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Sleep Snuggler

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  • review score 4 Charlotte on 16 July 2016
    I bought the rose print which is really pretty and lovely and soft. Like others I think it would be much improved if the feet were attached or at least had tigher cuffs. There is no way these will stay on my wriggly babies feet overnight. I would also be interested in more normal sleeping bags in 2.5 tog with arms (bag style not suit style so that the size lasts longer).
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 13 July 2016
    Excellent product. My 10 month old has slept in these since 6 months and he loves it. He doesn't like traditional sleeping bags as he prefers for his legs to be free (to enable crawling and walking round the cot at night!). The removable arms is also brilliant as has allowed my son to use his sleep snuggler through the summer with thin pyjamas or a vest underneath. For cooler nights he has worn it with arms attached and sometimes the little booties. I would definitely recommend this product!
  • review score 5 Helen edwards on 04 July 2016
    The best thing we've ever bought! Our little lady hates grow bags but kicks off covers so when we saw this we had to try it. No more waking up cold but she can still move about in her cot.
  • review score 5 Shoni on 31 May 2016
    Hi there. Love the product. Was wondering for the summer can we remove the thin pyjamas he has under the snuggler or do you offer a thinner version for the summer?
    Thanks in advance
  • review score 5 Deirdre on 20 May 2016
    My baby moves a lot during the night so the sleeping bags have never been suitable. These wadded sleep suits are great. Now that the temperatures are warmer I use it without the arms and feet. Find this an excellent option. I would actually buy more of these for the summer if I could these in 1 or 1.5 tog.
  • review score 5 Rebecca Gibson on 18 May 2016
    If I could recommend one product to my pregnant friends or those with children it would be the sleep snuggler. Perfect to keep my little one warm and comfy whilst being able to move about with ease. Never had to be woken because legs have been tangled in a sleeping bag. It's a genius product. I have bought one in preparation for next autumn.
  • review score 5 Charlotte on 17 May 2016
    I love the sleep snuggler, its removable arms and feet means that if its a bit warmer you can still use it without your little one getting too hot. My littleone crawls around in his sleep and kept getting out of his covers. I didnt want to a get sleep bag as he stands up and was worrid he could trip and fall and hit his head on the cot. This sleep snuggler gives me the peace of mind that he will be warm through the night and wont trip up. It will also be useful when travelling to family as they can wear it when in the car seat then can easily transfer them into bed hopefully without waking him.
  • review score 5 Joanna Coleman on 15 May 2016
    Excellent sleep suits for little ones who don't like sleep bags. I have purchased 3 of these for my grandson who does not like any covers over him and he sleeps perfectly.
  • review score 5 Anna Sherwood on 12 May 2016
    Perfect for the little scamp that can take his sleeping bag off! No more broken nights fighting to get a toddler back in the bag!!
  • review score 5 Jen on 11 May 2016
    Found the jojo sleep bags and snugglers to be the best around for my daughter so have bought my baby boy the sleep snuggler also. Would prefer the slippers to be attached, maybe using a popper. Pleased with product.
  • review score 5 Miss M on 06 May 2016
    Great suit for sleeping, perfect alternative to a sleeping bag. Definitely needs poppers to attach the feet though as they come off very easily.
  • review score 5 Kirsty on 02 May 2016
    A fantastic sleepsuit, perfect for my little crawler who gets restricted in a sleeping bag. She has slept so well since wearing this, and you can't ask for much more really! It's also great for in the car seat on cold mornings and it has lovely fabric with a cute floral design. Was delivered quickly and well packaged.
  • review score 3 Isobel on 27 April 2016
    Great product however very disappointed by the quality, it bobbled after the first wash!!! I've had grow bags I used for a while that still stayed in great condition so I couldn't believe it this. It's not the cheapest product so you would expect much better!
  • review score 5 Carla Georgin on 27 April 2016
    Fantastic item! So snuggly and warm. The slipper feet are too big and don't stay on. Agree with other people that it would be better if they some how stayed on.
    Great item!
  • review score 5 Chloe on 19 April 2016
    I am really pleased with this product. It is such a great idea as my son is the ultimate wriggler when he sleeps and the quality and thickness is perfect. Delivery was also estimated at 3-5 days but it came the next day! Thanks so much
  • review score 5 Laura on 19 April 2016
    I cannot recommend this highly enough. Being in an ordinary sleeping bag had become dangerous for my very mobile 8 month old, this is the perfect solution and I'm sure is part of the reason she is sleeping better at night. I love the fact that she can have her feet out as she hates to have them covered and it's perfect for helping to regulate temperature. This is an all round perfect product. I just wish there was a lighter tog product in the same design!
  • review score 5 Sharon on 19 April 2016
    Easy to purchase, Arrived on time and as described. The Snuggler is good quality product and washes well! The feet aren't attached. Find these better than the Sleep bags
  • review score 4 Karina on 04 April 2016
    Fantastic product for wriggly toddlers. Only problem is the feet don't stay on well. My little one prefers these to a bag to sleep in as he has more moment but he has to wear socks with it otherwise he would get cold feet.
  • review score 5 Hannah on 04 April 2016
    Cosy sleep suit that my little girl loves. True to size and she loves being able to kick her legs more. She sleeps better in this than the usual sleeping bag style. Good quality and useful to be able to remove sleeves in warmer weather.
  • review score 5 Julia on 04 April 2016
    Brilliant item and much better than the sleep bag now my son is older and wanting to be able to move more. I agree with other reviews it would be much better if the feet attached to the suit.
  • review score 5 Customer Service Team on 30 March 2016
    Hi Claire (27th March), thank you for your feedback, it is valuable to us. One of our Customer Service Team will contact you directly to discuss further. Best wishes, Lucy, CS Team.
  • review score 5 Jo37 on 28 March 2016
    AWESOME! Perfect for my little boy who is trying to get moving. Have used the pop on arms on a journey home at night. Removing them did not disturb his slumber!
  • review score 5 Rachael on 28 March 2016
    Great item! Good quality product. My 18 month boy loves wearing his. He used to have a bag but would get his legs all wrapped up, and he would wake up. He sleeps so well in his suit, he now has two. The slipper things that come with it are massive though so we don't use them.
  • review score 5 Claire on 27 March 2016
    Really like the concept of this suit giving my little boy freedom to move his legs and stand in his cot without him falling over (which happens in a bag). So far I can't fault the snuggled, however...what is the meaning behind the detachable feet? I'm a first time mummy so correct me if I'm wrong but I'm certain their not supposed to sleep bare footed? They don't stay on, we've put him in socks?!!!! I've just read a review about sewing them on and that's what I'll be doing tomorrow (tonight is the first night he's worn the suit). I'm surprised that someone designed it this way, grobags aren't open at the end. I also agree with the reviews about size, what do I do after my boy (13 months old and the wearing 2 year old clothes) doesn't fit in this anymore, most grobags stop at 24 months?! Some positives but some improvements to be made and I agree that you should listen to customers needs more.
  • review score 5 Nikki on 22 March 2016
    Perfect sleep suit for our toddler.

    She loves being able to move about freely in her cot and this keeps her cosy and safe at the same time (the sleeping bag she had before was great when she was little, but not so safe with an active toddler).

    The quality is excellent and it washes very well (still as pink as when we got it and it has been washed many times). We have bought a second one.

    Happy wee girl, happy parents. Well worth the money!
  • review score 4 Marie on 22 March 2016
    This is brilliant. Keeps my little boy nice and warm.
  • review score 5 Rachel Findlay on 21 March 2016
    My daughter is a chunky 17months. I bought 18-24m size. The size fits well, I have to fold over the arm cuffs but the legs are not to long. The quality of the item is excellent and my daughter loves putting it on, so much better than sleeping bags which always seemed to twist around her body. Agree with all the other reviewers the booties are useless as they are a generous fit and fall off. Would like the booties to have poppers to keep them on in the winter. At the moment (March) we have my daughter in pj's, snuggler and a fleece blanket at night. As the weather warms up I will remove the blanket but keep her in the snuggler. I am happy knowing shes warm at night even when she's wriggled out of the blankets.
  • review score 5 Liz on 17 March 2016
    A great snugly alternitive to a sleeping bag. Lovely for lazy mornings. The only down side is the slippers which are far too loose and fall off almost immediately & would benefit from the addition of a fastening option like poppers! That being said there do don't seem to be any incidents of cold feet!
  • review score 5 Dorota on 15 March 2016
    Great product, my little one can now stand up in her cot without a risk of falling over.
  • review score 5 Julia on 15 March 2016
    Fantastic product that I can't recommend highly enough; I only wish they came in larger sizes! Kept our toddler warm when he kept kicking off his blankets and the quality means it can be used for months, then passed on to the next sibling. And the zips are cleverly designed so they can't easily be sussed out by little ones. Worth every penny!
  • review score 5 Ami on 15 March 2016
    My son wears one of these sleep snugglers every night and they keep him toasty and warm. He finds them very comfortable. At first I felt they are pricey but in comparison to the price of a duvet (which you don't need) they are not too bad. Much prefer these to the sleeping bags as my son hated having his legs restricted and was causing accidents (making him fall) in the sleep snuggler he is warm but his legs are free. Only comments would be that j would love to see more different designs and, as others have said, the booties are useless and could do with poppers to hold them on (I get around this by putting socks on underneath my sons baby grow so that his feet do not get cold). Have recommended these to several friends who have made purchases and been pleased.
  • review score 5 Unknown on 12 March 2016
    absolutely love this walk in sleeper. It's made of lonely fabric and my little boy sleeps very comfortably in it. The arms are detachable which is good. The little booties are useless as don't fit properly, but I just put slipper socks on him to keep his feet warm. Would definitely recommend!
  • review score 5 Kate on 10 March 2016
    Great for my very active 1 year old, she won't stay under a quilt/blanket and the sleeping bags are too restrictive for when she wakes up/stands up. So this is the perfect thing to keep her warm through the night.
    Downside, as others have said, is that the booties don't stay on.
  • review score 5 Jessica S on 07 March 2016
    Bought this as we'd always used a blanket but when our little started sitting up by herself and crawling, she'd often wriggle out of it. I wanted her to still be able to use her legs to practise these and further skills so didn't want a sleeping bag so this was ideal. She's toasty warm all night, and sleeps very well in it. We don't currently use the feet but I imagine if we needed them at night we would add some buttons to keep them on. Will definitely buy again when she needs the next size
  • review score 5 sjpeck on 07 March 2016
    Lovely cosy sleep suit, perfect for the chilly nights. Our third one so must be good :)
  • review score 5 Donna Stubbs on 06 March 2016
    Adorable..my daughter is comfortable in it and it is great that she can wander around in it before bed. Lovely pink colour but note it does need to be washed in a 30 degree wash.
  • review score 3 Fiona on 04 March 2016
    This is my second purchase of the sleep snuggler , but at a push, as I cannot find a suitable alternative . My son is just 3 now and he won't get much wear out of it. It makes no sense that jojo don't make these suits in bigger sizes, as obviously older children are more mobile, and my son really dislikes being cocooned in a bag....and you make the sleep sacs in bigger sizes....somebody please take note! I've read lots of reviews and many people are still commenting on the booties on the snugglers...... I had to sew them on the last suit as well. You don't seem to be listening to your loyal customers jojo !!!!
  • review score 5 Gemma williams on 04 March 2016
    Great quality and a brilliant design
  • review score 5 Lynsey on 02 March 2016
    I love this suit and my 19month old has slept through the night since we tried it. I can't believe it. Only thing I would like is some way of attaching the feet on as they don't stay on
  • review score 4 Katie on 01 March 2016
    Little one (20 months) loves this. The bare feet help her regulate her temperature better than the normal sleeping bags, plus she's able to move about safely. The only thing is that the little bootees are a dead loss - they just fall off. Her feet stay surprisingly warm without, but when I've checked on her and she's had cold feetin the early hours, I've just chucked a blanket over them.
  • review score 5 Lindy haskins on 26 February 2016
    My 6 month old son since birth has not tolerated blankets and sleepsuits as loves to kick his feet. I was always worried about him getting cold so researched other options and found this sleep snuggler online. It is great and my son is so happy and comfy at night. You can remove the arms and booties which I do and I just put it on him after his bath ready for bed where he has a kick and play. Then he snuggles down and sleeps so much better. I am no longer worried he is cold and now I have one happy, snuffly warm baby at night who sleeps better. I would really recommend this for any active baby and any baby like mine that doesn't like covers. It's great!
  • review score 4 Rebecca on 20 February 2016
    I have used these since my little boy was a few months old and cannot imagine how anyone manages without them! They are perfect for fidgety babies and toddlers.....however I am so frustrated by the booties. It's fine having no 'feet' for when he is in whole body sleep suits, but he has been given pjs as gifts, so I have had to sew the feet on in order for him to wear them without getting freezing feet!! Please please jojo, create a fastening for the booties!!!
  • review score 5 Melissa Beattie on 18 February 2016
    This purchase was a last ditch attempt at getting our girl to sleep through the night. Your amazing staff advised me on buying this rather than a sleeping bag as I knew she didn't like them. She has slept 12 hours ever night since we bought it. So to say we are over the moon is an understatement and I can not recommend this enough. Please please please start selling them in a summer tog so we can still use them whilst we are on holiday and during the warmer months!!
  • review score 5 Samantha on 18 February 2016
    These sleep suits are amazing but there are two flaws that kept me from giving five stars. First, I wish they were available in larger sizes as my toddler is outgrowing the 2-3 year size. Second, the booties are a horrible fit and fall off constantly. My toddler loves them but routinely wakes up the house in the middle of the night screaming "my bootie fell off!" Please, please, please offer more sizes and fix the fit of the booties or put poppers on them!
  • review score 3 Blackwell on 15 February 2016
    Great snuggly warm suit alternative to sleeping bag to give freedom to walking toddler, my son loves it, probably too much regarding freedom to leave bed easily !! Detachable sleeves are useful Cons: Can't tumble dry, zips fiddly to close if you have a wriggler like me, bought age 2-3 but small as son only 22 months and not much room, booties don't stay on and would be better if attached as per sleeves.
  • review score 5 Jemima on 05 February 2016
    Baby loves it. Keeps her warm and cosy all night
  • review score 5 Philippa langdon on 03 February 2016
    Perfect sleeping bag alternative for a walking toddler. Not only great to sleep in, but ideal for travelling in the car at night and playing in during the day on cold days. Very pleased
  • review score 5 Clara Sánchez-Puga on 29 January 2016
    I must say my baby boy isn't as pleased as I am with these sleep snugglers. However, he's never pleased with sleeping bags, sheets or blankets so I think it is only a matter of time until he gets used. He is no longer awaking cold in the middle of the night and I can see he's sleeping tight and warm, and that's everything I wanted :)
  • review score 5 Kelly on 28 January 2016
    My 2 year old decided she was too old for sleep bags and no longer wanted to sleep in one. The sleep snuggler is a great alternative and a sure way to know that they will be warm during the winter months :-)
  • review score 5 Hannah Williams on 25 January 2016
    I have a very wriggly little sleeper who didn't get on with sleeping bags and was walking up cold with blankets where they'd come off in the night. These snugglers are the ideal solution! Also makes it easy for early morning car journeys as I can just scoop him up and put him in. I would definitely recommend. As others have said something to attach the feet to legs would be ideal I've just sewn some buttons and elastic loops on myself xx
  • review score 5 Claire Pitts on 22 January 2016
    These sleeping bags are great. My little boy moved into his big bed and wouldn't sleep under a duvet. He kept waking up really cold and crying. We didn't want to put him back in a sleeping bag as it would be dangerous for him getting in and out of bed. These are perfect- warm, comfy and safe to move around in! Wish the feet were attached as they don't stay on- that's my only negative!!!
  • review score 1 Ruth on 21 January 2016
    I really wanted to like this as had been advised to get an all-in-one for my very fidgety little boy and loved the fact it came with a tog rating. Unfortunately after a handful of nights it has become bobbly on the front which suggests a poor quality product. I have used gro-bags extensively since the babies were little and never had this problem. We buy loads from Jojo so it such a shame as this is not a cheap item!
  • review score 5 Sue Cansdale on 20 January 2016
    Our two year old granddaughter used to wriggle out from her quilt and wake up frequently through the night. As I had done with her Daddy when he was a two year old, I bought a snug sleeping suit just like this one, with the result that our granddaughter now sleeps right through the night, snug and warm in her JoJo Sleep Snuggler.
    I have just bought a second one .
    The Snuggler is well designed with thoughtful details such as a small protective flap at the top of each zip to stop the zip pull hurting a baby's neck.
    They may seem a bit expensive, but for a good night's sleep all round, I highly recommend it.
  • review score 4 Rhian greaves on 20 January 2016
    Brilliant quality and good for my toddler who refuses to sleep under the duvet. Like other reviews have stated the booties are pointless would be better off coming with matching sleep socks
  • review score 5 olivia revitt on 15 January 2016
    This is the third sleep snuggler we have bought as we are totally converted from traditional sleeping bags. This product allows babies and toddlers to move around whilst staying warm and has been useful when travelling home late too. Would highly recommend.
  • review score 5 ANN WALDRON on 14 January 2016
    This garment is exceptionally good. Fits well and is beautifully soft. The added bonus is the sleeves can be detached for warmer nights. I would give this 10/10
  • review score 5 Maria on 13 January 2016
    Very useful for winter nights.
  • review score 4 MrsD on 13 January 2016
    These are fantastic for a child who doesn't like sleeping bags, gets hot feet or is very tall for their age. My daughter sleeps much better in these now we've switched from sleeping bags, as she used to wriggle a lot and get twisted up. We had a smaller size, and have just bought a bigger one. Only shame is that you can't get each design in all sizes, as a lot of sizes have been discontinued. Also great for car journeys. You can do up carseat straps and lift child straight into bed if they fall asleep on the journey. We don't use the feet, just bedsocks.
  • review score 4 Victoria on 13 January 2016
    Great to give my 10month old a bit of freedom at night time, when he gets up in his cot he can easily get back down! Great temperature and fits ok (tiny bit small but is 6-12months) however, the booties would never stay on. I ended up stitching them on, not really sure why they are detachable? Would understand in a lower tog for warmer weather but this is for winter so wouldn't want his feet out at all?!
  • review score 5 Vicki on 01 January 2016
    Really good alternative to a sleeping bag, my baby is able to move around in her cot without getting stuck. It's nice and warm and cosy and easy to get them out. The only negative is I wish the feet were attached.
  • review score 5 Ella on 31 December 2015
    I absolutely love these; saviours for parents of blanket-refusing toddlers! Both my girls have HATED covers, but sleeping sacks get so cumbersome once they're walking; these are the perfect solution! A winter must-have in our family. Just wish they could be tumble-dried.
  • review score 5 Michelle on 30 December 2015
    Love this suit!! My son hates covers and would no longer go into a sleeping bag, as he found them too frustrating, this is perfect. Keeps him warm and happy. Have bought the next size up too!
  • review score 4 Mum of boys on 30 December 2015
    Lovely sleepsuit but the lack of poppers to secure the feet on with is a pain. Be careful when washing too only despite following the instructions the wadding on the back of ours separated between the lining and outer material.
  • review score 5 Liz on 29 December 2015
    This is a really cosy sleep suit, it worked well over Christmas for moving baby straight from her car seat to cot whilst visiting friends.
  • review score 5 Melanie turner on 25 December 2015
    Fantastic sleepsuit, beautifully soft and warm and so easy to get on. Wonderful alternative to a sleepbag
  • review score 5 mary on 23 December 2015
    Love these suits. They keep the child warm all night without worry of blankets being kicked off.
  • review score 5 Sc on 22 December 2015
    Brilliant idea. Love this so much we have had it in every size. Very warm and good fit. Only way it could be made better is if you could attach the feet and add fold overs to keep little hands warm!
  • review score 5 Unknown on 17 December 2015
    Very pleased with my purchase!!
    Excellent service throughout!!

