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Sleepytot Baby Comforter

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  • review score 5 Tracy King on 15 July 2016
    My little girl loves this bunny. It is soft and the perfect size for her to find and grab hold of when she falls asleep. The added bonus is that it can hold a spare dummy for her so if she needs it in the night - it saves me a midnight trip to her to find it for her. It washes really well too. This was a spare I bought because even though it stays in her cot we are going travelling so I want another one just in case we lose one.
  • review score 5 Lisa Cowperthwaite on 13 July 2016
    Beautiful bunny. So soft and cute and the right size to use from birth.
    This little bunny is my little girls shadow. She loves it.
    We first started using a bunny when she was a few months old to help her find her dummy at night times and it worked a treat and still does to this day 2 years later.
  • review score 4 Sabrina on 21 September 2015
    I was so disappointed when this arrived as I was expecting it to be a lot bigger. It will not attach to cot bars or buggy straps as it says on the box.
    It is great for keeping the dummy from getting lost during the night. wish it was bigger.
  • review score 5 Angela on 14 July 2015
    My little one kept losing her dummy when sleeping so this little bunny is great as she can reach for the bunny and find her dummy attached to its paw.
  • review score 5 Emma on 28 April 2015
    Cannot recommend this enough! Makes it so much easier for my little one to find his own dummy (and no more frantic searching for lost dummies in the cot!)
    Great service and very swift delivery.
  • review score 5 Mrs Watson on 28 April 2015
    My baby could not sleep through the night as he lost the dummy in his sleep, this was like a miracle cure, he loves it now, and it's like a sleep cue.
  • review score 1 Monica Warner on 20 January 2015
    I bought this rabbit when my little boy was about 5 months old and decided to get a second in case it got lost, when the second rabbit arrived it was half the size of the first one, but was the same price! Due to it being smaller the velcro on the paws isn't as strong so the dummy keeps falling off.
  • review score 5 Emma on 13 December 2014
    Great little comforter - my son loves this and it's so easy for him to find his dummy in the night time as its attached to the Velcro paws.
  • review score 4 lisa goodman on 26 November 2014
    Very cute although a tad small, but overall it works my daughter no longer wakes up the entire house when she has lost her dummy.
  • review score 5 Ruth Hanson on 06 November 2014
    An adorable little teddy but didn't really help with the dummy situation. Rather than solving the issue of the missing dummy, I found my daughter pulling out the dummy more frequently because of catching the teddy as she moved in bed! I thought the edges around the Velcro pads were a little sharp which I didn't like near my daughters face.
  • review score 5 Lisa Cowperthwaite on 24 October 2014
    The sleeptot does exactly as description.
    It is so soft and my daughter loves snuggling up to it for her sleeps.

