stephen was particularly helpful!

    Product is great, sturdy and a big hit with my daughter.
  • review score 5 Sally on 26 May 2014
    Brought this for my daughter (2 3/4) I had already heard good things and was told that cheaper versions just don't compare.
    My daughter just loves it, it took her a day or two round the house to get use to steering but she has now fully mastered it. Very impressed highly recommend
  • review score 5 Reanne Pope on 09 May 2014
    My little girl has just turned three and this is definitely her favourite toy. She wants to take it every where so she can scoot along. Definitely worth spending the extra for this scooter than a cheaper alternative as it's very light weight in case you have to carry it. The mini micro scooter is also very well made. I choose to buy it from Jo Jo maman bebe as I aways get great service and quick delivery.
  • review score 0 C Hall on 10 April 2014
    My 2 year old loves his scooter and would have outgrown the smaller size very quickly, glad I opted for the bigger option, it will last much longer. We also bought the helmet which fits well, which he loves and the scoot 'n pull.
  • review score 0 Asta on 11 March 2014
    I ordered a blue mini micro for my sons birthday. It arrived very quickly which was impressive for free delivery. Very happy with the scooter, easy for him to steer and is getting the hang of it quickly. He is 2 years old.
  • review score 0 Bill Hanson on 25 February 2014
    Well made piece of kit for little ones, easily assembled and robust enough to tolerate the slings and arrows of outrageous children.
  • review score 0 Joanna Leach on 07 February 2014
    Brilliant scooters. We have had one before and now our twins are ready for them. Attractive designs and popular with kids. Strudy and well made.
  • review score 0 Priya on 12 January 2014
    Bought this for our 2yr old son based on the reviews and he loves it. Excellent quality and easy to assemble. Got the blue helmet as well.
  • review score 0 melissa kavanagh on 08 January 2014
    My daughter loves this scooter, it is easy for her to handle and stable too. She loves the shocking pink colour. It is really helping her gain confidence and balance. Love it .
  • review score 0 Cathac on 02 January 2014
    Perfect for our two and a half year old. Bought on other reviews and recommendations.... Definitely right decision!
  • review score 0 Pamela Hill on 30 December 2013
    Excellent quality scooter, really quick and easy to assemble.
  • review score 0 Caroline on 28 December 2013
    Brilliant product. Bought two for 2 1/2 year old twin girls. They have got the hang of them really quickly! Delivery was superb and a great service from Jojomamanbebe as always. Thanks .
  • review score 0 Louise Harris on 26 December 2013
    Bought the micro scooter for our two year old. Great buy as useable now but will still be good for a few years.
    Great delivery service too!
  • review score 0 Robin Mason on 18 December 2013
    Disappointed. Our grand daughter wanted a T-bar scooter for Christmas and her mum gave us a discount code from the Jo Jo website that when we applied at the checkout did not work. The same code appeared on the Jo Jo home page which also did not work. We then noticed that if you looked more carefully that scooters were excluded - it seemed to us that the discount was being very prominently promoted but you needed to check the small print - a practice employed by less reputable companies in order to get sales.
  • review score 0 Sam on 14 December 2013
    Brilliant sturdy little scooter. My 2 yr old loves it! Will be buying accessories for it soon!
  • review score 0 lynsey on 05 December 2013
    This scooter has been permanently stuck to my son's foot since he turned 3 this month. He loves it and takes it everywhere. Very portable and the accessories are great, extra stocking fillers for xmas!
  • review score 0 Lucia on 27 November 2013
    My son loves this. Must a buy! and I would recommend overall service too!
  • review score 0 claire lamb on 19 November 2013
    Simply the best scooters around.
    Honestly no point buying others.
  • review score 0 Katie McGorty on 13 November 2013
    Absolutely fantastic scooter, my 2 1/2 year old loves it! I wish I had brought one with a seat sooner - best value ride on toy.
  • review score 0 Lucia on 01 November 2013
    Quick,reliable,excellent delivery and costumer care.fantastic product
  • review score 0 Alexandra on 28 October 2013
    My little boy is 3,5 years old and has global delay. This means that his coordination is not too good and he is slower than children of his age. In fact, I was worried that he may not be able to ride a scooter for some time. However, this easy-to-manoeuvre scooter has been perfect for him! He rides it in the house, in the park and everywhere we go! I did not think that we would be able to leave the house without the pram but this little scooter made this possible...no more tantrums in the middle of the street. He doesn't even want any help from mammy or daddy. I can see that he feels very proud and he is even happier when he sees other children riding their mini micro's. Perhaps he is not as fast as his friends and he doesn't know how to use the break yet...but he is getting there! This is what every mother wishes from a scooter; safety, reliability, hours of enjoyment (and peace of mind) and considering everything, this is not as expensive as I initially thought! I asked other parents what they spent and for far less quality scooters they had spent 5-10 pounds less. Overall, a great product. I recommend buying something to 'personalise' it as you will find that most children have the same scooter and they can be some unpleasant mix-ups in the park.
  • review score 0 Martyn Howarth on 25 October 2013
    We already had a pink Mini Micro for our daughter, so getting one for our son in blue was always on the cards. Although he hasn't used it yet (just turned 2) it looks to have the same build quality we expected and I'm sure it will be loved as much by our son as our daughter loves hers.

    Excellent price and delivery by JMB, so recommended.
  • review score 0 Sue McNamara on 10 October 2013
    My 3 year old instantly loved this scooter and much more robust than his sister's cheaper version
  • review score 0 Whittingham on 09 October 2013
    Arrived promptly as described
  • review score 0 Kasia on 04 October 2013
    Fantastic product! Can not recommned highly enough. My 3 year old never wanted to ride his old scooter and after presenting him with the Micro scooter he's a changed boy! He loved from day one and now rides it to preschool every day. Great buy even though a bit expensive, but definitely worth the money!
  • review score 0 Helena on 03 October 2013
    Great scooter, pricey but worth it. Makes the school run much less shouty. Took my 4 year old a couple of days to get the hang of it but now there's no stopping her!
  • review score 0 Alison on 03 October 2013
    Great product! Bought for my daughter's 2nd birthday.
    Very prompt delivery from JoJo Maman Bebe.
  • review score 0 Nicole on 01 October 2013
    Excellent scooter, my son absolutely loves it!
  • review score 0 Vikki on 01 October 2013
    Purchased the pink mini micro for my 4 year old. It took her about 5 minutes to master it and she was away. She now loves riding it to pre school every day. Brilliant product, we bought a cheaper version and there was no comparison so we sent that back and kept the mini micro. Just ordered another for my 2 year old for her to grow in to as she loves her big sisters.
  • review score 0 S James on 30 September 2013
    These scooters are great, funky, really tough, and having 2 wheels at the front makes them more stable. Now we have bought one for each of our children the in fighting for our eldest's scooter will hopefully stop!
  • review score 0 Mark Albert on 26 September 2013
    Fantastic scooter
  • review score 0 rp on 25 September 2013
    Very efficient service, very impressed.
  • review score 0 Alix on 23 September 2013
    Fabulous - so easy to master and makes the school run speedier!
  • review score 0 Laura on 20 September 2013
    We bought this Mini Micro Scooter for our 2 year old Daughter, they seemed very popular in our local park and I have to say that we have not been disappointed! This scooter is very well made, easy to use and sturdy which is the main thing. You certainly get what you pay for, its bright and our Daughter loves it! We were so surprised how easy she found to use it as we thought we may have gone too early with the whole scooter thing but its by far our best purchase this summer. Would highly recommend!
  • review score 0 Laura Dews on 09 September 2013
    We bought this scooter for our two year old Daughter and she absolutely loves it! Worth every penny, would highly recommend this product to others.
  • review score 0 Gillian McGill on 04 September 2013
    This is a fantastic product. I bought it for my little boy (2, 1/2) when my second baby arrived and he loves it! Really sturdy and safe. Great product, would highly recommend.
  • review score 0 Michele Barry on 03 September 2013
    this scooter is brill, good idea to customise the scooter as lots of children have them, I have bought 2, one for the house and one for Nan's house My grandaughter could use it from 2rs of age
  • review score 0 Shirley on 31 August 2013
    My 2 year old is delighted with this! He used his cousin's one and I ordered one for him straight away as e just loved it. Super fast delivery too!
  • review score 0 Jenny on 23 August 2013
    The Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter is a very good quality, sturdy toy. Our daughter played with the ones in your Morpeth store and we decided it would make a good birthday present when the time came. We feel the price we paid for it online was very good value for money.
  • review score 0 Deborah Wright on 22 August 2013
    Perfect little scooter for little people. Great service from Jojo and the cheapest I could find.
  • review score 0 Victoria Willis on 22 August 2013
    I bought two of these - for my 4 year old and my 20 month old. They both love them and they are very stable compared to other scooters we have tried. Both of them are very happy with them. Definitely worth paying the extra for the quality you get.
  • review score 0 Natasha on 14 August 2013
    Great scooter at a great price. Delivery was fast. Excellent service.
  • review score 0 Natasha Aly on 03 August 2013
    Great gift for my nephew's 2nd birthday, on Day 2 he is already pushing off a little with one foot and loves being pulled around whilst balanced on it. Really impressed with the steering and how nice and light it is for an active toddler to handle.
  • review score 0 Annie on 03 August 2013
    A fantastic scooter at the best price I could find. The service was better then expected. I didn't realise you could order in store and have it delivered to your house as it was intially out of stock. Great staff and shop layout. Very child friendly indeed. The store had a paper and crayons which kept my son at ease. Thanks
  • review score 0 Roslyn on 03 August 2013
    My son got this for his third birthday, he likes it, but still prefers zooming around on his balance bike. The scooter is well made but I feel it's a tad pricey for what it is!