  • review score 1 Lydia Meredith on 14 December 2015
    Lovely item when arrived and my son prefers to a sleep grobag - however after 1 wash it looks worn and old. Wouldn't buy again, very disappointed with the quality.
  • review score 4 H FIELDS on 14 December 2015
    Fit is about right, good quality. it's just a shame that the feet aren't attached as they keep falling off.
  • review score 5 Sue Foyle on 12 December 2015
    Excellent product and design, keeps little ones warm and snug at night
  • review score 2 C Hodgkinson on 11 December 2015

    Really is a great sleep solution for toddlers. As other consumers found, the booties do not stay on and the zips could more usefully have been positioned to allow for nappy changes. But still, a great idea.

    Unfortunately after light washing and drying (air dry not tumble) approx 4 times, the garment is heavily bobbled and looks very worn. Having been a regular customer for over 10 years, it's not at all what I would expect of a jojo garment.

    I've had no cause to contact customer services re purchases previously, however I had raised a quality issue with them re this garment. I am still awaiting a response from jojo's customer service team to resolve/replace. It's been over 2 weeks and despite chasing a reply - nothing.

    4* for the concept 2* fabric and currently 0* for customer service. So disappointed.
  • review score 5 Steph on 11 December 2015
    I go this sleep suit for my 4month old it is excellent. The material is so soft and comfortable. If they were going to improve it id say attach the shoes to the suit and have fold over covers for hands so they don't get cold. Its a pity the size range go up to 6years my other son would love this
  • review score 4 Amy on 11 December 2015
    Excellent sleeping suit for wriggling babies but the feet could be attachable.
  • review score 4 Alison on 11 December 2015
    Lovely quality sleep suit, love the detachable arms which are perfect for winter weather. Ideal for travelling at night.
    Only downside is the little shoe things don't stay on!
  • review score 5 Rebecca on 10 December 2015
    Lovely and warm padded sleep suit with handy detachable sleeves so little ones can stay cleaner during breakfast!
  • review score 2 Chloe Sharman on 10 December 2015
    This is a really cosy sleep suit however it's a real shame that the feet don't stay on. My little girl kept waking up early with freezing cold feet. I sent mine back.
  • review score 3 Sylwia w on 09 December 2015
    It's good but the socks are felling down from the feets , I have to saw them together .
  • review score 5 Val on 09 December 2015
    These are fabulous they seem expensive but you really get your money's worth. They wash well and keep the baby nice and cosy. Highly recommend them.
  • review score 5 Annabel on 09 December 2015
    This is brilliant. My almost two year old moves around the for, never keeps his covers on and wakes up crying because he's cold,l and won't settle until he's warming his freezing cold toes on me in my bed. This is brilliant. He doesn't mind wearing it, it's like a duvet in a sleepsuit and he can move around as much as he wants resulting in longer warmer nights for all of us.
  • review score 5 Christine Hurtley on 09 December 2015
    My initial review is that the suit is warm and cosy, the zips work from the top to the bottom which I initially thought might be a bit fiddly but after putting the suit on my grandson a few times I am finding this ok
  • review score 5 Rachel Merritt on 08 December 2015
    I absolutely love these, the only one downside is that the booties don't stay on, I have solved this by putting press studs either side of the booty and the trim around the end so that I can keep them on. They are great for a more active baby as they don't get stuck and twisted in the sleep sack and for younger babies you don't worry they may slip down in the sack. My little man (9 mths) loves them.
  • review score 5 Cu on 08 December 2015
    Warm and well fitting, it is perfect for an 18 months old who hate covers and moves constantly!!!
  • review score 5 Jelly lench on 08 December 2015
    Dispatched on the 24th November, I still have not received my item am told allow 10 days even though they advise allow 3-5 working days. Told to contact them 9th Dec if not received.
  • review score 4 Fiona Seale on 07 December 2015
    Our son prefers to be cosy at night but was getting twisted up in his sleeping bag when he wriggled at night so we thought we'd try one of these. He slept so well in it that I ordered a second one. Unfortunately there is one huge design flaw as highlighted by others which is that the feet don't have poppers or zips to secure them on and as they easily come off this means blocks of ice for feet or picking them up off the drive or path when moving the baby to the car. Please sort this out jo jo as it would make it perfect.
  • review score 4 Ashley on 07 December 2015
    Great, soft sleep suit that we use in the pram and is also great as a travel suit.

