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Pack-Away Waterproof Pixie Jackets

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  • review score 5 yoshi on 21 October 2015
    very good quality and it does pack away.
  • review score 5 Samantha on 19 September 2015
    Fantastic light weight jacket . Delivery quick . Great generous sizes and lovely material
  • review score 5 Unknown on 17 September 2015
    Great product. Goes well with the waterproof trousers. Definite buy if your little ones have out grown the waterproof onesie's by JoJo.
  • review score 5 frances cooke on 12 September 2015
    love this jacket. really soft and easy to put on my son. Easy to pack away too it actually fits back in the bag without any effort.
  • review score 5 Gill on 08 September 2015
    Amazing jackets. Great for spring/autumn. Not bulky so easy to strap in buggy/car seat/reins etc. both my boys have one (4yrs and 15 months). Washes great in machine. Highly recommend.
  • review score 5 Jen on 26 August 2015
    Fab, great for keeping under the buggy, good quality, good value for money.
  • review score 5 Danielle on 02 August 2015
    Really good coat, completely waterproof and my youngest stayed lovely and dry while the rest of us got soaked, would highly recommend these waterproofs
  • review score 5 donna bridgwood on 27 July 2015
    Really happy with overall service. Item was delivered quickly and exactly as described. Perfect thank you.
  • review score 5 Sandra Laslett on 27 July 2015
    Brilliant packaway jacket that folds into a small integral bag, so no need to get caught out in the rain.......invaluable this summer!! Usual Jojo quality.
  • review score 3 Lindsey on 24 July 2015
    Lovely pattern & colour. Sleeves come quite short though & not sure how easy it would be to take on & off especially when wet. Unfortunately returned.
  • review score 5 laura on 23 July 2015
    Lovely coat, packs up very small. If in doubt on sizing, get the bigger size as they are fairly short and have to go over their head.
  • review score 5 HantsMum on 23 July 2015
    These are great jackets - I've just bought a third one. They're really handy to keep stowed away in your bag; look really nice; and are properly waterproof. What more could you ask for...?
  • review score 5 Heidi on 23 July 2015
    We love this rain Mac... The pattern is gorgeous and it's perfect for warmer days with rain showers. The wind proofing is also great as we live on a hill!!
    I bought a size bigger so it will fit over jumpers towards winter too.. Perfect :-)
  • review score 5 Rheanna on 23 July 2015
    This packaway jacket is essential! I love that there's such a variety of colours & patterns. I've recommended these to all my mummy friends!
  • review score 5 Anna on 23 July 2015
    Very satisfied with this purchase. The jacket is cute, fits even over thicker shirts and hoodies and folds away very easyly.
  • review score 5 Angela Nordin on 14 July 2015
    Great to have in the car just in case. Lightweight and breathable perfect for summer showers
  • review score 4 harriet bailey on 13 July 2015
    great JMB quality as usual... arrived promptly and usual good service. these pack-aways are so handy to take along on days out!
  • review score 4 harriet bailey on 13 July 2015
    great JMB quality as usual... arrived promptly and usual good service. these pack-aways are so handy to take along on days out!
  • review score 5 Lindsey on 10 July 2015
    Really useful - packs up nice and small to fit in changing bag or bottom of buggy. Lightweight and easy to use.
  • review score 5 veronika on 29 June 2015
    Great product, bought it for my two years old son who absolutely love it. I also purchase boots with the same boat pattern. It's very practical for a day out when the weather is unpredictable, it's easy to fold into little pocket and can be wear throughout the year:)
  • review score 5 Alison Smith on 16 April 2015
    Great product and love how it packs away so neatly. The coat is a bit on the large size but good for getting over everyday clothes!
  • review score 5 Melody on 25 March 2015
    Highly recommend. I purchased this after reading the reviews. I found it quite roomy, which is useful because it's only thin and so can easily slip on over a warm fleece, or coat...
  • review score 5 Caroline Tickner on 26 January 2015
    Fab waterproof coat, really good for all weathers....
  • review score 5 Cazz on 05 January 2015
  • review score 5 Sarah on 03 December 2014
    These waterproof jackets are ideal to put over clothes both for summer or winter. We also use them for windproofing when going on the back of the bicycle.
  • review score 4 JO BENTON on 20 October 2014
    I think this comes up just a little on the snug side so would recommend buying in the next size up - especially if the intention is to slip on over a jacket or thick jumper.
  • review score 5 Paula Johnson on 17 September 2014
    Excellent quality, easy to pack away. Highly recommended.
  • review score 5 salli mitchell on 17 September 2014
    This coupled with the trousers is idea and fantastically handy for home and Nursery. Particulary as Navy is school colours
  • review score 5 Jane on 05 September 2014
    I have been buying these for a few years now for my son and daughter. They are lovely and perfect for any season as clothes can be layered underneath. Only negative is that the sleeves could be a bit longer.
