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Summer Infant Maternity Body Support Pillow

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  • review score 5 Gemma Finch on 27 July 2016
    This pillow is excellent. I did a lot of research on the best type to use for back pain and hip pain, and also if you tend to roll onto your back but trying to now sleep on your side as best for the baby. I found this to be the best one as it wraps round both your front and back.

    It can take a few days to get used to but keep with it. Also you need to flip it if need to roll over and sleep on the other side but you soon get into a groove of the easiest way to do that.

    I would strongly recommend this product.
  • review score 5 Caroline on 21 July 2016
    Best night sleep I've had since I found out I was pregnant. I usually sleep on my front but a certain tenderness, firstly highlighted that I was pregnant, but also prevented me sleeping on my front, I've not slept well ever since. At 20 weeks (despite having a tiny bump) I've been really struggling to get comfortable at night and constantly wake, I tried a pillow between my legs but to no avail. I've had this for two nights now and both times slept until my alarm woke me. This morning I'd rolled onto my back, but thankfully this pillow had prevented me rolling flat and I was still at quite an angle. I was skeptical but was at the point I'd give anything a go, I got this because of the multi-uses, at least then if it didn't work for sleep it wouldn't be a waste of money. I'm so glad I bought it. Only slight downside is that you can't get additional covers, but I plan to make one, should be easy enough...!
  • review score 5 Gaelle on 02 July 2016
    At 15 weeks pregnant I was having difficulty sleeping. After comparing several pregnancy/ maternity pillows I decided to give this one a try, and I was not disappointed at all! I have been sleeping much better since. I find it very comfy and easy to position the way you like. I would definitely recommend it!
  • review score 5 Robyn on 02 May 2016
    Following a review from someone who got this at week 12, now I can't sleep without it. Amazingly comfortable supportively snuggled against your back (keeping you sleeping on your side) and between your knees to take pressure of hips, knees and lower back. Do yourself a favour. Only downside is my husband's suggesting we need a bigger bed!
  • review score 5 Sam Adam on 27 April 2016
    Very comfortable; it does take up quite a lot of space in the bed but definitely helps with lower back discomfort.
  • review score 4 Susie on 21 March 2016
    A welcome relief for sleep! This pillow is great. It is flexible enough to move it to a position that is comfortable. The pillow is slightly under filled but I think that is good as you can move the filling to where you want it. The only negative is that because it does wrap around the body so much it can be hard to turnover - I would assume that would be the case with any kind of pillow like that.
  • review score 4 Nicola on 28 February 2016
    Been using the pillow since about 12 weeks (popped early). I tend not to use the pillow for my head (as have a cooling pillow), however, twist this around and use it to hug it. So many different ways to use the pillow. Really helped with falling asleep and I don't roll in night. The pillow cover can take a few minutes to put back on.
  • review score 5 Alana on 09 February 2016
    Top quality
    Lovely comfy pillow, takes a while to get used to positioning yourself on it but once settled I had the most peaceful nights sleep in ages . Good back support
  • review score 5 Emma SLEEMAN on 26 January 2016
    Very comfortable and must for any one who is expecting. I purchased one for a friend so bought one for myself. I wish I'd bought one before. I had a v pillow in my last pregnancy but this pillow despite it being a quite a bit more expensive is much more robust. Plus it can be used after pregnancy as a support for the baby whilst feeding.
  • review score 4 Unknown on 10 November 2015
    Provides extra comfort, has helped me sleep and prevents me from falling asleep on my back. However it takes up a lot of room and once in position you can't change sleeping positions easily. You'll only know if it works and suits you once you buy it yourself.
  • review score 5 Katy on 10 September 2015
    Fantastic!!! This pillow has made my sleepless nights a thing of the past. Its so comfortable & supportive. The fact that it can later be used for feeding & a little ones cushion makes it incredible value for money. Delivery was super quick too! Highly recommend to all.
  • review score 5 Marie on 09 June 2015
    Amazing pillow! I sleep now like a baby. Even my 16 months daughter like cuddle herself in it and have a look to her baby book.
  • review score 5 Ruth on 08 June 2015
    It took a little bit of getting used to, but now I love this pillow! So versatile and you can use it to support whichever bits of you are aching or in need of support. I've used it in between my knees as well as supporting my bump. Very comfortable and love the fact you can keep using it afterwards for the little ones!
  • review score 5 Ali Niven on 27 January 2015
    Wonderful asset to assure a good nights sleep. I've become a restless sleeper since my pregnancy.
    My husband is now having unbroken sleep, thanks to my support pillow, as my restlessness was encroaching on his sleep pattern.
    It keeps me comfortable and in a safe position throughout the night. It really does what it says on the tin and stops me rolling around without me being aware of its presence.
    I think I will use this after my pregnancy as its really comfy. I'm going to make a funky feeding cover for when the baby arrives.
    Prompt delivery, left with a neighbour.
  • review score 5 Emma periam on 16 January 2015
    This pillow is a god send! Until I had this pillow getting comfy while in bed was impossible now I can have a relatively undisturbed sleep. Love it!
  • review score 4 Lize on 17 November 2014
    Lovely pillow. Helps me get off to sleep really well. Sadly still have to wake up to turn over but keeps me in a side lying position much better. Also like that if is multipurpose. Zip doesn't get in the way when sleeping.
  • review score 5 Fififoll on 23 October 2014
    I haven't been sleeping well so far during my pregnancy, so I decided to purchase a support pillow. After looking around, I found this one, and was taken by it, as I am a mover in my sleep and a front / back sleeper.

