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Superband Insect Repelling Wrist Band

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  • review score 3 Kate on 06 June 2015
    I was so excited about this band, my son was eaten alive last year by mosquitoes. But i am disappointed that no one mentioned the intense smell! I suffer from asthma and have difficulty with this in the house so it is currently in a sealed bag and will come out when we are on holiday next week. I am sure it will help, but I do not want an asthma attack as a result.
  • review score 5 Kate Fonseca on 01 June 2015
    Just come back from Majorca where I wore this band every evening and didn't get bitten once. I did however get bitten three times during the day when I didn't have the band on! I think it's well worth trying if you are as tasty as me! My husband got bitten lots until he started wearing a band and from that point he didn't get another bite.
  • review score 5 karen on 15 May 2015
    Great idea as can put on foot of young babies
  • review score 4 Becky on 14 October 2014
    a handy item to use for the little one abroad, we were bitten but he wasn't thankfully with this on. Ideally it wouldn't smell like the spray (it does) and my 11 month old found it easy to pull off but overall glad we took it and a good alternative to spray.
  • review score 5 Carina on 29 September 2014
    Love these bands. Always buy them when I go to the hot countries. My daughter used them from age 9 months in Malaysia and also in Sri Lanka and never got bitten. Have bought more recently as we are travelling again and this time got one for myself!
  • review score 5 Clare fullick on 18 August 2014
    Great product no bits for my toddler and yet we got bitten
  • review score 5 Maz on 17 August 2014
    Lovely idea, but not suitable for tiny children. Why is there no age limit on the website?
  • review score 5 Neila Santos on 11 August 2014
    My daughter loved this band. It seems that it has worked well. No bites so far. She used it for camping and playing in the garden. Actually, she has even slept with it many times as she is scared of bugs - it makes her feel more protected - a bit of psychological support too.
  • review score 4 Freya on 30 June 2014
    Seem great, when my little boy (18 months) wore this on hols no mosquito bites, only problem is it stretches quite a lot so if your little one pulls at it it then is too big for arm or leg I ended up using it as a belt on him which still worked.
  • review score 5 Anna Snow on 07 June 2014
    This is a great idea for our holiday, in the evening when we are going out for our meal. Fingers crossed this works
  • review score 5 Sarah on 29 May 2014
    We have used the insect repelling wrist bands in Tenerife and Ibiza and both times our little boy was bite free! I used 1 per week in the evenings and put it on his ankle for bedtime. Seems to work!
  • review score 5 Michelle on 22 May 2014
    Worked really well on holiday last year, hopefully they will continue to work on our next holidays!
  • review score 0 Natalie on 01 April 2014
    great for toddlers and you can even wear it on your ankle!
  • review score 0 Kate on 12 February 2014
    Love love love this product. We moved to Spain in the middle of summer last year with a four month old baby. I searched everywhere for something that we could used on such a delicate little person and this was one of the things I tried. She didn't get one bite over the summer, whilst other babies and me were getting covered in bits. I ended up wearing one my self as it worked so well.
  • review score 0 Alison on 17 September 2013
    This wristband was fun and easy to wear. I topped up the repellent potency with extra sprays of childfriendly mosquito spray.
  • review score 0 Becca on 11 September 2013
    We bought some of these for our 2 children for when we went to Greece this summer. My daughter got maybe one or two bites but my son was covered in them so I really don't know how effective they are. They're a really good idea to be able to avoid using chemicals to avoid getting bitten but they are removable so I did find I had to keep putting them back on my children & ended up using repellant sprays anyway. I don't think I'll bother with them next year.
  • review score 0 brian davis on 19 August 2013
    Smashing product for all the family on our get toghether in Portugal. Great products, prices and service and smashing staff in your shops.
  • review score 0 Nicola on 22 July 2013
    These seem to work. My 2 year old didn't get one bite when wearing them on each ankle and he seemed to like putting them on each night. I'll be buying more when I go away again...
  • review score 0 Mell black on 16 July 2013
    Fantastic ad really dose work I even got one for myself :) will be getting more of these