    Only thing I was disappointed in was that you can't attach the feet - this would have made it 5 stars for me!
  • review score 5 Fiona on 07 December 2015
    Great invention for wriggly babies who can't use covers but the zips are very difficult to fasten when your toddler won't stay still. Would be better if the zip went from bottom to top but overall a great product.
  • review score 5 Isabel on 05 December 2015
    Great product for my 8 months daughter that uncovers herself all the time and does not like the sleeping bags because restraint her movement.
  • review score 5 N on 04 December 2015
    The only decent sleep bag that I have found where toddler is free to stand up and move around comfortably and safely in a cot. I only wish they made it 3.5 tog as well! The little slippers are quite big so unfortunately we aren't using them on my 16mth toddler.
  • review score 5 Isabel williams on 04 December 2015
    Love love love these! Had the 6-12 months and have now bought the next size up. My LO is a little riggler and kicks off blankets but he likes to be able move freely, these are perfect, I don't know why more people don't sell them. Defo recommended.
  • review score 4 lilycat on 04 December 2015
    Overall a good product for my toddler who has decided that sleeping bags are not acceptable any more! I wish you did them in bigger sizes as it is quite neat on her and she is 2 and a half. The bootees are a bit too wide on the ankle so she does kick them off unfortunately. Might have to sew poppers on to try to attach them to the bottom of the legs.
  • review score 5 Kym on 03 December 2015
    We've just moved into a new house which is a little cooler than our own, ordered the sleep snuggler for my little guy who hates blankets & he loves it! He sleeps so much better now & the quality of the material is great!
  • review score 5 Hannah on 02 December 2015
    Amazing, we used for carnival and evening's out when it's cold and it's perfect, so soft and comfy she loves it. Also use it overnight when it's cold as she always kicks the duvet off. Great service and quick delivery too.
  • review score 5 Shellie on 30 November 2015
    Lovely product, got it in Rose. Arms and legs are long but that's good as should last through till spring. Would recommend x
  • review score 5 Beryl Bloomfield on 30 November 2015
    This is a very well made sleep suit. Having taken a long time to find a suit that has legs and slippers incorporated I was thrilled to see one on JoJo's website. It is certainly as good as it states and the service was prompt. Will certainly shop here again.
  • review score 4 Carly Moore on 24 November 2015
    A lovely snugly suit for my 19 month old who is extremely wriggly and hates duvets and gro bags! One big snag for me is that the booties are really poorly designed, they won't stay on at all so my son can't wear them at all. Otherwise this is a good little suit for the winter.
  • review score 5 Guffy mckenzie on 24 November 2015
    Fantastic product. Already owned one which keeps our baby warm at night when she throws off her covers. Bought an extra one so we can rotate it when the other one needs washing. The added bonus is that it is also in a lovely blue and white stripe. All other products on the market seem to be in garish colours or with product placement( Disney etc) or cheesy writing ( surfer dude, daddy's girl etc)
  • review score 5 Kirsty on 23 November 2015
    This is a great solution to keep your baby warm at night. I can't find anything else like this on the market. Im very happy with my sleep snuggler. The product is lovely quality, very soft and cosy. It's practical as she can walk around in it and I no longer worry that my little one is getting cold at night. Very happy and will be purchasing a second one
  • review score 5 Liz on 22 November 2015
    Absolutely love the sleep snuggler, keeps my little lady lovely and cosy. I wouldn't be without one now, my only regret is not discovering them sooner!
  • review score 5 Raphael Koenig on 20 November 2015
    Lovely, snuggly and warm! Really soft material and well designed zips etc. bought the 18-24 month for my 12 month girl and it's easily adjustable by rolling up arms and legs so it will hopefully last her a long time. She loves it as she always got frustrated with blankets and sleeping bags. Great product!
  • review score 5 laura on 19 November 2015
    Very happy with the sleep snuggler, my 2 and 1/2 year old loves it - lovely bright colours. Only fault was the booties, she kicked them off straight away.
  • review score 5 Carol Kane on 19 November 2015
    Ordered for my Grandson because he kicks off his duvet and we worry about him getting cold. Lovely quality and keeps him nice and warm. was worried that at 2.5 tog it would be too warm but seems perfect. The feet being detachable is an added bonus. Will order more.
  • review score 5 Clare Haynes on 18 November 2015
    Really great product!
    Keeps my little boy snug and warm whilst he sleeps and with the flexibility to wriggle and move around. Highly recommended
  • review score 4 Sara on 17 November 2015
    Lovely product, very snuggly and just what I needed for a 15 month old who won't keep covers on but hates a sleeping bag. Only thing is the feet come off very easily, although doesn't seem to bother her much. Would be nice if they were attachable.
  • review score 5 Louise on 15 November 2015
    Awesome, little one is such a wriggler it is ideal. He didn't like the sleeping bags and the quilt just came off. Lovely and warm and washes well.
  • review score 5 Marlotte Sewell-Berings on 15 November 2015
    This is a lovely product and THE perfect solution to a toddler who kicks off his duvet. It is nice and soft and comfy to wear, both if bed and to run around the house in.
  • review score 5 H Castle on 10 November 2015
    I purchased a sleep snuggler for my very mobile 1 year old as a change from his sleep bags which he seemed to be stumbling over in the night if he stood up. So far the snuggler has been excellent, it is easy to put on him and feels nice and soft to touch. He no longer trips over and has far more settled nights. This is a high quality product which I would recommend.
  • review score 5 Sue Cansdale on 10 November 2015
    My two year old granddaughter loves this sleeping suit (I like blue for girls). She used to wriggle out from under her blankets and wake up cold in the early morning. Now she is snug and warm all night long and we have the peace of mind knowing that however active she is, she will stay snug and warm in her JoJo suit.I like the detail of the zip tops which means they cannot chafe under the chin. I would have preferred access from the legs for nappy changing but the sleeping suit works well the way it is with its optional bootees. The size is generous which is good as it should last for a couple of years making the relatively high cost worth while. I would certainly recommend it.
  • review score 5 maureen stibbards on 09 November 2015
    Very good quality and well made. Sleeves a little long but turn up.
  • review score 5 Oliver Lewis on 08 November 2015
    Nice soft fabric...warm and the removable feet and sleeves are great...
  • review score 5 Tracey thieman on 07 November 2015
    This is great for any toddler my son is 16 months and loves the freedom this provides he previously had a gro bag but when starting to walk this can get frustrating when trying to move around the cot. Definitely would recommend it.
  • review score 5 Mrs lindsay Thompson on 06 November 2015
    Excellent service garment wonderful good features like maybe sleeveless plus my grandson unable to unzip as to the placement of the zip! Great product fully recommend it!
  • review score 3 Caroline on 06 November 2015
    Lovely thick sleepsuit, perfect for winter. The size does come up big and it's a shame the wrist and ankle cuffs are not properly elasticated as they hang off my little girls arms and I have to roll the legs up to prevent her from walking on it.
  • review score 5 Suzanne on 06 November 2015
    Absolutely brilliant! My son wriggles around the cot so blankets are no good and he hates wearing grow bags so this is ideal. I've bought another one so I don't have to rush to wash if it gets dirty.
  • review score 5 Jenna Saberton on 06 November 2015
    Love this snuggler, it's my second and third purchase of them. I bought one 2 years ago for my 1 year old and now the winters set in my 1 year old got it handed down to him, and I bought one for my 2 year old and 3 year old. They're so comfy and wash really well. 3 years on and it's still snugly and has had great wear. Can have sleeves on or off and at the minute it's not so cold so I have the kids off. The 3 year old is potty trained and can unzip his when he needs to. Lovely and soft, great quality!
  • review score 5 Pete on 05 November 2015
    This is the second time we've bought these Sleep Snugglers and they're great! The fact that the arms detach make this suitable almost all year round and the feet are a really useful addition, especially if your child is wearing PJs without feet. The zips are very strong and making getting in and out very easy too. I'd recommend these to everyone and especially those with children who kick off blankets all night long.
  • review score 5 Gemma on 05 November 2015
    Love the sleep snuggler! Had a few walk in sleepers over the last 2 years but now my lb is nearly 2 and a half I can't find any store selling a size above 2 years! When your little one refuses point blank to have a blanket/quilt these are a godsend, thank you jojomamanbebe!
  • review score 5 Mrs L Ward on 05 November 2015
    Excellent snuggle suit, lovely soft fabric, my 1 year old now sleeps solidly through the night. 100% recommend this to any other mummies.
  • review score 5 Sally on 05 November 2015
    My granddaughter has just grown out of her first sleep snuggler and so we have replaced it with a larger one. They are perfect when a baby is on the move, are a generous size and wash well so well worth the money.
  • review score 5 Victoria on 05 November 2015
    I brought the sleep snuggler as my son really didn't like sleeping in a sleep bag. It's been great he can move around in bed freely but still be warm. He won't keep the booties on do we just use socks and at the minute he is just wearing a vest underneath but when it's colder I will put a babygrow then the snuggler. Brilliant for anyone who's little one won't take to a duvet.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 05 November 2015
    My little boy and I love this sleep snuggler! The fabric is soft, warm, and bright. I have peace of mind knowing that my son is warm and toasty all night. He also walks around the house in his snuggler when it's cold. I highly recommend this product!
  • review score 5 Em on 05 November 2015
    Very pleased with this product, my son loves it. The booties could be improved on, but otherwise all fine.
  • review score 5 M on 31 October 2015
    Cozy :-) Allows free movement, which is precisely why I bought it. Slippers are hopeless, I guess we'll never use them. But as they're not really needed, we don't mind.
  • review score 5 Michelle jones on 29 October 2015
    This sleep snuggler was the best item I bought for my 18 month old he wouldn't stay under the covers was getting cold and with winter coming at least now he's always warm and can move freely as its a suit and not a sleeping bag. The best ever highly recommended
  • review score 5 Louise on 29 October 2015
    This has revolutionised my child's sleeping. Duvet was no good as he was too wriggly but this has saved my sanity. He generally sleeps through the night now. Have ordered a few others too!
  • review score 5 Kate Ryder-Dawson on 29 October 2015
    Great product, really good quality. Love the detachable arms but the booties tend to fall off, shame they don't have poppers too. My daughter is finally happy to be in a sleeping bag and I have peace of mind she's cozy and snugly all night!
  • review score 5 Shona on 27 October 2015
    I bought 2 of these for my little boy & they are fantastic, he refuses to wear covers & the sleep Snuggler ensures he keeps warm at night. I had to take the side of his cot as he was climbing out & the sleep Snuggler has legs & feet so I know he is safe & able to walk if he does get out of bed. So pleased I bought these, highly recommend.
  • review score 5 Helen M on 26 October 2015
    Brilliant item, my 14month old daughter moves around a lot during the night and the snuggler keeps her lovely and warm, as the duvet doesn't stay over her. Lovely soft fabric and washes well. Love it.
  • review score 4 Sarah Robinson on 26 October 2015
    I bought the blue one with flowers and it's absolutely gorgeous. Does the job brilliantly, my little girl kicks all the blankets off so she gets cold and this is perfect. Would like to buy another but very steep at £29 a go. The only thing with the suit is the stitching came undone at the knee on the zip, after a week (it's not like it's too small, she is 18 months and I bought 2-3!) and I had to stitch it. Could have returned it I guess but couldn't do without it! Other than that great item!
  • review score 5 Mrs R Dean on 26 October 2015
    This sleep suit has been essential for our little boy moving from his cot to a bed. He used the same type sleeping bags and they kept him snug in his cold room. Unfortunately he had a few cold nights, not able to keep his duvet over him before we ordered this. It's just perfect. He can sleep the whole night without getting cold and get out of bed safely if he wants to. Perfect as usual. Thanks Jojo!
  • review score 5 Steph Boscher on 26 October 2015
    Fantastic. My son loves his sleep snuggler. It gives him the freedom to move around as much as he wants without being retstricted. Lovely and toasty warm too.
  • review score 5 Carly T on 26 October 2015
    This is a fab suit for keeping them warm at night, our daughter was waking up cold in her sleeping bag which is why we bought one of these and it works great as she can crawl/walk around with it when she gets up too. The only reason I gave it 4/5 is that the booties are useless as they don't stay on at all, would be great to have a popper option on them like the sleeves.
  • review score 4 Jade Dilloway on 22 October 2015
    Great product. Really warm and pretty design.
  • review score 5 Jessica Walton on 21 October 2015
    I was looking for something that offered the warmth of a sleeping bag, but was more suitable for my ever-more-mobile 8 month old - these are perfect! My daughter doesn't get all twisted up in it and once she's standing by herself, I know it'll be much safer/easier for her. The detachable arms and feet are great for the colder winter months ( though as everyone says, the feet don't stay on for long!) - very happy with this product - ordered another in 6-12 months and already have the next size up for when she's outgrown these ones!
  • review score 5 Kelly joy on 21 October 2015
    I brought this for my 9 month old daughter as she will not have covers on and she screams the house down if I put her in a sleep bag.
    It turned up and first impression was excellent. It's very cosy and a lovely colour. I have taken the arms and feet off as I will put them back on when it gets really cold.
    The first night I put it on my daughter she slept all night and every time I checked her she was very comfortable and warm. I can stop worrying now that she will get cold.
  • review score 5 aliclare on 21 October 2015
    Kept baby cosy when he panics in a bag
  • review score 5 Denise Farish on 19 October 2015
    Our little girl has a tendency to move around a lot at night and won't stay under blankets or within a sleeping bag. This product is fantastic solution to the problem and gives me the peace of mind that she is cost and warm at night. The detachable sleeves are great for extra warmth, as are the booties, however my little one pulls them off straight away so could use some slightly stronger elastic tops.
  • review score 5 Lindsey on 17 October 2015
    Love the sleep snuggler, great quality, love the flexibility of the removable arms, the only down side to the sleep snuggler is the lack of feet (booties fall off quite easily) so his feet are always cold even when we put him in socks. It would be great if the booties could press-stud on like the sleeves do.
  • review score 5 Nada Stankova on 16 October 2015
    Such a great product, finally I've found something that will keep my little one toasty while not restricting him too much (like a sleeping bag). The sizing is a little on the small side (I checked with fellow mums who buy often from JoJo Maman Bebe) so I got a size up and it's just a tad big now, but still great - at least it will fit for a while!
  • review score 4 Katy Black on 15 October 2015
    Love this product as my daughter rolls around in bed and doesn't get twisted like she would in a sleeping bag. However, the feet always fall off as they cannot be fastened on and then get lost in the bed! Bought size 12-18 as shes just 12 months and I'm not sure it will last too long but I'm loving it for now!!!
  • review score 5 Catherine Hopper on 14 October 2015
    This has been brilliant for my youngest who is a real wriggler and never took to grobags which were too restrictive. The snuggler allows him to move as much as he wants and I have peace of mind that he's warm. The detachable arms and feet also mean that I can use it throughout winter for when it gets even colder. A great product.
  • review score 4 Jen on 13 October 2015
    I have two of these sleep suits for my toddler, he's almost two but quite small so the 18-24 month size fits with room to grow at the moment. The booties are too big and fall off though so we don't use those! Just put socks on instead. He seems really happy in them as he can walk around in it before getting into bed, and it has the snugly ease of a sleeping bag rather than a duvet which we haven't moved up to yet. Probably be good for winter car journeys ending in bedtime too! Usual high quality feel I expect from Jojo.
  • review score 5 Maud on 13 October 2015
    We love this sleeping bag. My baby had outgrown his smaller one by the summer & I was actually looking forward to colder weather so he could wear his new one! The design is fantastic - he's so wriggly and tends to get twisted up in his traditional sleeping bags. He sleeps far better in this suit, I think it is because of the arms which provide extra coziness. He also has more freedom to role about in his sleep & I'm not having to rearrange him during the night!
  • review score 5 Kate on 12 October 2015
    My toddler had been waking frequently as she couldn't keep covers on but wriggles so much she gets twisted up in sleeping bag, the snuggle suit has really helped. The only down side is the feet don't stay on, could do with poppers.
  • review score 5 Joy thomas on 12 October 2015
    This is a fabulous progression from a sleep bag for those colder nights. Also my little boy looks super cute in it in the morning when I leave him in it to let the house warm up
  • review score 5 Francine Powderhill on 12 October 2015
    My 19 month old became frustrated in her gro bag as it restricted her movement, but worried that she would wriggle out of blankets. She loves her snuggler, sleeps better plus we have the peace of mind she is warm. Detachable sleeves are great too.
  • review score 5 Veronika on 12 October 2015
    Very good idea for babies who doesnt like sleeping bag.
  • review score 5 Cathy Clyne on 12 October 2015
    Perfect for my little one who will no longer sleep in a gro-bag but also refuses a duvet! Peace of mind that he will remain snug throughout the night.
  • review score 5 Vanessa Thomas on 07 October 2015
    My baby loves this fuschia/White stripe sleep snuggler! She loves going in it a bedtime and looks really cosy. Lovely quality and print plus it is easy to put on. Will definitely buy the next size up when she outgrows this one. I would highly recommend! Thanks Jojo :-))
  • review score 5 Vikki Hibbert on 07 October 2015
    We love these sleep suits. Our little boy has to maintain temperature at night or else he wakes!!! He is such a fidget in bed that covers don't stay on, so this suit is perfect. Much better than a bag as he can stand etc without worry of failing over etc.
  • review score 5 Fiona on 05 October 2015
    This sleep snuggler is great as my now crawling baby likes to move around her cot in her sleep and was wakening getting frustrated in a sleeping bag and covers were a no no . This way I know she's always cosy. Only thing is the slippers fall off, maybe a little button to keep them on would be good.
  • review score 5 Bee on 03 October 2015
    Excellent snuggler! It's very good quality and fun! It's warm, but not uncomfortable. Very lovely colours too. I highly recommend it!
  • review score 5 Maria on 02 October 2015
    Brilliant snuggler, well made and love the detachable sleeves. Baby wears it every night, I've actually bought 3 as she does not like the sleep sacs anymore as moves about too much! Also great for when travelling! Excellent product very happy with it, would highly recommend.
  • review score 5 mwalshe on 02 October 2015
    We love this sleepsuit. We had been using sleeping bags for our son since he was about 6mths old, but as he has grown and started to walk we found the sleeping bags became quite dangerous (ie falling). After trying (and failing) for months to find a better alternative, a friend of mine suggested JoJo Maman Bebe. These Sleep Snugglers are the (almost) perfect solution. They behave exactly like the sleeping bags but with the individual legs make it so much safer for an active toddler. My only complainant would be that the footies/booties come off too easily. I would prefer if they had 'snaps' like the arms so they could be removed if wanted, but stay on when needed.
  • review score 5 Ann on 30 September 2015
    Purchased the sleep smuggler 2.5 tog for my 13 month old grandson, worth every penny, washes up really nice, keeps little one nice and warm like the detachable arms. In a pod baby unable to stand up with sleep snuggler baby can move around and stand, have purchased another one, really pleased.
  • review score 5 Elizabeth Webb on 30 September 2015
    A lovely warm sleep suit. My son hates blankets and being restricted in any way so this is perfect to keep him warm at night time. The removable arms are very good, I have them off at the moment but I know they'll be good when the weather gets colder. The only negative thing is the feet, they don't attach firmly so my son pulled them off straight away. He wears a cotton sleepsuit underneath with feet so that solves the problem of cold feet. I recommend this product to anyone looking for basically a sleeping bag with legs. It's good quality and sizing seems accurate to me.
  • review score 5 Marie healey on 28 September 2015
    Brought this for my lO as normal sleeping bags kept on getting trapped under her wriggling legs and waking her up.
    Best thing I ever brought for her,she sleeps throughout the night as she is warm and tangle free! Would highly recommend! Also like the fact arm sleeves come off if needed for spring time!
  • review score 5 Roni Taylor on 24 September 2015
    Perfect solution for a toddler who dislikes duvets but has outgrown and out manouvered gro bags. Booties don't stay on very well but the detachable arms are a great feature.
  • review score 4 Kimberley on 23 September 2015
    Lovely suit, super snuggly and soft. Little one loves it and it's perfect as he refuses to have a blanket! Same as the other reviews though the booties are useless, far too small and wouldn't stay on anyway.
  • review score 5 Camelia on 23 September 2015
    I bought this product as my baby boy doesn't like the usual sleeping bags. He absolutely loves it as he can move freely during the night and is also very cosy.It is brilliant and we love it!
  • review score 5 Bron on 22 September 2015
    Super product. Cosy and easy to put on. Just remember to buy big so can fit over a sleep suit
  • review score 5 Emma Taylor on 22 September 2015
    Absolutely love this! My daughter loves to roll over and couldn't do that in a sleeping bag so this has been a perfect solution. Highly recommend!
  • review score 5 Vasso on 22 September 2015
    Great product and very practical!! My little girl can move a lot easier through the night!! She used to get annoyed with the sleeping bag and tangled up but she is good now! plus she can stand fine in the cot!!
  • review score 5 Louise on 22 September 2015
    We love the sleep snugglers. We have just bought some for our second child after the sleep snuggler made such a difference to our older child's sleep. After a week, 9 month old baby has slept 7 hours straight for the first time. Especially great as she is starting to crawl and cruise, and the snuggler doesn't hamper her movement.
  • review score 5 Alex Brook on 22 September 2015
    Love this & so does my daughter. She grew out of the sleeping bags & with all the movement she does in the night, covers never stay on!! We were always concerned about the temperature dropping & her getting cold but with this she is able to move freely & will never get cold!! Amazing & no where else does anything like it!
  • review score 5 MissBes on 22 September 2015
    A brilliant sleep suit. I'm very confident that when I put my son to bed he's nice and warm. I love that the arms detach, so we can accommodate for warmer nights. This sleep suit is excellent quality. My only wish would be to have two zips so you can leave they get too hot. Other than that it is perfect and I would buy it again
  • review score 5 Nichola on 21 September 2015
    We love our sleep snuggler and so does our little girl. She is 17m but we bought 18-24m to last the winter. She smiles when we zip her in. She has a habit of kicking off her bed covers so this is the perfect solution and keeps her warm all night. My only criticism would be that the bootees are quite useless and don't stay on for more than 2 minutes!
  • review score 5 Emma on 15 September 2015
    Brilliant product that I couldn't live without! My little boy has always used sleeping bags but as he's got a bit older he's got tangled up in them and it's disturbed him at night and when trying to stand in his cot in the morning. The sleep snuggler has solved all of this and he's back to sleeping really well at night again. He's got the freedom to move around whilst keeping nice and warm. Can't recommend this product enough. I only wish I'd known about it sooner!
  • review score 4 Dot on 15 September 2015
    My son loves his sleep snugglers! Much more practical than the sleeping bag-style sleep suits, especially once baby is up on their feet. I would give them 5 stars if the bootees stayed on better!
  • review score 5 Liz Dunne on 09 September 2015
    These are brill. Keep out the chill. Gave me a thrill. Thanks a mill. This is my second. I bought it when, winter beconned. Its a god send !
  • review score 5 Rose on 08 September 2015
    Brilliant! Keeps my little one snug at night as he won't keep a blanket/duvet on. Bought size 2-3yrs but my little one is not yet 2 and it fits! Would recommend
  • review score 5 Julie king on 02 September 2015
    I have a grandson that will not keep blankets over him so these suits are great he's warm and cosy and can run round before bed , I take the arms off when it milder and don't use the slippers untill it's really cold would highly recommend
  • review score 5 Caroline on 02 September 2015
    Great for my son as he is a very active sleeper and was getting tangled in the grobags or kicking off blankets. Allows him to move around the cot freely whilst he sleeps. Sizing is good- I have a large 14 month old and the 12-18 months fit perfectly. I have already bought the next size up for when he grows out of it. The suit comes with slippers but these fall off him so i have had to sew some poppers on to keep them on.
  • review score 4 Unknown on 02 September 2015
    Just bought this for my wriggling 20 month old to replace the sleep snuggler which she has grown out of which was brilliant for the winter months 3.5 tog! Love the onesie 2.5 tog she has now although would be a good idea to do a 3.5 tog in this too. Booties that came with it are far too big and don't stay on. Maybe a good idea to replace with some bed socks. All in all a great product and would highly recommend
  • review score 5 Liz Dunne on 01 September 2015
    When I first opened my sleep snuggler I was struck by the quality of the product, it looked like everything I had hoped it would be. It was. My little boy was going to move onto his own room in the next few days and we were concerned that he would kick of his blankets and get cold while I was making up for months of sleep deprivation. With his sleepssnuggler there's no worry of that and we all get a good nights sleep.Brill... he's now got two of these and I can recommend them.
  • review score 5 liz reed on 25 August 2015
    I needed a warm sleepsuit to take when camping, i have already tested it out and i love it. Its reall soft and the zips are easy to fasten. My friend liked it so much she has got ine for her daughter. Its a good investment
  • review score 5 Lindsey on 25 July 2015
    So pleased with this product. My little boy is so wriggly he's always kicking off his covers and then waking up because he's cold. We tried sleep bags but he didn't like the way they restricted his movement. A neighbour told me about these snugglers and we haven't looked back. Great quality and lovely design, really easy access for nappy changes and we love that you can remove the arms for warmer nights.
  • review score 5 Vicki M on 13 July 2015
    This sleep suit was fantastic. Much more comfortable and safe for my 11month old who likes to stand. Really cosy. Flexible as arms removed. Only problem is that the little socks don't stay on as he's a bit small for them. Worth every penny.
  • review score 5 Casey Buckingham on 20 June 2015
    Absolutely love sleep snugglers, have a very wriggle 6month old who hated the traditional sleeping bags and blankets.., this was a perfect find... He can wriggle till the cows come home and not wake up which makes a happy mama :)
  • review score 5 Hayley on 13 June 2015
    Arrived super quick. My little one is a wriggler and does not like to feel enclosed in a sleeping bag so this is an excellent alternative! It keeps her lovely and warm and she can wriggle as much as she likes!
  • review score 5 Helen Charters on 13 June 2015
    These are a must have if you have a wriggly little one like me who won't keep his covers on ! My 10 month old kept waking up with disturbed sleep once we slept him in this we found he was much more comfy and instantly started sleeping better . As will all Jo jo stuff it is dearer than a lot of shops but the quality is worth every extra penny washes beautifully . Get one you won't be disappointed !
  • review score 5 Melissa on 09 June 2015
    Great sleepsuit has stopped my lil one getting tangled up in her sleeping bag, the only thing I would suggest is some thinner togs would be perfect.
  • review score 5 Martha on 09 June 2015
    This product is all and more than the description. My grandson is a very restless sleeper and this suit is not only very smart and carefully thought through it keeps him cosy all night and no need to worry about bedding any more. Wonderful product I will purchase another one shortly thankyou
  • review score 1 Roo on 08 June 2015
    Product started to fray after first wash and zip pull fell off (choking hazard). Both within first week of using product. Extremely poor quality, which is not fit for purpose, especially for the price of the item
  • review score 5 Em on 05 June 2015
    Very pleased with the product. My baby wont sleep in a sleeping bag but happily snoozes in this.
  • review score 5 Amy on 01 June 2015
    Bought the floral snuggler for my niece who is 2, she kicks off her blankets and gets frustrated in the sleep pods/bags.. These are ideal, she has used them in smaller sizes . Lovely pattern
  • review score 5 Sarah curry on 30 May 2015
    Excellent product keeps my little one lovely and warm through the night better than sleeping bags as my baby likes to move around x
  • review score 5 Maxine Guillen on 19 May 2015
    Would not be without the sleep snugglers. My son always throws off his blankets and hated the sleeping bag once he started crawling then walking. This keeps him warm throughout the night, it's like a fitted quilt cover, AND he gets to move around, stand up etc. if he wants to. I'm convinced this has given me an hour extra in bed in the morning. He used to scream freakishly early after waking up trying to get out of his sleeping bag. Now he's happy to potter around in his cot until we're up...bliss!
  • review score 5 Em on 16 May 2015
    Love this product, my 6 month old wont use a sleeping bag, this is great for him as he can still move around
  • review score 4 Kristy White on 14 May 2015
    This has been a fantastic item and allowed our little one to crawl around and move a lot easier in his bed but remaining warm. The only slight downside is the booties do have a tenancy to come off so make sure you put some socks on your little ones toes.
  • review score 5 Kirsty on 13 May 2015
    Got this for my daughter and it's brilliant she loves love freedom of being able to walk,it's lovely quality and washed up lovely.im going to buy another soon,worth very penny .
  • review score 5 Amy on 09 May 2015
    A fabulous product. Perfect for travelling on an evening. The zips are brilliant for nappy changes and the removable arms and booties are so useful.
  • review score 4 Ant on 08 May 2015
    I love these and so does my son as he gets to move about. They are VERY expensive though
  • review score 5 Reshma Kadri on 07 May 2015
    I love the sleep suit. Its perfect for all year round and is soft and comfortable.
  • review score 5 Emma Robson on 29 April 2015
    This is my third sleep snuggler, this is a life saver. From about 8 months my little boy got very frustrated with his sleeping bag, whenever he tried to turn over he got his legs tangled and would wake up crying, i looked everywhere for a sleep suit with legs, i came across this and have never looked back. my little boy now 18months can move around freely in his cot and i don't worry he is cold or tangled up. thank you Jo Jo Maman Bebe. xx
  • review score 5 Alison on 28 April 2015
    I have now bought two of these sleep suits and they are fantastic! My little boy will not sleep in a sleeping bag but would kick his blankets off all the time which meant we had multiple wakings during the night because he would get cold. These little sleep suits are not only fantastic quality and very cute - they keep my little boy cosy all night which has resulted in him sleeping much better.
  • review score 5 Vicki on 28 April 2015
    I bought this for my 21 month old son who has recently started climbing out of his cot. I didn't like the idea of him climbing and roaming around in a sleeping bag. This product solves the problem perfectly, it is warm and cosy and the pattern (rainbow stripe) is lovely and colourful. He likes it so much that he doesn't want to take it off at breakfast time!
  • review score 5 Adele Summers on 23 April 2015
    My little girl now sleeps all night in her own bed as she no longer wakes up cold after kicking the covers off.
    Love that I can remove sleeves and booties if required.
  • review score 5 wei on 17 April 2015
    This is the second snugglers of my kid. It is verysoft and
  • review score 5 Deepa on 17 April 2015
    Absolutely love this, i was looking for something similar to a snow suit for my daughter for when she slept as she kept startling away and this was the perfect solution. Also great for the car as I can put her straight into her cot.
  • review score 5 Natalie on 16 April 2015
    Perfect for overnight sleeping! Easy to get on and off. Love the fact that you can remove the arms. Would be nice for them to have feet built in as my baby just pulls the booties off.
  • review score 5 Amy M on 16 April 2015
    This is our second sleep snuggler, after having one in size 12-18m. They are fantastic and have been a saviour for our little mover. She got so angry at sleeping bags as they were too restrictive and she was tripping over when trying to walk or crawl when she woke. On colder mornings she wears it for a while around the house and seems really cosy.
  • review score 5 Moira on 15 April 2015
    Fabulous product. Little boy sleeps very well in it. A great alternative to a sleeping bag if your little one has started to refuse going in. The foot covers don't stay on very well and would maybe benefit from poppers like the sleeves. Otherwise fantastic product and I have recommended it to all my friends and family.
  • review score 5 Dani on 01 April 2015
    So happy with this sleep snuggler! My son started standing in his cot and I was worried about him tripping on the sleeping bag he was wearing. This was the perfect solution. He is still nice and warm at night and can stand in it without worry. Great product.
  • review score 5 Chloe on 25 March 2015
    Excellent idea- my toddler is too big for the traditional no legs sleeping bags and he refuses to use covers so he gets cold at night. I love the detachable sleeves too. We have a toddler who likes to remove all his clothes and nappy so we put this on backwards and he can't undo the zips so he keeps the sleeping bag and his nappy on all night. Really good quality and washes well and keeps colours. Nice and roomy for a 2yr old. Bought two now!
  • review score 5 Nikki on 07 March 2015
    The best thing ever bought for my little princess , as she walks from her bed to ours several times during the night I was looking for a sleeping bag with legs for a long time , as she is athmatic and kicking the duvet all over the night it was essential to find one sleeping solution like this . finally found this product , the only one in market , great quality warm and snug for winter and just take off the sleeves if its warmer , Now I can sleep comfortably during the night as I don't have to check her duver all over the night , Very happy , bought for my nieces as well , highly recommended .....
  • review score 5 Sarah on 02 March 2015
    I bought these back in 2013 for my now 3 year old when he wouldn't accept a duvet or sleeping bag. He absolutely loved them and they kept him snug and warm. They washed and dried well and have lasted well. They also went up to an older age than any other companies selling anything similar. It would be lovely to see them in a bigger size too as he now can't fit in them and he misses them! My 14 month old now wears them and they are as good now even after all that use and she loves them.
  • review score 4 Joanna Mackenzie on 01 March 2015
    I've found these essential for transitioning my 2 year old twins from sleeping bags to duvets. They won't go in sleeping bags anymore but tolerate these very well and it means they don't wake up cold in the night, as they are unable to pull the duvets up over themselves yet. I've tried other brands, but these win hands down due to being a Great quality product and they have no feet, so they don't get too hot. Wish they could be tumble dried though, would make live a lot easier.
  • review score 5 Kim Kalotka on 03 February 2015
    I love this and so does my wee boy, keeps him nice and cosy but doesn't restrict his movement. He managed to burst the zip by standing up on his traditional baby sleeping bags so these are much better for him
  • review score 5 Hannah fuller on 29 January 2015
    Lovely colour and fabulous quality. This item keeps my daughter really warm on cold nights. The size is perfect to fit other night wear underneath to layer for warmth. Very pleased. Highly recommend
  • review score 5 Nia Salisbury on 29 January 2015
    Great for the cot to bed transition if they're not yet used to a duvet.
  • review score 5 Sarah Underwood on 28 January 2015
    Fits my 17 month well - he has a long body so not sure weather it will last till he's 24 months. agree with other comments re boots - I've sewn poppers to secure. His room is normally 18/19 degrees and he seam to be a comfortable temperature in it
  • review score 4 Emma on 27 January 2015
    My daughter has always been in sleeping bags, but now she's started moving more they became restricting. I tried her in a duvet but I kept finding her out from under it getting cold in the night. So I found this... a sleeping bag with legs! She can wriggle all she wants and still keep warm. It's great, the arms come off too if you'd rather have your baby in a long sleave babygro underneath. It is very warm though so we won't be using it when the weather warms up. My only disapointment was with the feet. The detatchable booties do not stay on so her feet are out in bed. I don't like putting her in socks because of the restriction round her ankles. Fortunately the legs are too long at the moment and her feet tuck inside. It would be so much better if the feet were inclosed.
    Highly recommended product. Saved me getting up in the night to sort my daughters twisted sleeping bag out!
  • review score 5 Li Ma on 26 January 2015
    Very warm and easy to dress.
  • review score 4 Vanessa on 22 January 2015
    Great alternative to gro-bags, which my son didn't like. He loves the freedom to move his legs and walk around before bedtime. Lovely and super snuggly, would be perfect in a higher tog for extremely cold weather.
  • review score 5 Emma-Jayne Simmons on 22 January 2015
    Beautiful sleeping bag, I preciously used Twinkle Togs & we feel this is far superior. It comes in a lovely range of colours, washes & air dries well. The double zip makes for easy changing & our son (2) loves it too. We would & have recommended this product to other parents & will be buyer more
  • review score 5 Lynda Dye on 20 January 2015
    I bought this item for my grandson, his mummy & daddy were finding it difficult to find something in a larger size that would keep him warm all night when the covers were kicked off. They were delighted with it! Especially the way it was made, no struggling to get his legs in.
  • review score 5 Gillian bourns on 17 January 2015
    My little one is always kicking off the covers at night so this is just ideal to keep him cosy when he is sleeping!
    Great product x
  • review score 5 C on 15 January 2015
    An excellent worthshile product. Good value for money and you get what you pay for. Baby is snuggled up warm and can move about and wriggle during the night without loss of covers and warmth.
  • review score 5 Sally on 02 January 2015
    These are great for when your baby decides to try to wander about his cot, in a sleeping bag he used to trip himself up, in this he is fine and doesn't get tangled up whilst rolling in his sleeping bag too! Only negative is the removable feet, good as we have long children so they grow out of these less quickly but they are 'removed' soon after being put to bed, so socks are essential and feet cooler than ideal.
  • review score 5 Jan on 29 December 2014
    Bought two snugglers for my two year old grandchildren so cosy as they kick there quilts off leaving them lovely and warm in their snugglers.
  • review score 5 Pauline Cuell on 22 December 2014
    Unfortunately, I ordered size 12/18 months and the packet stated 12/18 months, but the garment was actually 2/3 years! My daughter in law, is going to take it back to her local store.
  • review score 5 Jj on 22 December 2014
    I ordered the sleep snuggler as my nearly two year old was finding the sleep bags too restrictive.