    All the hands and feet can also attach to any thin item, eg. Dummy teether etc.
  • review score 4 em on 01 October 2014
    My little boy loves this little bunny and finds it in the night to settle himself down. Was smaller than I expected but still does the job.
  • review score 3 charlotte on 25 September 2014
    I am hoping this will help my 7 month old boy find his dummy at night time. He's not found it yet but as he gets more mobile it might work. nice and soft but smaller than i thouhgt.
  • review score 5 Amanda Rolfe on 25 September 2014
    I ordered the sleeptot after reading some of the reviews on here was at my wits end with endless trips up and down the stairs to put the dummy in well after 2 weeks I couldn't be without it,not only does it help you find the dummy in the middle of the night! ( we use2 one on each side) , my baby now loves to snuggle it and when wakes sometimes doesn't even want dummy she just snuggles bunny! I would recommend to anyone
    If using out side house,I'd buy another one as quiet small and may get lost!
    Excellent service from jojo mamabebe too
  • review score 5 Elizabeth on 19 September 2014
    Brilliant, Best Buy Ever! Would recommend this to every parent.
  • review score 5 Helen on 28 June 2014
    We've just bought the Sleepytot for my 17 month old and he loves it. He's never taken to a cuddly toy before but he's always asking for it and I'm considering buying a 2nd one now just in case anything happens to it. It's cutting down on night-time wakings as well as he can find his dummy for himself. Fantastic buy.
  • review score 5 katherine on 04 June 2014
    This is simply the best baby product, ever ! Both children have used dummies, sadly I have only just found this or I would have been saved literally 100's of sleepless nights - it took baby no. 2 about a week to find it in the night and he now sleeps through the night ... no more lost dummies, this has literally changed my life !!! Brilliant, don't hesitate !!
  • review score 5 N Anderson on 11 May 2014
    Great product. Stops midnight searches for dummies and the bunny is easy to find by herself. So good we bought 2 so we can rotate them.
  • review score 5 Laura Reynolds on 01 May 2014
    My son has been using this bunny for his dummy's since he was about three months. It is amazing! Dummy falls out in the middle of the night baby will find it easy. It's soft and such a comfort to my son. He won't take a dummy unless it's on his bunny. We have three just incase one gets lost/left at nursery/put in the wash.
    It's also so very cute and so many people mention it.
  • review score 0 Natasha on 13 March 2014
    How frustrating is it when a baby wants her dummy yet keeps dropping it out of her mouth and you climb the stairs umpteen times to replace it just so she can drop off...this is the answer! My 5 month-old is just about getting the dexterity to grasp the comforter and keep it in her mouth - wish we'd had one for my older child too!
  • review score 0 S Bridge on 07 March 2014
    These are quite simply brilliant - our daughter goes to bed with two and never wakes because she's lost her dummy. She has 'teddy' for sleeping only, and only ever has a dummy with teddy, so we've avoided her trying to suck her dummy all the time and she's becoming less and less bothered about the dummy as long as she has the toy to cuddle. It's really cute and soft too. We have several now - some big, some small - she loves them all.
  • review score 0 Kate on 06 February 2014
    I bought this for my 18 month old as she frequently wakes in the night unable to find a dummy. Now I wish I'd bought it a year ago! With number three on the way I was struggling with having to get up 3-5 times a night to find a dummy for her. Four nights in and I've not had to get out to her once other than one morning at 5.30 which I can cope with. I did worry she would take all the dummys off but I give her one at bed time on its own then she has the rabbit with two spares attached in the cot with her. Most nights when I check her as I go to bed she is snuggled up with the bunny and one of the spare dummys having lost the dummy she started off with. Would definitely recommend trying it -for 10 it could save you a lot of sleepless nights.
  • review score 0 Clare on 20 January 2014
    I bought this as a back up to the sleepy tot we already have, hoping it would be "accepted" and could then send to nursery for nap times, without fear of loosing the much loved original. It is bigger than the one we have, but perfectly acceptable (in fact preferable) to my little one, so top marks from me!
  • review score 0 Alexandria on 10 October 2013
    I bought another sleepytot, as a spare. These are amazing. A total comfort to my 2 year old. He has had his first one from 8 months, and it saved us many times searching under the cot for his 'dropped' dummy. He could find it himself. I couldn't do without these now. I am already thinking of ordering another one for my unborn baby on the way!
  • review score 0 Amber on 02 July 2013
    Lovely little bunny my one year old loves to snuggle up to. It is smaller than the picture suggests but just the right size in my opinion. It washed well. I bought one in grey though this colour option was not available here. The only thing it lacks is a little clip to attach it to child's clothing. I got round this by taking a clip off a dummy holder. My son loves it and calls it Bun-Bun! A nicer alternative to the usual dummy clips, well apart from Sigikid ones, but sadly JoJo do not sell these. I can highly recommend the sleeptot though!
  • review score 0 Caroline on 03 April 2013
    I brought this for my 12 week old baby, it's a lovely soft comforter and I'm sure that once she's a bit older it will help her to find her dummy.
  • review score 0 Yvonne Child on 30 January 2013
