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Munchkin Heat Sensing Bath Grippy Dots

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  • review score 4 David Artiss on 11 July 2016
    To be honest, I don't rely on the heat sensitive one, preferring a proper bath thermometer. However, these are still the best of their type, gripping easily and, even if you sit on one, doesn't cause discomfort. Colourful and fun too.

    They do eventually suffer from mildew and so these are the second set I've bought - they now differ to the picture with a white background behind the spots and on the rear.
  • review score 5 Carla Day-Rolf on 10 June 2016
    Great product, a friend recommended these & I would also recommend them, they are perfect for when your baby is big enough to sit & play in the bath, our daughter happily moves up & down the bath playing with toys, she loves bath time.
  • review score 5 Natalie on 10 May 2016
    These bright coloured bath grippy dots makes bath time more enjoyable because my little boy feels that he can reach out for bath toys with slipping and he can sit upright and enjoy splashing around. They make the bath look more appealing with bright colours and mum is happy knowing that there is a heat sensor to keep an eye on the temperature of the bath. I have a thermometer as well.

    I would recommend buying 2 packs if you have a bigger bath because I stick the dots fairly close together to avoid slipping in between them.
  • review score 2 Nicola on 03 March 2016
    The red 'hot' pad isn't very reliable, it seems to change colour slightly in all temperatures so it/ difficult to know when it's too hot, my little girl loves using them as a toy though
  • review score 5 Ellie Phillips on 18 December 2015
    Great anti slip spots, easy to remove for cleaning.
  • review score 5 Elena on 22 October 2015
    I bought these together with the 8 star pack ones, as I wasn't sure if the one pack would be sufficient to cover enough of the bottom surface of the bath tub. These are slightly bigger than the stars, sturdy and stick well to the surface, I notice a stronger plastic like smell than the stars, which hasn't improved even after 3 or 4 uses. The smell is not strong enough to put me off using them, but reason enough for me to prefer the stars. I thought this could be helpful if trying to decide between the two.
  • review score 5 Helen Jewell on 29 September 2015
    Great Little Bath Mats. My Son loves them.
  • review score 5 Emilie on 09 July 2015
    Very good product, easy to reposition, great colours.
  • review score 5 Doireann on 22 June 2015
    Love these grippy dots, practical and very funky looking so they brighten up the bath too! The heat spot is good too for those with smaller children.
  • review score 5 VICKY on 12 January 2015
    Great product that stops my 16 month old daughter from slipping. Had to buy two packs to cover bath but well wort it!
  • review score 5 Gillian on 13 October 2014
    These are great, my little girl can sit easily in the bath without slipping. And easy to take with us rather than a seat if we're overnight.
  • review score 5 Eulalie on 22 September 2014
    My 2 boys like them very much. Shame they don't leave them on the bottom of the bath, so purpose not quite achieved!
  • review score 5 Becky on 17 September 2014
    Lovely colourful product. My 5 month old loves chewing on these, but we primarily use them to help her practice standing whilst in the bath. And they can easily be moved out of the way when we use the bath.
  • review score 5 Lynsey on 13 September 2014
    Fantastic. Our 6 month old boy can sit well on these and play without slipping in the bath and I still have my hands fairly free to play and wash him etc. Would certainly recommend.
  • review score 5 Roisin on 30 June 2014
    These are great! My son loves the bright colours & sticking them around the bath, they stay in place really well & keep him steady
  • review score 5 Andrea on 27 June 2014
    Bright and colourfuly child loves them well worth buying
  • review score 5 Camille on 13 June 2014
    Very nice and efficient product. I bought two sets and use some in my baby bath and the other ones in the big one. My daughter liked to look at them through the water and it prevents her from slipping.
  • review score 5 Joanna on 13 May 2014
    Excellent grippy suckers on the bottom & bright cheerful colours. Got 2 packs for our large bath. Much easier to store than a big mat. Great value too.
  • review score 0 Priya on 09 October 2013