    The snuggler is exactly that very nice comfortbale material snd warm! Plenty of room for her to grown into..

    The un-poppable arms are a useful feature. The onlydown side is that feet come as sepaerate booties which for a wonter garment is not ideal as they keep coming of in the night..would have been better if these too had poppers to fix them when needed..

    Would not deter me from buying another though.
  • review score 4 Nicole on 18 December 2014
    These are really wonderful, and hard to find by any company. They are soft and versatile, since the arms and slippers can come off. They do run small, so I would recommend ordering a least a size up if not two sizes- plus they shrink some despite following the wash guidelines. My daughter doesn't bang her head any more when trying to stand in her cot, like when she had her old sleep sacs without legs.
  • review score 4 Julia Prowse on 18 December 2014
    Despite that I love this item and this is must have for cool night I'd like to have zip the other way down as its difficult in dim light to handle it. Second - PLEASE DO BIGGER SIZES TOO!!! Bigger kids need to keep warm too.
  • review score 5 berts mummy on 17 December 2014
    Ok and a little expensive
    If priced better I would say good.

  • review score 5 KC on 15 December 2014
    Excellent product, would definitely recommend! Our very active 10 month old would move around her cot at night and get tangled in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag, but with the onset of Winter a 2.5 tog quilted cover is definitely required, so this was perfect! Sizing runs true, I bought 9-12 months for my 10 month old and it will definitely last us for at least a few months, probably right through until Spring. Detachable arms fix securely with poppers. No feet, but I didn't feel that was a problem as my daughter wears a vest and a sleepsuit with feet underneath it, and this has been perfect for the below freezing nights we've had so far when her room has dropped to around 17 degrees overnight. Lovely quality, and has washed well, as I have found with all the Jojomamanbebe items I have purchased over the last few years. Will be buying more of these as she grows I'm sure, just wish I'd known about them when my now 4 year old was a baby, could have avoided some very restless nights back then!
  • review score 5 Alison Crawshaw on 12 December 2014
    Arrived promptly. Great for these in-between times when you need a bit more warmth. Does not restrict movement. Excellent.
  • review score 5 Em on 12 December 2014
    This is great. My wriggly baby is no longer wrapped around and round in her sleeping bag. Lovely and cosy. Only thing is , the booties fall off all the time. I suppose you could stitch them on yourself though.
  • review score 5 Julie Redmond on 12 December 2014
    Fabulous I have 3 of these worth every penny beautifully finished off
  • review score 5 Anoushka on 11 December 2014
    This is a fab product. The only downside is the slippers come off but I just put some thick socks on my daughter.
  • review score 4 Dara Ahern on 10 December 2014
    This is a fantastic sleep suit and lovely and warm. My 18month old loves it as she moves a lot in her sleep, the sleep suit allows her to do this which a sleep bag doesn't. I live the fact that the arms can be on or off to adjust to milder weather. The only flaw in the sleepsuit are the feet, while it is great they come off for milder weather they don't stay on during the night. Perhaps a fastener like in the arms would be good. Overall love this product, have been using it since I discovered it and have already bought the next size. Very good quality products that wash well.
  • review score 1 Kate on 08 December 2014
    I'm sorry to say these are completely useless. The booties do not stay on at all. I tried lots of ways but they just came off within minutes of putting my baby in his cot. And they are very thin.
    I had high hopes for them.
    Hideously expensive compared to alternatives that are now on the market but have built in feet.
    Fine if you just want them to use it in summer. The body of it is fine.
    Have always been very happy with JoJo products until now.

  • review score 5 Hannah on 08 December 2014
    I bought this for my 20 month old as he was getting cold from wriggling out of the covers. I chose this brand over the 'Twinkle Tog' as I liked the fact that you have the option of having it sleeved or sleeveless, and it also has little shoes which going by the reviews I was expecting them to be pretty useless, but my son has taken to using them as slippers separately during the day!
    I got ours in size 2-3yrs as I wanted it to last despite my son being short for his age. There is certainly LOTS of growing room for him but still comfortable enough to wear, I just roll the sleeves up a bit.
    Only downside I can find is the twin zip design is a bit of a faff with a wriggly toddler- almost impossible to do them both up before he runs off, so I have started leaving one zipped up all the time, so only have to do the one up each time. Think it would of been better with poppers or one zip down the middle.
    All in all, we are both very pleased with it, a brilliant idea :)
  • review score 5 Wendy on 01 December 2014
    Excellent item. I bought the 2-3years size for my 20 month old son and it fits him well. Its really soft and comfy. I love the detachable arms that allow me to put it on or take it off easily in the night when my baby is sleeping.
  • review score 5 liz on 01 December 2014
    Fab product. My little one hated sleeping bags once he started crawling. This allows him to wiggle and get comfy without getting tangled up. All snug and good size.
  • review score 5 Catherine Moyes on 27 November 2014
    Brilliant sleep suit. I have just gone back to work, so it's perfect for my little boy to be wearing it at the end of the day. He can go straight into his car seat and then straight to bed, without waking him. It will keep him nice and warm in the coming winter months. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • review score 5 Catherine on 26 November 2014
    perfect for my wriggly 2 year old that won't stay under his covers! Only wish they went bigger... would be good if feet were attached properly I think.
  • review score 5 Claire on 26 November 2014
    A lovely product , however a huge issue is the booties. They don't stay on longer than a couple of mins (daughter either pulls them off or they fall off) so am having to dress her for bed with footed leggings or pjs (she pulls socks off too) underneath the sleeper
    These really need some way of being attached, or an option to buy them with attached booties.
  • review score 5 Michelle on 26 November 2014
    Cosy baby , happy Mom !

    The Sleep Snuggler kept my baby warm when she kept wriggling out of her covers at night and waking up . It's great as it allows her to move around freely and stay warm and snug . Used without the arms when not too cold and will add arms if it gets really cold.
  • review score 2 Charlotte on 25 November 2014
    The idea is brilliant. . I brought for my 2 year old as his room gets quite cold during the winter. But although the product is snug and warm the zips are in the wrong place and do up the wrong way for a wriggly toddler. Also hard to change a nappy.
  • review score 1 Denise on 25 November 2014
    I bought this as our girl (16 months) will not stay still in bed (like most children) and we'd had a few tense moments when she was getting caught in the sleeping bags that we normally use. Hence a "bag" with legs seemed the perfect solution and to our surprise, it wasn't actually that easy to find one. This was about the only one we found that seemed to go up to the size we wanted and to be honest is a lot more expensive than I wanted to pay. However, I don't mind cost if I think the product is worth it and I must say that with this I don't. It's nothing special, wasn't as easy as I expected to put on and I'm not sure what the purpose of the detachable feet are as they don't stay on anyway. (I am now considering sewing them on to the suit as she managed to lose both of them within the hour in bed). I've now gone back to the bags, as I at least know with them that nothing will end up exposed when it shouldn't be. I wouldn't pay this sort of money again on a sleep suit and overall do not think this product is worth the cost.
  • review score 5 Cheryl on 20 November 2014
    I love these sleepsuits and my little wriggler does too - she can move around at night without getting knotted up like she would with a grobag or blankets.
    The only downside is that the slippers are separate, and they don't stay on her feet - they needs to be some way of attaching them to the sleepsuit so they don't come off so easily!
  • review score 4 Julia on 20 November 2014
    I bought one of these for my 15 month old grandson because my children had similar sleepsuits 30 years ago which came from Canada, but they were slightly baggier with attached feet. I like the idea of having detachable feet but as many reviewers have said, the feet keep falling off because they are so loose. At the moment, because it is not so cold, he wears it without the feet or sleeves, but with a long sleeved body suit. When it gets colder he'll have the sleeves poppered on, but unfortunately not the feet because they have no poppers. He will have to wear socks instead. The legs are very long on him so he has giant turn -ups, but it might be fine for a taller baby.
    I would like to buy him another one although I find paying nearly £60 for two baby sleepsuits rather expensive.
  • review score 5 Jo Braidwood on 18 November 2014
    Amazingzing product! My son now sleeps a lot better. He has always hated sleeping bags because he can't kick his legs, and he always kicked of blankets. This solves both problems and I never worry that he's cold.
  • review score 5 Jackie on 17 November 2014
    Love these snugglers. Bought for my very active sleeper at 12 month old as she had been getting caught up in sleeping bags and waking up. She wriggles endlessly in these but doesn't wake & I'm confident she is kept warm all night. Bought next size up to take her through the winter. Love that arms are detachable. Only wish feet could be fixed on too.
  • review score 5 R Abram on 17 November 2014
    Brilliant suit, really warm and comfy. My 2 year old hates having covers on so this is perfect to keep him warm! Need to order another I think!!
  • review score 5 Carla on 14 November 2014
    I think this is excellent now Winter months are upon us, as our 2 1/2 year old has not learnt to keep the duvet on yet! So, I feel happier knowing warmer and snug in this with his PJ rather than getting cold if duvet comes off.
  • review score 5 Louise Anderson on 12 November 2014
    Great item. We had used a sleeping bag from 0-6 months but sons arms were getting cold at night also not helped by the fact he was crawling at 5m and pulling himself up a 6m we needed something movement friendly. This does the trick keeps him warm and free to clamber around only down side the booties come of easily.
  • review score 5 Kate Wishart on 11 November 2014
    I absolutely love this product, our house is pretty chilly at night and I was finding that my daughter's arms were very cold to the touch through the night. This offers the perfect solution and the sleeves can be unpoppered when not required. These are the only growbag/suit options I have found that have arms. I will be purchasing another one for when the current one is in the wash!
  • review score 5 Corinne on 11 November 2014
    This is an excellent product. Bought for my 9 month old wee girl as found the traditional sleeping bags without arms/ sleeves were disturbing her sleep as her arms were cold. Perfect for the cold Scottish winter and also allows freedom of movement for a baby who likes to move her legs and not have them constrained in a sleeping bag.
  • review score 4 LizzyB on 11 November 2014
    Bought this item for my grandson who will not keep any covers on at night. Is well made,and keeps him cosy but the booties won't stay on so he has to wear socks instead.
  • review score 5 Louise on 07 November 2014
    Only problem was that we wish we had bought one sooner! Our nearly 2-year-old is little and fits OK in the 2-3yo size (with plenty room to grow). We have another on the way and will be getting them one as soon as they can stand.
  • review score 5 FRancesca Whisker on 07 November 2014
    Product as described and arrived quickly.
  • review score 5 Tracy Khoshbin on 06 November 2014
    Fantastic product that I couldn't live without. I have two each for my twins (wash and wear) who hate conventional sleeping bags. Great for transferring from car seats to cots. They wash brilliantly.
  • review score 4 Welsh Mam on 06 November 2014
    Lovely snuggler for my little girl who hates hates hates sleeping bags. Soft, comfy and cosy. Sizing very generous at 16months she has loads of room in the 12-18, will last all winter. Washes and tumbles well. Only thing, wish the zips did up from bottom to top, easier to dress a wriggly toddler.
  • review score 5 Joan Tunnicliffe on 04 November 2014
    Beautiful quality and very cosy. Ideal for the coming winter.
  • review score 5 Elizabeth on 04 November 2014
    Would highly recommend. My wriggler son (12 months) would get his legs tangled in a sleeping bag and would wake up frustrated and upset. This sleep snuggler enables him to sleep soundly and wriggle as much as he likes! He's warm and comfy in it.
  • review score 5 Elizabeth on 04 November 2014
  • review score 5 Elizabeth on 04 November 2014
  • review score 5 E Gatt on 02 November 2014
    Great sleeping suit! Would definitely recommend.
    My 8 month old fits in it well with a bit more room to grow into it. Alot of people say they come up large but i guess that depends on how large your baby is, right? My little girl is pretty average in size i think.

    These sleep-suits are great for those who hate seeing their little one's get all tangled in the sleeping bags! Don't get me wrong i loved the bags but now that my daughter is rolling alot, I find it gets twisted and annoys her.

    Its also much easier for you to carry her and put her straight into the car seat or push chair if needed in a hurry so not to have to remove it on a cold morning. I put her into her bouncer for her morning milk and than the high chair for breakfast without having to change her immediately when she wakes. I think the legs made so much difference!

    Only one thing i have to say negative, is that everyone is right about the booties that come with it...there pretty useless tbh. I just put socks on her even though she kicks them off by the morning. Would be better if they were sewn on somehow or have some way of fastening them to the suit.

