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  • review score 0 Ann-Marie Jones on 08 October 2013
    Excellent item. Great quality and easy to put on a wriggling baby when going out for a walk. Many thanks!
  • review score 0 Louise on 07 October 2013
    Brilliant item! Very pleased with purchase
  • review score 0 Katherine Hunter on 07 June 2013
    I have just bought another one of these snowsuits after receiving one for a present when my daughter was born. It was the most useful present we got. I have to walk the dog every day and therefore have to take my little one with me in all weathers. We have had countless snowsuits, but invested in the next size up of this one because of the following reasons:
    It is waterproof but nice and warm on the inside, it is easy to put on over clothes or babygrow and the best thing is that the open feet mean it lasts a lot longer than other snowsuits! My little one is long for her age, is now 6 months and her 0-3 month size is just about too small now! So I have purchased the 6-9 month one, hoping I will get another 6 months use out of it! Think we will be keeping an eye out for the sales to invest in the size after that too, as they will be ideal with wellies when she starts walking!
  • review score 0 Jude Chadwick on 11 April 2013
    I was a little nervous about the sizing after reading some of the other reviews. I bought the all-in-one for my 3 month old, average sized daughter and opted for the 3-6 month size. She is now 4 months and it fits her perfectly, with room to grow. I am more than happy with the look and excellent quality of the suit. It was bought for use in particular with the baby carrier, and it keeps her hands and feet toasty warm with the fold over cuffs. The only problem I can see there being, is that we may not be able to fold the foot cuffs over at 6 months as the crotch is a little low and pulls the legs up when she is in the carrier. I would definitely buy her another all-in-one when she grows out of this one.
  • review score 0 Jenny Bailey on 09 April 2013
    These waterproof lined all in ones are wonderful, the zips on either side makes it easy to get on and off, they are warm and keep the child dry. Lovely choice of colours and pattrens amust for winter.
  • review score 0 Cairlin on 08 April 2013
    Really soft waterproof fabric with a lovely lining.
    Great colour/pattern. Will be buying more sizes in the future.
  • review score 0 Alice on 08 April 2013
    This suit is amazing- especially for English weather. Is so warm and waterproof I almost think its too much for London! Handy little fold over mits for feet and hands if you need
  • review score 0 EB on 12 February 2012
    I am surprised to read so many bad reviews of this snowsuit. My son has been wearing it all winter (he is 18 months old now and we bought size 12-18). He is average height and build and the snowsuit fits him perfectly. It is indeed a bit bulky in the upper body but this is not a problem since we can add an extra layer when it's freezing. He runs around in the snow wearing this suit and he has all the freedom of movement he needs. The leg length is perfect - it can be pulled over the top of snow boots. True, there is no way to turn the fabric to cover his feet but I think this idea just doesn't work in snowsuits for walking children, while it is necessary for smaller ones (where the length of the legs will not make walking difficult).
  • review score 0 M on 02 February 2012
    We bought the 12-18month suit for our son when he was 8months old. The legs only reached his ankles and we have had similar problems with the crotch area when zipping up the suit. There is plenty of space in the upper body area. I thought this was a unique problem, however, on reading similar reviews I will not be purchasing the next size up which I had intended on doing. Now at 12 months the suit is too small! A waste of money despite loving the quality.
  • review score 0 Andie on 15 January 2012
    I'm a huge jojo fan and buy lots of things which are always great. However, I'm disappointed to have to say I had to return this item. The proportions were all wrong for my daughter. In particular the body length too snug and legs too short despite buying a 2-3yrs at 20mths to account for her taller than average height. The raglan style body was huge. Real shame as the polar fleece all in one she had at a year old was faultless. Fingers xd for a refit maybe?
