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  • review score 5 Wendy on 08 July 2016
    Didn't realise how much we needed this until we got one! Good price (cheapest we found!) plus it has saved our backs when little one gets tired! Win win! Plenty strong enough to carry scooter with too!
  • review score 5 Manuela on 09 June 2016
    Nice strap! Really recommend it!
  • review score 5 Amy on 23 May 2016
    Great product! Bought one for each of my kids.
    Great for when their little legs get tired & they need pulling long...
  • review score 5 Katie on 17 April 2016
    Perfect for my little boy who is too big for the pushchair but gets too tired on the school run.
  • review score 5 Natalie on 13 April 2016
    Such a great idea, and we get lots of interest from others when out and about. This is our second purchase, now our youngest is also scooting. Easy to use, look nice and makes a handy carry strap.
  • review score 5 Ruth Stanbridge on 04 February 2016
    Grear purchase has saved my back from bending down to pull my little one along when she gets tired
  • review score 5 jacqueline on 02 February 2016
    We live in the middle of the city and this is such a simple but great product for keeping my 3 year old near. Even better it turns into a carry strap giving me two hands (one to press the crossing button, one to hold the toddler) on the way to the park.
  • review score 5 Amanda on 29 December 2015
    Simple, straightforward and a back saver!
  • review score 5 Christiana on 27 October 2015
    Great idea. It will be useful for pulling along my 2 year old on a school run. My 5 year old had a lot of fun too!
  • review score 5 Lucy cordingley on 06 October 2015
    A brilliant, brilliant item, perfect for when little legs get too tired to scoot!
  • review score 5 Sophie on 23 September 2015
    Great little product - instead of getting tired quickly and then me carrying the scooter, my LO can scoot without tiring out!
  • review score 5 gizmosmama on 04 August 2015
    So helpful! Quite simply, my 18 month old has a Wishbone bike which, when he's had enough of riding, I end up carrying. Now I can pull it along instead.
  • review score 4 Diane on 03 August 2015
    Great idea. Haven't yet used these on the scooters yet but look good quality.
  • review score 5 Claire on 05 June 2015
    Great once your child is a bit more confident on their scooter but is just getting tired. Not so good when they're learning as the scooter just ends up swinging around at the end and going off course. Couldn't hand it over my shoulder as the back wheel of the scooter is too wide (starter type scooter).
  • review score 5 Becky on 13 May 2015
    Good quality and simple to use. Would recommend.
  • review score 5 Lucie Bryant on 04 April 2015
    This is a fab product - exactly what I needed for my 2.5 year old who tends to get tired of scooting on his own after a while. So now I can tow him along with this and save my back as well as being able to hang it over the pushchair with the strap if he gives up altogether!
  • review score 5 H Skene on 02 April 2015
    Just exactly what we needed for our son's scooter. Easy to attach and well made. He loves being pulled along when it's too hard to push himself! Ordered online and delivered promptly by JoJo.
  • review score 5 Cat on 04 February 2015
    Very handy for pulling my little along so she can get used to her scooter. Also great for carrying the scooter when she decides that mummy has to carry it.
  • review score 5 Anna on 28 January 2015
    Scoot'n Pull saves my back. My son was using seat till recently and I am trying now to teach him how to use scooter and I don't have to bend all the time. Also I can use it to steer. Great stuff.
  • review score 5 mo2b on 20 January 2015
    really useful for pulling scooter along when little legs get tired or they need help steering. Also great to loop the handle end over the back wheel and carry/hang off pram on the way back up our hill.
  • review score 5 Michelle on 16 January 2015
    This is a must have for the micro scooter, makes it so much easier to pull your little one along when they get tired. Great price and quick delivery. Highly recommend to micro scooter mums/dads
  • review score 5 Louise on 12 December 2014
    Handy little gadget which has saved me from breaking my back pulling a tired 3 year old on her scooter!!! Great price too and turns Into a useful strap so I can carry scooter home after nursery droll off
  • review score 5 Blake'sMum on 19 November 2014
    Loved the idea of this but very expensive for what it is.
  • review score 5 Claire McKinlay on 30 July 2014
    Fab item. Does the job to help get my daughter from A to B that little faster whilst she is learning to scoot.
  • review score 4 Silvia on 21 July 2014
    Probably overpriced for a glorified rope, but it does the job very well! I haven't tested it to pull the scooter, but it is great as a carry strap when crossing roads, on public transport, etc. Too bad that JoJo doesn't have the full range of colours available from the manufacturer...