  • review score 0 j ashford on 29 July 2013
    cannot fault website and item ordered. great fun being had by grandson. However your delivery company rubbish. Item not received as promised, apparently lost in system so journey made from Devon from my son to collect presents for next day birthday was missing our main present plus waste of petrol and time. Five phone calls and promises of getting back to me did not happen. Think you may want to review your delivery co as if I know they are the couriers and I want something guaranteed I will not order .
  • review score 0 Lily Rose on 25 July 2013
    This is absolutely brilliant. It is so well made and runs so smoothly. It can be transformed very easily between a scooter and a small bike. Very suitable for ages 2 years and upwards.
  • review score 0 Sassy on 25 July 2013
    love this scooter, already had one for my oldest son who wore it out!! This is for my 2 year old's birthday who loves riding his friends so sure it'll be a hit again! He doesn't like his pushchair so sure this will be are way of getting about!
  • review score 0 Tracey on 24 July 2013
    Fantastic product. My not quite 3 yr Los is thrilled with this. Expensive but well worth the money.
  • review score 0 Stuart Macdonald on 24 July 2013
    Excellent delivery service, kept up to date at all stages of the delivery and item was received as stated. Best delivery service I've seen. Product price was the best on the market and very pleased with the purchase overall. Excellent quality item which will be ideal for my three year old.
  • review score 0 Sarah Jane on 18 July 2013
    Great toy-really good quality and at a competitive price. Prompt delivery.

    Very pleased.
  • review score 0 Michelle Sward on 18 July 2013
    My daughter already had a pink one of these and I knew how fantastic they were from 2 years of use already so had no hesitation in buying a blue one for my 3 year old son's birthday! He had another brand of scooter before but these are far superior to anything else out there!
  • review score 0 Nicola on 18 July 2013
    Great scooter, well worth spending the extra money on as far superior to cheaper models and will last.
  • review score 0 Fiona Mc on 16 July 2013
    We bought this for our son's 3rd birthday. He absolutely adores it and has had many hours of fun on it already..very sturdy for outdoor use and very durable..exceptional product, extremely pleased and very well priced by JoJo Maman
  • review score 0 M Glancy on 16 July 2013
    Bought this for my grandson and was not disappointed - great product and great service from ordering through to delivery. First time I have used the site and certainly won't be the last.
  • review score 0 Jessica on 15 July 2013
    I was in two minds whether to go for a cheaper brand of scooter but I'm very glad I went for the Mini Micro. My 3 year old son had been struggling with a heavy-weight metal scooter but took to this one straight away. It's light-weight and although it has taken him a few goes to get used to the steering, he's sailing along on it now. Plus it's easy to put over the handles of the pushchair on the walk back from pre-school.
  • review score 0 Kerry-anne Timmins on 12 July 2013
    Very happy with this product, came very quickly and just as the picture shows. My 2 year old loves this scotter
  • review score 0 Alana on 11 July 2013
    I could not be happier with this scooter. I bought it for my two year old's birthday and couldn't wait the month to her birthday to give it to her. Alot of the children in our village have one so she had been able to try them out, and to my surprise, took to it like a duck to water. We had no less than three scooters in the house - owing to her older sister - but none are as easy and efficient for her as the Mini Micro. It is light and easy to carry when she's had enough and doesn't swivel and bang me in the ankle every time I pick it up like our others. Love it, love it and want one for myself.
  • review score 0 judith davis on 10 July 2013
    this is the 3rd mini micro scooter I have bought for my grandkids they are ideal for 1st time scooters well built and take some beating. great service from jojo super quick delivery.
  • review score 0 Pat Crofts on 09 July 2013
    Love Jo Jo Maman, and always very pleased with my purchases. Staff at my local shop in Harpenden, always very pleasant and helpful.
  • review score 0 Olha on 09 July 2013
    Brilliant little scooter, my son loves it. Very pleased with quick delivery and the price is the best around
  • review score 0 Susan Bobrucki on 05 July 2013
    We were so pleased with this scooter that we bought for our Grandson's birthday that we bought the Maxi version for his big sister! We were even happier when both were discounted!
  • review score 0 Christina Walwork on 04 July 2013
    As always, excellent service, great product which has brought much joy to my 3 yr od granddaughter who thinks the scorer is quite cool. Well done nice again and I will continue to order from you Christina
  • review score 0 Andrea Joyce on 02 July 2013
    We bought 2 of these scooters for our 2 year old twin boys who already use their big sisters maxi. They are a whizz on these totally brilliant scooters. They are light enough for the boys to turn and manoeuvre on their own. And together with two super helmets they are 2 very happy boys on these, which makes for a very happy mummy, daddy and sister who has her scooter back!
  • review score 0 Louise on 26 June 2013
    This has been an amazing present for my daughters 3rd Birthday, she loves it and couldn't wait to try it out! She is whizzing around already.
  • review score 0 Claire Lane on 21 June 2013
    Fabulous scooter, my 2 yr old loves it. Fast free delivery from JoJo. Great service.
  • review score 0 Michelle Jackson on 21 June 2013
    We brought this for our daughter who is nearly 3 & she loves it. It arrived really quickly
  • review score 0 Nigel Pound on 20 June 2013
    Being a mostly old fashioned retailer I view the internet with some disdain.
    However I must congratulate you on the ease of using your web site and the scooter I purchased was extremely well made and and I am sure will give my grandson great pleasure
  • review score 0 Viktoria on 19 June 2013
    Excellent value scooter, sturdy and 'shiny, shiny' - as my son said when he opened the box. Best birthday present ever! Outstanding service from JoJo, prompt delivery and on offer for the best price I could find. A must have for every toddler from 3 years, worth every penny!x
  • review score 0 Marnie shaw on 19 June 2013
    One very happy little monkey! Good buy. My not yet 2 year old is coming on leaps and bounds though i feel it will be a while till he masters the steering.
  • review score 0 Maria on 19 June 2013
    My son loved the mini micro scooter we got him for his 2nd birthday. Although he is still a little bit young for it, he immediatly knew how to use it and couldn't wait to go to the park.
  • review score 0 anonymous on 18 June 2013
    Absolutely amazing. Really pleased with the product and fast delivery
  • review score 0 Mel Fiebig on 11 June 2013
    We purchased two scooters - one for our daughter and one for our friend's daughter. They are 2 and a half and absolutely love them. Our daughter can now balance well and prefers to scoot around instead of being pushed in her push chair. They are easy for young children to control as they only need to lean on each side for it to turn. We are so happy with this purchase and we will be buying another one for our nephew.
  • review score 0 Dorota on 08 June 2013
    Great Scooter easy to assemble quick delivery would definitely recommend
  • review score 0 Cuckoo on 08 June 2013
    Wasn't sure if I'd fixed it together properly as seemed too easy, but it was. Son is just learning to adapt to the leaning to turn rather than turning the handles and loves that it's got a brake he can use.
  • review score 0 Sheila Miles on 07 June 2013
    Bought this scooter for my granddaughters 4th birthday. She loves it an has easily learnt to use it. It has a brake and the 2 wheels at the front make it stable for a young one. Would recommend it.
  • review score 0 Cath on 04 June 2013
    Excellent design. Good price, arrived quickly and really well received by twin girls for success in potty training!
  • review score 0 Kerry Firth on 31 May 2013
    I bought this for my daughter's third birthday coming up. She does not yet know what she is having but constantly tells me she wants a pink scooter, so I think it will go down well! They look really well made and stable.
  • review score 0 Sue Matthews on 31 May 2013
    It a lovley little scooter which was brought for my granddaughter who is 3 years of age. Its very sturdy and she found it easy to manover and became very confident almost an expert within a short period of time. She was over the moon with her pressie
  • review score 0 Jane on 30 May 2013
    Fantastic product. Bought as a present for my 3 year old. We've had micro scooters before and would definitely recommend.
  • review score 0 LHeald on 30 May 2013
    This scooter was for my 4 year old son and I was a little hesitant about spending this amount of money on one scooter. I read all the reviews and decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did this scooter is fantastic, very smooth riding and although the steering is taking a little practice my son is improving every day, he loves it.
    My favourite part is the fact that I can use a loop of rope and pull him along no problem while he stands on the scooter and steers ( no more bad backs for me ). I now have to save up for a Micro Maxi for my 7 year old.
    Delivery from jojo was fab very fast.
  • review score 0 BP on 30 May 2013
    Item arrived on time and in good condition. Took advantage of 15 discount voucher as well.
  • review score 0 Lee Bridges on 28 May 2013
    Great product, delivery and easy to put together.
  • review score 0 Zenab Ali on 28 May 2013
    Bought the mini micro for my 2.5 year old and the maxi scooter for my 9 year old. They absolutely love it. Really happy with this purchase, expensive but worth having. I had the 15 discount, so it was worth it!! I am really happy I bought it for my boys and the boys also love it.
  • review score 0 thevrs on 28 May 2013
    Great little scooter although its taking some time for my 3.5 yr old to master turning. I loved the fact that JJMB gave you the time slot of delivery - AND the delivery company stuck to it, brilliant service.
  • review score 0 VEmmerson on 25 May 2013
    My nephew loves this scooter, the only problem is getting him off it!
  • review score 0 Annika on 24 May 2013
    I have just bought a pink Mini Micro scooter for my 3 year-old niece and she loves it! Both my boys made good use of their mini micros when they were little and I remember how it revolutionised going places!! We could get much further afield quicker. My niece is much more cautious, but she's getting the hang of it and can't wait to go out on it again. I would recommend this scooter to anyone with a toddler! It may be a bit pricey, but as far as I am concerned, it's worth every penny!
  • review score 0 Rob on 24 May 2013
    Decided this was the best scooter for my daughter for 3rd birthday. No concerns with this high quality product and its solid construction. Very pleased with it and would highly recommend it.
  • review score 0 Roo on 24 May 2013
    My 2.5 year old found this very easy to use from day 1. It's also light enough for him to pull up and down kerbs etc.would recommend.