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 01 September 2014
    Great design. High quality. Very easy to transfer from bag to jacket and vice versa. All round great product.
  • review score 5 Marta Fernandez on 21 July 2014
    Great product. I have bought this and the trousers. They barely take up space in my bag, they don't make my child hot at all, they are light and keep my child completely dry.
  • review score 5 E Collins on 08 July 2014
    Very cute and my daughter even wears the hood up which is normally a no no. she loves wearing it and it's light enough to keep her cool but dry in the UKs warm but wet weather
  • review score 4 Helen on 25 June 2014
    I really like this jacket. It packs away small in to the integral pocket and the bird design is super cute on my little girl. It is quite expensive for a little light mac but it is very nice and a good size alowing a warmer layer inderneath if necessary. The hood stays up also.
  • review score 5 Laura C on 24 June 2014
    Great quality, delighted . Lots of positives - only slight negative , elastic on sleeves could be a big tighter or adjustable.
  • review score 5 Clint Baker on 29 May 2014
    My item arrived extremely fast and is amazing quality. I would highly recommend this product and site to anyone.
  • review score 5 Issy's Mum on 27 May 2014
    Fab product, packs away super small. Lovely feeling soft, fabric not like usual waterproofs. Ordered in meadow pattern, very pretty. Ordered an 18-24 month for my (average size)16 month old daughter. It's a little big at the moment but is wearable with the sleeves rolled up and should last her until she's 2 comfortably. Another great product from Jojo!
  • review score 5 Elaine on 15 May 2014
    Great item my little boy loves it especially the big pocket for his cars
  • review score 5 Rick on 12 May 2014
    Lovely Pixie waterproof jacket. I ordered one in red for my little girl.We wore it already,looks very cute. She had fleece jumper underneath because it was a bit windy. Yah, I think its brilliant for our weather on this Island. I would highly recommend it.
  • review score 0 Becky on 17 March 2014
    I bought 2 jackets (2year old and 3.5 year old) based on reading lots of positive reviews. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the jackets. I have very average sized children (2 year old is slightly tall) but the jackets were very short and wide. If they'd had some elastic or a drawstring at the bottom I might have kept them, but they really could do with being a few inches longer and slimmer. I don't want to be negative because there are lots of JoJo fans who love the clothes, but they didn't work for my kids!
  • review score 0 HLeigh on 11 March 2014
    This is a great product, lovely and soft, easy to un/pack & handy to take anywhere.
    It is unlike cheaper alternatives that don't 'breathe' and get 'sweaty'. Haven't had to test its waterproofing yet but alot easier to put on a little man who detested his snow suit!
  • review score 0 Jana Jouza on 01 March 2014
    Brilliant product, this is our 3rd one from Jojo. Really easy to pack away, have it handy in your bag for those rainy days. Highly recomended.
  • review score 0 Lucy on 26 November 2013
    Whilst haven't yet used this yet, This is our 3rd one of these, so can confidently say good stuff!
    If you are new to JojoMB , then welcome, I'm happy to endorse! Have bought so much from JJMB over the past few years, it's our fail safe go to shop, and way better quality than other big high street kiddy retailers.
    These macs combined with the pac away dungarees are in continuous use and travel everywhere we go!
  • review score 0 J. McDonald on 08 November 2013
    These jackets are just fantastic. They cut out the wind as well as the rain and they pack up so easily to carry around with you. We're on our 3rd one (increasing a size each year!) and are already wondering how we're going to cope next year when we grow out of the current age 5-6 size!
  • review score 0 Rachel on 07 November 2013
    Fantastic jacket, easy to pack back away, very lightweight, so great for the warmer months or with extra layers underneath. So impressed I am going to order one for my son as well.
  • review score 0 Sue on 06 November 2013
    A fantastic product. Really handy to have in the bag or buggy. Generous sizing making it really easy to pull on over warm clothes.
  • review score 0 Helen on 20 October 2013
    Really handy and well designed, v pleased with it.
  • review score 0 Ms Littlelake on 05 October 2013
    I picked the bird patterned one for my 2y old daughter and it is beautiful, in fact so much so that she thinks that it is a pretty dress... Practical and great quality. Generous sizing which makes the pull-over function a tolerable toddler experience.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 03 October 2013
    These pixie jackets are FAB. The red one has been brilliant for my little boy and has now been passed on to my little girl who still manages to look girly in it. Cute and very practical.
  • review score 0 Emma on 26 September 2013
    Very nice soft feel finish and accurate size. Really recommend this product. Easy to pack back away after opening out
  • review score 0 Helen on 25 September 2013
    Very expensive for what this is, and very thin - can't see when we'd use this as has no warmth. Not great for a 12-18 month old, but can see it would be useful when they're older. I returned this product.