    Read the reviews before purchasing and I have to say these are fun, colourful and a more hygenic way for my liitle to have a bath. They peel off easy to clean and are so much better than a big bath mat. Bought two packs as I have a really large bath tub. Excellent product would definitely recommend.
  • review score 0 Rachel on 04 October 2013
    Practical, fun and much easier to dry and store than the larger mats.
  • review score 0 Gemma on 25 July 2013
    An excellent first purchase from JoJo. Our little boy has just learnt to walk and now won't sit still, even in the bath. These work well and stop him from sliding and slipping. Like many other reviewers, we've also found that they double up as a bath toy. Our son is fascinated by them and the plastic ducks and boats are now redundant!!
  • review score 0 Fiona Chick on 04 June 2013
    I bought these for my 18-month old son who is fond of standing up and prancing around the bath. I had hoped they would be an anti-slip device for him. They have worked, but not in the conventional way. He is so fascinated by the coloured circles in the bath, that he stays firmly off his feet now, and actually just pulls them off the bottom of the bath. He then has a great deal of fun re-positioning them on the side of the bath, on the bathroom tiles, back on the bottom of the bath - anywhere that takes his fancy. I didn't realise they would be such a versatile bath 'toy'. The red spot shows the word 'hot' in white writing if the bath water is deemed too hot for a baby - but I think the temperature threshold for this is a bit low for an older child. We use our touch estimate on the temperature, which is too hot, according to the red dot. We have never scolded our son and he doesn't look bright red from hot baths! Otherwise, this is a fab product.
  • review score 0 Jennie Artiss on 29 April 2013
    I bought these to replace the long jelly mat (also from Jojo) and they do the job perfectly. You can barely feel them under you (my husband or I frequently share baths with our daughter) and they dry easily so no need to worry about them getting damp and mouldy. An excellent buy at an excellent price. I would definitely recommend.
  • review score 0 mother on 17 April 2013
    These are not great. They come off and my 17 month old daughter does a good job of removing them while bathing while she says "wow, wow"! She plays with them in the bath - at least they have a purpose.
  • review score 0 Dani Meixner on 16 April 2013
    It's a great product. My baby loves do sit on it, he loves the colour and the texture. It is quite firm on the bath and it works really nice once you can move the pieces around to adjust to your needs. We are very happy with our order =)
  • review score 0 Lucy Floettmann on 02 April 2013
    Colourful and can be re-positioned allowing them to be used flexibly either in the baby or big bath. Easier to pack for holiday than a big bath mat - essential for us as we use slippery eczema bath lotions
  • review score 0 Cathy on 03 February 2013
    I am very happy with the Munchkin grippy dots. they were delivered on time and the quality of the product is very good. I was also pleasantly surprised when the red dot also has a "hot" termostat on it which I didn t know when ordered the product.
  • review score 0 Amelia on 18 January 2013
    Lovely, bright and colourful as well as safe! A real winner!
  • review score 0 RosiMc on 17 December 2012
    I bought two packs of these (better in a long bath if your little one in prone to prancing all around the bath!). They are so much more practical than a bath mat - they don't get mouldy and I wash them weekly in hot water and anti-bacterial solution. Really funky and colourful too -all the other bath mats I had tried were either clear, white or a pastel blue which wasn't very inspiring!
  • review score 0 Beki on 06 December 2012
    Better than expected! I was very surprised at the quality of this product and would definitely recommend.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 04 December 2012
    Fantastic - so much better than a horrible big bath mat.
  • review score 0 Karend on 06 November 2012
    These were great buy -they grip well and stop my 2 little ones slipping over, easy to reposition and keep clean and to store when not needed - no more mouldy bath mats dripping water everywhere.
  • review score 0 Emma on 01 November 2012
    A good next step after the bath seat and a useful product to take when travelling. My son is fascinated with the colours and textures.
  • review score 0 Cat on 30 October 2012
    These are as fun as they look. The red one reveals white words 'HOT' if your bathwater is too hot for little ones. I tested them out carefully as a previous reviewer had said that they slid around, but found them to be really secure. Love them!