  • review score 0 S Cryer on 23 May 2013
    Bought as a present for my 3 year old. Not opened yet but she has already played on a friends and seen how good it is. Prompt delivery service - easy to use web site
  • review score 0 Stella on 23 May 2013
    Great Scooter. Well worth the extra money compared to others, it glides so effortlessly (especially when LO wants to be pulled). Shipping was fast and accurate.
  • review score 0 Matt on 23 May 2013
    Bought this for our 3 year old daughter as a reward for good behavior - she absolutely loves it. Easy to assemble and speedy delivery. Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations!!!
  • review score 0 Uzair on 23 May 2013
    The product is great. My child loves it. Very easy to assemble and use. I will be buying more for Jojo Mama in the future. Their service is truly excellent.
  • review score 0 susie casswell on 18 May 2013
    love this scooter, bought this for my 2.5 year old & its brilliant, it seemed pretty quick for him to get a hang of the whole lean-to-turn thing and a really smooth zippy ride - not rattling along like some of them! really pleased with JoJoMamanBebe service too
  • review score 0 T. Howes on 17 May 2013
    Having been told that this is what our young grandaughter would like for her birthday we set about trying to find the best price. We found it with JoJo Maman with free delivery and made even better by a 15 voucher code! Delivery was swift and in perfect condition and our little grandaughter is thrilled with her pink scooter. Apparently our daughter knew about JoJo Maman and has used it in the past and from now on so will we!
  • review score 0 Laura on 16 May 2013
    This scooter is amazing. Its much better than my little girls twist and scoot. It seems to be quicker and the handles are much better being rubber.
    Its great with the brake on the back wheel. Jojo maman bebe was very quick and communicated very well on the delivery time etc.
  • review score 0 Melanie Read on 15 May 2013
    Micro scooters are by far the best my eldest daughter has had hers for 3 years and used it near everyday. This was purchased for my second daughter who loves it. I also like the fact that if anything does break it is easy and affordable to get additional parts.
  • review score 0 Anja on 13 May 2013
    Brilliant scooter. Light, easy to put together, the stickers are a nice tough to personalize the scooter.
  • review score 0 saff on 10 May 2013
    excellent product . delivery was great with emails day before and then again on the day will the exact times that it was coming. well padded and services the best.
  • review score 0 Charlotte on 09 May 2013
    Lovely scooter,easy to put together and sturdy. Got it for my sons 2nd birthday and its by far his favourite present!
  • review score 0 Sacha on 09 May 2013
    Fab product, in my opinion you cannot go wrong with mini micro's. strong and sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, especially compared to other scooters aimed at young children. This makes is very easy to take out and about, when your little one has had enough of scooting it isn't backbreaking to carry (even with a buggy).
    The service from JoJo was brilliant as always, I was kept informed of my order and was even advised of a one hour time-slot for delivery. Many other suppliers charge a small fortune for a service like this.
    Just to make our purchase even better we received a discount voucher which we used and saved ourself a few pounds too!

  • review score 0 Elyse on 02 May 2013
    We got this for our sons 3rd birthday! I think I was more excited then him at first, I really really wanted him to have one after I had seen so many other little ones speeding round on them. He wasn't overly impressed at first but after just a few days he is scooting round and loving it. Perfect for him as he is a little on the lazy side for walking! Really sturdy and well made :) very happy with it!
  • review score 0 jane labuda on 02 May 2013
    Very good quality - just takes a bit of time for toddler to master steering.
    Not too heavy and great price
  • review score 0 C Parkinson on 02 May 2013
    Excellent product. Very fast delivery. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Rachael Everitt on 01 May 2013
    I can't rate the JoJo sales experience enough. I bought 2 x microscooters for my twins - i knew the product and what to expect but the purchase process was fab. I thought i'd made an initial mistake and the team member i spoke to was efficient, reassuring and extremely helpful. I was kept up to date with order progress and the scooters arrived on time for the birthday!! Jojo was recommended to me and i will do the same. I will definitely return to the site.
    Mrs. Everitt
  • review score 0 Melanie Forrester on 30 April 2013
    Ordered the Mini Micro Scooter for my three year old daughter, and it arrived two days later, much quicker that was advertised. The delivery service is excellent, got an email, and I was able to chnge/choose my delivery time. My daughter is very happy with her scooter, I used a voucher code I found on the web, so I'm happy with my saving too!
  • review score 0 Dave on 28 April 2013
    Very happy with the service. The scooter arrived quickly and at the cheapest price on the Internet. I would highly recommend JoJo's to anyone.
  • review score 0 shopperchopper on 27 April 2013
    Great scooter! I researched far and wide before settling on this scooter and we are more than pleased with it. My son finds it easy to ride and JJMB was the best price with one of their discount promotions.
  • review score 0 NICOLA HAXBY on 27 April 2013
    I bought this scooter for my grandson (2yrs 3mths) as a) a pressie for him before his baby sister arrives and b) so that hopefully my daughter won't need to buy a double buggy!.
    He saw his new scooter, fell in love with it instantly and within 10minutes of scooting up and down the hall and crashing into everything, he was ready to scoot to nursery. A couple of hours later and he was flying down the slopes in the local park, falling over, dusting himself off and getting straight back on! The next morning when we went out, he'd mastered turning. He still doesn't know where the brake is but it doesn't seem to matter and he'll find it in time. He has to wear a helmet, no buts! he wears a little monkey rucksack on his back - the tail is a lead -which allows me to hang on to him (without him knowing), so that if he's scooting towards the duck pond i can stop him joining the ducks!
    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this micro scooter, it's strong, well-made and eye catching. A total, one hundred per cent hit with my grandson and has made his granny very happy. FAB!!
  • review score 0 Caitriona kearney on 24 April 2013
    Excellent product, so light weight yet sturdy. Looks great too. Fantastic customer service. Delivered to ireland within 4 days of placing order .
  • review score 0 K Wright on 18 April 2013
    Fantastic service and was able to defer delivery to a day that suited me best.
    Always buy these scooters and can't fault them.
  • review score 0 kirstw on 17 April 2013
    Bought this as a 2nd b'day present for my little one. She's appears to love it although has found her own perculiar way of getting round on it at the moment - I'm sure this will become a little more conventioanl as she get's used to it.
  • review score 0 Leah godfree on 17 April 2013
    These little scooters are great, look smart and really well made. It's great that you can add extras too!
  • review score 0 Joanne mccullough on 11 April 2013
    Very fast efficient delivery and good price with discount even better. very pleased with scooter my 4 year old son loves it . did debate the maxi but I think this one is best suited for him as he is small and thin for his age and this one is perfect to start with.
  • review score 0 Scott Dickson on 09 April 2013
    Good item, speedy delivery
  • review score 0 lucy Holland on 08 April 2013
    Great product. Quick delivery, very happy!
  • review score 0 Rosie on 04 April 2013
    My elder son has the blue one so we were confident about the quality and jojo had the best price online. Delivery was really quick no issues at all great service. The scooter itself is a great practical toy very sturdy and durable my son has had his for vet two years and is still going
  • review score 0 Patrick Ainsworth on 04 April 2013
    Arrived quickly, well packaged, not cheap, but the best scooter I could find for a beginner.
  • review score 0 Clare Thompson on 03 April 2013
    I was really impressed by the efficient & professional service provided. The scooters have been a big hit! Thanks.
  • review score 0 Michelle Ladd on 02 April 2013
    Fantastic scooter, easy to assemble out the box the handle clips in to the scooter and you're off!!! So easy to steer too much easier than classic inline scooters. Would highly recommend :)
  • review score 0 Carl A Burbidge on 02 April 2013
    The second time I have purchased a Mini Micro, its well worth every single penny. My two girls love them, they are safe, funky, trendy and cool. They say you get what you pay for and you most certainly get more than you pay for with a Micro Scooter.
  • review score 0 Meg Hawkins on 29 March 2013
    I placed my first order and was really impressed that the goods arrived the next day! I received an e mail giving me an hours delivery slot and the timing was spot on.
  • review score 0 Joanna Eustace on 25 March 2013
    Bought the blue scooter for our grandson's birthday in a few weeks time. Last year I purchased a pink one for our granddaughter and she absolutely loves it! It is really good quality at a good price. It was delivered very quickly.
  • review score 0 sue burney on 25 March 2013
    Great little scooter for my 2yr old, she tried her brother's maxi scooter and it was too big for her, this is perfect. Great offer too. Thank you.
  • review score 0 April on 25 March 2013
    Excellent product! My 3 year old loves it and 'Scotty' has hardly left her side since getting it. It is lightweight so she is able to carry when needed and is small and compact to be popped into the car. Excellent service from JoJo as usual, quick and efficient.
  • review score 0 Inga Jones on 25 March 2013
    Great piece of kit - sturdy, well made, a smooth ride for our 3-year old, who is slowly learning how to use it - fantastic reaction to this particular birthday present! Probably will be back for more for one for her sister. And by far the cheapest price around, including free and quick delivery. Thanks!
  • review score 0 Bernard Cleary on 21 March 2013
    We bought our granddaughter one of these scooters 2 years ago for her 3rd birthday.
    Her younger brother discovered it 3 months ago when he was 21 months old and, within a week had mastered it so....after much pestering we've bought our grandson one of his own for his 2nd birthday. You might say he's a bit young for this,but try telling him that !
    He loves it and we love seeing him enjoy it.
  • review score 0 Lewis on 21 March 2013
    Great product, we'd bought one previously and there was no contest when deciding to get another. Front two wheels make them so much more stable than most other scooters, my 2 year old can manage it fine and it's recommended for 3yrs up.

    Arrived promptly, and the kids absolutely love them.
  • review score 0 Marta Dunning on 18 February 2013
    I shopped around before I purchased the Mini Micro Scooter from Jojo Maman bebe. I't the cheapest option on the net and it's free p&p.
