The Basics

The Happy Nappy Costume is unique and designed to fit snugly around your baby's legs and waist while offering coverage to their chest. The first time you use a Happy Nappy Costume, measure your child's thighs (top of thigh) and tummy (around the belly button) to gauge which size nappy will have the best fit.

Size Guide

Once you have baby's measurements, choose the Happy Nappy Costume size that fits best within the measurements using the size guide below:

Order Size Waist Thigh
(S) 0-4 Months 36-42 cm 18-24 cm
(M) 3-8 Months 40-46 cm 20-26 cm
(L) 6-14 Months 43-47 cm 22-26 cm
(XL) 12-24 Months 45-51 cm 22-30 cm
(XXL) Toddler+ 47-53 cm 26-32 cm

Top Tips

You may be between sizes - always go with the size that best fits the thigh measurements.