Incremental holiday entitlement

   For every year you stay with us, we’ll give you an extra day of holiday. Including Bank Holidays, we offer 28 days’ holiday, which could rise to 38 should you reach your 10-year JoJo anniversary.

Flexible working

Everyone has the right to request flexible working arrangements after six month’s service at JoJo. In addition to this, if your role allows us to, we may offer you flexible working hours to encourage a better work/ life balance.

Profit share & rewards

We like to share in our success and reward our teams for their hard work. Depending on whether you work in one of our stores, in our warehouse or in an office role, this could mean an annual profit share or a monthly incentive bonus.

Staff discount

Enjoy up to 40% off RRP on JoJo products, plus a few head office sample sales a year with amazing discounts on offer that you won’t want to miss!

Pension scheme

We are partnered with Standard Life to help you start planning for the future.

Birthday day off

Happy work-free birthday to you! We’ll offer you a full day off to mark the occasion, and you are welcome to celebrate within your team with cake upon your return.

Ongoing training & development

Your career progression is very important to us, and your manager will be happy to lead you through your journey with support from the Learning & Development team. You will also have access to numerous online courses and personal coaching sessions.

Dog friendly office

We are a dog friendly company and allow employees to bring their dogs to work at our London & Newport offices. Having pets around is a great way to improve morale and reduce stress & anxiety during the working day.

Cycle to work scheme

Small changes can make a big impact, which is why we encourage our teams to switch to cycling. In partnership with Cyclescheme, who offer tax-free loans for bikes and accessories, you can save at least 25% on bicycle purchases.

Saving scheme

We have partnered with Smart Money Cymru Credit Union to promote the benefit of saving something each month. Your money will be kept safe and secure through a payroll deduction scheme, ready for a rainy day or big event.

Eye care vouchers

We can provide you with a voucher that covers the cost of an eye test at one of our partner retailers, and should you require glasses, the voucher includes a £45 contribution towards them.

Volunteer scheme

Everyone at JoJo is given the opportunity to have an extra day of paid leave each year to volunteer at a charity of their choice. This can be arranged in teams or individually, and is a lovely way to give back to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Retail Trust

We have been proud partners of the Retail Trust since 2016. This national charity offers a variety of services, including emotional support and financial advice for all team members.

Wellbeing Hub

As the old BT ad goes – it’s good to talk. That’s why we launched our very own Wellbeing Hub online where you can come to find support should you need it. We also have a fully trained team of Mental Health First Aiders.

Seasonal parties

We are very social creatures here at JoJo, and will happily encourage teams to have summer and Christmas parties where there are sure to be plenty of games and maybe even a few bubbles!

JoJo clubs

There is more to working at JoJo than just doing the work. In the London office we have pilates, gardening, knitting, photography and running clubs, plus a netball team! One of our store teams attends an art class together too. Whichever area you choose to join, you are welcome to suggest a new activity!

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