  • review score 0 InBudapest on 11 January 2012
    I spent ages researching snowsuits for my 18mo twins.. big financial commitment buying two new, but eventually went with JoJo as generally their clothes are well thought out, properly made
  • review score 0 Lisa on 06 January 2012
    terrible fit. bought 2-3snow suit for my petite 2 year old and really long in arms (would fit twice over) yet can barely zip up across her hips - and the length skims her ankles!!! we have an 18-24 jojo puddle suit which still fits and probably will through until she is 2.5. Gutted - took this out of wrapper thinking - Jojo, guaranteed to fit and be a quality product, but can't think how they modelled the sizing this year. such a shame, ditsy print is lovely but fit is ridiculous.
  • review score 0 Ros on 03 January 2012
    This is a lovely looking, quality suit, but we had to returrn it due to the poor proportions and fit. I ordered it for my 17mth old in size 2-3 years. The legs and crotch area fit now, but the top half and arms are massive on him. By the time he fits the top half, the legs would be far too small. My baby is larger than average, but is in age 18-24mth tops, and 12-18mth bottoms in clothes from other companies. A shame that we couldn't use this suit.
  • review score 0 Lexie on 30 December 2011
    We bought this all-in-one suitin Navy, hoping that the legs had been lengthened as promised but the proportions are still quite strange. We bought it in the begining of AW11 in size 9-12 for my 7 month old son as I thought that this suit will get him through the winter, especially with the improved cut (according to Mel's promises that they are making the legs longer!). What a disappointment!!!! The legs are already too short when the foot turnover is used and my son is not even 8 months old yet! I can't imagine how this suit is supposed to get him through till 12 months?!! The crotch on the suit doesn't feel right either - I've looked at other suits and they have the piece in the middle which gives more room. On the other hand the arms are too long now but I suppose by the time my son is 9-12 months they will fit nicely. The reason we bought the suit is that we go for country walks and we use a sling to carry our son. With the legs too short it's very uncomfortable for him now.
    I love JoJo's products, but this suit is one of the things I would advise you NOT to buy for a small baby if you want to use the foot turnover (as seen on the photo it looks alright when worn with gum boots, but this is for walking toddlers, not babies).
    Very disappointed!!!
  • review score 0 Sally on 08 December 2011
    We also have some concerns over the sizing of this snowsuit. I bought it in size 2-3 for my 18 month old daughter. I bought the larger size having read the reviews and so it would last her over the winter. She's had a month or so now and already the legs are too short yet the sleeves need to be turned back twice as they are so long. She hasn't got particularly long legs but she won't be able to wear this soon as her ankles will be cold. The proportions seem wrong to me.
  • review score 0 Cliona on 22 November 2011
    I bought this suit but when it arrived the zip was broken. I returned it and waited over three weeks for a replacement to arrive but there was no sign of it, eventually I had to call to see where it was and was told it was out of stock until January.
  • review score 0 Joanne on 16 November 2011
    I must admit that I was a little worried about ordering this item for my 18month old daughter purely based on the reviews as they seemed to suggest the sizing was a major issue. I decided to go for the 2-3 yr in the ditsy print. Its gorgeous and has been a hot topic of conversation with other mums at our local park! My little girl is a little taller than average and average build and its fine on her with room to last her until Spring. The legs are ok, plently of room in the body without being unwearable. The arms are a bit long but can be folded back easily. This is a lovely item that is quite unique in the market and I wouldnt hesitate to buy again.
  • review score 0 AMANDA MACDONALD on 14 November 2011
    This is a lovely snowsuit. I do have a problem with it though. I have a 16 old boy and the snowsuit in age 2-3 does not fit him!!! It is too tight on his legs and around his crotch. It fits fine else where. I bought this product about 6 weeks ago thinking that a size 2-3 would be more than ample but now we have been left feeling a bit disappointed. We have a normal jojo polar fleece and this fits really well with some space left. If you have a bigger than average child I would buy the polar fleece rather than the fleece lined waterproof. Great product though. If you have a small or slim child then this item is definitely for you.
  • review score 0 sally shipley on 07 November 2011
    What a gorgeous all-in-one suit! Love the colour (red and navy/white stripes) and the fact it is not bulky to wear. I bought the age 2-3 years for my small/average 20mth old thinking it would be huge on him but the legs are still only just right and rather to slim to fit over some of his heavier trousers. The arms are really long and there is plenty of width in the body. We will be keeping it but would hesitate to order again next year purely because of the strange sizing.