  • review score 0 Marjorie on 18 September 2013
    Fantastic jacket! Great quality, really breathable. Why did i not buy it before?!
  • review score 0 Kate on 14 September 2013
    My twin boys look so gorgeous in these jackets. I love that the jakets can fold away neatly into a bag which forms the pocket when open. So easy for putting in a changing bag or the car. As usual jo jo service and delivery was great.
  • review score 0 Julie on 11 September 2013
    Love the pattern, very handy and good value for money
  • review score 0 claire stronge on 11 September 2013
    Cant fault this jacket so far, my 20 month old daughter loves it and asked to wear it all last weekend when it arrived. The bird print is beautiful and everyone we saw complimented it. We bought 2-3 and she has plenty of room to grow into it but she can wear it with the sleeves folded over once. Im really pleased we bought it, thanks JoJo.
  • review score 0 Katherine Tong on 03 September 2013
    Fab jacket, excellent quality. My 3 year old loves it!
  • review score 0 Karolina Fotyga on 23 August 2013
    We didn't wear it jet as I got bigger size for next spring but looks fab :-) specially together with jojo pink waterproof trousers (We have retro floral one).
  • review score 0 S Ashcroft on 20 August 2013
    Exactly what we needed - light, waterproof, packable and pretty!
  • review score 0 Johnny on 19 August 2013
    We were looking for a waterproof jacket that's thin enough for summer rain, yet soft enough for a one year old to wear. Most of the jackets we tried were just too scratchy and 'plastic'. This one wasn't - it is much softer than you'd expect a product like this to be. Jnr has worn it happily on country walks when it has been drizzly and stayed dry. Now we're waiting for some 'proper' storms to test it out in!
  • review score 0 L Holdsworth on 10 July 2013
    Really handy to just pop in your bag for an emergency, yet colourful and pretty too to brighten up a dull day. Yet another great purchase from jojo.
  • review score 0 Annen5665 on 04 July 2013
    I bought this for my grandson and was very impressed with the quality.
  • review score 0 Sabrina Jordan on 19 June 2013
    Perfect for British summers! I love this jacket, I always carry it in the changing bag and as its lightweight I can pop it over the top of cardi's or t shirt depending on the temperature. I have the waterproof trousers and wellies as well so my little one can potter around as much as she likes in the wet.
  • review score 0 Melanie Dash on 12 June 2013
    Love these jackets. Great for all year round and very stylish too. I bought the previous design last year but this is much better for getting over the head. Would be even easier to buy if international postage was cheaper.
  • review score 0 Genevieve McManagan on 26 May 2013
    A beautifully designed jacket, as to be expected from JoJoMamanBebe. Cleverly designed cuffs and a hood that fits well, it's a very pretty but highly effective rain jacket for any little Princess.
  • review score 0 Ellen Pickard on 23 May 2013
    What a fabulous jacket. Plenty of room to layer it up if the weather is chilly. Great quality; and love the colour, as will be handed down from my daughter to my son all being well. Was worn with the pack away waterproof dungarees on the beach on a cold week in May. GREAT, thank you Jo Jo.
  • review score 0 Abi on 21 May 2013
    Love this coat! Its lightweight and perfect for little ones to keep dry in.
  • review score 0 A Hickey on 19 May 2013
    Found this very useful. Little weight and easily packed up. Didn't make my daughter all sweaty like I feared either as breathable.
  • review score 0 Elaine Bradley on 28 April 2013
    Great . These were approved by mum and 4 year old Molly. Worn straightaway. Easy to move in and light. Ideal for Forest School. Quality good and washable. These will be good for camping. Only criticisim is can you have a zip up option or a wider neck as not easy for a 4 year old to get over her head.
  • review score 0 Gabi on 22 March 2013
    Great little waterproof shell for spending time in the rain and/or wind. The only suggestion I would make is putting a drawcord with bungee toggle in the bottom of the coat so that it can be tightened around the hips keep little ones snug.
  • review score 0 Anna on 01 February 2013
    Lovely, well made Jacket. Comes integrated in a zip bag which is handy to keep in the car. Lovely design so useful for toddlers.
  • review score 0 Anne Spilsbury on 14 January 2013
    Bought this garment and unfortunately the hood is mis-sized and the hood does not pull down at all but gets stuck on the face. Real shame, and even further exaggerated because JoJo were not interested in seeing the faulty garment to see if it was a one off fault. I also tried this item on a few of my friends children and the hood didn't work.
  • review score 0 Amanda on 10 December 2012
    This is great! Really good quality and cute to boot. I think my daughter will get a good years wear out of this as I bought it in the size up and it still works for her. Very happy!
  • review score 0 Sam on 23 November 2012
    Great little jacket, lovely feel to the fabric and packs away really easily. A fabulous buy for the great British weather.
  • review score 0 K Horton on 24 October 2012
    I bought this jacket for my outdoor loving, little boy, but who finds a big padded jacket too restricting and hot. So this was ideal for layering and controlling warmth.