    Although I do still wake up when I need to change sleeping positions, I am finding that I am sleeping for longer and not being woken up by the bub kicking me (I was moving onto my stomach a lot). It keeps me in the side sleeping position, and provides great support to the growing bump and my legs, and has enabled me to stay asleep for longer each night.

    The zipper in the middle of the doughnut (as I call it), enables me to expand / decrease the size where my bump goes, so makes it extra comfy. Plus, I can't feel the zipper when I am lying on it either.
  • review score 5 Clara on 16 October 2014
    very comfortable and I can finally sleep!
  • review score 5 Unknown on 26 August 2014
    Very comfortable
  • review score 5 Honeymum on 11 August 2014
    This pillow is a life-saver. I have had trouble sleeping since I was 16 weeks pregnant and now I can sleep without it. I recommend it to all my pregnant friends. Surely you could have a few pillows to do the job, but having all-in-one is just brilliant.
  • review score 5 Jacqueline on 24 July 2014
    Seems to fit my body and needs like a glove. So comfy and adaptable for helping sleep-filled night - have yet to use it with the baby; not due for a couple of months
  • review score 4 Beccy on 14 July 2014
    Makes sleeping much more comfortable and I am looking forward to using it for the other uses when my baby is born.
  • review score 4 Jodie on 09 July 2014
    As a body support pillow this wasn't for me, I think it would be great if you are the sort of person who doesn't move much in their sleep as when I first got into bed it was rather comfortable but if you move around alot like I do it's not great as it's so big and gets in the way so I gave up on it in the end.