    Overall i would by another one though.
  • review score 4 Jenny Gossage on 29 October 2014
    My 2 year old has been out of sleep sacks for months - bought this for a winter camping trip and its lovely and snuggly and warm so will be using it more than I thought over winter! - plenty growing room but not ridiculously big. Booties are huge though!
  • review score 5 N Griffith on 27 October 2014
    Bought the sleep snuggler for my 17 month old son. Can't recommend it enough. It's warm, comfy and enables him to move around safely in his cot.
  • review score 5 Kyle D'Silva on 27 October 2014
    We purchased this sleep suit because my daughter was getting wrapped up inside her sleeping bag and waking. It is brilliant. She sleeps right the way through. She's been using it a week and hasn't woken during the night once. Much more content baby. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
  • review score 5 Kelly on 26 October 2014
    Will be perfect for winter.. Colour did fade slight after one wash
  • review score 5 Joanne Zahler on 23 October 2014
    Although a bit pricey, well worth it . My daughter has Down's syndrome and hates sleeping bags as she likes to be able to lift up her legs. She has slept so well in it and the floral design is even better in real life than shown in the picture. Nice and vibrant. Very very happy. Highly recommend it. X
  • review score 5 EMB on 23 October 2014
    A perfect solution for children who do not like sleeping bags and like to move around in their cot. Nice material but as mentioned, the zips are a little fiddly and I would say the sizing isn't overly generous. My son is 12mths but the 12-18mth size won't last long.
  • review score 4 Laura on 23 October 2014
    Perfect alternative to the sleeping bags,enabling toddler to walk around without tripping up. Removable arms are a great feature which I'm sure will be used once it turns extra cold.
    Only downside is the booties that come with it are too big/not elastic, meaning that I have to use normal socks instead to stop LO feet getting cold!
  • review score 5 Catherine dunbar on 23 October 2014
    So happy with this sleep suit , as my little one hated normal sleeping bags because he found them to restricting ! Now he's nice and ward at night , and it comes with removable slippers :)
  • review score 5 Claire on 22 October 2014
    Love these. Sizing seems true (our son is nearly two and is big for his age and the 2-3 fits with room to grow). We have two and he particularly loves the boat design. Only thing that could be improved is to add poppers or some way of fixing the booties to the suit. They are very loose and don't stay on so we don't use them.
  • review score 5 Vicky on 22 October 2014
    What a great invention! This really works for our son- he is such a wriggler during the night now he doesn't get caught up in his bag or I don't worry that the bag is too short! Love it!
  • review score 5 Layla on 22 October 2014
    Great little suit, lots of designs, my son is snuggley and warm in this. It's useful to be able to detach the arms if it's not too cold. Fast and efficient delivery.
  • review score 5 Beth on 21 October 2014
    Fab. Perfect for a child who won't have a blanket in colder weather.
  • review score 1 Lou Lou 441 on 21 October 2014
    Bought this for my son last year age 1-2 and it fit him perfectly. Bought the next size up for him this winter age 2-3 & it was far too small. My son is an average size 2 and this was so tight on him. Returned the item.
  • review score 5 Cheryl Cowan on 21 October 2014
    This is a fantastic product! My little boy has never liked sleeping bags as he is such a wriggler and always ends up kicking the covers off!
    I found this and immediately bought one to try and it allows my boy to freely wriggle and move around his cot without the constraints of a sleeping bag and gives mummy peace of mind that he is warm all night! Also removeable arms and feet allow me to adjust according to temperature in nursery!
    About to buy another as a spare!
  • review score 4 Marta on 20 October 2014
    I bought this item because Jo-Jo seemed to be the only ones selling this type of padded pyjamas for ages 2-3. I bought two. I like the colours and my child looks cosy in them. He is an average 2 year old and he has about 5 cm room to grow. I would recommend them. Just three reasons why they are not perfect: *the elastic is very loose and its elasticity vanishes quickly so you have to end up folding the ends of the sleeves *my child was waking up because the socks fell off (again: the elastic), now, after sawing it to the trouser, he is fine *there is a design fault in the way the left zip clicks in to do it up (in both items I bought), it is quite difficult to attach it because the bit it fits in is covered by lining (the right one makes more sense)
  • review score 5 JO BENTON on 20 October 2014
    These are just ideal for a little one who hates sleeping bags and kicks off blankets. Very warm and snug and will be great for when it get colder. We;ve found that the little booties don't really stay on so have resorted to socks instead.
    Great investment.
  • review score 5 H on 17 October 2014
    Great product, love that it has detachable feet and arms. Brilliant for my daughter who's a wriggly sleeper and gets tangled in a sleepbag!
  • review score 5 Patricia Hunter on 16 October 2014
    Lovely quality and colour- little flowers.
    Very pleased with the service, easy to order and quick delivery. The sleep smuggler will be a useful alternative to the sleeping bag.
  • review score 5 Laura parker on 15 October 2014
    These have literally been a lifesaver! Have a vey active 8 month old very tangled in a normal sleeping bag. So much so that we had to ramp up the heating so he could sleep only in a sleep suit. However this legged sleeping bag has saved the day!! For all those active babies out there this is a must!!!
  • review score 4 Sara on 15 October 2014
    very good quality, but too small. My kid is 28 months old, about 92cm, I ordered size 2-3 years which is by far too small.
    Please offer the sleep snuggler for older kids aswell!!!
  • review score 3 Fiona wall on 14 October 2014
    A great idea, but the crotch is too low, my 19 month old is tall and I bought the 2-3 yrs but it won't last long. And the slippers don't survive the trip up to bed! As he pulls them off straight away, so have to put socks on under baby grow. Please re think the design
  • review score 5 Louise thrower on 14 October 2014
    Lovely perfect solution for my toddler kicking his blankets away and waking up cold. Worth every penny :)
  • review score 5 Sue lee on 14 October 2014
    My 17 month old is was so warm this morning in the house on a very grey day. He can walk about freely but is snug and warm. I love the way Jo Jo have developed warm things with legs so toddlers can still move and be warm.
  • review score 3 Maria on 13 October 2014
    It's a good alternative to sleeping bags. My little one loves being able to move around in bed and can do so with this one. Also good that it comes in ages 2-3 as not a lot of shops do them in that age. What really annoys me though is the way the zips are done, really fiddly and hard to do up and also the fact that you can't attach the slippers as that is becoming a real problem due to my don taking them off and therefore wakes up with cold feet. I have decided to sew them onto the sleep snuggler.
  • review score 5 Sarah on 13 October 2014
    Excellent sleeping bag, lovely and cosy. I love the fact that it can be worn in the evening before bed time and baby can move around freely in it. My son has just turned one but we bought the 18-24 month size, although the legs are a little long overall it's a good fit and should last him a while. Will definitely be buying another.
  • review score 2 Ellie on 13 October 2014
    Bought rainbow snuggler 6-12mths. Way too small in leg length, the crotch is so low. Also, why no feet?! Booties utterly hopeless - I had thought they would stay on, but they didn't even make it from the point of getting dressed into the cot, before falling off. Not a wise choice of item......
  • review score 4 Sarah on 12 October 2014
    I am very happy with this purchase. My son hates wearing normal sleeping bags as he cannot move freely and he kicks his blanket off in the night. He likes wearing the sleep smuggler as it does not restrict him in any way. The only nrgative thing is the booties as they are to wide on the leg and just fall off.
  • review score 5 Gemma on 11 October 2014
    Love this item as my little boy is a complete fidget, he used to get all twisted up in the sleeping bags as they are quite large and get in a right pickle waking up as he was tangled. I brought sleeping bags as he always kicks his covers off, so I started looking for sleeping bags with legs and granted there are not many out there, so very happy to find this one! this is a great design arms come off for warmer nights and my little one loves it I have no concerns that he won't be warm enough any more in my drafty old house ;-) great product
  • review score 4 Jo on 09 October 2014
    Our 22 month old son had started to hate sleeping bags and refused to have a blanket or duvet on top of him for more than 30 seconds so this is perfect! I agree with others that the feet are completely pointless and he can undo the zips very easily but is very happy to put the suit on. It has transformed our nights as he kept waking up cold before, if only the feet had poppers or something it would be perfect..

    Also, I bought size 2-3 and although my son has quite a long body, the sizing isn't overly generous and I doubt that we will make it to 2.5 let alone 3 in this size, but it will see us through the winter which is the main thing.

    Over all - great :)
  • review score 5 Kelly Shepherd on 08 October 2014
    Our 16 month old has the habit of kicking off her duvet and covers whenever in bed - she just seems to dislike anything placed on her. She is a great sleeper but waking up feeling very cold now the weather is changing. Previously had sleeping bags but she likes her legs loose. This is the PERFECT solution - she loves it! Keeps her very snug and we only use pyjamas at the moment for her to wear under. Baby vest, snuggle arms and feet will be added when it gets even colder. A+ in regards to this product - wish I found the product sooner!!
  • review score 5 Beegee757 on 07 October 2014
    These Sleepsnugglers are excellent - so much better than sleeping bags as the legs and the arms enable your little one to run around or stand up in the cot without fear of falling over. My 2yr old LOVES hers! And JoJo is one of very few places that sells these suits for this age range - well done JoJo! My only criticism would be that the zips should be the other way around (currently pull from top to bottom, which is anti-intuitive and not helpful when trying to change a wriggling baby!).
  • review score 5 natalie savage on 03 October 2014
    I bought my first one of these when my son was 11 months, he never had slept through the night. He was frustrated with sleeping bags as they stopped him standing and moving freely. Started using this and he slept through, and has ever since, now aged 2. Soft, washes well, keeps him warm, good quality, easy to put on, great removable arms when it gets warmer.
  • review score 5 Ali Sharples on 01 October 2014
    I absolutely love this product as my daughter hated the normal 'Growbags' as her legs were getting trapped as she moved around so much. The Sleep Snugglers allowed her to move around with ease in her cot which meant she didn't wake herself up. Defiantly recommend this product in fact I am already buying a second one for her.
  • review score 5 Sally Bradbury on 29 September 2014
    Brilliant! So much better than a sleeping bag as our daughter can move around without tripping over the bag
  • review score 5 Amy on 29 September 2014
    We love the sleep snuggler. My daughter can sleep in whatever position she likes and is nice and warm. We will be buying another!
  • review score 5 F Remnant on 26 September 2014
    I bought this as a hopeful alternative to a sleeping bag which our 1 year old had been in. As he became more mobile and moved a lot in his sleep the bag became twisted and he ended up 'trapped'. The snuggle suit is very soft, warm and roomy.
    He moves around easily and can stand in his cot in the morning to hurl his teddies over the side; he will play for a while instead of instantly shouting with frustration because he couldn't move. A few more minute of sleep for me! I will be getting another and highly recommend them for wriggly sleepers!
  • review score 5 Suzanne Dann on 26 September 2014
    This is an excellent product. Having detachable arms means my Grandson can wear it all year round. We don't have to use any covering on his cot but know that whatever the weather he is snug and warm.
  • review score 5 Pauline Moodie on 22 September 2014
    This is a lovely suit and is super soft. A great idea for travelling but also general use as a sleeping bag. Love it!
  • review score 5 Hana on 22 September 2014
    Love it. Suits us much better than a normal sleeping bag and it's very hard to get a good one like this anywhere else. My daughter is 12 months but I've ordered the 18-24 months as I wanted her to have extra room in it. I'm glad I did as it covers her feet too and it's not too big at all.
  • review score 5 Georgina Martin on 22 September 2014
    My big 14 month old was getting frustrated in his sleeping bag so we bought this. He has definitely slept better since we put him in the snuggler and he looks really cosy.
  • review score 5 Emily on 18 September 2014
    Brilliant for children who kick off the covers then wake. The detachable sleeves and booties mean it can be altered for warmer weather.
  • review score 5 Clare mawrey on 17 September 2014
    Great alternative to a sleeping bag. My LO is sleeping better through the night. Only one dislike, the neck seems a little high n bags up catching her chin.
  • review score 5 Jo quick on 15 September 2014
    Was so glad to find this product and at a reasonable price too! My 1year moves around a lot during the night and with her sleep snuggler on she is free to move and roll around, and I don't have to worry about her standing up in her cot (she used to get tangled in her sleeping bag) will defiantly be back to purchase the next size up
  • review score 5 Jess on 13 September 2014
    Fantastic! Cosy and warm, 6-12mth a generous fit on my tall 7 mth old who constantly gets tangled in standard sleeping bags. We will be using these for the next few years for sure!
  • review score 5 Nicola Gleeson on 12 September 2014
    The best purchase I have made for my 10 month old. He could no longer get comfy in a normal sleeping bag as he was getting twisted in it and waking up in the night. I tried a blanket but this always ended up over is head so i was never comfortable leaving him with a blanket. Now with the sleep snuggler he is back to sleeping through the night and so am I ! I know that he is safe and warm at the same time. I would say that they are a little small on the sizes I have now purchased two of theses one 12-18 months and one 18-24 months and the bigger does fit him better and she is only 10months old. Fabulous idea. I would defiantly buy more and they are defiantly worth the hefty price tag.
  • review score 5 Debbie Back on 11 September 2014
    These sleepers are brilliant! When your little one starts walking it's not safe to use regular sleeping bags. Ideal if your little one won't stay under covers too. Only downside is the booties come off easily. Thoroughly recommend!
  • review score 4 Rachel on 05 September 2014
    At time of writing review havent yet had occasion to try this out on our son as it is still summer, but cant wait to try it out during winter. It seems so warm and like the idea that u can detach the arms incase they get too hot. Also our little man doesn't stop moving, so was tempted by this option as the sleeping bag can be abit restricting sometimes. Again p&p top quality
  • review score 4 Verity on 04 September 2014
    Lovely and cosy, feels well made and ideal for my son who likes to be free to move around. Would be perfect if there were some way to attach the shoes. Also a lighter tog for summer would be handy.
  • review score 5 Penny Phillips on 04 September 2014
    This is the second time I have purchased these sleep snugglers, they are fantastic great value for money, keeps my twins nice and cosy in bed in the winter months I don't have to worry if they are cold as they never stay in same position in bed and always kick their covers off. This product and any other items i've purchased from Jo Jo Manan be be are good quality well made clothing

    Also very glad I have my Tamba membership this helps alot gets expensive clothing twins.
  • review score 5 Laura beale on 04 September 2014
    Ordered this to fix the problem of my 8 month old "walking" his legs up inside his sleeping bag and getting stuck! & kicking all his covers off! Sooo glad i did! He loves it. Really soft and snuggly. Not keen on the double zip but doesn't affect the use. Love that the arms detach for warmer days/nights. I ordered a bigger size and glad i did as its a tad snug and wouldn't last long as its abit pricey. Will defo be ordering another 1!
  • review score 5 Clare on 04 September 2014
    My son loves the snuggler it's great because he is quite active in his sleep and it doesn't restrict him at all and he can move around and it doesn't wake up. It's great at the moment with the warmer weather that you can detach the arms too. I am really impressed with the quality, it's lovely and I would definitely highly recommend to friends to make a purchase too!!
  • review score 5 Lucie on 03 September 2014
    Great snugglers, the child has more chances to move. Our baby got sometimes stuck in the normal sleeping bag so we decided to try this one. This snugglers work much better for us.
  • review score 4 lyn on 29 August 2014
    This is a great product, a really good alternative to a sleeping bag for a baby that likes to be mobile, and the detachable arms give flexibility too. My only gripe is that the feet would be much better attached, as a wriggly baby loses these too easily - I gave in and sewed mine on.
  • review score 4 Mum of 1 on 26 August 2014
    Great product for small ones that do not like the restrictions of a sleeping bag or who kicks of their blankets. If the booties could have a better elastic on them or something to stop them falling off it would be great but don't let that stop you buying this product.
  • review score 5 KyBo on 18 August 2014
    These are an absolute god send! Brilliant for winter and fantastic for camping! Will be purchasing another one for this winter, would be lost without this product :)
  • review score 5 ES on 22 July 2014
    Excellent product, warm and soft. This is the second one we buy for our son. It keeps him warm at night, has separate legs which is great for active toddlers and removable sleeves for the warmer nights.
  • review score 5 Elle on 14 July 2014
    Just brought the next size up as my son loves them and didn't sleep well in the sleep bags once he could stand/ walk. The booties don't stay on but he has short legs so only the tips of his toes stick out! Highly recommended.
  • review score 5 Mrs W on 07 July 2014
    These are simply the best! I have had 5 of these in different sizes now. Our little boy stands in his cot and likes the freedom of his legs. He is much more stable when standing in these. He did not like sleep pods at all. The removable arms are a great addition. The booties do not stay on long as he removes them, so we put socks on, which he seems to also enjoy removing before morning time!
  • review score 5 Noemi Dell'Omo on 20 June 2014
    Very good when the kid start walking as traditional sleeping bags get too dangerous. It is also really usefull in the car as you can tight your kids and still be warm and ready to sleep when you arrive home.
  • review score 5 UnaC on 14 June 2014
    What a fabulous suit. Quality so good with gorgeous colour. Would love one myself. Will definitely be buying more
  • review score 5 Smith on 12 June 2014
    Fantastic product if you have a wriggly baby/child. My daughter has never liked sleeping bags as she gets tangled up in them and as a result wasn't sleeping very well...the sleep snuggler was the perfect solution! She can move around in her cot as much as she wants now and can stand up with it on too. You can add/take off the sleeves so we've been able to use it most of the year. It also doubles up as her 'dressing gown' and slippers as she wears it in the evening before bed. Would definitely recommend this product!
  • review score 5 Therese on 29 May 2014
    These are awesome! The first thing I thought when I open the packet was how soft they were. My baby sleeps so well in these and they have solve the problem
    of him waking up and trying to stand up in his sleeping bag and bumping his head on the cot! The other thing which is great in the soft cotton inner and outer which is perfect for his ezcema. Thanks so much I have been searching for a product which baby could safely wear to bead and be able to move freely as well as be gentle on his sensitive skin! Very happy!
  • review score 5 Caroline on 28 May 2014
    We have 3 of these suits they were an absolute saving grace for our daughter who wouldn't leave any covers on! Cosy & soft & washes like a hanky!
  • review score 5 Annie on 27 May 2014
    This is the second sleep snuggled I have bought, they are brilliant! My son has slept so much better since purchasing this, our house is old and quite cold and his arms are usually freezing but these have solved that problem! The feet are not attached but this isn't an issue for us as long as he is in a baby gro. They look really cute and as usual the item was delivered within 2 days of ordering. Very very happy with this!
  • review score 5 PETER STEPHENSON on 24 May 2014
    Previously using a sleeping bag but our daughters arms were always cold in the morning. This sleep suit does an amazing job keeping our daughter warm and comfortable and she likes that she is free to move around as she wishes. Will definately be buying the next size up.
  • review score 5 Kirstin on 21 May 2014
    Great! Makes it way easier for my son to wriggle about his cot at night and keeps him cosy regardless of his nocturnal moves
  • review score 5 Lynsey on 20 May 2014
    Love these! This is the second I have bought for my little boy who is now 18 months. Unlike his elder brother who always slept in a sleeping bag, my youngest would always wake up in a knot with his sleeping bag, crying and frustrated! We bought this as an alternative and it's brilliant! Now the weather is getting a bit better we've removed the sleeves so he doesn't get too warm. The two zips are great for ease of getting them on/off. The little boots are a bit pointless, too big and just fall off or are pulled off, but that's a minor detail.
  • review score 5 Katie Hickey on 13 May 2014
    We got this as our little one moves around so much and was getting caught up in his sleeping bag. It's great, he sleeps really well in it and can move around as much as he likes! And the detachable sleeves and feet make it good for summer or winter. I will be getting another one!
  • review score 5 Katy B on 12 May 2014
    My baby wouldn't keep a blanket on and we used a normal sleeping bag for the first 6 months, but he used to get so frustrated as he hated having his legs covered. This totally solved the problem and he sleeps brilliantly in it and he is not 9 months and mobile, so this gives him great freedom of movement. We abandoned the boots though as they were never going to stay on! The issue we are having now though is that this is too warm for spring/summer and my baby is back in a sleeping bag and hating it. JojoM PLEASE, PLEASE release this in a lower tog asap!!
  • review score 4 Elle on 12 May 2014
    My son is much happier at night in this suit with legs now he can stand and crawl. I think it's a shame the booties are separate and it needs washing on a cool delicate cycle, not sure how it will clean if he has an accident!
  • review score 5 Liz on 29 April 2014
    Excellent item! My little one was constantly getting out of his sleeping bag so the sleep snugglers suit is perfect as his legs are free. Would definitely recommend.
  • review score 5 Laura West on 29 April 2014
    Brilliant purchase. Our daughter struggled with sleeping bags as they impaired her movement so much as soon as she she first crawled. However we couldn't find a happy alternative which would keep her as warm as they did either - she would wriggle free of a blanket several times a night. Not only has the sleep snuggler solved the issue of movement and warmth in one go, but the prompt delivery meant we were all getting a better night's sleep within a couple of days of ordering it. Couldn't recommend it more and we will be purchasing another asap.
  • review score 0 Julie Henry on 22 April 2014
    This is a beautiful product. Gorgeous material and excellent quality zip etc. Very snug and perfect sizing. The product was delivered prompt and with no problems. The pattern is beautiful and looks great on my niece. Perfect to put her into if she's out and about and has to change into her pyjamas.
  • review score 0 Natalie on 22 April 2014
    Fits really well and nice and cosy. The feet don't stay on though. Disappointed there aren't poppers to keep the feet on.
  • review score 0 Karen Gordon on 14 April 2014
    A lovely item, purchased as my 18mo kept undoing the poppers on her sleeping bag- this is a great solution. Cosy & soft. Hidden zips- very important for my little Houdini! The poppers on the sleeves are a good feature. If only there were poppers on the feet- as other reviewers have said, this is a bit of a let-down as the bootees are hardly elasticated at all
  • review score 0 Jill Thompson on 11 April 2014
    This is ideal for transferring little one asleep in car seat or pushchair straight into bed. Our little one sleeps like a log with added warmth in winter from the removable sleeves
  • review score 0 Julia on 11 April 2014
    Delivery was really quick. The product itself is great as my boy 9months old is all over his cot at night. It helps him move around easily, where other sleeping bags restricting his movements.
    i have ordered size 12-18 months as my son is a bit bigger. It will last for a few more months, unfortunately. Again, all sizes are different in different stores.
    i was expecting that the sleepers are attached to the legs, but the size is just about to fit and they are falling off all the time. So, i have decided to attached them just for peace of mind by myself.
    I would definitely recommend this product as it has removable sleeves as well and it gives great flexibility to my baby. And i am going to buy another one after this has been worn but i ll do it in person to make sure that the size is right.
  • review score 0 Kate Green on 09 April 2014
    Fantastic for little ones that want to move around & made very well, would struggle to keep the booties on as that are not fastened in to anything. Would recommend to all.
  • review score 0 Irene Botham on 13 March 2014
    exceptional value and further delivered by royal mail in double quick time.