  • review score 5 Claire on 27 May 2014
    Great product at a great price! Really useful whilst my 3 year old is learning how to use her birthday scooter and building her fitness!
  • review score 5 vakire on 24 May 2014
    It is a nice and simple idea but I think a little bit overpriced.
  • review score 0 Mum SW London on 17 April 2014
    Clearly a simple idea and works as expected. Much better on smooth wide paths - more likely to get your toes run over or take-out a passer-by on London pavements.

  • review score 0 Rachel on 22 January 2014
    Completely brilliant idea - I dont get a bad back now when pulling little one around the park.
  • review score 0 Lindsey Steele on 10 January 2014
    Used this Scoot 'n Pulls today and it's very good and saved my grandson pushing all the time. It also saved me leaning down so far.
  • review score 0 Jane Rickards on 27 December 2013
    Brilliant idea. Well worth buying.
  • review score 0 henrietta warren on 26 December 2013
    a simple little gadget, excellent for pulling my tired toddler home!
  • review score 0 Lucy Sargent on 23 December 2013
    Brilliant service as usual, fast delivery and great communication, really happy with the shooter, am sure my daughter will love it.
  • review score 0 Jay on 23 September 2013
    A must have item if your out and about with your child & scooter. Saves your back when they run out of steam as you don't have to bend down and push them.
  • review score 0 Alex on 17 September 2013
    Goes perfectly with the scooter and when our 20th months old daughter gets tired she can sit comfortably on her sit and be pulled. She likes to pull the scooter herself every now and then. Thanks
  • review score 0 Marisol on 31 August 2013
    This has been very useful for our toddler who gets tired half way around the park! An invaluable purchase to avoid carrying toddler and scooter!
  • review score 0 Karolina Fotyga on 23 August 2013
    We didn't used it jet but looks well made
  • review score 0 Maureen on 30 July 2013
    Really useful accessory, great service
  • review score 0 Emma on 22 July 2013
    Brilliant little accessory to the Mini Microscooter! Perfect for when my son has had enough of scooting - I can simply carry it over my shoulder or pull him along which he thinks is a hoot! A must buy I'd say for the Mini Microscooter.
  • review score 0 Michelle Sward on 18 July 2013
    Such a brilliant idea! My son has only just started to learn to scoot so this just guides him along. Perfect when we're in a rush to get to school in the morning. Also helps to be able to throw it over my shoulder when he's had enough and wants to walk! Fantastic service from Jo Jo. Can't fault them at all!
  • review score 0 karen on 16 July 2013
    Really useful for young users who tire of scooting themselves. Also great for when they decide they no longer want to go on the scooter.....easy to slip over the base and carry over your shoulder. Great product, great price and quick delivery
  • review score 0 Michelle on 09 July 2013
    Brought this in addition to the Maxi Micro Scooter as our five year old son has no sense of danger! Excellent idea and really comes in handy when you are in busy places. As our son is new to 'scootering' it also comes in handy when we are returning home as we can pull him up the hill to our house when he gets tired:) Very simple but effective idea. Excellent service delivery from Jo Jo. Would recommend.
  • review score 0 Anna. on 06 July 2013
    Bought this for my daughter whilst she learns to ride her scooter. Great for steering her along and really useful to carry with or secure to my buggy.
  • review score 0 Sanober Miller on 04 July 2013
    Used the scootnpull with my 3 yr old son. Brilliant for keeping control of the scooter and knowing he is safe and not able to whizz off with no control as he is still learning to use the brake.
  • review score 0 Michelle Jackson on 21 June 2013
    I am so glad I got this as it is FAB! My daughter is only just 3 so gets tired very quickly when chasing after her big sister. So to be able to pull her along is great for her tired legs & great for me as I don't have to try
  • review score 0 Annalisa Yeowell on 17 June 2013
    This is such a great value product that our family could now not live without. My daughter loves being pulled along on her scooter when she gets tired and with this simple strap you can easily carry the scooter when she wants to walk. Would recommend highly.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Thomas on 17 June 2013
    Bought the scooter for our then 3 year old for Christmas and was a huge success, and wondered at the time if we should have bought a strap. Now we have it I wish we bought it ages ago! It means when he gets a bit worn out we can pull him along, and stop him scooting off alongside a busy road or through the centre of the town. Also means I can carry it home in comfort after dropping him off in school. Very well made and well-priced product, quickly dispatched! I heartily recommend!
  • review score 0 Stella on 23 May 2013
    Useful item as for now my LO gets tired of going on the scooter and I end up having to carry. Not sure for the use of pulling as it only works in a straight line
  • review score 0 jane webber on 15 May 2013
    handy strap thats sturdy and easy to use - your child needs to know how to steer well though!