    As a breastfeeding pillow it is absolutley fantastic!!! I swear this pillow is the reason me and my son got the hang of breastfeeding so quickly, it held my baby in the right position and made it so much easier for me to feed him, it took away alot of the stress of worrying that he was in the correct position as when you wrap the pillow round yourself you can lay the baby where the pillow overlaps which brings them to exactly the right height. Even though we only really used it for just over a week it was worth every penny for this reason. We do still use it sometimes if he wants a feed and I need to get ready and need my hands free. He also looks pretty comfy when he lays in it when it's curled up into a nest.
  • review score 4 Claire Morgans on 16 June 2014
    This was a godsend! Even though it did not keep me from rolling on to my back all the time. Most of the time it did. Was extremely comfortable made sleeping easier. Would highly recommend
  • review score 5 Bev Gough on 27 May 2014
    Bought this for my pregnant daughter who was having trouble sleeping Since purchase she has had the best nights sleep since the start of her pregnancy She is also impressed that it adapts to help with left right upper and lower body feeding and has an attachment to reshape in to a seat for a young baby I would say with this It is the best £45 I have ever spent
  • review score 4 Aish on 14 May 2014
    The best thing I bought throughout my whole pregnancy.
    Super comfy and has more than one way to position yourself around it, lightweight but sturdy! And useful for afterwards also :) only thing is I would if liked a spare cover or be able to buy additional ones
  • review score 0 Janine on 19 February 2014
    The stuffing does need pushing back in place every couple of nights but really does wedge me on my side comfortably and stops me rolling onto my back. I'm sure it will be great for nursing too when little one arrives.
    Be good to have a more exciting cover though and be warned once you are wrapped in it getting out to go to the loo in the night does require a bit of effort to unwrap your legs quickly!
  • review score 0 Joanne Denovan-Smith on 21 January 2014
    Having bought this a couple of weeks ago, it has been a godsend. I have been sleeping really well because this pillow gives you the support where you need it and can be squided to fit your growing tummy. Great purchase!!!
  • review score 0 Nicola Hall on 20 January 2014
    I bought this a few weeks ago when I couldnt sleep and am SO glad I did. It curves beautifully around my pregnant body while I sleep and has made all those niggles go away - my head, boobs, tummy, knees and back are all supported. I didn't buy a cover which i am still unsure if I need, but other than that LOVE this product and would recommend to anyone pregnant out there struggling to sleep - plus it will double as a feeding cushion for my baby!
  • review score 0 Suzi O'Neill on 02 January 2014
    Brilliant product, my daughter is delighted, she now can sleep at night. Prompt deliver too!
  • review score 0 Collette Martin on 20 December 2013
    I bought this for my pregnant sister half a world away so I could at least give her some support through her pregnancy and she LOVES it!!She had been nervous about rolling onto her bump when sleeping but now it's supported and she gets a great nights sleep!
  • review score 0 Emily on 02 November 2013
    Absolutely fantastic buy! I can highly recommend it!
  • review score 0 anita sandhu on 25 October 2013
    I was in complete discomfort trying to start to sleep on my left side due to the pregnancy growth. After at least 5-weeks of sleepless nights, and tired days, I ordered support pillow. From the first use, I felt the benefits. I love it, recommend it, and wish that I had ordered before waiting 4-5 weeks. Enjoy! p.s. as hubby is sleeping in the spare room, as I need more room, the hugging element in the pillow makes connection feel as if you have someone/something to hug at night.
  • review score 0 Fi on 14 October 2013
    This is heaven. so comfortable and supportive. I find I sleep really well with the pillow and am able to be really comfortable sleeping on my side. I used to sleep on my front, clearly not an option anymore. Also really good as it takes up a lot less of the bed than pillows surrounding me. I find if I am away from home now without it I really miss it and get a much worse night's sleep. Totally recommend, I wouldn't be without mine
  • review score 0 Lydia on 10 October 2013
    I love this pillow, it makes more a much more comfortable nights sleep. Although baby is not yet here it's also good to know it can be used as a feeding pillow and coiled up to sit baby in. The only problem I have with it is stopping my husband from pinching it when I get up to go to the bathroom in the night!
  • review score 0 T L Hollingsworth on 01 October 2013
    My daughters multi purpose maternity body support pillow arrived today she cannot wait to go to bed tonight.
  • review score 0 Ella Hastie on 12 September 2013
    I had been having great trouble sleeping until I bought this cushion. It's so comfortable and has really helped me. I researched a lot of options before deciding on this one and I'm positive I made the correct choice.
  • review score 0 Keith Paterson on 04 September 2013
    My wife is not expecting but she tried our daughter's pillow who is and found it supported her neck when sleeping very well. Since using it regularly she no longer wakes in the morning with creaking back and neck. An excellent product but not used as expected by JoJo Mamaen Bebe.
  • review score 0 Susana on 11 July 2013
    This is a super pilow, I had been having some problems with my back for sleeping, and now I simply hug it, put one of my legs on top and sleep again like a baby. It can be a little hot if the weather is hot, but nothing to suffer about.
    Really love it!
  • review score 0 Patrick on 03 April 2013
    I purchased the pillow for my wife who was having difficulty sleeping. Since she started using the pillow she has had no difficulty getting to sleep. The pillow is unbelievably comfortable. It's a little cumbersome in the bed as it takes up a lot of space but the benefits far outweigh the one negative.
  • review score 0 Linda D on 30 March 2013