    Well Done
  • review score 0 karen smith on 12 March 2014
    Perfect alternative to the sleeping bag for my boy as it allows him to move easily and crawl in in cot which he can't do if he's in a bag... Perfect for play when he wakes up and gives me maybe an extra half hr in bed!
  • review score 0 MrsMLP on 11 March 2014
    The Sleep Snuggler is great. My little boy doesn't like covers and had started standing in his cot whilst in his growbag and kept tripping over so this solved that problem plus having detachable arms gives the extra warmth when needed. Great price, good material and plenty of room to grow :)
  • review score 0 Marielle Cuevas on 10 March 2014
    It was the perfect solution for my 1-year-old toddler, who hates the sleeping bags.
    Thanks to this sleep snuggler he can easily change his sleeping position without getting "stuck" in the sleeping back. Additionally, it is made with a very soft material. It is nice, colourful and the quality is top. I can 100 recommend it.
  • review score 0 Fiona wood on 03 March 2014
    Love thus product! Used a sleeping bag with my first child but my second child rolls around a lot at night & woke up due to being restricted in bag. This suit is a fab alternative, provides the warmth but baby is able to move/position freely. Arms detach if too warm and easy wide opening for getting on
  • review score 0 Mich on 27 February 2014
    Perfect for my daughter who started sleeping on her front but found she got twisted in the standard sleeping bag.....so good we bought two! please, please,please could you produce these in a thinner/smaller tog for the summer
  • review score 0 Anouka on 27 February 2014
    We had the striped baby jersey travel sleeping bag 0-6 months 2.5 tog and it was great, and since the sleeping bags for my 6 months old baby are very long (6-18 months) I thought this snuggler would be more comfortable for my wriggling baby who moves around the cot all night. We also wanted this snuggler for our holiday when he'll be 7.5 months old so we can go for a walk late with the pram in the evening with him asleep (we used the sleeping bag like this when he was 4 months old). But (1) I find this snuggler way too tight around the neck, (2) the size is a bit smaller than I expected for my 6 months old wee boy, (3) one night he rolled over on his belly and woke up crying because he's not used to roll back. So we're back to using a regular sleeping bag now. Overall I'm disappointed about this product, I should have bought the travel sleeping bag and we'll probably will.
  • review score 0 Julia on 25 February 2014
    The rainbow stripes look different in reality, bright colours but with a dark green which I didn't expect from the picture.

    We only received the sleep snuggler yesterday and haven't used it yet, but it's already clear that the feet are useless, as so many others have also mentioned - they fell off my daughters feet after less than a minute, while she was still on my lap when we tried them on. The elastics are extremely loose, practically non-existent.
  • review score 0 Adas on 18 February 2014
    the best thing ever!!!! after using the normal sleep bags, and finding them awesome! this one is a far better idea when your little one starts kicking and rolling in bed at night. it allows him the freedom to move freely, and not get tangled up:) (he's two now and we just love these!!!)
  • review score 0 Sandra Mayberry on 18 February 2014
    I bought a sleep snuggler for my 11 mth old girl. She is nearly walking, and I was concerned about her tripping & hurting herself in a normal sleeping bag.
    She absolutely loves the sleep snuggler, the 1st night we put her in it, she jumped up and down and had a play in her cot, before going to sleep. The removable sleeves are great for when it gets a bit warm. I'd highly recommend this product!!
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wright on 18 February 2014
    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea. My toddler loves his sleep snuggler. Hewriggles around too much for a quilt/blanket and was waking up cold. Sleeps much better now :)
  • review score 0 Helen Borman on 17 February 2014
    This is a fantastic product. My little boy only slept through for 1night out of 10 months prior to me buying a sleep snuggler. Now he's cosy and super cute. It works a treat and I'm finally getting a full nights sleep. I've just ordered a second one!
  • review score 0 Mark A on 16 February 2014
    This is a great product for putting baby/toddler to sleep when out and about, and then easily transferring them to their cot when you get home.
  • review score 0 Maria Pearson on 13 February 2014
    Theses Sleep Snugglers are great! My 11 month old son has finally outgrown his growbag and standing in his cot so this was the next step to weeping him warm, freedom to move and being cosy. The arms are detachable, plenty if room in it and cute slippers too. Easier for him to stand if he does in the cot rather than being tangled in a growbag. Highly recommend and would like an adult version ;)
  • review score 0 cassandra whiting on 12 February 2014
    brilliant sleep solution for a struggling toddler that no longer wants to be restricted in a sleeping bag and one that kicks off covers in the night. my 2 year old started kicking and screaming before going into a sleeping bag and would wake up in the night all tangled up when he started moving around. This is a happy solution for both of us, although I would say it would help if the feet were integrated.
  • review score 0 Sarah Fisher on 12 February 2014
    Absolutely essential for our house. This is the 2nd one we've purchased so we can always have one on the go one in the wash. Keeps our LO nice and warm but does not impede his movement in the night. As he is a tot who always kicks off blankets and hates the restriction of his sleeping bag, it's a veritable godsend!
  • review score 0 Vicky Heslop on 23 January 2014
    I bought two of these just before Christmas. They are amazing and have given our little one such a good nights sleep. A total wriggler at night he was constricted in a sleeping bag and would either throw the blanket off or get tangled in it. With these snugglers they are kept nice and cosy and are still free to move. The booties are fine for keeping their toes warm, but if your baby wriggles as much as mine they are kicked off in seconds. I stopped using the booties after a couple of nights. Would still highly recommend this item though despite this slight flaw.
  • review score 0 K Gerrard on 22 January 2014
    The sleep suit arrived promptly and it's of a lovely quality. Very warm and cosy. Love the fact that the arms can be detached by press studs but really disappointed that the same can't be said of the booties/feet! I've had to sew them on myself becaus there is no way they would last more than 1 minute otherwise. Love it thought and highly recommend it
  • review score 0 RachelL on 22 January 2014
    Asolutely brilliant, we went straight back to our local store and bought another two! Regular sleeping bags tend to get all scrunched up around our 1 year old daughters armpits, this solved that problem perfectly and she has been sleeping soundly ever since.
  • review score 0 Jessica on 21 January 2014
    Really lovely print & good quality product. It relieves the frustration of my daughter trying to stand up when in her sleeping bag whilst still keeping her snug
  • review score 0 teila on 20 January 2014
    Brilliant.. My little boy loves this as he is still able to move around at night. Would defiantly recommend.
  • review score 0 Caroline Cameron on 15 January 2014
    Gr8 for cold nights & has detachable sleeves which I didn't realise. Perfect for babies who crawl to give more freedom.
  • review score 0 Vicki Oliver on 14 January 2014
    An excellent product. I was sceptical at first that a sleepsuit could really have a tog rating to believe, but this certainly does! My little girl is snug as a bug and has the flexibility to move freely (something she was struggling with in a sleeping bag). Would possibly suggest that the boots were fixed on, but that is only a minor issue. Shall be buying another!
  • review score 0 Jessica Welz on 03 January 2014
    My son absolutely loves these Sleep Snugglers. I was a bit worried when I bought it as he had always hated the sleeping bags because it restricted his legs. But no need to worry, he loved it so much I went out and bought another!
  • review score 0 Alaine on 03 January 2014
    Good. Although it would be helpful if the booties were also connected with poppers
  • review score 0 Inga on 03 January 2014
    My son is 15 month old and is very tall, so I decided to get him this sleepsuit in size 2-3years and was surprised to see its not that small at all, my child also have big feet for his age too and shoes already fits him, but he is 5 already, so I would say its well sized and very well made, booties could might be a little bigger though. To my surprise my son started sleeping through the night again coz he does not get tangled up like he use to in the ordinary sleeping bag. I would highly recommend this item to anyone whose children do not like being in the sleeping bag.
  • review score 0 Gillian James on 02 January 2014
    Beautiful snuggly sleep suit that look fabulous on my gorgeous grandaughter.Very good quality and beautiful fabric.
  • review score 0 Anna-Marie on 02 January 2014
    Absolutely love this suit. I bought it for my 16 month old who just won't keep a blanket on at night and was waking up loads during the night as he was cold. This has solved that problem. It's so cosy and the sizing is really generous. I bought 12-18 months and he has loads of growing room. As mentioned in other reviews the booties seem pointless as they won't stay on. I found them a trip hazard for my son, so we stick to regular socks which work just as well.

    Very handy for evening car journeys too as I change him into this before we leave, strap him in and it's a quick transfer to bed the other side.

    I've just ordered another one as I hate it when this one is in the wash!!
  • review score 0 Rachel on 28 December 2013
    I was so pleased with the sleep snuggler that I bought for my one year old that I've bought another one! He used to get very twisted up in his sleeping bag and could undo the poppers - he now sleeps much more soundly. The only negative is that the boots are far too loose and just fall off. Other reviewers have said the same thing so it's not just me. They need some poppers or elastic or something. Apart from that, these have been a great purchase!
  • review score 0 Anita Parmar on 26 December 2013
    This sleep snuggler is perfect as is keeps my babies warm. Unlike the gro bags, because the sleep snuggler is like a body suit its not restricting my babies movement. we can take it out with us and put him in his pj with the sleep snuggler and he still fits comfortably in the car seat so we can transfer him straight into his cot with minimum effort
  • review score 0 Katie on 22 December 2013
    This is super - very warm and cosy and the sizing is good. Only less good thing is the feet - I can't believe my son is the only baby who likes to pull off socks or shoes, and these would have been better with zips or poppers so they stayed on. But overall a good buy.
  • review score 0 Amanda on 20 December 2013
    Love this snuggle suit, ended up buying two. Perfect for the winter weather as can also wear before bed instead of a dressing gown. Good size, my son is 15 months and the 12-18 fits great. Only downside is the booties fall off so poppers would be great.
  • review score 0 Emily Harris on 19 December 2013
    These are lovely warm snugglers, perfect for colder weather. I bought two, in the same blue colour for my boy, 16 months (18-24 month size) and my little girl who is 30 months (2-3 years size) and they both look super. However, both are on the big size - sleeve length particularly and the slippers are large. The upside is that with a couple of rolls of the cuff, they are fine and will see them through until spring nicely. The jersey material is lovely and soft and they are a great upgrade from their sleeping bags as they can get straight into these after their bath. We bought them for traveling back from family visits during the festive break and they are a great hit.
  • review score 0 MrsJK on 18 December 2013
    Great. Perfect for little person who is getting to big for a sleeping bag but not ready for a duvet. As noted by others, the slipper socks it comes on will not stay no, but can be used with normal socks.
  • review score 0 Heidi Bryanton on 14 December 2013
    The best thing since sliced bread!!! We had real trouble when our little boy grew out of his 12-18m regular sleeping bag and the 18-36m was far too big. It was summer, so not a problem, just dressed him in pjs/vests and then tried a duvet come autumn. Jack had very different ideas!!! He hated being covered up so we were left with a baby waking up cold in the night (he's slept through from 9 weeks!!!), until now that is!!! Whoever invented a sleeping bag with legs and detachable arms is an absolute genius!!
  • review score 0 Amanda on 13 December 2013
    Bought the floral snuggle suit (as we call it) as our 23 month old moves around in her cot bed too much for the quilt to keep her warm and if she needs to climb back into bed, she can't manage it in her sleeping bag ...and we were impressed as these disturbed nights improved :) Like other parents I've sewn poppers onto the booties which help to keep her feet snug and warm.
  • review score 0 RH on 12 December 2013
    Dear JJMB,
    These are fabulous, apart from the feet, which as you know, because everyone writes this, fall off. Please can you put poppers on as you have for the arms?
    Thank you.
  • review score 0 L Roberts on 10 December 2013
    Exactly what I had been looking for to resolve the problem of an angry baby waking up twisted up in her sleeping bag.
    Might be a coincidence but she's now for the first time ever sleeping through the night. I'm scared to take it off!
  • review score 0 Sarah Fisher on 09 December 2013
    Got this on the recommendation of a friend and I honestly don't know how we survived without it! Our LO constantly kicks off his blankets but also hates sleeping bags because he wants free legs for walking. This is the perfect solution and he is now happily warm and contented and getting much better sleep too - as are we! About to order a spare for when the first one is in the wash...
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 07 December 2013
    Fantastic product - love the flexibility of sleeve options and baby loves the option to wriggle around without the restriction of a sleeping bag! Ordered 6 - 12 month size for (quite tall) 11 month old and there's room to grow. Has washed well and dried quickly on the radiator. Only negative is the zips are quite fiddly to do up when the baby is trying to escape!
  • review score 0 D's mum on 06 December 2013
    We are very pleased with the sleep snuggler. We had been looking for a sleeping bag with legs for a while and found this one, and our son sleeps very well in it and there is no need to worry about keeping him warm at night.

    We are also pleased with the customer service: there was a little tear when we received it the first time around, and when we got in touch, we received a replacement within a few days.

    We will be getting another one once he has outgrown the current snuggler.
  • review score 0 FreyaFire on 05 December 2013
    My daughter recently moved into a toddler bed and was struggling to get in and out of her bed whilst in her sleeping bag - this Sleep Snuggler was the answer! She loves it! It's cosy and warm and super soft to sleep in but easy for her to move about in too. A great purchase.
  • review score 0 Suzan on 05 December 2013
    This is the fourth one I've bought! Just love them and they wash so well and I'd love it if they went bigger! I'll be sad when she grows out of these.
  • review score 0 WS on 05 December 2013
    Great alternative way to keep my son warm as he refuses to use blankets and duvets. Would be good if the feet were attached too.
  • review score 0 Katie Pryor on 05 December 2013
    These sleep snugglers are absolutely perfect This is our third one we bought two previous ones for my boy and now a gorgeous flowery one for my girl. She started to stand in her cot so sleeping bags are not suitable any more This snuggler keeps her warm during night and I don't have to worry she will slip like she used to in her bag They wash brilliantly colour doesn't fade at all it doesn't loose its tog at all either like I used to find with sleeping bags where after few washes the tog just got slimmer and slimmer My only little complain will be the little boots they come with it The elastic on top is so loose that they keep falling off all the time Fixed it by stitching extra band inside to make it stay on It would be great if this was done already Its not a major thing and it won't stopping me from buying another one :-) x
  • review score 0 Charlene Roberts on 05 December 2013
    Love this sleep smuggler, keeps baby warm but allows him to freely move around unlike baby sleeping bags. Only downside is the booties were too small and even if they weren't I doubt they would have stayed on. I would certainly recommend this product.

  • review score 0 JEN on 03 December 2013
    Lovely item, baby is sleeping much better now in this snuggly suit.
  • review score 0 hkirkby on 03 December 2013
    This Sleep Snuggler is fantastic. My daughter loves to roll around in her sleep and starfish in all angles across her bed so blankets simply get kicked off and sleeping bags just frustrate her!
    The Sleep Snuggler is soft, cosy and I no longer have worries that she'll feel cold in the night. Worth purchasing!
  • review score 0 Katie Oakes on 03 December 2013
    Excellent little sleep suit. It's the second one we've bought as so happy with it!!my daughter wriggles out of her duvet at night so this is a brilliant alternative as it's so warm and cosy, that it keeps her snug all night. Also fab if u need to travel as they can wear this suit in the car too!
  • review score 0 Sellena Rahman on 02 December 2013
    Finally a good night sleep for mummy! This is a GOD SEND! I was waking several times a night to cover up my 18 month daughter, she was having coughs and cold because she kicks her covers off, a traditional sleeping bag did not work as she managed to take it off. This is a must have, excellent quality and practical. Maybe a twin pack for the future? Would help with the occasional leakages!
  • review score 0 Mrs I Facey on 30 November 2013
    This item has been a great hit with my granddaughter,keeping her warm and cosy in her cot. I would recommend any young family to buy one, the quality is exellent.
  • review score 0 Gemma on 29 November 2013
    Bought this product for my son for the winter months. Its extremely snuggly and i know that he won't be waking up cold in the night. He is 18 months and average height and weight and the 18 -24 month suit has plenty of room in it.
  • review score 0 Helen H on 29 November 2013
    My little one snuggles down & has a great nights sleep. He wriggles so much that a duvet isn't any use
  • review score 0 Lucy on 28 November 2013
    This is a great product, very soft and snuggly. I don't think the booties would stay on many babies tho!
  • review score 0 Nichola on 27 November 2013
    Really pleased with this product as keeps our little one warm and cozy but allows her to walk around and climb in her cot without falling.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 26 November 2013
    Bought this suit for our 1 year old to wear whilst travelling at night and in cold weather. With the Sleep Snuggler you can easily harness baby into a car seat without having to remove or undo the sleeping bag. Great for walkers as they can potter around in the suit when it is cold indoors. Very happy with purchase.
  • review score 0 Katie Wood on 20 November 2013
    Very cute and snuggly. I agree with previous reviewers about the feet though. If only there were poppers to keep them on.
  • review score 0 Georgina Kind on 14 November 2013
    This suit is perfect for our wriggler eho wont stay under a blanket or tolerate a grow bag. However very dissapointed with the feet, they dont stay on for longer than a few seconds at a time, wish they were popperd on like the arms. We have to use slipper socks instead.
  • review score 0 Annie B on 13 November 2013
    Lovely warm sleep suit for the winter months. Only criticism is that the booties aren't attached so are always kicked off. I sewed them on but would be more useful if it came as standard. Other than that, it's fab and my son loves it.
  • review score 0 Alexs Mummy on 13 November 2013
    Love this Sleep suit, our son is 20 months and hates blankets and has now decided he hates the sleeping bag, this is a great alternative. I purchased the 2- 3 year old as hes is tall for his age and although its a little big Im glad I didn't go for the smaller one. The "booties" don't stay on so I've been using slipper socks, but I am going to stitch Velcro or buttons as it seems like a waste not to use them. My only regret is I didn't find these months ago. I have recommended this to my sister with a 2 year old that has the same issues with trying to get her son to keep the Blanket on.
  • review score 0 Suzan on 12 November 2013
    This is the third one we've bought. My daughter loves them and they are really good quality. I bought the last 2 when she was under 2 and I went for the 18-24 month sizes despite reviews saying they come up small - I don't find this at all. My daughter still fits the 18 - 24 month ones now and she's over 3! Ok so the shoes don't fit for long... and she is in the 25th percentile for height. I've just bought the 2-3 size and it's got plenty of room. she's about 95cm so not that tiny. The shoes fit her too and she's a size 7-8 infant. Not sure how long they will fit but will be fine for this winter at least. My nearly 6 year old is also very jealous and wants a sleep snuggler too... any chance you'll make them bigger Jo Jo??
  • review score 0 Lisa on 11 November 2013
    This sleep suit is excellent, I agree with other reviews the slippers don't stay on but my baby has a baby grow on underneath so this doesn't bother us. It's great if u have to leave the house early on those winter mornings like we have too. I have to travel to my mothers every morning to help her and we have our breakfast there so when I get up, I can just put baby straight into car seat with a blanket no messing with coat or waking him up this keeps him snug and warm, Fantastic and a must have :)
  • review score 0 K Gall on 08 November 2013
    I bought two of these for my 16 month old as she tends to get tangled up in her sleeping bag & likes to stand up in her cot. They are great - true to size
  • review score 0 R Paradny on 06 November 2013
    We purchased 4 of these sleepsuits and are very pleased with them. Warm and snug, they keep our little one toasty all night. Like others said the shoes do fall off but the sizes are very generous so feet are kept warm by the long legs. Easy to get on and off with the double zip and they wash well in the machine. Highly recommended.
  • review score 0 Amy on 06 November 2013
    Absolutely fabulous sleep suit, my little boy sleeps so well in it. It washes well and has stayed beautifully soft.
  • review score 0 Claire Howard on 05 November 2013
    This is lovely and snugly for my little one. It keeps her nice and warm but still gives her the freedom to move around which she loves. The detachable arms are a good idea, although the booties don't stay on very well
  • review score 0 Louise Gordon on 05 November 2013
    I'm afraid I am a little disappointed with the sleep snuggler. The main body of the suit is lovely, very well made, very snug and cosey, however the booties are just a waste of time. I purchased this because JoJo market this suit as being for those that like the security of a sleeping bag but need more flexibility - exactly what my little one needs. After 5 mins of wear the booties fall off - they are very big and just will not stay on. My little girl isn't too keen on wearing socks all night so this sleep suit is useless to me since her feet will get cold. I'm sure I can find a use for the suit for wearing around the house when it's a bit chilly but as a sleep suit i'm afraid it's not for us.
  • review score 0 HW on 05 November 2013
    I bought the sleep snuggler for my 20 months old son and it is lovely. It is soft and keeps him warm. He is sleeping in toddler bed so it is safer than the sleeping bag as he likes to wonder around a lot.
  • review score 0 melanie vernon on 03 November 2013
    Baby is comfortable in this suit and nice and warm
  • review score 0 Lucinda Long on 01 November 2013
    Lovely and cosy. Allows my son to move around at night without him getting in a knot and waking him unlike the sleeping bag versions. The only issue I have is the feet get kicked off so I will have to stitch in place. Otherwise I would highly recommend. Would live a 1 tog version too.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 31 October 2013
    Very cosy and solves the problem of kicking off the blankets!
  • review score 0 Cat on 30 October 2013
    I love the sleep snugglers. My son has always rolled around in bed and normal sleeping bags just didn't work. I had one when he was younger and have got age 2-3, he is only 13 months but very long and it fits him perfectly. The ONLY thing that could be improved upon are the booties - they NEVER stay on - would be brilliant if they have poppers too like the arms. Overall though, great for babies on the move!!
  • review score 0 Nicola Alesbrook on 29 October 2013
    I bought this Sleep snuggler for my 15month old son. He came out of sleeping bags when he was 1 as i found that they were restricting him too much and he was waking up. Now that the weather is getting colder i needed something to keep him warm but allow him to move freely and this is perfect. The detachable arms and booties mean this will last all winter. I will have to order another one for when this goes in the wash!
  • review score 0 Jo on 28 October 2013
    Don't know what I'd do without these sleep snugglers! My 2 year old won't sleep under blankets so these are a great way to keep him warm at bedtime. They're also quite easy to get on and off. Like the new colours that have come out.
  • review score 0 Emma groves on 25 October 2013
    Love love love. Perfect for my wriggly son who hates a regular sleeping bag and will not keep a blanket on.
    Will def be ordering another
  • review score 0 Claire on 25 October 2013
    This is a great item. My little boy loves it as he can get up and move around his cot freely. Keeps him nice and toasty all night. Only downside is that the booties don't stay on so I just use socks instead.
  • review score 0 Sophia on 25 October 2013
    These sleep snuggles are amazing. I ordered two 2/3 years size very good fit with room to grow my toddler loves them and stays lovely and warm all night no wake ups! Would highly recommend
  • review score 0 Laura on 24 October 2013
    Amazing product!! Have been looking for something like this for a while as my LO doesn't like the baby sleeping bags as she seems to get tangled up in them (she's very wriggly!), so gets frustrated in them. This has been perfect. She can move freely in her sleep and it comes with a guide on what other clothes to put them in with the snuggler according to temperature. She's slept better than ever in it. Only negative is the feet don't stay on at all, they fall off within 5 seconds of wriggling, so would be great if there were some poppers on them? Even with this negative, I'll be purchasing more without a doubt. It has been a god-send for bedtime!
  • review score 0 Mum to One on 24 October 2013
    My 20 month old son WILL NOT wear his sleeping bag any more, but still kicks the covers off, so this seems the best solution.
    Bootees will have to be pinned on until I get round to sewing poppers on (note to designers - could you add a poppper to each for the option to keep them attached?).
    We do a lot of camping too, so we'll get good use of it in the summer too, so it makes it good value for money.

