10 Floral Baby Names & Their Meanings

Summer has arrived! And with it have bloomed some gorgeous flowers to add a burst of colour to each sunshiny day. Flower names have been popular for babies for hundreds of years; plenty of which have made it onto this year’s top 100 baby names list. The most popular include Lily, Rosie, Daisy and Florence. Today, we’ve picked another bunch for a little wild inspiration.


With Ancient Greek origin, this unisex baby name is the everyday Greek word for “star” but of course, is also the name of a beautiful flower. The Aster is the official flower of September and according to myth, it was made from the tears of the Goddess Astraea who is also known as the constellation Virgo! What a lovely combination of earthy and out-of-this-world origins.


A sweet twist on the modern Camilla or Camille, Camellia is the name of a gorgeous evergreen flowering plant that is just as beautiful as the name suggests. Popular nicknames include: Cammy, Cam, Camile, Milly and Lia.


This dah-ling name comes from the Dahlia summer flower. Although the flower is originally from Mexico, it was named after Swedish botanist Anders Dahl whose surname comes from the Scandinavian surname Dal, meaning "valley". A sweet name for a little girl born in the summer months.


 We know this one might seem a little bit "out there", but we also think it's a cool name for any boy or girl. The blue Flax flower can usually be seen growing in abundance across the British countryside in June, making this a great name for Gemini's and other summer babies.


Whether your favourite colour is purplish-blue, you're taking inspiration from Beyoncé's colour name 'Blue Ivy' or you're a fan of the Indigo plant, this makes a lovely unisex name for your baby. Taken from the Greek word "indikon" meaning "from India", it's a perfect choice for those of Indian descent too. Cue adorable nicknames: Indie, Deedee, Dee, Diggie...


Not strictly a flower but making it on the list nevertheless; the Juniper shrub blooms with little yellow flowers and then produces berries that are famously used to flavour gin. If you're not a fan of Ginny, Genevieve or Jenny, Juniper is a less common alternative!


A distinctive flower with 10-sided blossoms, but also a sturdy tree, the name Laurel is was popular in the 1950s for boys and girls. It's a great choice if you're looking for a flower name that doesn't sound too delicate or dainty and, fun fact, it is an anagram of "allure" - perfect for your future little princess or prince charming.


This name may seem modern and trendy, but it actually appeared on name charts back in 1984! With the Japanese meaning "lotus" and Irish meaning "water lily", it's perfect for water babies who live by the sea. Surfs up, Ren!


Whether fantasy movies or large rounded flowers are your thing, Valerian makes a unique name choice for your baby boy. With Latin origin, meaning "strength" and "health", it should be a strong contender on your list. Valerian root is also sometimes sold in dietary supplement capsules to promote sleep - maybe this means your baby will be quick to sleep through the night? We'd take the chance!


Sweet William flowers are part of the carnation family and bloom in striking pink, purple, red and white tones. Floral, Royal and classic - you can't go wrong with this one! Will he be Will, Bill, Liam, or Willie? There's a nickname to suit every little personality.