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Kidsleep Globetrotter Travel Alarm Clock

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  • review score 0 Velocity on 08 January 2014
    Our little ones love this clock! Easy for them to understand that concept of 'lamb awake/lamb asleep.' Glad that we got the travel version as easy to pack and take away with us.
    Thanks Jojo for the speedy delivery!
  • review score 0 Unknown on 30 December 2013
    Brilliant product. We set for 06:30 and our daughter brings it into our room with the kidsleep and informs us it's daytime. :)
  • review score 0 Beccy Fox on 12 November 2013
    Very pleased with this clock, it's done the trick of keeping my 3 year old in her room until the sheep wakes up. Great for when you go away too.
  • review score 0 Jo on 04 October 2012
    Works well for a toddler and pre-schooler (and my 5 year old still has one!) so they know when they should turnover and go back to sleep. Only problem I have had is if they fiddle with the button on the back which sets the time - but if it is out of reach, it's fine (or a bit of sticky tape over the button!)
  • review score 0 Jo Bradbury on 06 August 2012
    Easier for a toddler to understand than a clock as the concept is simple: it's not time to get up until the sheep gets up. Our 2 year old waits quietly in her room for the sheep to get up and comes running in to tell us when he is awake and going for a walk. Of course, it needs to be backed up with checking he is up or not and putting the toddler back in bed/praise as appropriate but it seems to work well so far.
  • review score 0 Caroline on 07 July 2012
    It works well for my daughter who is nearly 3. I don't use it as a " you must stay in bed til the sheep wakes up" but as a " you must be quiet in your room til the sheep wakes up". Make sure you keep it out of reach as they can easily press a few buttons n stop it working. Good but expensive in my view.
  • review score 0 Catherine G on 27 June 2012
    Love this product! Read a lot of reviews before purchasing, and glad I chose this one. We use it every night and can be taken on holiday easily. Batteries last well and have had it for a few years now without a problem. Highly recommended.
  • review score 0 Lynn on 14 July 2011
    Fantastic - brought this for my 19month old because she was always getting up before 5am and didn't seem to understand that it wasn't morning.
Product Info

Kidsleep Globetrotter Travel Alarm Clock

review score
B6279 0.00

There's a time to stay in bed and a time to get up.

Compact version of the Kidsleep clock (without the digital clock display) which is ideal for travel.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Diameter 13cm

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