    This waterproof jacket is perfect! Its very well made, has a large head opening for any moving toddler who just wants to get outside and not stand still to be dressed, but can then be done up to keep dry and warm; this is easily done too.

    Fab colours and designs!
  • review score 0 Maaike on 13 October 2012
    Great jacket. The fabric feels nice and soft on the outside and its very light and easy to pack away.
  • review score 0 melanie mcdonald on 05 October 2012
    Brilliant. My kids think it is hilarious that their coats pack away into their pockets. Light and compact to carry around and look great too.
  • review score 0 josephine wood on 01 October 2012
    Love the design so did my granddaughter.
    Very light & easy to pack away to take anywhere
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 30 September 2012
    Great waterproof. Good quality and surprisingly easy to pack away. I ordered the size 2-3 for my two year old in ditsy print (which looks lovely with the matching wellies) and it fits very well. Shame they don't come in adult sizes!
  • review score 0 Donna Rayner on 26 September 2012
    Bought in size 2-3 years for my daughter in ditsy print (so many lovely patterns was hard to choose!). Bought this after buying the pack-away dungarees and loving them. She is only 19 months at the moment and did not like trying it on as jumper style so fighting over her head but once on looked good and growing room although shorter in the body than I expected for a jacket/coat. Overall pleased but not really tested yet as mother-in-law giving it at christmas!! Quality nice as always from Jo Jo :)
  • review score 0 hazel on 21 September 2012
    I have not used it yet as we bought it in a bigger size but it look sgreat and feels a good quality. only point i would make is that my daughter does not like having clothes over her head and it would be better with a full front zip - this would also make it easier to put a cosy jacket underneath it too
  • review score 0 Eleanor on 21 September 2012
    Clever design, packs down really small so handy for travelling, keeping in the buggy etc. Looks great. Only negative (as other reviewers have said) is the head is super small - our son does have a big head, so probably particular issue for us. We can get it on him, but it's a squeeze!
  • review score 0 Sarah on 20 September 2012
    A smashing product, used loads for fun in the wet. Packs away easily. Well worth the price.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 17 September 2012
    Super-cute jacket & print (we got the all in one in the same print last year). Generous sizing - we might even get more than one year out of it! Lovely product as always JoJo - thank you!
  • review score 0 Jane on 12 September 2012
    I love this jacket. Had one with the back zip last time for my son and as other reviews stated this made it impossible to get the hood up over his head once fastened. Just got the car print one with the front fastening and it's just perfect. Very handy to have in the my bag as it fold up so small. An essential item.
  • review score 0 JLee on 04 September 2012
    Have loved this jacket but had old style & really struggled with hood which eventually caused so much distress it was becoming impossible to use.
    Having only bought it in May I returned to store today (no receipt) just to check it wasn't faulty.
    It came to light that the design had been changed and they actually swapped my previous design for the newer one.
    Have just seen that it no longer has the back opening which is a shame but having now read these threads I understand why.
    Thank you for being so reasonable
  • review score 0 Maria Ellis on 31 August 2012
    Great jacket, lovely bright print. Just having problems trying to pack it back into the pouch.
  • review score 0 Andrea Busby on 02 August 2012
    I bought this waterproof jacket for our holiday, but my little boy fell in love with it instantly and has been wearing it ever since - even when the weather has rather unusually been fine!! As usual, good quality product and we are very pleased.
  • review score 0 Gracie on 20 July 2012
    Convenient and well made jacket. Easy to travel with and a pretty print.
  • review score 0 Pam on 19 July 2012
    These jackets are FAB and with the easy pack away pouch they are handie to keep in your hand bag for emergancy's.
  • review score 0 Claire on 17 July 2012
    Great little raincoat. Bought it too big so child can wear it for as long as possible, but it works fine even though it's big on him. A good light weight summer coat - I don't need to tell you how wet it's been so far this season! And, it's roomy enough to layer warm clothes under it when the cooler autumn comes.
  • review score 0 megan on 02 July 2012