  • review score 0 Angie on 04 November 2011
    I have also had sizing problems with this item. I bought the 18-24month one for my son who is 22months. He is not tall for his age and all his trousers he wears are either 12-18mth or 18-24mth. The suit is too short in the torso and too long in the arms and legs (this is after their size review!) I did not order the next size up as I thought I would just end up paying to return that one too as the legs and arms would be even longer!!
  • review score 0 Gemma on 25 October 2011
    This is a lovely little suit but I really wish I had read the reviews about sizing earlier. My little girl is 19 months old and while she is slightly taller than average, following the 75th centile, she still fits into the 18-24month clothes from most retailers. So I decided to buy the 2- 3 year suit thinking this would have lots of room and last until spring next year. How wrong could I have been. She has only had this suit 2 weeks, already had a growth spurt and now I think she will be out of this by December as already getting tight around her crotch. A very expensive mistake as I now think I will need to go out and buy the coat and dungarees to last into next year as I am worried by then there will be no stock left. In my opinion the issue is with the length of body (even though my girl is all legs) if the length of body was longer the legs would be too.
  • review score 0 H K Cazot on 22 October 2011
    Spent ages trying to find something for my daughter to crawl around after her older brothers in the damp cold weather and this suit (ditsy print) is gorgeous but sizing is all wrong. She is 15 months with short legs and a long ish body. The legs are too short and tight, she found it tricky to get from crawling back to sitting when I tried it on her this afternoon in the lounge. The arms and chest/shoulder area is just right however, room to move and grow but not too loose so am concerned to size up will make this too big, such a shame it will have to go back and I'll keep looking.
  • review score 0 Sarah Rowe on 19 October 2011
    These fleecy all-in-ones are lovely in every respect - warm as toast, beautifully made, gorgeous to look at - but be careful on the sizing; I bought a 9-12 month one for my daughter and whilst she is a fairly beefy baby she's not really over average and yet at 10 months old she is already almost out of this one. The arms are still fitting ok but the her feet are well out of the legs so the turn-over feety bits no longer go over, and the crotch is getting very tight. I would definitely get the size above what you think you need unless your baby is petite for its age. I am buying the next size up though as we love it so much. The ditsy print is adorable.
  • review score 0 Aimee on 11 October 2011
    I am on my 4th of these and think they r fab!!!! The sizing is perfect for my children. I have the snow suit for my youngest and the jacket and trouser set for my eldest. The sizing is fine for mine if not a bit big (and my children arnt small!) Amazing quality....would be good to see a few more good reviews on here as i know a lot of people who, like me swear by jojo coats! :) x
  • review score 0 Nicola McDonald on 09 October 2011
    I bought the 18 - 24mth for my daughter who is 20 mths old. Body and legs are a good fit, they have a little growing room and enough space for bulkier winter clothes. However, the arms are so long it's totally unwearable. I then swapped for the 12 - 18mths old. Arms and legs are a fine length but all over it's just too tight. I really don't understand why the arms are so long in the 18 - 24 mths. Literally about 4 inches too long. Also the 12 - 18mth has fold over feet and cuffs which other reviews seems to say they don't. Such a pity as I love the design.
  • review score 0 Sarah Charles on 21 September 2011
    After reading other reviews that commented on sizing problems, I ordered an 18-24 mth suit for my 9 month old (he's tall!). The legs fit perfectly, so not much room for growth but the arms are way too long. I'll stick with this size though as any smaller would be too short on the legs and he's quite happy to have his arms tucked in. Snug and warm otherwise.
  • review score 0 Allison wilkins on 20 September 2011
    The sizing concerns expressed are shared by myself. I ordered an 18-24 month all in one for my 15 month old boy. He is big for his age but within the sizing guide for the item I ordered. Unfortunately, the item had no growing room in the body and not much in the legs either. I have had to re-order, this time the 2-3years size. Annoyingly returns are not free.