    Ordered on Thursday, delivered Saturday morning. Super service. The scooter is great too. Well recommended.
  • review score 0 Emma on 05 February 2013
    Bought two of these for 4 year old and 2 year old, and both love them. They seem easy to use, even my 2 year old is starting to get the hand of it after just one outing. They are sturdy and easy to put together. Great service, and cheaper here than anywhere else I found online.
  • review score 0 Emma on 03 February 2013
    Fast delivery and resonably price.d
    The scoote is really good, took our daughter a while to get the hang of it but now she has she loves it (she's 4)
  • review score 0 Z Humphrey on 29 January 2013
    Bought for my 2.5 year old. Within a couple of minutes she really had the hang of scooting around and is really loving it. Fast delivery, really easy to assemble and I feel it is well worth buying this brand over some of the cheaper alternatives.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wright on 29 January 2013
    Fantastic scooter. My 21 month old is already beginning to get the hang of riding it. We had to buy one for him as his older sister already has one and he always wanted to ride it! Very lightweight so easy to carry when little ones have tired legs.
  • review score 0 maxine on 28 January 2013
    Not had the chance to scoot outside due to snow but a great scooter fro around the house! bought for my 2 year old son, just the right height. I'm sure he'll enjoy this for month to come.
    Great service as always from jojo, fast delivery and competitive pricing.
  • review score 0 Hardeep Pottinger on 23 January 2013
    Fab for my 3 year old who was desperate to scoot but couldn't quite get her balance yet. She loves it :)
  • review score 0 Lisa Doel on 22 January 2013
    Fantastic. Light, easy to assemble, clean and carry. My two love them. Worth saving up for. My 3 year olds took a few days to get the hang of them but now whiz around everywhere. Don't buy any other scooter. Ps get the carry strap too that's great as well.
  • review score 0 Lorraine on 22 January 2013
    Got this scooter for my 4 year olds birthday and its fantastic for him, it is his 1st scooter and I feel its very safe for him to ride to nursery
  • review score 0 R Coombes on 19 January 2013
    Brilliant! Super easy to assemble and so much better than any other scooter we've bought- worth the money.
  • review score 0 HappyShopper on 18 January 2013
    Very pleased with the service provided. The scooter arrived within the emailed hour slot - very impressive! Our little girl had a big smile on her face when she opened it and as soon as the handle bar was clicked into place she jumped on! As she is only just 2 our plan is to let her practise indoors over the winter and hope she is then confident enough to zoom along the seafront in the summer. Would definately use JoJo Maman Bebe again.
  • review score 0 Michelle on 16 January 2013
    Just bought these for my twins and they love them. So easy to carry too and the pull straps are a wicked assessory
  • review score 0 Suke on 10 January 2013
    Bought this for my 2.5yr old for Christmas. So far am getting her to practice using it indoors before we venture outside. Takes some getting used to but think she will really enjoy herself once she masters it.
  • review score 0 Christine on 04 January 2013
    Very easy to assemble, light and easy for our 3 year old to use. Quick delivery too.
  • review score 0 J de la Coze on 03 January 2013
    Cheapest deal around and very quick service.
  • review score 0 J Perrone on 02 January 2013
    Great scooter, my 2.5 year old loves it and is already getting the hang of scooting. A bit pricey but the quality shows, and I got it cheaper on the JoJo site than anywhere else I could find!
  • review score 0 Liz Reading on 02 January 2013
    Excellent service, efficient and accurate. it arrived exactly on time and was just what was ordred!
  • review score 0 melanie on 01 January 2013
    We bought this scooter for our nearly 3 year old. He says 'its a bit wobbly' however, this is because it turns differently to cheaper scooters which he will find better when he goes out on it and uses it properly. Also by having one wheel at the back, his foot won't keep getting caught on the back wheels. A friends child has this scooter and he rides so much easier on it than on other scooters which is why we chose this one.
  • review score 0 Hayley on 31 December 2012
    Bought this for my 2.5 year old son for Christmas, thought he might be a little too young as the recommended age is 3 but he loves it! He is average height and the handle bar is at just the right height, nice and lightweight, easy for them to maneuver, and for me to carry when he gets too tired! Great buy and great quality, would recommend.
  • review score 0 Freya on 31 December 2012
    My daughter loves it very much. It very stable and easy to be controlled. Very good quality!
  • review score 0 Wes Guy on 29 December 2012
    An excellent product. Well manufactured. Good value for money.
  • review score 0 Sam on 29 December 2012
    Fantastic scooter which is so easy for my two year old to use. Don't need to worry about it falling over and the two front wheels allow for easy scooting. Highly recommended and worth the extra price.
  • review score 0 Aimee on 29 December 2012
    Excellent! Really can not fault this scooter. I spent months reading reviews on all different types of scooter as my little boy wanted one for Christmas and this has certainly lived up to the wonderful reviews it has already had.
  • review score 0 Brian Robb on 27 December 2012
    Ordered and delivered so quickly, constant emails advising on order progress. A good quality scooter that left my daughter with a huge smile on her face on christmas day.
  • review score 0 Celina on 26 December 2012
    Very pleased with this scooter (as was my daughter). My 3 year old is still a little hesitant with the steering of it, but she is getting the hang of it.
    Great price and also had a discount code for it...cheapest one on the internet!
  • review score 0 charlie on 26 December 2012
    Bought for my 3 year old son, Great sturdy Scooter, well worth the money. Easy to use, as super light weight great for sticking on your buggy if you have another child!
  • review score 0 Joanne Parkin on 20 December 2012
    Delivery service was excellent, very quick and i received regular updates on delivery date and time slot. There are options on the emails to change delivery date which are useful and i was impressed the parcel arrived within the designated hour slot.
    Very competitive pricing for a good quality, highly recommended scooter and excellent delivery service.
  • review score 0 marie alford on 19 December 2012
    Such a good investment! Sturdy and well made, my children love them.
  • review score 0 Jo on 19 December 2012
    these scooters are just the best, so lightweight and easy to use, i wondered if the steering motion would be hard for my daughter to get used to, but within 2 minutes she was loving it and she's only just 3. Just brilliant
  • review score 0 Becky on 18 December 2012
    Bought the pink and blue scooter for my twins for christmas, really impressed at the look of the scooters and can't wait to see my twins faces on christmas morning as I know they will love them! Really fast delivery as always, also really pleased at the price compared with price elsewhere. Overall very pleased with my purchase and I'm sure my twins will have years of fun ahead with these scooters.
  • review score 0 Paul on 13 December 2012
    Great product and price. We'd been looking for this particular scooter but couldn't find it anywhere at this price (including postage). Super fast delivery as well!!
  • review score 0 Carol on 13 December 2012
    2 Bought for my twins they love they their sisters scooter and at 20months have nearly mastered the skill of using it. They are great for getting about with kids who are getting tired
  • review score 0 Emma on 13 December 2012
    Excellant product, can't wait for my daughter to unwrap on christmas day as just know she will be whizzing around the house on this. Delivery was extremely fast considering it is free
  • review score 0 Alison Darrington on 13 December 2012
    Bought this for my daughter's Christmas present because of all the excellent reviews, shall look forward to her using it! Delivery quick and very impressed that it arrived within an hour time slot. Also very easy to change the date of delivery.
  • review score 0 Val on 12 December 2012
    Have already bought 2 of these scooters for my Grandsons so keen to buy one for my youngest Grandson too! They are lightweight, very strong and will ride over any terrain! A real favourite for travelling to school and hook over the pushchair handle for the return journey if necessary. Very good service from Jo-Jo as always!
  • review score 0 rachael on 12 December 2012
    Very good quality scooter, worth the extra money!
  • review score 0 sheila dyer on 12 December 2012
    dont know yet as this is an xmas present
  • review score 0 emma on 11 December 2012
    Scooter is fantastic! It's lightweight, easy to carry, easy to manoeuvre and sturdy withought being heavy!
    There is a reason why it's one of the best selling scooters!!

    Service from JoJo was fantastic...highly recommend them!
  • review score 0 Maggie Culley on 10 December 2012
    2nd mini scooter I have bought. They are brilliant. Delivered very quickly from JoJo. Good price and excellent service.
  • review score 0 Phil Davey on 07 December 2012
    Excellent service & well priced item. Recommended.
  • review score 0 Michele sambridge on 06 December 2012
    I bought this scooter for my 3 year old daughter and she loves it. It is a great design, solid but flexible for easy steering. A great way to get your little one on the move without requiring too much balancing practice!
  • review score 0 Barclay Sinclair on 06 December 2012
    Very impressed, prompt timed advised delivery worked well
  • review score 0 Sharon on 05 December 2012
    Fantastic scooter. My little boy absolutely loves it!
  • review score 0 Sylvie on 05 December 2012
    I bought this one as a Christmas present so not open yet but I know from my friends is a great scooter and I am sure my daugter will love it.
  • review score 0 Catherine on 04 December 2012
    We love this scooter, my daughter has it and has done miles on the playschool and now school run on it. Well worth the expense!
  • review score 0 Catherine Cox on 04 December 2012
    Very good service. Was kept informed from receipt of order to delivery.
  • review score 0 joanna on 04 December 2012
    I ordered 2 scoters for my twins 3rd birthday. They love it. Quality is worth the money. They light and very well made.
  • review score 0 sandra taylor on 04 December 2012
    excellent value arrived quickly although they were moving warehouse.well packed it will make wonderful xmas pressie
  • review score 0 Katie on 04 December 2012
    Having waited for weeks for the correct delivery (after it was first sent to someone in the UK) this package has now arrived! Disappointed with JoJo delivery for the first time in many orders. Now we have to wait for my 2 year old's reaction when she gets it on Christmas day!
