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Weeride Safe Front Deluxe Bike Seat

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D3345 £120.00 Reviews (0)

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Product Info

Weeride Safe Front Deluxe Bike Seat

review score
D3345 £120.00

The Safe Front Deluxe is the latest and most advanced child seat from the award winning WeeRide range.

The WeeRide seats are the best selling in the UK and the US because they uniquely attach to bikes with a patented bar that puts all the weight to the centre of the bike. With numerous safety features, the EU approved seat differs from its predecessors by adding higher sides for increased child stability; a strap underneath the bar for extra stability; 2 movement thumbscrew for safety; movement buckle release for safety; additional straps on footcup holders and increased seat size.
  • The seat can uniquely be used by children as young as 9 months and will last until the age of 4
  • Fits 99% of adult bkes in around 10 minutes
  • Fun for you and your child as you can chat and point things out to each other while you enjoy healthy outdoor living together