    At first I was so thrilled with this pillow, so unbelievably comfortable. However unless you stay in one position the whole night its not great. If you want to turn over, you have to sit up and maneovere the entire pillow to the other side and because of its change its like wrestling an alligator! After 6 weeks all the stuffing fell to one end meaning it was all flat at one side and didnt support anything, then it burst at the seam in the middle. Very very disappointing.
  • review score 0 Kate Roberts on 30 March 2013
    Absolutley love this product! The versatility for use following pregnancy makes this a great value competitor against the other pillows on the market, very pleased I chose this one.
    Has definately helped with getting comfortable both on the sofa and in bed, can't wait to use for nursing and a nest when baby arrives.
  • review score 0 Jeccie on 01 February 2013
    A great product.I bought it for almost 2 years ago.I used it alot during pregnancy and our daughter is 21 mnths and she is using the pillow daily.Will highly recommend.
  • review score 0 victoria on 02 January 2013
    This pillow is great. It is very supportive and has really helped with my sore hips and back. Only problem is that it can be difficult to roll the pillow over. Would definitely recommend this product. It is a cuddle in a pillow!
  • review score 0 Kathryn Brown on 01 January 2013
    I purchased this pillow at 24 weeks after struggling with a large square cushion in between my legs at night time which didn't seem to help my sore back and hips. For me, this is the best purchase of my pregnancy and I can't believe I didn't invest in it sooner! I've been sleeping so well at night since and it's been a huge help when I haven't been able to get comfortable sitting on a sofa - I just arrange it into the curled doughnut shape and plonk myself in the middle! Perfect back support! It is a long pillow but it doesn't take up too much space in bed and hubby has even started stealing it when I get up out of bed for a couple of minutes for a mid-night loo trip! Really looking forward to using it for feeding and baby cushion-seat when baby arrives in 3 months. It comes in a thin cream-coloured pillow case which is removeable and washable. An utterly fantastic support pillow, can't recommend it high enough!
  • review score 0 Rachel Williams on 30 December 2012
    Amazing comfy pillow, perfect for bump and me
  • review score 0 Jane on 09 December 2012
    Excellent product, best nights sleep Ive had in ages!
  • review score 0 Hannah Cooper on 16 October 2012
    This product took a bit of getting used to but now I think it's great. I had sore hips at night time and now if I use this I don't get bothered by them at all.
    Turning over is interesting but I find I sleep so soundly with it that I don't need to toss and turn as normal.
  • review score 0 Catherine on 09 October 2012
    Pillow arrived quickly which was great. It has made a huge difference to comfort during sleeping. It is worth practising rolling over with it before you actually go to sleep with it for the first time, if you don't stay on one side all night. Looking forward to using it with the baby once it arrives in 2 months.
  • review score 0 Susan on 24 September 2012
    This pillow was dispatched very quickly and arrived on time for my customer. She's very happy with it
  • review score 0 Emma on 12 September 2012
    A versatile pillow that can be used during pregnancy, nursing and for baby. It is comfortable and the fact it can change shape means that it can be used in a variety of different positions. It supports you whilst sleeping in the optimal side position. However, it would be even better if back support was incorporated into the design. In addition, it would be good if it came in different designs or prints.
  • review score 0 Lucy on 17 July 2012
    After several weeks propping myself up with a variety of cushions and pillows with limited sucess and sleep I gave in and bought one of these pillows. Easily the best 45 I've spent in a long time, good sleep once you've mastered turning over with it (about one night), still enough room in the bed for hubbie and being able to use it as a baby nest/feeding support/toddler seat after birth!
    I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • review score 0 Simon on 13 June 2012
    I bought one of these for my partner as she was having trouble sleeping (24 weeks). It was a bit of a disappointment on a few levels. Firstly it doesn't look particularly attractive and is a slightly off-white. It could do with a pillow case but doesn't come with one and I've no idea where you might get one from. Secondly it's not that soft. I don't think the filling is of great quality. Basically she didn't get on with it so it'll probably only get used when the baby comes. She refers to it as 'the anaconda'!
  • review score 0 Tamsin on 19 May 2012
    I ordered this as it looked very versatile and so seemed better value than the Dream Genie, which I'd also considered buying. However it was a lot bigger and bulkier than I'd expected. I tried lying down with it, but it seemed to curve well up my back and I couldn't imagine being able to tuck it under my bump to support it as I get bigger (I'm now 24 weeks). I have decided to return it.
  • review score 0 Jody richmond on 26 December 2010
    Too bulky in bed and gave me a crick in my neck. No good for helping you get a comfy sleep
  • review score 0 Saira Stringer on 03 November 2010
    I bought one of these for my first pregnancy and found it improved sleep and comfort no end. I'm now buying a second as my son, now one, uses the pillow daily as a seat and I don't think it's fair to steal it back now I'm pregant again! A great buy, worth every penny.
  • review score 0 Jess on 12 September 2010
    fantastic support, and a great nights sleep instant results. So happy I have found this.:)
Product Info

Summer Infant Maternity Body Support Pillow

review score 4.692
B6299 45.00

A comfortable sleeping position is not easy to find in later pregnancy without total body support.

  • Bestselling product
  • Suitable for use during pregnancy and beyond
  • Ideal for use as a baby nest
  • Use with older children as a comfy, lightweight chair
  • Can be used as a nursing pillow
  • Removable washable cover
  • Diameter when coiled 70cm

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