  • review score 0 S Rodger on 15 September 2011
    Katharine, i hope this gets published and not lost like your first message. I've ordered a 12 - 18 month which i received today and that does have turn over cuffs on both the arms and legs! So i;m not sure why JoJo informed you that the turn over cuffs do not appear on sizes over 12 months?
  • review score 0 katharine on 14 September 2011
    I ordered mine in 18-24 months for my 75 centile 12 month old boy. There is a bit of room for growth so should last the winter. However, there are no turn over cuffs on the arms or the legs. When I phoned up about this they are not on any size above 12 months. This was one of the reasons that I got this. I am a little disappointed that Jojo have not put this on there website, despite me informing them of this back in August. Infact this is the second time I have written this review, the first over a month ago which has never been put on the website.
  • review score 0 Christina @ JoJo Quality Control on 14 September 2011
    We are really disappointed to read the latest reviews about the sizing concerns.

    The legs have been lengthened for this season. The sizes 6-9 and 9-12 are new sizes to try and help so that we were not asking something suitable for a 6 month old to also fit a 12 month old.

    We tested each and every size on 10 different children because after having no problems for years we didn't understand why we were getting all this feedback and we really wanted to get it right.

    We also compared our sizing to 8 different brands of a similar type of product and made the leg lengths longer than the majority of the other brands.

    We promise we will look into it further but we are concerned if they are made much longer that they will not be safe for children to run around in.

    We are still selling 100's each week and we have followed up with randomly selected customers and not everyone is encountering this problem so I would encourage you to still buy - please do contact Customer Services directly for more information if in doubt and we will be loading up a specific size chart showing the key length and width measurements so you can check for yourselves before purchasing.
  • review score 0 kay kennis on 11 September 2011
    We bought this after reading the reviews and hoped that the legs had been lengthened for 2011 as promised. Unfortunately they are still far too short in relation to the arms. We bought the 12 to 18 month size for our 11 month old. The legs were only just long enough now. Getting the next size up would have resulted in rediculously long arms so we had no option but to pay the postage and return it. It was a shame as the suit was lovely and cosy.
  • review score 0 S Rodger on 09 September 2011
    Ordered the Rose print which arrived yesterday and it is adorable. It really is beautiful and well made. However, be aware of sizing this winter!!! I ordered a 6-9 and a 9-12month for my 5 month old who is on the 75th centile for her height. The foot cuff/mitts just about turn over in the 9-12 month size, without squashing her feet. This size will certainly not allow for much growth over the winter. I have called JoJo today who have confirmed to me that the suit i have is the new 'longer leg' stock - there is a number code on the inside label that indicates this to them. I have now had to order the 12 -18 month size in the hope that although longer, it will not be too big in the width and arms! No idea how much 'longer' the legs are supposed to be this year - either way the 9-12 is still to short in the leg for my 5 month old! :(
  • review score 0 Becki Dyer on 06 September 2011
    Have just received the ditsy print all in one for my one year old daughter. I'm thrilled with the quality and the attention to detail is excellent. Looking forward to many happy Autumn/Winter days outside!!!
  • review score 0 Olivia Watchorn on 02 January 2011
    This waterproof fleece has been fantastic. Easy to get baby into with two zips and keeps hands and feet warm with fold over cuffs. Cant wait for them to come back into stock to get the next size up!
  • review score 0 Lucy Parnell on 27 December 2010
    Really irritated that the suit is too short on the legs. My son has just turned 1 and has been wearing the 12 - 18 month suit for a month. I can't return it as he has been wearing it but he just doesn't fit in it any more. I don't want to spend another 36.00 - and can't as, typically, Jo Jo have sold out (as they seem to every year). I love the suit but am really quite cross that it lasted a month and it was so expensive. I know it says they are making alterations for AW11 but that doesn't really help me now!