  • review score 0 Charlotte on 09 May 2013
    Very useful for carrying the scooter and my little one loves pulling the scooter along with it too
  • review score 0 Nancy Toy on 07 May 2013
    The product arrived within 3 days of ordering. Decent well built strap and pulls the scooter quite easily.
  • review score 0 SQ on 02 May 2013
    I was a bit sceptical about this as I wasn't sure the strap would do the job, but it really does work, and less back ache is always going to get the thumbs up from me!
  • review score 0 NICOLA HAXBY on 27 April 2013
    I bought this strap to go with my grandson's new micro scooter. So far he hasn't allowed me to pull him along but he loves taking the scooter for a walk!! He's 2 1/4. I actually bought it so that I could carry it on my back when he's tired (a la picture on wrapping) but when I saw the state of the muddy wheels and my muddy grandson, I didn't relish the thought of carrying either!! Instead I used the strap to lash it to the pushchair handles which worked a treat!
  • review score 0 Andrena Harrison on 26 April 2013
    Great quality and easy to use as a pully for your childs scooter
  • review score 0 Helen Bradshawe on 19 April 2013
    Excellent product for scooter and when child gets tired.
  • review score 0 Laura on 27 March 2013
    Not sure how useful this is. My son is just learning to scoot. When I put this on, he thought it was for him to tow his scooter along! I'm sure when he starts to scoot properly, it will come in handy. I like the fact that you can loop it over the back wheel to use as a handle.
  • review score 0 Edina on 26 March 2013
    Excellent product. It makes pulling my little one along so easy.I have no more back pain from dragging her along on the scooter.
    So thumbs up!:)
  • review score 0 nikki pascall on 25 March 2013
    This is a brilliant idea recommended to me by a friend and it is a fab help to be able to pull my daughter along when she gets tired of scooting!
  • review score 0 Mrs Edwards on 04 February 2013
    Brilliant product. Pulling the scooter is so easy, practically weightless.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wright on 29 January 2013
    Great idea. I can pull my little one along when we're in a hurry or he's tired. Performs better over flat surfaces or when you get some speed up otherwise beware of bumps in the pavement which may tip a little one off. Does require the child to be able to steer which my little one hasn't quite mastered yet. Also turns into a carrying strap so the scooter can be slung over your shoulder when child has had enough of scooting.
  • review score 0 Kirsty Hall on 28 January 2013
    This is great for scooter beginners. My son is two and received a scooter for his birthday. With the Scoot n Pull, it not only helps build up his confidence but it also means I can pull him along when he gets tired. The strap also fits over the wheel so you can put over your shoulder when your kids get bored. Definitely a must for all young scooter lovers.
  • review score 0 Lisa Doel on 22 January 2013
    Got the scoter? Get one, they are great. We used ours on a recent holiday and was brilliant for pulling tired legs along. Works great as a carry strap too.
  • review score 0 Melanie on 18 January 2013
    Brilliant ,so u easy to use
  • review score 0 Kir on 18 January 2013
    This is great - perfect for lazy little boys and for Mum when he decides he isn't so lazy & I want him close! Wish delivery after the order was a little faster
  • review score 0 Jsm on 03 December 2012
    A must have for pre school runs! Easy to attach when those little legs get too tired to scoot. Easy to pull along without having to bend down so less back ache. Small and light weight so easy to carry in your pocket. Quick delivery and reasonably priced.
  • review score 0 Kathrine Robinson on 03 December 2012
    Really clever idea, not seen anything similar anywhere else. Perfect for my 2 1/2 year old who gets tired quite quickly, and saves my back as don't have to bend down to hold the handle bars!
  • review score 0 Anna on 28 October 2012
    A very handy product. Saves bending down on those occasions when you need to hold on to the scooter (eg crossing roads) and very useful for pulling your toddler along when they are tired. Also good as a strap for carrying the scooter. Great service as always.
  • review score 0 Janie on 24 October 2012
    Excellent product, saves on the back ache of bending and pulling little one on the first hill. Simple idea, very effective and says what it does. Fast and prompt service from purchase to delivery
  • review score 0 Tammy Penny on 26 September 2012
    This is absolutely brilliant! As well as being handy when your child runs out of steam it really helped my daughter master the steering which requires leaning.
  • review score 0 Lucy H on 12 September 2012
    Brilliant for transporting the scooter when you're hands are full.