    They're so easy to clean and store too as they're not big and cumbersome like the normal mats.
  • review score 0 Cat on 30 October 2012
    These are as fun as they look. The red one reveals white words 'HOT' if your bathwater is too hot for little ones. I tested them out carefully as a previous reviewer had said that they slid around, but found them to be really secure. Love them!

    They're so easy to clean and store too as they're not big and cumbersome like the normal mats.
  • review score 0 susan sussman on 13 October 2012
    I bought these and they were delivered within 3 days. They are brilliant. They saty where you put them and can be removed easily and dried and put away, unlike a bath mat, they don't go mouldy or drip everywhere. I recommended them to my neighbour.
  • review score 0 Julia Wade on 12 October 2012
    We have these in our shower. They look great, but have removed them because they constantly slipped. May be ok for baths, but I would not recommend them for showers - they are not a safety product.
  • review score 0 Lyn Fallon on 11 October 2012
    Love these. Bright pretty and funky in your bathroom. And very practical
  • review score 0 Konstantin on 26 September 2012
    Look nice & very colourful, do their job. Easy to remove
  • review score 0 Sue on 20 September 2012
    Lovely bright colours, good they can be removed for cleaning or for re-positioning.
  • review score 0 Geraldine on 05 September 2012
    Great product, really stops my son sliding around and much better than a bath mat. The pad that indicates when the water is too warm is also very useful.
  • review score 0 lindsey britz on 05 September 2012
    These are a great alternative to a jelly bath mat. Much cooler and easy to clean. Also the "hot" on one of the dots is a useful temprature gauge.
  • review score 0 Jo on 04 September 2012
    These are a lovely product, they look bright and cheerful in the bath and stop my daughter slipping. They are easy to remove and clean. Unlike previous reviewer I haven't found them to slip. Very pleased!
  • review score 0 Helen on 30 August 2012
    Excellent product, lovely colours, they were much bigger than I expected as I ordered them online. I was really pleased with them and have recommended them to a friend from NZ who bought them when she was over visiting.
  • review score 0 lilly on 28 August 2012
    beautifully designed and my 20 month old boy and i love the colour. however, it doesn't hold firmly as the usual bath mat. the dots slip around a bit once the little one set his foot on it. okay for most babies i guess as long as they are not doing active play in the bath.
  • review score 0 Charlotte on 29 June 2012
    Nice and bright so my son loves looking at them through the bath bubbles. Very good grip and hot spot useful and easily removable as well. Definitely recommended.
  • review score 0 J.Mclean on 21 June 2012
    Love these! They grip well in bath and my little girl lives talking about the colours. A nice product which keeps my girls safe from slipping in the bath.
  • review score 0 Louise on 08 June 2012
    These are excellent, they stay put and stop my little one from slipping, who just loves to stand up when in the bath, also great for showers on hot summer days
  • review score 0 Audrey on 28 May 2012
    Useful product. My daughter is out-growing her bath seat and likes to sit up in the bath to splash around. These dots help anchor her (though you still need to hold her down) and prevent her from slipping out of my grasp - plus they pack up nicely for travel!
  • review score 0 Lucy on 26 May 2012
    These are great, gives our son something to put his feet on to give him confidence/ so he feels safe and stops slipping down the bath. You can also sit him up to wash him. We used these from about 21/2-3 months old when he grew out of his baby bath.
  • review score 0 sally brocklehurst on 25 May 2012
    I brought these grippy dots as my 1 year old often slips in the bath, they work really well, are easy to use and make bath time more fun. I would definetly reccomend them.
  • review score 0 Lucy on 07 May 2012
    These are absolutely brilliant - our son grew out of his baby bath by 2 months and these dots made bathing him in the family bath very easy
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Munchkin Heat Sensing Bath Grippy Dots

review score 4.778
B7480 8.50

Brighten up your bathroom.

  • Helps to prevent slipping
  • Fun, colourful design
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • 6-pack

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