  • review score 0 Tessa Falango on 24 October 2013
    Great for keeping my little boy warm at night, no more waking up cold in the middle of the night. The booties are not good though as they don't stay on so have to use socks instead.
  • review score 0 Allyson on 23 October 2013
    Beautiful snuggler. This allows my little active sleeper to move around with no restrictions and still keep warm. I would suggest that the little feet should be fastened on with poppers the same as the sleeves as they won't stay on and I have to wear little bed socks on her instead. I will probably sew them on myself...... when I get time!
    Overall an excellent little sleep suit and lovely quality.
  • review score 0 Ffion on 23 October 2013
    I bought this for my year old daughter as an experiment because she kept getting tangled up in her usual sleeping bag when rolling around her cot. The experiment worked and she seems to be able to move much more freely in her sleep. However once again I was really disappointed with JoJo sizing. I bought size 12-18 month hoping and assuming that there would be plenty of room for growth. Unfortunately it is quite a snug fit already and lengthwise I doubt very much it will last her very long. I think the Sleep Snuggler is a brilliant idea for wriggly babies but if your little one is long like mine, order the next size up because at 29.00, in the long run it will be more economical.
  • review score 0 Louise tinson on 23 October 2013
    Have bought a couple of these now and find them great to wash, they are prefect for my little boy who is very active in his cot and find the normal sleeping bags too restrictive only wish they did them with no fill for summer but brilliant product !!!!
  • review score 0 Manstr2 on 22 October 2013
    Good idea for a sleepsuit as my little girl has the sleeping bag as well but she can't move around in her cot very well when she is in it. The sleep snuggler means she can get up and walk around freely if she wants. The only downside is that the feet aren't attached which means they come off easily and she gets cold feet. Expensive but a good thing to have.
  • review score 0 Shana marsh on 22 October 2013
    I love this for my son. It keeps him lovely and warm and snuggly while still allowing him to kick his legs. Also means he can wear it if he's up in the middle of the night and still walk around. I've since bought a second one as I love it so much
  • review score 0 Gina on 21 October 2013
    I have used the sleep bags from birth so when Lily started walking I knew I had to find a sleep bag with legs ! These are great very snugly ! they have detachable arms & feet . I feel safe in the knowledge that when she sleeps she is warm
  • review score 0 Sandy Jones on 20 October 2013
    Great product. This is the second one that we have had as our son is a real fidget and so no point having covers just yet. The only thing I would say is that the boots are useless, as with all boots like this they never stay on. Need some sort of attachment to the main body - poppers maybe.
  • review score 0 Martina on 18 October 2013
    My son was sleeping in a sleeping bag and when he learned to turn over was getting stuck in it. This sleep snuggler has allowed him to move around with more freedom which means a better night's sleep for all of us. I have purchased two sleep snugglers and both look adorable on him. My only comment would be that I would love to see the sleep snugglers available in a warmer tog for later in the winter.
  • review score 0 Victoria on 17 October 2013
    Our (very active) toddler had started to wake in the night after getting tangled in her sleeping bag: this is the perfect way to keep her warm without the night waking. It could do with zips on the shoes to prevent them from falling off though.
  • review score 0 Tracy L on 17 October 2013
    These are lovely soft, comfortable sleep suits and really give my son freedom to move about in his cot much more than sleeping bags. The detachable arms with also come in very useful in the winter months. My only disappointment has been with the feet, which are not attached to the suit and keep falling off my son's feet as they are so big. If reviewing the design, I would suggest some way of attaching these to the main body of the suit would be a big improvement - in much the same way as the arms attach and detach.
  • review score 0 Natasha on 17 October 2013
    My one year old is so snug and cosy over night and in the mornings when he wakes up,he wears it until after breakfast- a must for these cold October mornings. It is easy to put on the detatchable sleeves are a great idea. My only critisism is that the feet are not attatched and do not stay on which may be a problem as the temperature drops even further.
  • review score 0 Rebecca Wright on 15 October 2013
    Brilliant idea! Wish I had got one sooner for my toddler he loves it!
  • review score 0 Victoria on 15 October 2013
    A great suit for fidgety sleepers. Shame about the feet not being great staying on but have used socks. Great to also use instead of a dressing gown that my daughter won't wear.
  • review score 0 Lauren on 15 October 2013
    The sleep snuggler is fantastic. Was worried it might be a sweaty material but it isn't. Our son loves it. So soft and comfy. The only problem I have found is our son is 16 months old but we had to buy a 2-3 year old size, so maybe they need to bit a touch more generous on the sizing especially as items like this can be prone to shrinking. It's better than any other make you can get.
  • review score 0 L Mockford on 03 October 2013
    I was searching for this exact product and found it here. It's so snuggley and perfect for my little wriggler that kicks any kind of blanket straight off. It's true to size length wise but nice and lose around baby. It is a shame there is only 2.5 tog available as my baby does get quite hot in it at the moment but am sure it will come into its own once it gets chilly.
  • review score 0 K Petrie on 02 October 2013
    Fantastic purchase, buying more! Definitely recommend these for wrigglers.
  • review score 0 CDelaney on 02 October 2013
    Recently purchased this for my 20 month old who was constantly kicking his blankets up during the night and waking up with cold hands and feet. This has been an excellent buy. One of the biggest selling points for me is that it's not a traditional sleeping bag which I'm sure my toddler would hate due to being so constrained. This gives him freedom to move around but keeping warm in the process. Not only is it very snug but also extremely well made with covers over the zips. Agree with other reviewers that the shoes don't stay on very well, but all in all extremely please with this. This will give us a bit of reassurance as we come into the really cold months.
  • review score 0 Lynsey on 02 October 2013
    This is lovely and snugly! I've been looking for a sleeping bag with legs for ages as our 2yr old gets so chilly when he kicks the covers off. This does just the job! The
  • review score 0 Heidi Hartley on 01 October 2013
    Neither of my boys like duvets, so this is perfect!
  • review score 0 Paula Whitham-Lakin on 30 September 2013
    Another top quality product from Jo Jo. As with the sleep bags of a similar style (which we also own a selection of!) this suit is exceptionally well made and extremely soft, warm and practical for our 2 year old boy who doesn't stay still even when asleep! The only criticism would be that the 'feet' need a few poppers so they stay on during the night.
  • review score 0 Libby Whittaker on 30 September 2013
    Fantastic! I bought some of these last year for my son, and they were so good I've bought some this year for my younger daughter. They're warm, easy to put on, and practical as your toddler doesn't get twisted up in them like in a sleeping bag. Also on cold Winter mornings your toddler is safe to stay in them and walk around until they've woken up properly, and are ready to get dressed, rather than being striped out of a sleeping bag and left feeling cold. The only down side to them is the booties as they're far too big, and fall off in the night. Easier to just put some clean socks on at bedtime if they have cold feet.
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 26 September 2013
    I love these sleep snugglers. My daughter will not sleep with a blanket and since she started walking she tries to move around in her sleeping bag and ends up getting tangled. These are the perfect solution! Plus if you are out and you know they will fall asleep on the way home you can pop one of these on and still be able to clip them into the buggy/car seat and no need to wake them up to put the bag on when you get back.

    These are also reasonably priced as there are a lot of others that are more expensive and don't have sleeves and booties.
  • review score 0 Laura on 26 September 2013
    I can't think why no one thought of this before! Like other reviewers, I have a fidgety toddler who dislikes getting his legs tangled in a sleep bag - this is brilliant at letting them roam around the cot and they can also move freely in the morning without needing a dressing gown or similar. I like the detachable arms, but agree with others that the feet don't stay on - we use socks too. Generally a good product. Get two as they take a while to dry!!
  • review score 0 Alexandra on 25 September 2013
    This sleepsuit is so cosy! He really loves the freedom of being able to kick his legs about - and I find it far easy to manoeuvre for night feeding than traditional sleep bags which always seem to get rucked up around his shoulders. A great product for the Northern winter....Speedy deliver too.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 24 September 2013
    Brilliant for active babies
  • review score 0 Vicky Atherton on 24 September 2013
    This is just great for my 19 month old. She has never kept covers on and was in a sleeping pod until just before summer. Now it's getting colder, this is perfect. She has had it on 3 nights and has slept from 7pm - 9am! Will be buying more!
  • review score 0 Jane on 20 September 2013
    Just brilliant, buying another one already. Perfect for a little girl who wants to stand up in her cot without falling over her sleep bag and gets cross when tangled up in it. A 1 tog for summer too would be great.
  • review score 0 Z M Wilson on 19 September 2013
    This is a great product overall, my only complaint would be the booties that come with it, they don't stay on and would be much better if you could attach them with poppers or a button. We just use socks instead. Keeps my little boy lovely and warm with the freedom to move around.
  • review score 0 Kim on 17 September 2013
    Great - my little girl loves it and it means she can get out of bed safely, rather than tripping over here sleeping bag.
  • review score 0 helen on 10 September 2013
    Great suit
  • review score 0 K R Uttley on 19 August 2013
    Excellent product, we have bought this to go camping with so our LO can stay warm when going down to the shower blocks etc as well as sleeping! Lovely colour and feels really snuggly and warm :o)
  • review score 0 Jane on 07 August 2013
    Bought this for my baby girl to wear as an alternative to her sleeping bag. It keeps her warm and lets her move more freely in her cot. Only suggestion would be, to have the booties attached by poppers or similar as they don't stay on and maybe a lighter tog for warmer weather?
    On the whole, a great product and would recommend to my family and friends.
  • review score 0 Kylie Sentance on 21 July 2013
    Haven't used yet as bought for the winter, seems great quality though and very much looking forward to using them
  • review score 0 Marie Jennings on 19 July 2013
    Brilliant alternative to the sleep bag very well made and looks very snug perfect for my twin boys would recommend.
  • review score 0 Camille Baggs on 03 July 2013
    Following lasy years purchase of jersey travel sleep bag ( which was a success ), we have now progressed on to the sleep snuggler with legs ! Good quality product, which will keep your little one snuggly & warm. Love the detachable arms and feet options. Only slight down side : They are very generously made
  • review score 0 Madge Fuller on 24 June 2013
    The JoJo Bebe website is just great and easy to use. The Sleep Snuggler I ordered, arrived on time and in perfect condition. It was just as described online too.
  • review score 0 Vicky Dean on 24 June 2013
    This product is amazing, my son loves it and sleeps really well as he can move and kick his legs. I can't recommend it enough!
  • review score 0 Hanna Sillince on 23 June 2013
    This is genius product. Gives you relief of worrying that your child is cold if he kicks of a duvet and most importantly gives freedom of movement and comfort for a baby. I enjoy uninterrupted sleep as my son sleeps happily without waking up. Brilliant!
  • review score 0 sue on 17 June 2013
    A great item that is just wonderful for when toddler likes a sleeping bag but gets tangled up in one - so this allows for movement with having the legs etc. Feet detachable which I wasn't sure about at first but it works well I guess. Maybe the option of having attached feet would be good too- my LO wants to keep taking them off in the night!
  • review score 0 Elizabeth Twinn on 23 May 2013
    This is a brilliant solution for babies who toss and turn a lot. My little one can move to his heart's content and is no longer restricted by a sleeping bag. Excellent purchase.
  • review score 0 Helen on 16 May 2013
    This is the second sleep snuggler I have bought for my daughter as she has nearly grown out of her first.
    I am very pleased with them, they are soft and wash well. They have been invaluable for cold mornings and she plays in them downstairs before breakfast. They also don't restrict her turning over or standing up in her cot like the sleeping bags. My only criticism is that the slippers did not stay on so we just put socks on her.

  • review score 0 louise gibson on 16 May 2013
    I bought this for my 7 month old little girl who hates sheets and the fact she can't roll in her sleeping bag as she can't split her legs. This product solved all my problems. She can role over on her own and doesn't wake as she can move. What a fantastic product I will definitely be buying the next size up.
  • review score 0 Hannah Adams on 08 May 2013
    An indispensable bit of kit, arguably the best baby accessory I have for my little girl. Dressing gowns are hopeless these are genius, and for camping after her tub trug bath, we pop her in her baby grow, her Sleep Snuggler and a pair of Jo Jo welllies and then she is snug as a bug in a rug round the campfire, toasty all night in our campervan and again snuggly when she wanders round in the morning with her milk - simply the best - Thank you for a great invention.
  • review score 0 Kimberley on 25 April 2013
    A very versatile sleep suit, because the arms and feet are easily detachable to suit your child's sleeping habits and the time of year.
    The siut is also generously sized allowing room for growth.
  • review score 0 Frances on 24 April 2013
    Lovely product. Great quality and negates the problem of tangled up legs my 7 month old was getting in a regular sleeping bag. Also love the fact the arms are removable as my son would only need these on the coldest of nights. As per other reviewers I just wish Jojo mamn did a summer version as I would buy it in an instant. Hopefully soon enough of the reviewers will have requsted this to show that there's a market out there for it!!
  • review score 0 Laura B on 23 April 2013
    Ths sleep snuggler is a great alternative to a sleeping bag. My little 5 month old daughter is a real wriggler and this suit keeps her cosy and asleep all night long! There is excellent attention to detail with the zips being covered over with fabric at the neck area to avoid rubbing. The detachable sleeves are a good idea too. I'm really pleased with purchase overall.
  • review score 0 Celine on 22 April 2013
    My daughter really enjoys to wear her snugglers to go to bed. I think it is better than a sleeping bag because she can stand up in her bed safely.
  • review score 0 Lizzy steward on 02 April 2013
    My 5 month old daughter has slept so much better since being snuggled up in this lovely sleep suit. The only downside is that it can't be tumble dried so on the nights it has been washed she misses it and I miss my sleep, maybe I should get another one!
  • review score 0 Gabriella on 04 March 2013
    I bought this product after my little one always getting upset with her sleeping bag ( twisting and tangeled ) and having problem standing up and walking about in her cot with slepping bag. Best product and great idea. She loves it. Very nice and warm, keeping her cosy. Only problem is the boots keep coming off. I started to use slipper socks straight away, no probs with them. They should do 1 tog too for warmer weather. Excellent product!!!
  • review score 0 Annie on 01 February 2013
    Great sleepsuit, daughter loves it and doesn't want to take it off in the morning! V good quality and v comfy. She wears loose socks instead of the booties in bed. Will be buying more, highly recommended.
  • review score 0 Mar on 23 January 2013
    The sleep snuggler is a great sleep suit, much warmer for than the regular fleece ones and has been perfect for my little one who always kicks the blankets off.
  • review score 0 Suzanne on 16 January 2013
    Fantastic suit. Super comfy and snug for Baby on these cold nights. Contemplating buying another one but would prefer a alternative design to have 2 different ones.
  • review score 0 Jo on 07 January 2013
    These are brilliant especially when your baby can stand in the cot. The sleeping bags (although great) I feel become a little dangerous then as they are prone to falling over. I agree with previous review. A 1 tog would be really great idea
  • review score 0 t aboody on 04 January 2013
    Great design and idea, lovely and soft too buuy
    had to send back for a refund because it
    was just too warm for my daughters room.
    Would love jojo to make this in 1 tog!
  • review score 0 MRS ELIZABETH MORGAN on 03 January 2013
    Extremely happy with purchase.Well made ,ample room and pretty.Real value for money.
  • review score 0 Zoe on 19 December 2012
    This is great!! a solution to babies who kick off the covers but dont like the restriction of being bagged up for the night in a sleeping bag! My son wears this every night and he is just growing out of the 12-18months so I have bought him the 18-24 month ready!!
    Like other people have said the slippers are neither use nor ornament really! they dont stay on... not a chance!!
    However I am glad that the suit doesnt have built in feet as babies leg lengths vary so much it means that they are less likely to trip over if too long (as you can always fold leg up)
    Overall great!! shame about the slippers! Would probably be better if they provided it with a pair of socks that you would likely get more use out of.
  • review score 0 Kirstin on 18 December 2012
    This is the best thing I have bought in a long time!