  • review score 0 Ping Zhang on 03 December 2012
    great fun for my 2 years old daughter.
  • review score 0 Sue Andrews on 03 December 2012
    A great scooter safe and well built I am sure my Grandson will love his christmas pressie
  • review score 0 Suzanne on 03 December 2012
    Bought this for my little one for her birthday, so it hasn't been opened up yet?
    I ordered when there was an offer with free delivery, I was impressed with the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 01 December 2012
    These scooters are fantastic! Bought this one as an xmas present for my 21 month old who is currently managing to get around ( but very very slowly) on her big sisters micro. Couldn't decide whether we should opt for the new seated one because of her age after reading reviews. Glad we didn't, though my daughter is very tall for her age so can reach handle ok.
  • review score 0 Laura on 01 December 2012
    An excellent scooter which both our girls love. This is the second one we've bought from Jo Jo Maman as it was such a hit with our eldest daughter. Would definately recommend it to others!
  • review score 0 Kelly on 30 November 2012
    Delighted with the Micro Scooter, my little boy loves it!
  • review score 0 Carolyne on 30 November 2012
    My little girl has been trying to pinch all the scooters she see in the park so we got one for her second birthday whichshe loves. It seems very sturdy and is easy for her to operate, although she has not yet got the hang of steering. I would definitely recommend this product but also a helmet to go with it for the inevitable falls. The delivery of the scooter was much slower than I expected, apparently due to relocating the service centre or something. This was not communicated until I called up chasing delivery in time for my daughter birthday. To be fait once I call delivery was arranged speedily and I have since placed a further order which arrived with the speed of service I associate with Jo Jo so hopefuly this was a one off.
  • review score 0 Liz on 30 November 2012
    We ordered the mini micro originally for our four year old but soon realised we needed the maxi micro for her. So guess what our two year old will open on Christmas morning now. As the price and service is excellent from Jo Jo we ordered the larger scooter through this site too. The scooters came quickly and to have a text telling you the precise hour the delivery is to be made was fantastic. We have shopped using Jo Jo for many years and no doubt will continue to do so. Cannot wait to see both of my daughters faces when the open their scooters!
  • review score 0 Clare Owen on 29 November 2012
    Great product, so easy for the little ones to use.
  • review score 0 Laura on 29 November 2012
    Great product and v quick delivery. Cannot wait to see little ones face when he sees his present!
  • review score 0 SH on 29 November 2012
    Love this scooter and so does my 2 year old! Easy to steer and balance on
  • review score 0 SH on 29 November 2012
    Love this scooter and so does my 2 year old! Easy to steer and balance on
  • review score 0 SH on 29 November 2012
    Love this scooter and so does my 2 year old! Easy to steer and balance on
  • review score 0 Ali M on 28 November 2012
    Great price, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Sure our daughter will love opening this on Christmas morning
  • review score 0 Emily on 28 November 2012
    My daughter loves this scooter - she's been borrowing her elder sister's pink one for ages and been asking for a blue scooter.
    We've previously had a rival 'first' scooter and my elder daughter struggled to use it. Both her and my younger daughter found the microscooter very easy to use. Despite the price, I'd recommend this brand over cheaper rivals.
  • review score 0 Lucy Macdonald on 28 November 2012
    Bought for Christmas, so my 2 and a half year old hasn't seen it yet, but was pleased with the good communications relating to a slight delay in delivery.
  • review score 0 Holly on 22 November 2012
    love this scooter, my 3yr old little boy and all his friends have one! The web site was easy to use. The delievery was quick with no fuss. Well worth the money! I will be buying from JoJo's again!
  • review score 0 Jess on 20 November 2012
    Fab item, very much looking forward to all three opening theirs Xmas dy? Speedy delivery well packed
  • review score 0 Lisa Gibbons on 20 November 2012
    Fantastic scooter at a great price.
    First time buying online from JoJo Maman, and would definately recommend. Easy process, great updates and even got a one hour time slot on the morning of delivery!
    Fantastic, thank you!
  • review score 0 G Parker on 19 November 2012
    A fantastic scooter, we have one for our son and now our 2 yr old daughter is desperate to get one so ordered one for xmas. Great price and outstanding service from JoJo.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wright on 14 November 2012
    Great scooter - really lightweight, easy to assemble and I'm sure my 4 year old daughter will get used to riding it quickly having gone from a more traditional type of scooter.
  • review score 0 Ruth on 12 November 2012
    Brilliant scooter. My just 2 year old can manage it with ease! Good service and delivery as well.
  • review score 0 Jenny on 12 November 2012
    Fantastic service - very quick delivery. My Daughter loves it and at 2 years old, will be able to use it for a good while yet.

  • review score 0 Andrew Cartwright on 09 November 2012
    Great product and value from JoJo. Very quick no-fuss delivery service although packaging damaged which was a shame.
  • review score 0 Mary on 09 November 2012
    Thank you so much for your very prompt delivery and excellant customer service. Will definately use again.Bought for Granddaughter's birthday in December so have not been able to see scooter in action.
  • review score 0 Elena on 08 November 2012
    Great toy to keep your kids active. The handle bar is very sturdy so the scooter goes very smoothly even over bumps. Wheels glide very nicely and breaks are easy to apply. Excellent good quality product for a toddler.
  • review score 0 Lizzy on 07 November 2012
    Fantastic service from JoJoMamanBebe - scooter arrived very quickly.
    Daughter absolutely loves it and its best present yet !
  • review score 0 Sarah Steeples on 07 November 2012
    We bought a different scooter in error at first for our 3 year old's birthday, thinking we were getting a bargain. She couldn't use it and cried at the side of the rode. Not good and a waste of money. So we splashed out and bought the mini micro. Absolutely brilliant. She can pick it up, move it along and glide no problem. She is so happy and so are we. We bought it online with Jojomamanbebe and it was so easy. We had a discount voucher. Free p p. Great service. They text to say when it would arrive within the hour! Brilliant. We will definitely use them again.
  • review score 0 Amy on 06 November 2012
    Prompt service and a great price. Thanks
  • review score 0 Colin Stewart on 06 November 2012
    Never used JOJO Maman Bebe before but was delighted to pick up one of these micro mini scooters cheaper than anywhere else. Easy to place order and recieved scooter quickly. Service receievd would very much make me use this JoJo again.
  • review score 0 Lucy Cliff on 31 October 2012
    After lots of hints from my 2 and a half year old, I finally relented and bought this mini scooter from Jo Jo Maman. It was well worth the money and was delivered promptly. My little girl loves it and has already mastered the "push, push, glide" technique!
  • review score 0 Nica on 31 October 2012
    The Mini Micro scooter is an absolute must have for any active 2 to 4 year old. It is my daughters most treasured possession and she has learnt to be quite a whizz in it. Great for co-ordination, and fine motor skills especially when learning to use brake and turning on it.
  • review score 0 s crow on 28 October 2012
    very fast and officient service by jojo maman bebe. lovel scooter, possibly the most suitable for younger children
  • review score 0 nc on 26 October 2012
    excellent design, fun, lightweight - i was delighted with swift delivery and the fact it was free!
  • review score 0 Sara on 26 October 2012
    Definitely the best scooter around for 2-5s. Sturdy enough to give them confidence and so cool they'll be the envy of their friends
  • review score 0 Sha Leach on 25 October 2012
    Very quick delivery, excellent quality. My Grandson loves it and finds it easy to use. Would definitely recommend to others.
  • review score 0 C McLeod on 25 October 2012
    Delivered promptly, well wrapped
  • review score 0 E Russell on 24 October 2012
    Surely the best scooters out there! Money very well spent. I can enjoy a brisk walk while my daughter happily keeps up rather than dragging her heels!
  • review score 0 Mark Hales on 15 October 2012
    Fantastic scooter at a great price. My little boy loves it! Very stable and will provide him with hours of fun.
  • review score 0 Gilead on 13 October 2012
    delivered promptly as a 4th birthday present; new owner took a little while to work out the steering method (tilting) - but not too long - and satisfied
  • review score 0 Gemma Heginbotham on 10 October 2012
    This is great, my little girl loves it, really easy for her to handle. Thank you JoJo!
  • review score 0 Nicole de Wert-Wightman on 08 October 2012
    Was a little worried at first about spending so much money on a scooter when you can buy much cheaper options but I should have worried! Practically no assembly required which is fantastic and the kids were off! No problems with steering and they are so lightweight compared to others I've seen. Wonderful product and I would fully recommend to all, was rather left hoping it came in Mummy size!
  • review score 0 nicki on 05 October 2012
    Have just purchased the blue one for my two year old. Has been attempting to use his big brother's one and is now ready for his own! Absolutely fabulous, best scooter on the market. So easy for them to use. Both boys (6) and (2) love them. Just wish they and all the accessories were bit cheaper!
  • review score 0 Megan on 05 October 2012
    Fantastic scooter. I have one in pink and blue and couldn't be more pleased with my purchases! Greatly recommend these to anyone!
  • review score 0 Liz Thurlby on 04 October 2012
    Great service , great product.
  • review score 0 Anita Ide on 04 October 2012
    great scooter!! This is the second one i have purchased as my little girl keeps using her older brothers to his annoyance. Great design and build quality, and they find it easy to push along and steer. Excellent service, with fast delivery.
  • review score 0 Julia Rudland on 03 October 2012
    A light easy to steer scooter, which my little one has taken to very easily and quickly.
  • review score 0 Caroline Greenfield on 03 October 2012
    I must say I was really impressed with the service and communication from your company. I have always bought micro scooters for my children, so knew what to expect from this product. It maybe more expensive than some three wheel scooters but definately worth the money.
  • review score 0 Abbi Singer on 03 October 2012
    A great scooter which my two year loves, an ideal birthday present.