  • review score 0 Claire Paterson on 03 July 2013
    These actually work!! Wore when walking near Loch Lomond recently - the midges there are awful.....not a single bite!
  • review score 0 LesleyG on 23 June 2013
    I bought this for our holiday to Ibiza in June this year. I put it over my daughters baby grow at night and sprayed around her cot with insect repellent and she was the old one to get bitten - on her face. I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure it works.
  • review score 0 Noodle on 18 June 2013
    product sounded great but I returned it as it says on the packet 'not suitable for under 3 year olds' - information not stated on the website listing.
  • review score 0 Rachel Miller on 17 June 2013
    This is essential for summer holidays. Used it last year when my daughter was nine weeks old and she wasn't bitten once, but we were! Was ideal to roll up on her arm and even on her thigh. Lasted for a week! Recommended product
  • review score 0 Kate smith on 10 April 2013
    An extra little piece of mind packed in my holiday case!! My kids will look super cool wearing these round the pool !! What a great idea !!
  • review score 0 Sara on 09 April 2013
    An absolute must if travelling abroad where you need insect repellent. My son found them a novelty but I wore some too to share the fun and neither of us got bitten when others not wearing them did. Easy to wear in bed and when out and about. They are expensive (especially when buying 8 or more) but definately worth every penny.
  • review score 0 Elizabeth Hooks on 18 January 2013
    My husband wore this as my kids wouldn't keep it on, but no one got bitten all holiday and there is no mess or sticky sprays!
  • review score 0 Sara Turner on 10 October 2012
    A great holiday buy. My children and I all wore these bands and had, I think, 2 bites between us. My husband, who didn't wear a band, suffered lots of bites, so it seems they work. The only slight problem was that my 15 month old son was keen to take it off, so we put it on his ankle just before he went into his sleeping bag, which seemed to work.
  • review score 0 Polly on 05 October 2012
    Have just returned from 10 days in Morocco and bought this for my 4 month old son. I was eaten alive by the mozzies but he didn't get bitten at all, so I must conclude that this does work! Bargain for 5 and smells lovely too. And no DEET.
  • review score 0 Charlie on 25 September 2012
    Safe and non toxic so I used them on our little one on hols in caribbean. She didn't get bitten until last day - and that was an ant bite not mosquito, so not the fault of this little band. Admittedly also used a child safe non deet stick on her too so not sure which was working or if both worked... (wanted to be super sure she avoided being bitten). Feel confident enough in its efficacy that will be buying again next year.
  • review score 0 KellyB on 06 August 2012
    ! Bought this for our 11 month old to use in Italy. It's non-toxic which is good because she just kept sucking on it. I eventally had to give up and take it off her. So can't say if it works or not. Probably better on kids that are pre or post the putting everything in their mouth stage.
  • review score 0 Melanie Andrews on 11 July 2012
    I have used these during my pregnancy as most insect repellents are out! They have proved successful in the Italian lakes and the English woods!
  • review score 0 Mrs Alison Halliday on 14 June 2012
    The children were intrigued by these and keen to try them once they'd seen them. Sadly the gloomy weather has meant they haven't really been tested but I know similar things work so these small sized rings should be just right on holiday. We will get more.
  • review score 0 Mrs Kemp on 09 June 2012
    My 3 and a half month old baby wore this as an ankle bracelet when we went on holiday to Spain. I was bitten a few times and he wasn't bitten at all. Next time I'll wear one too!
Product Info

Superband Insect Repelling Wrist Band

review score 4.667
B7751 0.00

A really easy way to keep your little ones free from insect bites.

Insect Superbands are suitable for children and adults. They are Deet-free and safe for everyone to use. The bands can be worn around the wrist or ankle and are environmentally friendly repelling flying insects including mosquitoes, midges and sand flies. Can be used at the beach or by the pool without affecting their efficiency. Made with non-toxic oils they last approximately 200 hours.
  • Easy to wear
  • Non-toxic
  • Repel flying insects
  • Waterproof wristbands which protect 24 hours per day
  • Active ingredients include Philipine Geraniol, Indonesian Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil
  • Last approximately 200 hours
  • This product is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland

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