10 Baby Names We Loved from Lockdown TV

Last year brought us hours of entertainment as the world turned to their TVs for some much-needed escapism from the unfolding pandemic. Today, although we may have moved onto new stories to stream, we’re re-visiting some of our favourite shows of 2020 to find inspiration for baby names. Will your little one be named after the infamous Joe Exotic or fictional heart-throb Connell Waldron?

1. Tiger – Tiger King


Who can believe it’s almost a year since this Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin blessed us with their bizarre big cat breeding world?! We think Tiger – hear us out – makes a cute name for your little boy cub. Think less Tiger King and more Tiger Woods, Tiger Lily, Tiger Williams… Have we convinced you yet?


2. Daphne – Bridgerton


We couldn’t talk about lockdown TV without mentioning everyone’s current favourite! Plus, the show is full of beautifully classic and regal names – perfect for your little prince or princess. Daphne is the female star of the show and we think her name takes the crown on this list too!


3. Alexis – Schitt’s Creek


The launch of the 6th and final season of Schitt’s Creek saw many of us introduced to this show during lockdown – it was the perfect comedy binge to lighten the mood. We loved the names Twyla, Moira and Stevie for an alternative-sounding girls’ name. But Alexis stole our hearts, and we encourage you to steal her name!


4. Grace – The Undoing


Grace is a name with elegant connotations and religious attributes. Back in the sixteenth century, it was used as a virtue name meaning the love and kindness of God. We think this is a sweet choice for parents who favour a simple yet beautiful name.


5. Connell – Normal People


It’s all in the name (and the chain!) with this one. With Irish origins meaning ‘strong as a wolf’ and often referring to ‘Connall the Victorious’ who, in Irish legend, was one of the mightiest warrior heroes in the Red Branch Knights, this is a very strong contender, in our opinion, for a mighty little man.


6. Camille – Hollywood


Laura Harrier’s character Camille Washington is an upcoming actress who faces deeply ingrained racism in a largely white Hollywood. Despite this struggle, she pushes on and successfully changes the narrative, making her a strong character to name your little star after. With French origins, meaning ‘a priest’s helper’, ‘perfect’ and ‘unblemished’, it makes a great choice if you’re looking for something close to Camilla but with a French twist.


7. Fergus – The English Game


A charming yet playful choice for baby boys, Fergus has Scottish origins and means ‘man of force’. We love the nickname Fergie, too – or Gus for something a little different!


8. Nora – Upload


Nora is a sweet diminutive of ‘Honora’ or ‘Eleanora’, meaning ‘light’ and ‘honour’. It’s a fitting name for the character Nora in Upload – who is something of an afterlife concierge or, some might say, angel – making it a fitting choice for your little angel too.


9. Axel – White Lines


This might just be our favourite boys’ name on the list. Axel is of German/ Scandinavian origin meaning ‘father of peace’, and although the Axel we see in White Lines is far from a peaceful soul, we’re still sold on the character’s name. The letter ‘X’ always makes for a powerful name and thanks to the Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose, it has a rock ‘n’ roll flavour to it too.


10. Gabriel – Emily in Paris


In reference to the Bible, Gabriel wad God’s messenger. It’s of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my strength’, making it a strong choice for religious parents. There are also some adorable nicknames for Gabriel, including Gabe, Gabey, Gabbie and Gabs.