    My little one used to get so tangled and twisted up in his sleeping bag and I'm sure that contributed to his waking at night (as it didn't look comfy at all).

    Now there are no tangles and he can get out of bed straight away (remaining cosy if it's too cold). Looks super cute and will last us the whole winter :)

    Would be great if the booties could popper onto the suit (as ours keep falling off), so we use slipper socks instead sometimes as these stay on better/all night.
  • review score 0 Misha on 18 December 2012
    Brilliant sleep suit for the colder winter nights! We bought this for our 20 month old daughter when we felt she needed something a little warmer at night time and we are so pleased we did. She sleeps sound and snug and has a better sleep than when she was in her usual grow bag! As with other parents' feedback, the booties do tend to find their way off her easily but still a great product!
  • review score 0 K Pryor on 17 December 2012
    This is our second sleep snuggler for our son and i cant fault it in any way! We call it Piggle after Iggle Piggle and my son cant wait to put it on for his bedtime It keeps him nice and warm and hes been wearing it for over a year and its been washed so many times but it has still kept its thickness! Its worth every penny :-)
  • review score 0 Nan King on 16 December 2012
    Each time we order from your company we receive quick and efficent service. Your sleep snugglers are excellent for warmth and safety for toddlers. Our grandson loves his and happily gets ready for bed each evening with his special 'suit' Thank you.
  • review score 0 princessofberkshire on 14 December 2012
    despite my initial reservations about toes peeping out the foot holes - these are brilliant and the bambinos look amazingly cute in them ..... and they are snug as in these bag boys !!
  • review score 0 Rachel on 02 December 2012
    Lovely sleep bag. I wish these came in adult sizes! My boy seems happy with it and looks unbelievably cosy in it. The only thing I'd change would be to make the feet integral. The booties are ok but not overly thick or warm.
  • review score 0 Unknown on 28 November 2012
    My daughter has always hated blankets and grobags so we tried one of these when she was 6 months old and it was perfect. It kept her warm throughout the winter. We have just bought another one for this winter and she is still very happy in it. Great for wriggly children!
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 28 November 2012
    Very good suit - agree with previous review that the feet don't stay on. Also, if you have a warm room (above 21 degrees) I would recommend not using the sleeves. It is very toasty with them on! Great quality and happy with purchase.
  • review score 0 cora on 25 November 2012
    Lovely and warm. Shame it took almost 2 weeks to arrive. The feet keep coming off. Shame they dont have poppers to keep them on like the sleeves. Also feet on the small side. My daughter is only just into 12-18 month clothes and i got this in the 18-24 months size and the feet barely fit. She doesnt have large feet either. Only buy if your child has small feet if you need the feet on this snuggler!
  • review score 0 Cora on 24 November 2012
    Lovely and warm and the only long sleeved grobag/ snuggler i could find. It is helping my dd sleep better on colder nights. Took almost 2 weeks to arrive as the office moved! The feet fall off and shoud have poppers like the sleaves and also they could be a touch longer too!!! My daughter is on the petite side 1 with not particularly big feet and these only just fit. she has only just grown into 12-18mth clothes at 21 months so a 18-24 size should be a better fit. If the feet were better i would be happier. Only buy if you have a child with smaller feet, if you want them to have warm feet overnight too!
  • review score 0 Sharon on 21 November 2012
    Brilliant for our little wriggler, but agree with others who say the feet should attach with poppers (like the arms).
  • review score 0 Sarah on 21 November 2012
    The sleep snuggler is great - much more practical now my little girl can stand up in her cot. Allows her to balance better rather than being caught up in a sleeping bag. Would highly recommend it.
  • review score 0 Zofja Ormes on 20 November 2012
    I looked for ages for this product. My baby kicked off all covers, hated sleeping bags and used to get her legs all tangled up in all in one sleep suits. the fact that this one has optional feet and zips means she can be comfortable all night long. She sleeps for longer stretches so worth every penny :)
  • review score 0 alison on 20 November 2012
    We bought this product last year and we loved it. So we bought it again for our growing daughter. Our house can get very cold and it took away all worries of her kicking her covers off. She likes wearing it although we have never got her to wear the matching slippers! Love it. Would highly recommend. Also it is cotton.
  • review score 0 Polly on 17 November 2012
    This has come in very handy for the transition from gro-bags to duvets now my little one is out of the cot. With the nights getting colder it is lovely and cosy too. If I could change anything, I'd like a popper or something to keep the booties on otherwise they come off easily which results in cold feet but a pair of thick socks has solved this problem.
  • review score 0 Anne on 09 November 2012
    Delivery took nearly 2 wks which wash disappointing. The product does the job, daughter is now sleeping again, she had had enough of grobags, obviously too restricting. Wish they did different patterns and also doesn't seem to wash very well, 1st wash and seems quite bobbly already.
  • review score 0 Andrijana on 08 November 2012
    I can recommend this cute and warm snuggler! And what's more important, my little one loves it!

  • review score 0 Sue on 03 November 2012
    Lovely thick cosy suit for cold nights. We bought the 12-18 months size for a 1 year old and it was a bit big, but the 9-12 months size would not have lasted long. Maybe could do with more in-between sizes.
  • review score 0 Rachel on 02 November 2012
    Although our daughter has just moved into a bed, we've bought one of these in the next size up because the first lasted well over a year and is brilliant for transportation between house and car. It washes very well and is great for padding around the house in. Only negative criticism relates to the slippers - we abandoned them as they kept falling off and we got tired of the plaintive cries of "shoes!" in the middle of the night!
  • review score 0 TM on 01 November 2012
    Lovely suit and idea, but far too small. I bought the 2-3years for my tall and chubby 10month old and it only just fits. Have had to return it as I just don't think it will last long. Please make them bigger!
  • review score 0 Rebecca on 30 October 2012
    This sleep snuggler is very cute and cuddly - my little boy loves it! The quality is very good and it has washed well. It's easier to put on a wriggly toddler than a sleeping bag too. There are two negatives though - firstly the label advises it cannot be tumble dried - but it seems to take forever to dry; secondly, the shoes are not attached and are therefore kicked off very easily - I may resort to stitching them on to stop my little man's feet getting cold!
  • review score 0 Jo on 29 October 2012
    We love this for our 15 month old. Now that he is walking it is great that we can put it on and he can still walk around before bed or in the morning. I was unsure if the shoe part would stay on but suprisingly they have, so it has been excellent so far
  • review score 0 Jo Watts on 29 October 2012
    We have two of these one from another company and absolutely love them. I was forever waking up worrying that my two year old was cold and these just solve the problem. My only criticism is I don't see the point of the removable boots as my son would get cold feet when they came off every night. However this was easlily solved by just stiching the boots on & since then we have never looked back. Can't understand why you would buy a sleeping bag when you have this option.
  • review score 0 Fee H on 22 October 2012
    Bought this as my daughter has grown out of the 0-6 sleeping bags but is not yet in the next size up, she also wriggles like mad and ends up with cold arms. This ticks every box and is also great for when you are in the car or pushchair and want to be able to transfer them straight to bed without waking.
  • review score 0 Lucy on 18 October 2012
    Was worried it wouldnt be as warm as a sleeping bag but baby is just as cosy and warm and now has the freedom of movement too..what could be better!!
  • review score 0 Hilary Thomas on 17 October 2012
    I bought this for my 14 month old. Up until she started wearing the Sleep Snuggler I would be up at least four times duriing the night as she would be crying as a result of being all twisted up in her sleeping bag. The first night I put her to sleep in this she slept all the way through and has ever since. It has transformed her nights sleep and mine. I wish I had bought it ages ago. The only downside are the booties. They are on the small side and can be easily pulled off so I use socks instead.
  • review score 0 Liz Wilson on 15 October 2012
    This is a lovely garment. It's soft and I like the fact that it zips down, away from the chin.
  • review score 0 Hannah on 13 October 2012
    Perfect for little wrigglers!!! Our daughter will frequently complete a 180 degree turn in bed and therefore covers and blankets are not an option as they stay on for all of 5 minutes! This suit is brilliant, as we can snuggle her into it and know that wherever she moves to in her cot she will be lovely and warm! This is the only suit that we could find like this as all of the others were bags - not good when your little one wants to move her legs independently from each other!!! Another excellent product from JoJo. Thanks!
  • review score 0 Fran on 13 October 2012
    I bought this for my granddaughter and I am really impressed. Fast delivery, well packed, high quality at its best. She keeps lovely and warm without the trouble of separate blankets. I know while wearing this she is warm as well as safe. Briiliant product and have recommended this site to other doting grandmothers!
  • review score 0 Karina on 11 October 2012
    Sleep snuggled was the only type of sleeping bag available on market, so I was very pleased that I found it! I believe that the child should be able to move freely while asleep and as soon as s/he wakes up. It's easy to put on and my boy seems to be very comfy in it. Detachable arms are a clever idea, so no worry tant the little one will overheat. The cotton is very soft and nice to touch. The only thing I could suggest is to add more colours- baby blue and pink are very limiting.
  • review score 0 Clare Webb on 11 October 2012
    I wish i'd bought two of these. They're great for my little boy who always kicks his covers off. Great fit and easy to get him into. Much easier than a similar product we got from somewhere else which is a nightmare to get his arms in. Love this & will most likely buy another one
  • review score 0 Tracey on 09 October 2012
    What a fabulous product. I moved my 2 year old son into a big bed but he will not keep his duvet on, and doesn't like sleepsacks any more. i was worried about him getting cold at night so searched for something like this suit. This is by far the best I found and is really great quality and keeps my son warm, lets him have the freedom to wriggle around and come into my room in the middle of the night!!
  • review score 0 nic on 08 October 2012
    A fabulous product that is keeping my 8mth daughter snuggly in this cold snap. She is a little wriggler, but with this I do not need to worry about her escaping from under a blanket !
  • review score 0 Aurelie Stevens on 01 October 2012
    This is the second time that I purchase this item. We live in a castle and it can get really cold at night. so my 2 year old sleeps in his PJs as well as his sleep snuggler on top. He also likes to wear the slippers at night although when he was a baby, these would easily come off. we use it on a daily basis. it has sustained many washes and has been tumble dried each time. this item is of great quality. what I love the most about it, is the fact baby can turn, move as he wishes in his sleep (unlike with a sleeping bag). he stays cosy all night long and i don't have to worry about him getting cold. he can walk to my bedroom in the morning for a wee cuddle without trippping over. i recommend it!
  • review score 0 tanya walker on 01 October 2012
    my little boy wriggles so much,so this is a savior.essential product, but you need to buy at least two of those, as it takes ages to dry(not suitable for dryer)
  • review score 0 Jane Cliff on 29 September 2012
    Bought this for my daughter, 19 months. What can i say? She's quite a wriggler in bed and this suit is perfect for keeping her warm and safe in bed. No more kicked off blankets or mummy fretting that she'll get tangled in them! Since we bought it, she has gone back to sleeping through the night, which means happy toddler, mummy and daddy. Love it so much, will be buying another for when the original is in the wash, and the next size up when she needs it. This has also been useful for using when in the car, can just transfer daughter from the car straight to bed, no waking no fuss. Brilliant product!
  • review score 0 Miche on 28 September 2012
    This is our second winter of ordering these sleep suits. Our little boy is very active in his sleep and doesn't like sleeping bags or duvets, so these are perfect for him! Last year's got worn and washed over and over again and they've held up very well. Small complaints are that the booties don't stay on so we've not really used them and it's not possible to change a nappy without taking baby completely out of the suit. But otherwise, these have been a great buy.
  • review score 0 Vikki on 24 September 2012
    I loved the first one so much I bought a second! Great product!
  • review score 0 Doris J on 19 September 2012
    I started buying this sleep snuggler when my lo was just 5 month old, he now fits in 18-24 month and i cant recommend it enough. It gives him freedom to move around without getting stuck and he is always warm and cosy. I found the attached guide towards tog rating very helpful, which tells you what your baby should wear depending on the room temperature.
  • review score 0 Vikki on 18 September 2012
    Excellent product, very cosy and good quality. This was the only one I could find with feet and one of just a few I found with arms. I will sleep well knowing my little one is warm and cosy with no danger of the duvet ending up over his head.
  • review score 0 Nerys Zimmermann on 17 September 2012
    A really lovely sleeping bag, fantastic for a wriggly baby in the cot!
  • review score 0 Joanne on 24 August 2012
    This is the third one we've purchased, in ever-increasing sizes.
    Our little girl didn't sleep at all until we put her in a 'sleep snuggler' (she didn't get on with sleeping bags, blankets,......) But this worked.
    Great for very mobile babies who like to move a lot in the night!
  • review score 0 Sophie Stock on 24 August 2012
    I bought this for my daughter for our camping holiday as she refuses to go in a sleeping bag or to have any covers on her. It was excellent. Kept her very cosy and warm in a tent all night long with no extra covers. Very soft and looked very cute as well.
  • review score 0 Claire Lewis on 24 August 2012
    My baby had been sleeping in sleeping bags, but when she started to pull herself up in her cot it was time to move out of them. Also a very wriggly baby so blankets aren't an option, was delighted to find this product as very hard to come by for smaller babies. EXCELLENT product. The detatchable sleeves and booties are brilliant for when the weather is warmer (just wearing a long sleeved vest underneath). I will definitely be buying this in the next size up again and again when the time comes.
  • review score 0 Lidi on 23 August 2012
    This is a lovely idea and very practical. It is quite thick and heavy, so it's a shame they don't do one in 1 tog (they don't, do they?). I agree with the other reviews about the size of the feet, although they fit my son for now. He is a slightly taller than average 10 month old and the 12-18 month size fits perfectly. Better than the sleeping bags for babies that stand up in the cot/ move around.
  • review score 0 Dawn on 23 August 2012
    Purchased this for my 2 year old son for a camping trip. He always kicks his duvet off at home and we didn't want to risk this in a tent so thought ths was an ideal solution- and it was, it kept him warm all night and he really enjoyed wearing it.
  • review score 0 rachel on 17 July 2012
    This is such a great idea for toddlers that are too young for a duvet. My son is 19 months and in a big bed and because his legs are not restrained, he has the freedom to be independent with all the warmth of a sleep suit.
    My only criticism is the feet don't attach to the suit and they fall off. I put a thin pair of socks over the top to hold them in place. Otherwise a brilliant idea.
  • review score 0 Kirsten on 02 July 2012
    I love this suit. Our daughter is very wriggly in her sleep and we had real issues with her getting out from under her blankets and then waking up as she was cold. Problem solved with the sleep snuggler as this way the duvet comes with her! The feet are seperate and the arms can come off to offer maximumm versatility. Have bought a second one for when the first is in the wash! Our daughter now sleeps through more often and I think this suit is helping! Great quality, a little pricey but worth it if we get even a little more sleep.
  • review score 0 Joni Cameron on 26 June 2012
    Fantastic product! We love this, my 10mth boy is a proper wriggler & sleeping bags were just not good for him as he got all tangled up, now we have peaceful nights, all night, thank you!
  • review score 0 Emma S on 20 June 2012
    Love this product. My daughter hates having covers on and this is the perfect solution; she moves around quite a bit and grobags restrict this.
  • review score 0 Sue on 06 June 2012
    Really pleased with our sleep snugglers. We struggled to transition our little boy out of his swaddle because of his flailing arms. We did it with magic sleepsuits and when they became too small this was the perfect transition as it's a bit lighter but still nice and padded. He's really snug without being too hot. Only annoying thing is that you're not meant to tumble dry them so worth buying two if you're planning on using them all the time.
  • review score 0 Jo Shrimpling on 04 June 2012
    I have been looking for something like this for ages. My little girl moves around a lot in her sleep and she just got tangled up in a grow bag. Since she has been wearing the sleep snuggler she has been so much more settled at night time. High recommended!
  • review score 0 Rea David on 23 May 2012
    Good quality suit with large zipped opening so even dad can dress her. My daughter is 6 months old and is quite tall so is is the 12-18 month and I have just rolled the sleeves up. Do think they are slightly on the small side. But the bigger size will now last. The slippers fall off and are small. But overall a fab item and will def be getting more when she has grown out of it.
  • review score 0 Tracie on 18 May 2012
    We love this cosey little sleep suit. Although it's supposed to be summer it seems to be just right with a vest underneath. Our 19month year old has slept blissfully in it. She wont put up with blankets or sleeping bags so this is perfect for her and she looks adorable.
  • review score 0 Emily on 15 May 2012
    A tad pricey but worth every penny. Could not find anything similar in age 2-3. They wash brilliantly and i like that you can remove the feet etc
  • review score 0 Suzan on 19 April 2012
    One of the best things I bought for my second child (who refused to sleep in the expensive merino wool sleeping bags I had bought for my first child.) She's in the 18 to 24 months and has been since she was 17 months (she's 22 months now and still has room so I think they are sized well) They also seem to wash well and she loves it so I do too. We have two so far and will probably buy 2 more one size up.
  • review score 0 amanda thompson on 21 February 2012
    i brought this for my 1 year old and it is brilliant only down side is the shoes that come with it are on the small side so they don't fit. Best thing i brought will buy another as a spare.
  • review score 0 Emma on 12 January 2012
    Totally Gorgeous! My 6 mth baby boy gets really chilly at night, especially his arms, so a regular sleeping bag is no good for him; this suit is perfect. He doesn't overheat but stays nice and snug.
    My son is quite small but has a 6-12mth which he's been using his since he was 5mths, it certainly won't fit him past 8 months so they come up a little small but I wouldn't hesitate on getting another. Just briliant!
  • review score 0 Jessica on 06 October 2011
    Lovely quality sleepsuit, a little on the small side and the boots are tiny! My daughter has very small feet for her age (22 months) size 20 and the boots are tiny, they don't even fit on her feet. It's a shame as the rest of the suit is fabulous.
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Sleep Snuggler

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Great for evenings to wear before bed as well as in bed.

  • Twin zips for easy changing
  • Detachable sleeves for comfort whilst sleeping or travelling
  • Comes with anti-slip booties comfortable enough to sleep in if feet get cold
  • Regular weight approx. 2.5 tog
  • 100% Cotton outer and inner
  • Wadding for extra warmth
  • N.B. Never allow your child to overheat

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