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Snoozeshade Blackout for Buggies

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  • review score 0 Chris T on 09 October 2013
    Great for hols - This came in really handy when we went to Italy as it provides Sun protection and helps them sleep. We use it in the UK now if we are out and about and he needs a sleep
  • review score 0 Sarah on 30 September 2013
    This is a MUST have item. Wish I had got one for my first child. It fits on car seat, pram and buggy and was essential for our recent holls to Spain. It is also great if you have a nosey child like mine who would rather look at anything than have a nap whilst out and about. If I put the snooze shade on he falls asleep really quickly. It has a zip on the front and I open this so he can see me but not a lot else and BOOM he sleeps. Thoroughly recommend.
  • review score 0 Debs on 30 September 2013
    Simple yet fantastic. Purchased it for our one year old as we were going on holiday and she loves her sleep and goes to bed very early. We would stick to the same bedtime routine, recline the pram and put the snooze shade over and It worked perfectly and gave her privacy whilst we went down for dinner. We also used it for her naps in the day as it was a great protector from the shade. A neat product that is much safer than blankets and towels, would highly recommend.
  • review score 0 Mel on 19 December 2012
    I've had the Snoozeshade for about a week and it seems good so far. Nice and compact. I'm not overly keen on the yellow trim and i'm not sure it's quite as dark as I expected but seems good quality and I can see myself using it a lot.
  • review score 0 Lynsey on 16 October 2012
    Wish I'd bought it sooner. Love it
  • review score 0 Sara Turner on 10 October 2012
    A brilliant product! I just wish I'd found it when my older son was a baby. It made for easy evenings out with our 15 month old son in his buggy. The 'peephole' is a great idea, as it allows you to check on your baby without waking him. Highly recommended.
  • review score 0 holly digweed on 31 August 2011
    my baby black out is wonderful i just used it for the first time and i loved it my daughter was asleep so quickly and so easy to use
  • review score 0 S Smillie on 15 June 2011
    Every Mum's must have!
    I wish this had been around with my first child. I bought this originally for my Silver Cross Linear pram as I found that parasols didn't give the protection i wanted for my baby. I now have a Britax and have used the SnoozeShade on both the Babysafe sleeper (lie flat car seat) and in the pushchair. Although it fits the Sleeper Car seat better than the pram (there is nowhere to tie it onto the pushchair), I still use it
  • review score 0 Sarah D on 22 May 2011
    The best baby product I've purchased yet! When my son was born I wanted to make sure that when I wanted to go out for a coffee of lunch and it was nap time that he would still be able to sleep. This was the perfect purchase and far better than hanging a muslin over the front of the push chair. Now as my son is older and far more inquisitive I am still able to go out and ensure he sleeps when he is supposed to. This was also invaluable on holidays when we wanted to go out in the evening but wanted him to stay asleep. Of course it is also great on those hot summer days to use to keep him protected from the sun.
  • review score 0 Vicki on 19 May 2011
    Works well on a Bugaboo Cameleon - much better than a muslin flapping around over his head.
  • review score 0 Alice Rutherford on 04 February 2011
    Really love this product. My baby loves sleeping in the dark and so is excellent when we are out and about. It also fits a maxi cosi rear facing car seat but tightly. To do this join the pair of tabs with the opposite ones at the top and bottom of the shade before putting on seat. then this loops over the top and base of the seat. Then using the middle straps, join them and then slip over base of handle.

    This lets him sleep with no disturbance when we take him in and out of the car.

    Really good on a sunny day too.

    Only complaint is the yellow piping - isn't the prettiest but this is me being picky!
  • review score 0 Lisa Jones on 01 September 2010
    I would highly recommend this shade and wish I had one for my first baby. It is much better than a traditional parasol at keeping the baby shaded and by reducing the light it encourages sleep. The velcro straps make it easy to adapt to different prams (I currently have it fixed on a Jane Slalom Pro).
Product Info

Snoozeshade Blackout for Buggies

review score
B9159 0.00

The perfect solution for babies who are used to sleeping in a darkened room.

Unique blackout blind for buggies made from a breathable mesh material, it provides a well ventilated cool place, cutting out distractions and allowing babies or toddlers to snooze.
  • Elasticated for a good fit
  • Roomy enough for a baby to move without dislodging it
  • Quick peel window at front for easy access to your child
  • Suitable for travelling, or year round use
  • Outer fabric is UPF 50+
  • Folds into a compact drawstring bag

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