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Mumbucks Motivating Award System for Kids

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  • review score 5 Alison Hunt on 12 September 2014
    Fantastic!!!! Wish I'd bought them ages ago, my son will do anything for a mum buck!!!!
  • review score 5 Simon Cattell on 27 June 2014
    As a father of 4 children we use Mumbucks with our youngest child (Daughter 8) and having used various star charts in the past which worked for a couple of days Mumbucks is fantastic. She avidly works hard to get the rewards and now knows about saving and spending - cause and effect and just loves them. Am about to make my second trip to the Zoo (she loves monkeys) as she has reached the next target. Can't recommend them enough to all parents, great idea and really good fun.
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Mumbucks Motivating Award System for Kids

review score 5
D3253 0.00

Modernise the way you reward and encourage your child's good behaviour.

Move over naughty step, goodbye golden stars, Mumbucks is the brand new reward system that truly works. A fun and motivating way to encourage good behaviour, educate and discipline. The Mumbucks system is created around realistic looking note based currency which is EARNED for good behaviour, SAVED for special treats and TRADED for time towards doing favourite activities. Mumbucks comes in a beautifully presented box and includes 82 notes of different denominations, and a reward chart to monitor success. The product provides families with a toolkit to create a positive, effective, and light-hearted parenting approach that can be incorporated into everyday family life.
  • 82 notes of different denominations
  • Set your own value to each note
  • Allows your children to save up for special treats
  • Notes can be traded for time to do special activities
  • Flexible system that can be adapted to your own family priorities
  • Ideas to get you started
  • Fun system children will enjoy taking part in
  • Convenient and easy - keep Mumbucks in your wallet

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