    Great red colour. Good fit and easy to get over the head. Packs away nice and small in to the pocket. We haven't really tested it's waterproof-ness yet.
  • review score 0 Nadine on 25 June 2012
    After looking at many cheaper waterproof coats I decided to get the blue floral one of these for my daughter. SO glad I did!! 18-24 months fits her well, with plenty of growing room and the floral pattern is very cute! Perfect for our current showery summer weather!
  • review score 0 Hollie on 16 June 2012
    Have just purchased this jacket in the super cute boat print size 6-12 months for my son aged 7 months and although he has room to grow in the arms and body, I cannot put the hood up over his 'average sized' head as many people have also said. Glad to see the design issue has been addressed but that doesn't help me! Slightly dissapointing, as a very loyal JoJo customer I have never had a problem with anything before. The sales assistant cut the labels off at the till I noticed so I guess I'll just have to live with the hood issue! Still a cute jacket, folds up neat to pop in my changing bag.
  • review score 0 Sarah Clements on 07 June 2012
    Bought the stripey one for my two year old son. Came just in time for the wet weather! It's perfect to put over a t-shirt on a warm but wet day or over layers on a cold one. It packs away small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. More importantly, my son loves wearing it and there are no uses getting it over his head as the gap is more than big enough.
  • review score 0 Penny on 26 May 2012
    Well made pretty jacket ideal for putting in pushchair ready for the down pour. Large for size chosen 2-3 for 23 month girl but room to grow which saves money in long run!
  • review score 0 Kristin on 18 May 2012
    I am really happy with this jacket that I got for my nearly 2 year old daughter, and she loves it as well. Well made and packs away perfectly into the little pouch (pocket that turns inside out), and she looks really cute in it. I wish I could find one in my size! Also got the matching trousers!
  • review score 0 karen mirams spencer on 16 May 2012
    bought the one with the boats on and my son loves it! true to size and looks fab
  • review score 0 Paula on 14 May 2012
    We have moved up to the 2-3yr size due to the problem others have mentioned with the hood on the smaller sizes, which was a shame as the body of my son's 18-24m size still had plenty of growing room left, but the hood just couldn't be put up as it was so tight (made no difference on him whether it was up or down when it went on) - glad to hear this is going to be resolved for future customers though, and I guess I would have bought the larger size eventually anyway as they are really nice jackets (it just has a LOT of growing room for now!)
  • review score 0 Mary Menon on 08 May 2012
    Fantastic jacket, packs away easily and the kiddies love wearing them !
  • review score 0 S Batt on 08 May 2012
    I bought one of these for each of my little ones, 9mths and 3 yrs, for a weeks holiday in the Uk. I bought 12-18 mth size for my youngest to make sure she got use out of it and it went over a coat. I have to say they are both really easy to put on and the integrated pocket that you pack them away in is so easy and convenient. Definitely an essential item for any uk holiday!
  • review score 0 Verity Graydon on 07 May 2012
    This little jacket is great - it is quite generously sized, so will fit over a thin fleece jacket in the spring months and shoudl still fit in the summer! Easy to get on and off, and enables our little one to run around in the rain to his heart's content.
  • review score 0 Catherine reeves on 03 May 2012
    Love this jacket, even my fussy 3 yr old will wear it!
  • review score 0 Sonia Cave on 01 May 2012
    Fantastic item. Bought these waterproofs for my daughter since she was 1 and never disappointed. Look good with contrasting waterproof dungarees too. Sizing is large so pleased that this biggest size should last her a long time.
  • review score 0 Kellie on 30 April 2012
    Fantastic product. Wind and waterproof - great for a ride upfront on adult bike, and for walks in pouring rain. Onto second size!
  • review score 0 Stephanie Dufty on 25 September 2011
    I too agree with the comments on the hood for 12-18mth size however if you put hood up before do up the back zip then it's fine. The bonus I found was that my daughter could not actually pull her hood down as it was too tight to pull over the crown of her head. Once unzipped at back though it came off just fine. Great design really as her head has always been dry!
  • review score 0 Mel @ JoJo - Design Director on 14 September 2011
    We have listened to all the comments and have changed the design for future - but unfortunately it won't be available until Spring Summer 2012.