  • review score 0 Gary on 01 October 2012
    Excellent !!!My daughter love it!She takes it everywhere
  • review score 0 Reenebean on 27 September 2012
    After a lot of research bought this scooter for my daughters birthday, she just turned 3. She previously had a scooter with 3 large wheels and as soon as she tested this one she said " Wow I go fast"! She hasn't got the hang of leaning to the side to turn quite yet, but we haven't been out for her to scoot free! Delivery and Price were fantastic :)
  • review score 0 nessa on 27 September 2012
    my little girl ( nearly 5) really wanted a scooter, so we chose a Mini Micro after hearing good things from friends. It is a nice product, BUT smallish for a tall 4 year old, with a non adjusting height option on the steering pole. Shame. Guess its to encourage you to buy the next size up! She still hasn't quite mastered the swively wheel steering system yet either, was used to the handle bars turning her old one. we'll get there though!
  • review score 0 Tammy Penny on 26 September 2012
    Fabulous scooter. Having looked into many I think ths is the best out there. Once children get used to the act that they have to lean to steer they are off and my two love it! Even my 19 month old can do it!
  • review score 0 Katerina on 26 September 2012
    I have bought the micro scooter for my son's second birthday. Although the scooter says it is from 3 it took my son literary only a couple of minutes to get himself comfortable and ready to ride. Great item, Swiss design is worth every penny.
    Jojo M. B. dispatched and delivered on time - great service, great product.
  • review score 0 Hristina Stoyanova on 25 September 2012
    I got this for my 22 months old daughter and only after 1 day of lurning, she was able to push it on her on. the scooter is very good quality and worth every penny. highly reccomend
  • review score 0 Alison Farrell on 25 September 2012
    Great scooter. Have only just received it but my daughter (just 3) seems to have got the hang of it fairly quickly. She just needs to master the turning. This was recommended to me as although expensive you get what you pay for compared to cheaper scooters on the market.
  • review score 0 allieh on 24 September 2012
    Got this scooter for my 2 year old in May and she loves it. It took her a couple of weeks to master the steering but she whizzes around on it and loves it. It's great for getting her places quickly when she doesn't want to go in the buggy. I also have the strap to pull her along when she's tired. A fab purchase all round.
  • review score 0 Prabha Patel on 24 September 2012
    Fantastic buy!! My 4 year old son loves his scooter, its so light and easy to use. Its a god send for school runs!
  • review score 0 Jane Duffy on 24 September 2012
    I bought the scooter for my 2 year old granddaughter and although she hasn't yet mastered the art of steering, she really enjoys playing on it.
  • review score 0 Lisa on 19 September 2012
    My 3 year old loves this scooter and finds it easy to use. A good buy which has mad my wee boy very happy!
  • review score 0 Louise melillo on 19 September 2012
    Bought this scooter for my 2 1/2 year old daughter, she absolutely loves it and will not put it down. It is excellent quality and daughter learnt how to ride it very quickly. We cannot leave the house without it!!
    Definitely worth the money every child should have a mini micro scooter! I also bought the scoot n pull which comes in handy when she gets tired!
  • review score 0 Mr K Butcher on 18 September 2012
    I ordered this for my young granddaughter's birthday. She hasn't got it yet as it's not until October however, it arrived within two days of ordering. I only had the standard delivery as I had so much time but was really pleased with the service. I definately will use this company again. Excellent, keep up the good work.
  • review score 0 Mara on 17 September 2012
    I bought this for my 2 year old for her birthday. I know it says it's for 3-5 year olds but she has been using her brothers one for the past 6 months and is already quite good at riding it!! She loves the girly pinkness of it and having her own one.
  • review score 0 Kate Burn on 16 September 2012
    This is a fantastic scooter & worth every penny! Looks good and is very light I also purchased the scoot and pull which is great for tired kids and can be used as a strap for you to carry! Quick delivery and an email/text to say the time of delivery:) Jojomama never disappoint:)
  • review score 0 Sarah Deacon on 14 September 2012
    Excellent product everybody always ask where we bought it.
  • review score 0 eva on 14 September 2012
    mini micro scooter is the best !
  • review score 0 Mary-Ann on 13 September 2012
    I spent ages reading reviews on different scooter brands. Many of the reviews had said the same thing: buy a Micro, expensive but well worth it. So we bought a Micro mini scooter for my 2.5 year old son. He's still getting use to the scooter but he appears to like it. It's well-made, intuitive to steer using the handles and light-weight. So far, we are pleased with the purchase. I think it will be well used in years to come.
  • review score 0 Karen Redfern on 13 September 2012
    Brought the Mini Micro Scooter for my Sons 3rd birthday, and he absolutely loves it. Its very well made, and sterdy (unlike a slightly cheaper version you can get, where the foot plate seems to bend towards the floor). shame they only do pink and blue in the 50 price range (which seems a bit expensive anyway - but he adores it). i cannot believe the other colours orange etc are 60, and the black one is 95 !
  • review score 0 Rosie on 13 September 2012
    Great product, the clever turning and braking mechanisms meant my three year old twins were able to scoot independently after a few days practice.
  • review score 0 Jenny on 13 September 2012
    Excellent scooter we wished we had got it for our daughter earlier (we previously brought her a cheaper type of scooter which was much hard for her to use). She loves the micro scooter and whizzes along on it easily!
  • review score 0 c Davis on 06 September 2012
    Great price for this great scooter ! Quick delivery too.
  • review score 0 Mike Smyth on 06 September 2012
    The Mini Micro may be on the expensive side but it is worth every penny. Our eldest grandchild has used hers every day for 2 years and it's still going strong. We recently bought another for our 2 year old grandson and although it is designed for 3 - 5 year olds, he is loving it
  • review score 0 Ruth Storey on 06 September 2012
    Great scooter, ideal present for my daughter's 3rd birthday present. Top quality, wouldn't buy any other make.
  • review score 0 Claire Breward on 05 September 2012
    This is the second Mini Micro scooter I have bought from Jojo. The first being for my eldest son (who is now 4 and still enjoys whizzing around on it) and now for my other 2 year old son. It does state from 3 years and at first I thought he might be a bit small but he has no problem steering and scooting around on it. In fact he gives his older brother a run for his money! I would not recommend any other scooter for this age range. The Mini Micro is so well made and although we leave them outside all the time it withstands all weather conditions and is like new! Even our dog has tried to give it a good old chew and it is still indestructable, which is what I need having 3 boys! In all a worthwhile investment, don't buy any cheaper scooters they are not a scratch on the Mini Micro.
  • review score 0 Trina fraser on 05 September 2012
    Great Scooter very sturdy
  • review score 0 LH on 04 September 2012
    Fantastic scooter. Really sturdy perfect for my 3 year old. Love that it can be decorated with accessories. Fast delivery too.
  • review score 0 Lynn on 03 September 2012
    Excellent. Easy to assemble. Perfect size for my 2 year old (although my 5 year old keeps trying to pinch it!) Nice and sturdy. Hoping this makes school runs a bit easier as I'm never attempting it with bikes again!
  • review score 0 Dearbhla McDonnell on 29 August 2012
    Great scooter, one click to assemble..... Very secure and safe
  • review score 0 Glyn Harburn Jones on 29 August 2012
    Fast delivery. Little one has taken to playing with it straight away.
  • review score 0 Natasha on 28 August 2012
    I purchased a Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter in Pink for my 5 year old daughter! She was thrilled! And I was over the moon with the superb price and fab delivery speed. Thank you JoJo Maman Bebe! I will shop with you again!
  • review score 0 Josie Clark on 28 August 2012
    A fantastic scooter! I had previously bought my daughter a cheaper scooter but it was quite diffcult for her to use, I then decided to get one of these as I had heard great things about them. Both me and my daughter are delighted with it, she zooms along on it which makes walking anywhere much faster! Its also very durable as she has managed to bash into a few things with it and is very lightweight when carrying. Im very pleased with the purchase and its well worth the money! Best 50 i've ever spent!
  • review score 0 Sudhir Gupta on 24 August 2012
    Very impressed..specially with the customer service as the courier company was unable to deliver 3 times as noone was at home and we received call and email from jojo to confirm if we still require the items and how can it be delivered.

    thanks very much.
  • review score 0 Olympia Williams on 23 August 2012
    Great scooter - v smooth and quiet! my daughter loves it. Well worth the money.
  • review score 0 jane watson on 23 August 2012
    Very good delivery service, microscooter is excellent - my little boy has hardly stopped using it since he got it, definitely recommend
  • review score 0 Jayne on 22 August 2012
    A fantastic scooter. I bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday and she loves it. A much safer option than borrowing my son's 2 wheel scooter and nice and light to carry back up the hill!
  • review score 0 Lee-Anne Hall on 22 August 2012
    Fantastic Scooter. Easy to use and very light abd stable!
  • review score 0 Barbara Slater on 17 August 2012
    This scooter is the best one for young children,long lasting and durable. May appear expensive but well worth the money.
  • review score 0 Laura Lee on 03 August 2012
    A brilliant little scooter. The design of the scooter means that its difficult for young children to fall off. My daughter loves it. Fast delivery
  • review score 0 Joanne on 02 August 2012
    Fantastic little scooter, I want one for me now. Really well built and my nervous 3 year old got used to it in no time.
  • review score 0 Kelly wade on 23 July 2012
    Great little scooter my 4 year old loves it, really light as well to carry. Great purchase.
  • review score 0 Annette on 23 July 2012
    These scooters are fab, both of my children have one and although they are quite expensive they are well worth the money. With the 2 wheels being at the front they don't tip over very easily, they are very robust. I would highly recommend! Jo jo's offer a speedy delivery service too!
  • review score 0 Jessica Oversby on 21 July 2012
    This scooter is brilliant, I bought it for my sons 3rd birthday - as soon as he stepped on it he was off! Kids pick up great speed, so no lagging behind on the busy school run.