  • review score 0 Mel on 04 November 2010
    We have looked into the leg lengths and re-tested the suits on our local testers and it seems that they can be a bit short if the foot turn over is being used for about 10 of our testers. Therefore we will make them longer going forwards to allow a bit more for this. Unfortunately this will not be until our AW11 season as we cannot make any more of these for this year. I'd like to assure everyone that we've sold several thousand this year and only had 2 returned for being too small - so whilst we do take on board the review comments and agree that the item is a bit short we hope that the vast majority of customers are really happy with the product.
  • review score 0 Alison Willis on 25 October 2010
    Bought this last winter for my daugter 18-24 month size when she was 13 months. She wore it all winter
  • review score 0 MH on 13 October 2010
    I read the reviews and as a result bought a larger size for my son, hence I purchased the size 12-18 months for my 7 month son. The leg length is still barely adequate; when carried in his sling my son's feet can not be tucked in which is very annoying as this was one of the main reasons for choosing this suit. If I had not already used the suit before taking him out in the sling I would certainly return it, I am still not sure if it can be considered fit for purpose ! This is a shame as it is lovely and snug.
  • review score 0 Tanya on 06 October 2010
    I read the comments regarding the leg length in the other reviews before ordering but thought that my son would be ok in the 12-18 month size because although he is 15 months, he is still in 9-12 month trousers. However, we experienced the same problem with this suit, in that the legs are too short and can't be folded over at the bottom, and there is no point in getting a larger size because then the arm length would be far too long. I'm very disappointed, especially as I am now going to have to pay postage to return the item.
  • review score 0 Mel - JoJo Maman Bb on 22 September 2010
    We have read your comments about the leg length of the waterproof all-in-ones and we are checking and measuring the stock at the moment so that we can make the necessary adjustments to the design.
  • review score 0 Molly on 22 September 2010
    I'm just about to buy a second one of these suits for my baby daughter as I already ahve one for my toddler. I TOTALLY agree about the leg length! She wears wellies which lessens the problem but the legs on these suits are too short!!
  • review score 0 zena on 20 September 2010
    have used the polar fleece suits with all of my 4 children and decided to get this suit for my 1 year old boy. i purchased a 18-24 mth suit and as the other people said the legs are to short and his feet stick out the bottom and i can't fold the flaps over. and my son is average hight for 13mth old. i purchased a larger size so we could have a lot of wear out of it.... guess not! love the suit but not the leg length:)
  • review score 0 Stephanie Macleod on 18 September 2010
    We brought this suit this time last year, in rose for our then 18 month old daughter. The suit was really snug and warm and great in the snow this year. I have read the other review on here and can say that i completely agree regarding the leg length. Now my daughter is going to be 2 1/2 this winter I am struggling to decide if we should get another one. The suit fitted really well except the leg length, so it wasn't like getting the next size would work as she would have been cold, now there is no bigger size than 2-3
  • review score 0 Kerry Vass on 12 September 2010
    I bought this suit for my 8 month old daughter and the size I purchased is 6 - 12 months. This suit is beautiful quality and not bulky like most other warm suits. I would say that this suit is cosy enough for the winter when worn with warm clothes underneath. I love the peaked hood which will help to keep the rain off her face when in the back carrier on walks. The zips open great for getting the suit on and off. I love the fold down over the hands. I've actually started using this suit because it can be quite chilly in the Highlands in September, therefore I have discovered a disappointing flaw (or at least I think it is). The legs are not long enough to be able to fold over the feet, and as I said my daughter is only 8 months, and strictly speaking she should get another 4 months out of the suit. My daughter is not particularly long for her age, so unless her legs are disproportionately longer than her body, then the suit itself is disproportionate. I am still happy with the suit and will continue to use it and just hope that she doesn't get her feet wet if we are caught in the rain!
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Waterproof Fleece Lined All-In-Ones

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Waterproof and breathable with a warm lining; perfect for lovely British winters.

This fully waterproof style is lined in cosy fleece. With two long zips for easy dressing and peaked hood. It is ideal for keeping snug and dry in a buggy or backpack.
  • Outer 100% Polyester with PU coating. Fleece 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester.

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