    The comforter is a great idea however i found the product a lot smaller than it looks in the picture so if my baby loses is dummy during the night the comforter isn't bit enough for him to find it himself - maybe when he gets old enough (toddler age) it might work.
  • review score 0 jane on 29 November 2012
    Brilliant sleep aid, my daughter has had one of these since she started to move around her cot. She can easily find her dummy in the night or if i need to, i can easily find it in the cot rather than looking around the floor for a stray solitary dummy!
  • review score 0 Lucinda on 23 November 2012
    My little girl is now 6 months old and we have had the rabbit for about 4weeks or so. She now associates her rabbit with the dummy and can finds it herself. Nights have improved as can self sooth. Great product, but dont be disappointed if it doesnt work immediately. Your little one will take time to learn to use it but eventually they will. I have just purchased a 2nd.
  • review score 0 Tracey on 12 November 2012
    My son loves this comforter. This is our second one as the old was getting a bit tatty as it had been used so much. Also bought one for Granny's house as he wont sleep without it!! Love it!! A must have!!!
  • review score 0 Laura on 10 November 2012
    My daughter loves this and uses it as her comforter for every nap.
  • review score 0 Caroline on 18 October 2012
    This is fantastic, no more running into room to find dummies! My little boy loves it and runs to get it when it is sleep time. Definately would recommend it.
  • review score 0 Samantha Gaskell on 16 October 2012
    This is a lovely looking comforter but didn't help our 5 month old keep his dummy in. It didn't seem safe putting the bunny into the cot without attaching it to the cot bars at this age in case it ended up over his face - but this meant the comforter just pulled the dummy out of his mouth when he turned his head. I think it will be great when my son is bigger but its in the cupboard for now.
  • review score 0 adelle warren on 12 October 2012
    my grandson loves his sleepytot so much so we had to buy a second one so we could wash the first one!!! they are so soft & he wont go to sleep without it, great buy
  • review score 0 Emma on 01 October 2012
    This is an absolute lifesaver! My son has a dummy at night and at one point I was going in up to 5 times a night to find it for him as he was crying when he'd lost it - but since getting one of these he finds it so much more easily and I rarely have to go in. I did find the velcro wore down on the paws after a few months but Jo Jo were excellent and replaced it straight away, they contacted the manafacturer who said this was unusual - so maybe I have washed it too much but obviously you do need to wash it, I just think that velcro must wear out over time so I imagine it will happen with the replacement one eventually too. However over all this is one of the absolute best things I've bought - my son loves it and now calls his dummy his 'rabbit', we'd be lost without it.
  • review score 0 Katie Tobin on 26 July 2012
    If your baby has a dummy at night then I can not recommend the sleepy tot highly enough. Not only does it mean an end to getting up to locate the dummy during the night, it is also great for long car journeys, rather than having to drive with a crying baby whose lost its soother! My little boy loves his sleepy tot!
  • review score 0 Sam on 12 July 2012
    Fabulous recommendation from another mum, my son loves snuggling with this at night and now he is 5months he can put the dummy in his mouth if he needs it. So good I have bought two now!
  • review score 0 Jo on 09 July 2012
    This is the second one of these that I've purchased (so that there's less trauma when the other's in the wash).
    It's used to keep little one's dummy safe and it works for us - no more lost dummies, or disturbed nights looking for said dummy in cot
  • review score 0 Becky on 13 June 2012
    Great product, wish I had found it when my little girl was much younger.. She doesn't wake as much crying for her dummy as its very easy for her to find and she soothes herself back to sleep.. I have recommend this to all my mummy friends =0)
  • review score 0 Heather Maxwell on 01 June 2012
    Our daughter just pulls the dummy off the arm - not really working out for us!
  • review score 0 Hilary on 09 May 2012
    I am a Grandma ! I didn't believe in dummys but oh boy do I believe now.
    The sleepy tot sits comfortably on my granddaughter's chest and she snuggles into it and sucks the dummy like Maggie Simpson ! Fantastic.
  • review score 0 Katie Didsbury on 05 May 2012
    If your child sleeps with a dummy then this rabbit is an absolute MUST. I was getting so frustrated during the night as my little girl kept waking up everytime she lost her dummy. As soon as I bought the rabbit comforter she slept through the night! It was one of the BEST things as I have ever bought and I now have at least 3 or 4!!!!! I have recommended it to all of my friends and am keeping all four for when we have another baby!
  • review score 0 Emma B on 04 May 2012
    This is an absolutely fabulous product that I cannot recommend highly enough. Gone are the endless trips down the landing during the night when my little one has lost her dummy, she can now locate it easily herself. And the little rabbit is so cute and snuggly soft, she loves to cuddle him at bedtime. It is machine washable and has been through the wash several times now, still looks great. I have just bought a second one for when the original is in the wash - or if the worst happens and it gets lost!
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Sleepytot Baby Comforter

review score 4.55
B7842 10.00

Fantastic baby comforter!

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