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Walking Wings Safety Harness

review score 4.667
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  • review score 5 Amy on 29 December 2015
    I love these walking wings. My 10month old son is starting to walk and these make the whole process a lot easier for me. No more aching back!! He enjoys the freedom of having his hands free too. Delivery was fast and overall I am very happy.
  • review score 5 Kay on 03 June 2015
    Very good! Brought as we're expecting again and these have literally saved my back!
  • review score 5 Sarah Kenn on 08 April 2015
    Wow what a fantastic product, not only does it allow my little boy to walk around with his hands free, but it saves my back too.
  • review score 5 Jacqui on 07 December 2014
    V easy to put on, seems very comfortable for baby too, and actually a very nifty way to support walking (or bouncing!) as much or as little as required while being comfortable for you.
  • review score 4 helen on 06 June 2014
    My seven month old son is more interested in eating the straps than giving this a decent attempt. As a result I don't really know how good the product is going to be yet. I think I will leave it for another month or so to try it again
  • review score 4 Elspeth on 15 May 2014
    Well what can I say..brilliant..my daughter has global development delay and as a result can't walk,she is nearly 3years old and I was advised by her physio to look at the new upsee walker which is about £300 and made for children with disabilities but as I was scrolling the Internet I came across this and its perfect.gives her just the wright about of support and takes the pain out of it for me(killing back from bending)I would imagine for a child with out a delay this would be even better as they will have no problems with there mobility skills and this product would have them on the feet in no time.its great for building there confidence as it remove mum/dad/grand parents touch this allowing the child to feel more independent.only adjustment I would make is that it tends to ride up at the front under child's chin so watch out for that coz when they get tired and start to let u take the wait it does sound a little bit like there choking(obviously not that sever but that kind of thing).great product,great price,just needs a little tweaking and would be perfect.
  • review score 0 Sarah on 14 April 2014
    My son is desperate to be on the move and this item was perfect for giving him a little help without the accompanying backache.
  • review score 0 Pamela Whyte on 17 June 2013
    This item looks perfect for my needs. My Grandson is not yet walking but as someone who has suffered from back problems for many years I feel this will be a boon. I am impressed with how sturdy, padded and adjustable the walking wings are. I look forward to using them soon.
  • review score 0 Alison Careme on 08 April 2013
    I bought these for my grandson who is 10 months old, who loves to be up and about on his feet. The walking wings have helped with his balance and in strengthening his upper body. My daughter in law thinks they are a genius product.

  • review score 0 Susanne on 25 October 2012
    Great product. Simple idea and very effective. The main part of the harness is really well padded and the straps are comfortable for parents to hold. Maybe the straps could be a little longer to suit taller parents. Sometimes when I take the harness off I have noticed some red marking under my sons arms but I think this may be down to the way he's walking, as he's eagerly straining to walk faster, rather than due to a fault in the deign of the harness.
  • review score 0 Claire on 23 August 2012
    I bought these for my daughter who has developmental delays. Her physiotherapist was impressed with them and approved of their use both to help my little girl to get the confidence to learn to walk and also to help my back and posture. We have seen great improvements through their use and I would recommend to anyone. Good quality and comfortable for the child to wear.
  • review score 0 liza on 24 May 2012
    We are really pleased with this product!
    My 10 month old daughter is able to walk and use her hands while doing so! She can hold a toy, she can hold onto furniture and even hold her sisters hand too!
    We will definetly be recommending the walking wings to our friends.

Product Info

Walking Wings Safety Harness

review score 4.667
B9623 0.00

First steps made easy.

A back saving alternative to bending down to hold babies hands when they are taking their first steps.
  • Helps to build confidence and minimize falls
  • Secure, lightly padded vest with adjustable closure
  • Removable parental strap, so vest doesn't have to be removed
  • Suitable from 6mths

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