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  • review score 5 Louise on 08 October 2014
    Nice soft material and looks easy to use but does look small so thinking it may not last that long. Not used it yet as baby not due for 4 weeks.
  • review score 0 Amanda Corkill on 20 March 2014
    My babies were cosy and content using this and now I have bought one for my friend. Quick and easy to use and the baby feels secure as if in the womb,
  • review score 0 Lisa on 08 April 2013
    I've yet to use the swaddle pod, purchased for baby due any day now. The fabric is lovely and soft - I've washed it once and it seems like high quality fabric that will continue to wash well. It's a little smaller than I was expecting, but is only for 0-3 months, so fingers crossed my bub isn't a biggin'!
  • review score 0 Michelle JW on 18 January 2013
    I love this product. My daughter was a twitchy newborn which meant that her jerky movements continuiosly woke her. I figure she felt like she was falling. I needed a solution to help me get more sleep just to function and the swaddle pod offered just that. The pod kept her snug which allowed us both to sleep for longer. I recommend this to every new mum. I have recently purchased it as gift for another expectant mother. I highly recommend this product. A
  • review score 0 steff molloy on 26 December 2012
    I purchased a swaddle pod online, it took ages to arrive & when it did finally arrive it was too small.

    I took item back to shop
  • review score 0 Clare on 23 October 2012
    A good item to ensure the baby is kept snug rather than kicking the blankets off. My baby doesn't like having her arms swaddled so I zip it up to under her arms which works well. It is nice and long so should last for a few more weeks.
  • review score 0 Mum2B on 19 September 2012
    I bought this after reading the great reviews. The delivery was excellent, it arrived very quickly. The quality is great and the fact that there are 2 zips, one from the top and one from the bottom will make life much easier. My baby is not due yet so I cannot comment on the fit etc.
  • review score 0 Cat on 09 September 2012
    Too small! The details don't say that this only goes up to 11lbs (I think although I have returned it now so may be incorrect) so it was too small for my baby.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 23 August 2012
    Great for newborns but my son hated his arms being swaddled too - so I just zipped under his arms so his legs were swaddled and this worked really well
  • review score 0 Rachel on 18 August 2012
    Useful for quick swaddling of my twins when going out. Too warm for hot weather and a bit stretchy if your babies light firm swaddled.
  • review score 0 Fiona L on 10 July 2012
    Far easier to use than a traditional swaddle, and performs the task far better too as no limbs can escape out. Have just bought a second one as a gift for a friend.
  • review score 0 Luan Pessall on 05 November 2011
    I love this. I've got twins and one needs to be tilted in his cot due to reflux so kept slipping under the covers, and the other moves around a lot and kept waking himself. This has worked to help them both sleep- and me!!
  • review score 0 Kate Hopkins on 09 October 2011
    I cannot rate this highly enough!!! My daughjter was a nightmare for sleeping i got this after a month of no sleep and never looked back the best invention ever!!!! perfect for colicky babies or ones that like being swaddled but keep coming undone!!
Product Info

Swaddle Pod

review score 5
B9944 0.00

Quick, easy and effective alternative to traditional swaddling.

Perfect solution if your baby doesn't take to traditional swaddling robes. Easy to use, it creates a cosy womb like feeling while still stretching enough for movement.
  • Front zip for easy changing
  • Suitable from birth
  • 93% cotton, 7% elastane

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