  • review score 0 evocativenut on 12 September 2012
    Brilliant daughter loves being pulled on her scooter. Just make sure the surface is smooth because if you hit a bump its easy to pull the scooter over.
  • review score 0 Ruth Storey on 06 September 2012
    Great product. Invaluable when child is tired and needs a pull!
  • review score 0 Trina fraser on 05 September 2012
    Brillant idea, great idea when my daughter gets tired
  • review score 0 Lorna Wray on 23 August 2012
    THese pull along straps are a god send easy to pull the scooters. Great buy.
  • review score 0 Jessica on 22 August 2012
    This is a must buy for the micro mini! Helps pull my 2yr old along, who is still trying to get the hang of scooting, and also forms a useful carry strap. Didn't buy it initially when we got the scooter, but wouldn't be without it now!
  • review score 0 Alexandra Brown on 20 August 2012
    We were using a bit of rope before we got this and it was quite hard to hold. this is genius. I put one end on the scooter and the other over the handle of the pushchair and just pull my daughter along when she gets tired. so much easier than bending over at an awkward angle!
  • review score 0 Sarah on 14 August 2012
    Bought with the micro scooter and not been disappointed, it makes pulling the scooter easy and has enabled my little boy to gain his balance and steering skills before he scoots off alone.
  • review score 0 Jessica on 21 July 2012
    Such a simple design, suchj a convenience - works brilliant to pull and steer - well thats when my son actually lets me as he just enjoys his scooter too much
  • review score 0 Karen on 16 July 2012
    Brought this for my son's scooter, but also works brilliantly with a scuttlebug trike!
  • review score 0 Anna on 09 July 2012
    if you buy a scooter this is a must buy also, makes carrying the scooter really easy and also turns into a carry strap. Worth the cash.
  • review score 0 Sam on 04 July 2012
    A simple design that work brilliantly. It's very handy to help guide them whilst they get used to the steering of the Mini Micro. It's also great if you're in a hurry or if they decide they can't be bothered/are too tired to scoot. You can pull them along easily without getting backache. I really only bought it to take my order over 55 so I could get 15 discount but I'm so glad I did, it's great, I wouldn't be without it.
  • review score 0 lucy russell on 02 July 2012
    Very handy way to carry your scooter when your little one gets tired of scooting!
  • review score 0 Jane on 27 June 2012
    A very useful strap - it has saved tired legs already!
  • review score 0 sarah brooklyn on 14 June 2012
    Great, makes longer journeys with the scooter much easier.
  • review score 0 Julia on 11 June 2012
    very good, very usefull, great matching colour too!
  • review score 0 Julie on 02 June 2012
    Simple design. Works effectively. Can be used with many different ride on toys. Recommended purchase.
  • review score 0 fiona hall on 30 May 2012
    very useful. sturdy. tried to pull them along holding handle bars. dont do it- its back breaking!
  • review score 0 Sinead on 22 May 2012
    A useful little thing which makes the fun scooter even more fun!
  • review score 0 Zoe Chajet on 17 May 2012
    Such a brilliant idea and very cost effective. No more bending down to pull my little boy along and it makes carrying the scooter much easier when out and about. My little boy loves being pulled along when he gets tired.
  • review score 0 LK on 16 May 2012
    Fab item. My son (age 2) thinks its great too and it means that if we are running late on school run I can pull him along and it doesn't take as long!
  • review score 0 MR J SHOULT on 10 May 2012
    simple but and great idea will be getting alot of use while our daughter cant go to far on her little legs yet before she gets tired
  • review score 0 Ange on 08 May 2012
    Great idea and very easy to pull scooter along with. Daughter not so keen as she still has to steer when being pulled- but saves bending down to pull with handle.
  • review score 0 Fiona on 03 May 2012
    Such a simple and effective idea. No more bending down to push and it makes carrying the scooter so easy when your little one has had enough. Only wish I'd got one sooner...
  • review score 0 gayner miller on 01 May 2012
    fantastic idea and very simple to use. Great for when our 2yr old gets tired of scooting ... goodbye buggy!!
  • review score 0 Jo on 30 April 2012
    A great idea! Well made
  • review score 0 Andrea on 09 December 2011
    Perfect for anyone who gets lumped with carrying the scooter AND pushing the buggy. I bought one but now need another for 2nd toddlers scooter. An excellent idea.
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Scoot 'N' Pull

review score 4.926
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This is a versatile strap that every scooter needs

  • Attaches to any scooter
  • Allows you to keep scooting toddler close
  • Helps you pull along tired toddler on their scooter
  • Doubles up as a carry strap

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