  • review score 0 Anna on 19 July 2012
    These scooters are great, my little girl absolutely loved it and it gives her a little bit of independence! Speedy service too, this was delivered very quickly!
  • review score 0 Bridges Family on 18 July 2012
    Lightweight yet sturdy little scooter. Really pleased with the design and quality. My daugher needed some help with learning to ride it but she was soon away!
  • review score 0 Lisa on 17 July 2012
    Bought as a birthday present, my son has one and uses it all the time. Great product and worth the money
  • review score 0 Kate Glenn on 16 July 2012
    My daughter is so delighted with her mini micro scooter. This was the cheapest price I found it and delivery was as speedy as my daughter is now!
  • review score 0 Michelle mulligan on 13 July 2012
    The micro mini scooter is the most sturdy one to buy this is the second time I've purchased this product for my sons. It's an excellent product to get you toddlers out of the buggy and to start enjoying excerise and play time. They are much easier to transport around when the kids get tried. Would definitely recommend this product as the best in the market place for anyone looking to purchase a scooter and found jojo the cheapest website.
  • review score 0 Dave on 13 July 2012
    I bought the pink mini micro scooter for my 2 and a half year old daughter as an early birthday present. These scooters are a lot of money but I have to say I am happy with the purchase. Excellent design, well made and sturdy. She loves it. She's still not quite mastered the steering but she's getting there! Great service from JoJoMamanBebe, and cheapest on the net!
  • review score 0 gj on 13 July 2012
    Fab item, well built and greatly received by our little ones.
  • review score 0 Suzann on 13 July 2012
    Wow what can I say but what a fabulous scooter. I was contemplating a cheaper lean and move scooter but I am thrilled with my decision to spend a bit more. We gave it to my 3 year old boy on his birthday, who never really would scoot well on his sisters other cheaper scooter. Well he has been flying around ever since. Within 2 days he can turn and brake and loves to spend all day on it. Plus with the free shipping to Ireland and discount code it was a fantastic purchase! Thanks
  • review score 0 Suzann on 13 July 2012
    Wow what can I say but what a fabulous scooter. I was contemplating a cheaper lean and move scooter but I am thrilled with my decision to spend a bit more. We gave it to my 3 year old boy on his birthday, who never really would scoot well on his sisters other cheaper scooter. Well he has been flying around ever since. Within 2 days he can turn and brake and loves to spend all day on it. Plus with the free shipping to Ireland and discount code it was a fantastic purchase! Thanks
  • review score 0 Gillian Mac on 12 July 2012
    Both my daughters and both of my nieces have the pink micro scooters, which they all love and would happily spend hours on. They are sturdy, easy to use and despite having faded a little, have withtood being outdoors for up to 2 years with no sign of wear and tear. With my son always ending up using pink eveything (the downside of having two big sisters I suppose!) I decided to order him the blue one for his birthday. Even though it's another 4 months til his birthday, I decided to be organised- I needn't have worried about delivery times: I palced my order late afternoon, received an email saying it was being dispatched within an hour and the item arriived, well packaged, the very next morning. Fantastic service as usual from JoJo Maman Bebe, all orders (of which I've placed a few!) have been of exceptional service and the products are always of high quality.
  • review score 0 kim on 12 July 2012
    Having bought this scooter for my grandson, I now have bought one for my grandaughter, with the pink Hooter, got 15 OFF! paid late afternoon and it arrived early the next day.
    Will defo recommend JoJo Maman! Thank you very much.
  • review score 0 SS on 11 July 2012
    Excellent scooter, very pleased with quality and also Jojo Maman babe service. Definately worth buying.
  • review score 0 Bella on 09 July 2012
    Fantastic scooter - have tried others & this is by far the best. Bought for my 4 year old but younger sister (2) can manage it too although I think it's too fast for her to be safe on it near roads. Excellent service from Jojo - delivered in the specified hour just a couple of days after ordering, thank you!
  • review score 0 Anna on 09 July 2012
    Fantastic scooter - my 2 year old totally loves this and it is very light to carry. Recommend getting the strap you can buy on here also for about 7 as it makes it easy to pull them along and also turns into a carry strap.
  • review score 0 Janie on 04 July 2012
    Really pleased with the mini micro scooter, and so is my 3 and 1/2 yr old son. He has quickly got used to leabing to steer the scooter, and it amazes me how fast he goes and balances really well. We have kitted him out with safety gear, of course.

    Great product and great service from JoJo Maman Bebe.
  • review score 0 Lisa on 04 July 2012
    Bought this for my 22 month old son as an early birthday present and he loves it! It is very sturdy and great on grass too so he can practice.
  • review score 0 K Westwood on 02 July 2012
    Fantastic little scooter. My daughter absolutely loves it.
  • review score 0 P Takhar on 29 June 2012
    Ordered this for my 3 yo daughter. She loves it. Really pleased with the product as well as JoJo Maman's service.
  • review score 0 Jane on 27 June 2012
    This scooter doubles the speed of your toddler! My daughter is just two and after a couple of tries on her Mini Micro Scooter is whizzing along very happily and demanding to go everywhere on her 'gooter'! Fantastic quality and in spite of the price - more than your average scooter - a very worthwhile investement!
  • review score 0 Sandra Uniacke on 26 June 2012
    Very happy with purchase. My 2 yr old grandson mastered the scooter quickly and just loves to ride alongside his older brother. Excellent customer service from Jojo Maman Bebe.
  • review score 0 Elzbieta Skubisz on 26 June 2012
    Great scooter, best for small children. The only one on the market where child can stand on it and easily handle it from the first ride.
    Thank you
  • review score 0 Mrs Louca on 26 June 2012
    After much research and questioning of parents in the park, I decided to buy the mini micro for my 2 year old daughter with money received for her birthday. It arrived very quickly and I had frequent emails from JJMB to confirm when sending out and delivering - very impressed! My daughter loves the scooter, but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet - only using indoors at the moment. I thought it might take a little while, but if purchased at 2, she'd get maximum use out of it! It seems very sturdy, easy peasy to put together - overall very pleased. Thank you!
  • review score 0 Soumely Madell on 23 June 2012
    This is great & light weight - there's a reason why all the kids have these
  • review score 0 Kim on 16 June 2012
    There is a good reason why this is the most popular scooter around town.. Great quality!
  • review score 0 Kim spencer on 16 June 2012
    Great little scooter, my daughter loves it! Great company to buy from too and they tell you an approximate time it will be delivered excellent!
  • review score 0 Jez on 15 June 2012
    I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for and this scooter did not disappoint.
    Quality is excellent, it can be repaired by us with full available spare parts and will hold it's resale value if needed.
    My daughter loves it and once outgrown I'll swap the base to a blue one for my son
    thumbs up!

  • review score 0 Robin Mundell on 14 June 2012
    Great scooter -well made and sturdy. Also excellent customer service from JoJo - they really pulled out the stops when the courier had issues and re-organised delivery with the minimum of Fuss.
  • review score 0 Mr mumtaz on 13 June 2012
    Excellent product best scooter by far my little one loves it. The scooter is lightweight and easy to manover. And looks good too!
  • review score 0 Kisdincus on 10 June 2012
    These scooters are great.A bit expensive though.
  • review score 0 bw84 on 08 June 2012
    Very excited to have this item delivered as a 'new baby' present for our 2yr old. He has tried friends micro scooters and can use it fairly well despite being below the age range recommended. He hasn't been given his own one yet but I'm very pleased with the quality and delivery time/ease. Lots of people have recommended these as the best quality and safest scooters.
  • review score 0 kate smith on 08 June 2012
    my 3yr old twin daughters love their micro scooters, and very quickly got the hang of them - they now zoom down the hill at great speed! Using the 15 discount voucher and free delivery made JoJo the cheapest place to buy them. brilliant!
  • review score 0 Damian Brothers on 07 June 2012
    Our three year old son loves his Micro scooter. The third wheel makes it sufficiently stable for him to build confidence whilst perfecting his balance and having fun. These Micros are well made and good value. I particularly like the steering which is natural & intuitive. Also I's like to mention the delivery; we needed to change the initial suggestion and this was achieved easily without fuss and the driver turned up bang on time. Highly recommended product and service 10/10
  • review score 0 CJR on 07 June 2012
    Fantastic quality, nice and light to carry and very impressive delivery service, not only super fast but give you a time slot so you know when to be in.
  • review score 0 laura on 06 June 2012
    An excellent product and worth every penny. I made the mistake of buying my son a cheaper scooter for Christmas but after several accidents, he won't go near the thing (it was made of metal!) This is robust yet light to carry and the steering is definitely the best feature. HIghly recommended ;o)
  • review score 0 Christine T on 05 June 2012
    We brought this for our daughters 2nd birthday and despite her being slightly younger than the recommended age range she seems to be quite happy pootling around in her own way. She has loved telling everyone about her 'gooter'. I am sure that as time goes on she will get more enjoyment out of this.
    We were going to buy the smaller version but in hindsight I am glad we didn't.

  • review score 0 Amanda Yarwood on 05 June 2012
    This scooter is brilliant. My 2 year old loves her "special scooter" so she keeps calling it. She has played with it a lot since we bought it for her. Definately worth a buy.
  • review score 0 Jne Warren on 05 June 2012
    Was recommended to buy this for my grandson age
    3 for his birthday. He was delighted and able to use it straight away. Your website was very easy to navigate which is always a plus. Thank you.
  • review score 0 Jax on 05 June 2012
    This was a birthday present for my 4 year old grandson. Initial fears that it might be too small for him were completely unfounded and he uses it constantly. He loves it - and so does his younger sister, so much so that I have now bought a pink one to give to her when she celebrates her third birthday.
  • review score 0 Debbie on 03 June 2012
    The rolls royce of kids scooters! My 2 year old mastered it very quickly and loves it. I have to run along side to keep up with him now! Highly recommended :-)
  • review score 0 Geraldine on 01 June 2012
    My sons love this scooter. Best present they've ever received. Just bought another for my godson. And at best price I could find. Highly recommend.
