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Munchkin Microwave Steriliser Bags 3-Pack

review score 4.5
A5569 3.50 WAS: 5.00 Reviews (24)

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  • review score 5 Alice on 14 January 2016
    Quick and easy to use. Compact to store. Ideal to leave at relatives houses.
  • review score 5 Sarah Handley-smith on 29 May 2015
    Great idea and practical for taking away. However, as others have said they only fit
  • review score 5 Kelly on 25 November 2014
    A revolutionary product, ideal for a holiday when you're tight on space. Only fits 1 tommee tippee bottle at a time. Would definitely recommend this to a friend.
  • review score 4 Fi on 15 September 2014
    Great for holidays although expected them to hold more than 1 bottle at a time.
  • review score 5 Rachel on 28 August 2014
    Bought these for a friend, she thought they were great and wished she had bought these instead of her steriliser which she had hardly used.
  • review score 5 MRS C EWART on 11 June 2014
    These bags are really useful for travelling/holidaying parents and for grandparents to have on hand when new babies come visiting ~ and they take up minimum space!!
  • review score 5 Emily on 13 May 2014
    Very useful product . Great for holidays away
  • review score 2 Katie Jane on 03 May 2014
    I bought these for holiday hoping I would be able to sterilise 2 bottles at a time (I have the standard 260ml Avent bottles) but unfortunately could only fit one in. Good idea but the bags need to be bigger.
  • review score 0 Sally on 12 March 2014
    These are really useful for sterilising things to take out in the changing bag. You can sterilise in the microwave then pack straight into the changing bag.
  • review score 0 Trevor Phillips on 07 January 2014
    Very useful and easy to use. Saved a lot of hassle of having to pack lots of equipment.
  • review score 0 Rosie on 12 November 2013
    Really handy when away and don't want to take the whole steraliser. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 08 June 2013
    Great service and delivery as always, but the bags are smaller than others on the market, so I won't be able to get as much in as I hoped which means these reusable bags won't last as long as other brands.
  • review score 0 CAROLINE on 10 May 2013
    Bought these as I know my sister found them very useful , she used them at home for just doing individual bottles

    Must say thought that I have recently seen them in asda for 3 - though I am happy to pay the premium to get them delivered , which saves a lot of hassel!
  • review score 0 Kirsteen on 22 September 2012
    Really quick and easy to use and take up no room in your luggage - ideal for holidays!
  • review score 0 Liz on 31 August 2012
    Excellent product easy to use. Have used for last 3 years whilst on holiday and visiting family/friends, wouldn't use anything else to sterilise away from home
  • review score 0 Lindsay on 26 August 2012
    really handy product, easy & quick to use.
  • review score 0 Rachel Turley on 03 July 2012
    Excellent for travelling around & not having to take steriliser, brilliant find!
  • review score 0 Nadyne on 01 July 2012
    The microwave steriliser bags are excellent. We took them on our first holiday - they saves so much room in your bag which is really important when you are packing for a baby and taking the whole house with you! They work perfectly and are very simple to use. I now keep one in my car for emergencies.
  • review score 0 Nicola Gregory on 21 June 2012
    Fantastic item. Well worth the money and easy to use. Could only fit in one TT bottle though. Great to use when away from home.
  • review score 0 Kirsty Humphreys on 15 June 2012
    These bags are brilliant - am now on baby number 2 and still rate them as one of the best travel items you can get.
    JoJo's is also the best priced ones of these around that I could find!
  • review score 0 Amy on 23 May 2012
    I bought these bags as a temporary measure prior to the arrival of our son, just incase the breast feeding didn't work out. Although breast feeding is going well we've used these bags loads - initially for expressing equipment and more recently for occasional bottles. The bags are quick and easy to use, they'll just about fit two 125ml bottles in but definitely not two large (260ml), one fits easily. I'm just about to order some more even though we now have a big electric sterliser - these bags remain an excellent option for weekends away. I would highly recommend this product.
  • review score 0 Lisa williams on 17 May 2012
    Excellent handy product. I have got them for holiday. Also to leave at my mums house for weekend use or emergencies. You can only get one bottle in really. 9/10
  • review score 0 Julia on 22 August 2011
    Highly recommendable. Have been using these for quite a while now. Though don't count to fit more then 1 (Tommy or Avent) bottles at the same time
  • review score 0 Lisa on 08 March 2011
    I am reordering these bags which I used with my first baby - they are brilliant for travelling to friends houses as they take up hardly any room and are very easy to use so long as a microwave is available. Highly recommended.
Product Info

Munchkin Microwave Steriliser Bags 3-Pack

review score 4.5
A5569 3.50 WAS: 5.00

Reusable, single bags for travel or occasional bottle use.

  • Quick, natural and reliable way to destroy harmful bacteria without the use of chemicals
  • Suitable for domestic microwave ovens (500-1000W)
  • Each bag is reusable up to 20 times

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