    This problem only affects the sizes up to 24mths with the back zip - the larger sizes are a different opening and have no problems. (Although we are looking intot the latest comment about the 3-4 sleeves as this does not sound correct).

    We have had to sacrifice the sweet back opening for a front opening as there was no way to make the hood work otherwise.

    We were very surprised at the reviews over the last 6 months as we have not changed the design and the sizing of the jacket (just the prints) for 3 years and despite selling very many, and all our testers fitting them OK, and a very low returns rate we are now getting this feedback.

    We recently contacted 20 customers who had purchased the jacket and only 3 had found the fit not working.

    We have checked all the stock as we were concerned perhaps some were faulty or mis-sized garments in the stock, but it does not seem to be the case.

    If you like the style then please do try it - perhaps buying a size up, and if you find you are the 15 for whom it is not suitable please contact customer services directly who can assist you.
  • review score 0 DG on 13 September 2011
    I've had the same problem with the hoods. I bought 2 x size 18-24 months for my twins and struggle every time I have to use the hood. The design with the zip at the back is great, but the small hood is a real problem. Despite this, I have since bought 2 x size 3-4 years for my boys (now 2) and the difference in size is barely noticeable (longer body but sleeves just 1 cm longer, which leaves no room for growth). I strongly advise Jojo to review their sizes for this product as they really don't live up to your usual standards.
  • review score 0 L on 10 September 2011
    agreed - i thought i'd give it a go despite reviews, and bought size 2 for my one year old. the body is much too big but the hood is already too small to be of any use. Such as shame as they're gorgeous!
  • review score 0 JoJo Maman Bb on 08 August 2011
    Our pixie jackets have been bestsellers for 4 years and have been regularly tested for fit and wear on children of all ages. As we have recently received comments about the size of the jackets our garment technicians are looking at our latest stock to see if there are any individual issues with it.
  • review score 0 Catherine on 03 August 2011
    Very disappointing fit as, like previous reviewers, I can't get the hood over my daughter's head in spite of the overall fit of the jacket being large on her.
  • review score 0 Emma on 25 July 2011
    Have to agree with the previous reviewer, we have had exactly the same problem. The hood won't fit over our daughter's head, even though the sleeves etc are OK. Also had the same problem with the matching trousers - they are a bit too snug and ride up quite uncomfortably when she's in her pushchair. What with that and an ill-fitting pair of shoes, I'm quite disappointed with the last few (fairly expensive) purchases from Jojo.
  • review score 0 Ruby on 24 July 2011
    I am a big fan of Jo Jo Maman Bebe but was disappointed with this jacket as the first time I washed it - as per instructions on the label - most of the taped seams came away. Surprisingly, this did not happen with the waterproof trousers which I washed at the same time. Hoping to get a refund when I return it.
  • review score 0 Kate on 16 May 2011
    Lovely looking jacket and clever design but very disappointing fit. Even though we bought the bigger size for longevity, the hood will not go over her head when on. The rest of it is on the big size so it's not the wrong size. I have not noticed my daughter has an unduly big head before so conclude this is a bit pointless - waterproof that doesn't have a fitting hood! Lovely jacket but try the hood before chopping off the tag!
Product Info

Pack-Away Waterproof Pixie Jackets

review score 4.842
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Children's waterproofs are always needed and these pack away into the tiniest little bag - keep one in the car and another in the buggy!

Pull on waterproof children's jacket with front placket and fully taped seams.
  • 100% Polyester with PU coating
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Breathable yet windproof
  • Soft, flexible, lightweight fabric
  • Pack away into integral bag and keep one with you at all times

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