  • review score 0 LCook on 01 June 2012
    Great service. Purchased for my 2 year old, whose birthday it is soon. Am sure he will love it!
  • review score 0 LoriG on 31 May 2012
    Fantastic scooter! Bought for my 2 1/2 year old as her 4 year old sister has one already. She has mastered it in 2 days making my life easier, helping her join in with her sister and negating the pram at last! Highly recommended.
  • review score 0 Stellie on 30 May 2012
    Excellent little scooter very fast and safe for my 3 year old! Very quick delivery too!
  • review score 0 Nadia Husain on 30 May 2012
    Great Item - Great price - Great Delivery time!
    This is the second time we ordered a scooter from JoJo and both times the service and experiecne has been very smooth. 5 stars all round!
  • review score 0 hall-fiona on 30 May 2012
    i'm very thrifty so deliberated over this purchase for weeks, dont know why! 3 wheels and low design gives me and my 2yr old confidence. using the scoot n pull we can get from a-b in no time. dont hesitate over price - worth every penny.
  • review score 0 Jose Sluijs-Doyle on 29 May 2012
    Brilliant service and response to any questions. When do you get a delivery these days, within the indicated time-slot of just one hour! We were very pleased - and of course so was our daughter! This is our second scooter for her - the first one was a hand-me down - so when we needed a replacement - there was no question - we would get the micro-mini again!
  • review score 0 LJB on 28 May 2012
    Fast delivery and easy to track, one hour delivery slot was brilliant. Easy to assemble, looks good, my daughter is really pleased with it & had pretty much got the hang of it within a couple of hours. Really good product.
  • review score 0 Gill Wright on 26 May 2012
    Fantastic product up to now (although not yet given the time test!). This has to be the most quiet and smooth scooter on the market. Really impressed with JoJo's communication and speedy despatch.
  • review score 0 Claire on 25 May 2012
    Excellent product, great quality, my girls love it!
  • review score 0 SC on 25 May 2012
    Wonderful scooter. Our 2 year old is over the moon. She's just tall enough so it should last quite a while.
  • review score 0 Helen on 24 May 2012
    A really well built, sturdy scooter that was recommended to us. It is expensive but you will not find it cheaper elsewhere. Really easy to steer and use the brake, well worth the money!
  • review score 0 Karen Dunn on 24 May 2012
    These scooters are great for my boys. The design makes them ideal to use as they are very stable and it took very little practice for them to get to grips with using them. Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • review score 0 Harriet on 23 May 2012
    Bought this for my 2 year old as her sister already has one - great product and superb service from JoJo Maman Bebe. The delivery emails were great, keeping me informed so I knew exactly when it would arrive.
  • review score 0 Jane Clapinson on 18 May 2012
    This scooter was delivered straight to our little grandson as he lives in the south-east and we live in Somerset. It was, however, a great success and he spoke to me on the phone to thank me. He is 3. Many thanks JoJo.
  • review score 0 Sarah Reay on 18 May 2012
    Fantastic little scooter. I already had one for my 3 year old and decided to buy a second for my two year old as she can already scoot on her sister's scooter. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Ruth on 16 May 2012
    Fantastic - arrived really fast from JoJo Maman Bb and DPD courier tracking was excellent. Our 3 year old is having great fun and its the perfect scooter for him
  • review score 0 Sarah on 15 May 2012
    Bought this for my daughters 2nd birthday, yes it says from age 3 but she can scoot!! Ordered it late Monday night and it was with me by Wednesday lunch time!!
  • review score 0 Abbie Elliot on 15 May 2012
    Simple to purchase, very prompt delivery, product exactly as it looks on line, great quality, very happy customer
  • review score 0 Heather on 14 May 2012
    Bought this for my sone's 3rd birthday as his previous (lower quality) scooter had broken. Finds this much easier and can get up more speed. so far worth the money.
  • review score 0 Karen P on 13 May 2012
    Love this scooter, I bought the blue one for my son's 3rd birthday, he loveed it and so does my daughter, so have just bought her one for her 2nd birthda., At first I bought a pink 4 wheeled scooter for her that changes to 3 then 2 wheels, and when it arrived, I thought it was heavy and clunky, and could hurt her if it fell on her, so I returned that and got her a pink scooter the same as her brothers from Jojo. Great sevice, arrived very quickly so easy to assemble, you just pop in the handle bar and ready to go in about 1 minute. This is a great scooter, my son has used his daily for a year and loves it, its is light and I can easily push a double or single buggy and hang this off the handle bar, and now I can hang 2 off the handle if need be! The best scooter on the market. Please note it is for age 3 plus, but my daughter is quite large and had been using her brothers for some time so I was happy to go with this purchase for a 2 year old, anything elase would just be a waste of money.
  • review score 0 Jo on 11 May 2012
    Bought as a 3rd birthday present for my son. He was absolutely delighted with it. He immediately was able to stand on it and scoot along. The 3 wheels and no turn handle really makes it very stable - so much so my 16 month old can stand on the scooter and not topple off. Clearly well designed and made and hopefully will provide years of enjoyment.
  • review score 0 Suz on 11 May 2012
    Fab, prompt service. Brought for my daughter on her 3rd birthday. Really pleased.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Goody on 09 May 2012
    We bought this for our son's 3rd birthday - it's a great scooter, well built and easy to take apart into two pieces for transporting. Our son is really enjoying using it and got the hang of it very quickly. We were also impressed with the speed of delivery from JoJo Maman Bebe.
  • review score 0 WENDY BRADLEY on 09 May 2012
    This is one of the easiest websites to navigate and buy from - it took seconds. I had an immediate confirmation, the scooter was despatched within 12 hours and arrived safely at my daughter's address (instead of mine, which has happened with other companies!). The scooter is brilliant, my granddaughter loves it; all-in-all an A experience!
  • review score 0 mechelle on 08 May 2012
    Absoloutely fantastic scooter, after searching for weeks and reviews on all other scooters for my 4 yr old i came back to this one, so glad i did brilliant quality and easy for him to get used to. JoJo delivery and services was quick and second to none. would highly recommend.
  • review score 0 Tracy on 05 May 2012
    Bought a cheap scooter for my 2 year old and soon realised my mistake. This scooter is far less clunky and easy for him to ride.
  • review score 0 Eleanor on 04 May 2012
    Great Scooter. We have one for our daugher (now 4 1/2) and have just got one for our son (aged 3). It is nice and light weight, and goes fast enough to keep them having fun all day. Also, they can glide really easily with it - my sons previous scooter required lots of pushing, but this one rolls really well. Would def recommend, and will buy the older childs one when our 2 need it!
  • review score 0 Sarah on 04 May 2012
    Excellent product my daughter loves the scooter and has quickly mastered turning and using the brake. Excellent product worth the money.
  • review score 0 HS0809 on 01 May 2012
    Purchased both a pink and blue scooter online and delivery times were great! Managed to get a discount which was an added bonus. Kids love love love their new present :)
  • review score 0 HS0809 on 01 May 2012
    Purchased both a pink and blue scooter online and delivery times were great! Managed to get a discount which was an added bonus. Kids love love love their new present :)
  • review score 0 Katherine on 01 May 2012
    I was going to wait until my 2 year old was older to buy her a scooter, but she's been obsessed with them for a while now always wanting to go on other children's so thought I'd her with one now and put away for later if necessary.
    She absolutely LOVES it! It's great for her to learn to balance and she wants to take it everywhere with her.
    It's definitely her favourite toy!
  • review score 0 Mommy to Jake and Harry on 03 December 2011
    Brought this scooter when my son started nursery age 3 as i thought it would be a good way to get to school quicker!!. It worked, he absolutely loves it. He is now nearly 5 and still uses to and from school every day. Think ill be buying his younger brother one soon!. One of the best things ive brought. Worth every penny.
  • review score 0 Simon on 07 October 2011
    Bought one of these when my first son was 2 and a half and he loves it. Now buying one for my 20 month old to stop the arguments over who can ride it. He can already glide and turn!
  • review score 0 rachel chapman on 05 August 2011
    Fantastic, my 4 year old son is very pleased. Superfast delivery and great courier service. Many thanks
  • review score 0 rachel chapman on 04 August 2011
    Fantastic scooter my 4 year old loves it. Really impressed with quick delivery and up to date emails. Couriers were fantastic. Many thanks
  • review score 0 dominic on 30 May 2011
    rubbish they need to be cheaper and for each age
  • review score 0 Lucinda Williams on 22 May 2011
    I bought one for my daughter for her 2nd birthday and 2 years on she still loves it. I've just purchased another one for my other daughter for her 2nd birthday. I'm very excited to see her face when she sees she has her own and no longer has to beg her sister for a go...
  • review score 0 Sheila White on 06 April 2011
    I bought two of these little scooters for my grandchildren, Saskia ages 4 and Jake aged 2 and took them all the way to Perth Australia for their Christmas present. They were voted the best present and they spent hours on them scooting round and round. They both got the hang of how to turn corners very easily. I had origionally seen little children on them here in UK and asked some of the Mums if they were pleased with them . I got very positive answers from all hence my heavy baggage to Australia!!
  • review score 0 Sue on 26 July 2010
    These are great for getting liitle kids moving. I bought these scooters for two and half year old twins. Now I hardly use the double buggy. They took to them immediately and just knew how to steer them. However, a four year old who was used to a traditional scooter had trouble steering.
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Mini Micro Original Scooter

review score 4.969
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The perfect way to encourage your little one out of the buggy without you having to carry them.

  • 3-wheel design
  • Helps develop balance and co-ordination
  • Suitable for 3-5yrs or up to 20kg
  • Please note: discount codes are not valid with Micro Scooters

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